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June 11, 2001.

(Voices: Part 5)

The voices are mans ultimate caregiver, and prison guard.
It is the voices, (of consciousness), that enable men to
recognize and deal with problems to which just their instincts
would be blind, and non compos mentis.

The voices are your supreme caretaker & overseer,
but they also act as a strict restraining device,
and as long as they keep you mentally looking at anything but them,
you will be normal, never satisfied,
and will never realize what is really going on.

The voices are everyone’s friend, (as always, for comparisons,
we only speak here of ordinary people, not anomalies),
the voices are also the friend of the few who live their inner life attempting to cut through the natural fog & din,
but the voices also prove to be something besides a friend to these solitary adventurers, and it soon accomplishes little to think of it
in terms of them being your enemy — for that is not so —
— which should be obvious,
in that life is in no wise suicidal, or psychotic.

When people undertake to make any change in themselves,
it is predicated on the fait accompli that their present condition
in that area is not serving their best interest,
and that its discernible manifestation is indeed an enemy:
(alcohol, anger, depressing daydreams, a gluttonous appetite).
And those few who hunger for that extraordinary goal
which is not so describable,
also must begin with some picture of an opposition to their desire,
and once you get past the kindergarten stage of thinking it is
from a supernatural curse placed on man, or the circumstances of your life, you are left with but one choice — the voices.

What clearly seems to stand in the way of any change in your consciousness is consciousness itself;
it is the relentless running of the useless & redundant voices
in your head which put you into a semi hypnotized state,
and distract your attention to your detriment.

You have not even begun this adventure for real until you have personally & privately come to the conclusion that the only thing
you have to actually struggle with in the entire universe is:
the voices naturally occurring in your own head.

if you never get past that necessary point-of-departure
you will ultimately be no better off than when you started.

The voices of consciousness, (and specially that certain-voice among them that you think of as you thinking-about-this-matter,
in those odd moments when you do think of this matter),
are the only real help available to you,
(another person’s words & ideas about the matter offer
illusionary assistance and simple entertainment);
only the voices in you can lead you to that astounding destination,
(even though from one view, it is they who keep you from it).

The reason your voices seem of so little help is because of their own nature — which is to look at life — not themselves.
They do engage in a form of harmless play wherein they
will ponder the contents of the thoughts for which they are a medium;
examining certain conversations & images that repeatedly pass
through them for hidden significance & explanations for the persons
psychological discomfort.
This kind of self reflection is in fact taken as a sign of superior intelligence, but it serves no purpose other than to fortify the voices.

To maintain their functional position in collective man
the voices keep people looking at anything but the voices themselves; fixing men’s attention on the content of what they say & picture,
but never directly on the voices themselves,
in the attempt to determine their source & nature.

As long as they keep you rummaging through their contents,
making you believe that if you find the source of why
you have angry daydreams about car salesmen, priests, or your mother,
such will be highly enlightening & liberating, whereas,
vis a vis the goal of the few — it accomplishes nothing;
it reveals nothing, and indeed, chasing such concerns
keeps your attention far from where it could profitably be.

What the voices of consciousness say in your head is of absolutely no significance to your awakening from that detested, dream-like state
in which the rest of the world peacefully lives.
What you hear in your head has no relevance whatsoever
to your state of individual consciousness & dissatisfaction;
it is not WHAT the voices are saying — but the voices themselves.

You will never catch-on to what is going-on
as long as your attention remains fixed on what the voices are saying rather than on the voices themselves,
and what makes this such a tricky maneuver is that
the voices have ears — and in hearing themselves speak,
the sensation is created of there being two separate entities in you:
you, and the voices you think you hear — which is ridiculous,
there is clearly only ONE of you, and the voices ARE you.

And right there it is — the secret is out!
That is precisely why things are arranged so that most people
never give any thought to thought itself:
they will talk about the things they think ABOUT —
but never about thinking — their voices wont let them
their voices never even mention the subject.

It is not an evil plot, or conspiracy against man,
it is simply how it is — yet not so simply realized.
If the voices are all you have for consciousness,
and they dont want you looking at them,
then who can look at them?
Who else is there in your head to look at them?

That is THE question, of which a thorough investigation will reveal
everything you and the rest of humanity has — Always-wanted-to-know.

There is no answer,
and you will not find the source of the voices,
but that will not keep you from waking up — only not looking will.

Dedicate yourself to looking AT the voices, (that is),
attempting the near impossible:
trying to force the voices to look at themselves,
and, force is the proper word.
All you have is enough energy for an eye-blink-effort — once a minute, to pull it off.
But — Sweet Mavis Staples! —
what the culmination of all those eye-blinks eventually reveals.

It is so simple & obvious as to be totally astounding.

……….(How can a human ask for more fun than this?!)