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Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

June 8, 2001.


While still in captivity,
prisoners can only picture their condition theoretically —
— which is why they are able to do so little about it.

You have to get free to be free,
but if you persist in listening to the voices you hear which present arguments for & against the question of whether man is free,
you will never discover the key to unlock your cell door.


Doors in walls in front of your face
are far too subtle for most to see.
The collective-minded can only conceive of escape as a deed,
that is indeed,
Two eyes/Is are too many to be
in one real mans head.

The voices imprison a man better than any mortar & stone.


To be normal, a man must be made civilized;
to go beyond that, he must be civilized a second time.
(Hobos stole their whole shtick from the city-independents.)

And one neuron said to another:
Whew! Its a jungle in here!
Ah! You should see the yucky stuff that goes on in the intestines.
Yeah, but they don’t have to THINK about it!
Yeah — there is that.

Being in captivity is bad enough
but then to take it seriously is downright disgusting.

Okay, here is how it goes: first thoughts make life more complicated than it really is: then after that, well, truth is,
with most people there is no — after-that.


If ye be too heedful of the voices
you become damn-near turned inside out;
as though the film covering your brain is pulled up & out
through your skull, and stretched tight around you,
like a form fitting body stocking;
confining your actions; constricting your breathing,
and limiting your ability to think.
Such a man is said to be asleep inside the prison of his own mind;
he has been turned inside-out;
he is — Puckered Man.

A son asked his father:
How come you don’t pick on me? — you know:
make with the sarcastic remarks.
As well as you must know me & all my weaknesses & sore spots,
you could cut me to ribbons. So why don’t you?
Such is only of use if you do it to yourself
..and even then, of only limited.

The minds of the few are more in need of being inspired
than of being attacked.
The ability-to-think deserves a worthy goal — not worthless criticism.

No idea ever spoke by man is worth the effort of taking
judgmental note thereof, either for or agin.
Antagonism to a thought becomes instantly part of that thought;
criticism just fattens it,
(same as supporting it does nothing for it either).

(By the by: have you noticed that there are a few things you
NEVER hear discussed in prison.
……(one in particular.)


About the behavior of some tis been said that they
have the morals of a scoundrel, and the manners of a lord;
same too in the thinking of those of
straightened-up, cleaned-out mind:
those who have had the MENTAL urban
erased from their urbaneNESS.

(Excerpts from a story). And in an instant,
this foul creature ravished her or at least, would have
had she not, (in a most timely move) — ALLOWED him to.

This was taken from a story about the mind-&-the-voices.
Code Named: The Pecker Prerogative.

Support for being civilized comes from fay hormones;
resistance from retarded neurons.

If you do discover that you’re in a prison,
and you become more upset than before,
you have become a captive twice over.

It is from such ranks that come many of the city’s
best known speakers.
Fellow citizens — I am pissed,
and friends — I want you to JOIN me.

Confessing to ignorance
may not be
the admission you actually had in mind.

The Herd & The Math:
The well-being of the collective depends on addition,
(health in numbers);
while that of an independent minded man comes from subtraction:
the remove of his thinking from that of the collective.

Concerning Mens Battle Stance:
Those already captured always denounce neutrality.

The war against sleep & turgidity has no supporters as passionate as
those not actively involved in the fight.

The things that most entertain man’s collective mind
run to the abnormal; the weak; the despicable, and the frightening.
(Cows seem to delight in such.)
The independent minded however, find pleasure only in
plans for escaping, and images of strength.

To independent minds, collective thought is no thought at all.

One man says: To be asleep is to — lose-your-mind.
And, he adds, I speak not as a psychiatrist.

Once out of prison,
away from the herd,
and moving toward the far horizon,
a man discovers that his mind is not at all as he originally believed.

Once free,
ex-prisoners find it hard to take the whole concept of captivity seriously.

Guards?! Guards?! I should beware of the guards, you say!?
Hah! I laugh at the voices!

……………(Obviously a man who knows his guards.)