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June 6, 2001.

VOICES: Part 3

Everyone hears voices, and if you identify them erroneously,
and listen to them seriously,
you feel constantly harried, vexed & pressured.

The voices continually tell what THEY say you should be doing,
as opposed to what you may instinctively be inclined to do;
and they press for their picture of life to take preference over
the way life IS, particularly regarding other peoples behavior & ideas,
(which are obviously the result of them listening to bogus voices).

The pressure comes from you feeling that you must make constant decisions in these matters:
whether to go ahead and do something you wanted to do,
or yield to the voices prohibition thereof;
whether to mentally accept some situation as it is,
or obey the voices urgings to criticize it,
and whether or not to heed their prescription which says that
all ideas you hear are either legitimate, and to be supported,
or else are spurious, and to be denounced.

Everyone feels a pressure to stay alive,
but it is not a negative sensation, in that fulfilling all of your survival needs is fun, (eating, fucking, sleeping);
people ordinarily healthy do not feel physically harried by being alive, but all ordinary people do feel so — somewhere else.
They feel under pressure in a manner few try to understand,
(and not merely in the routinely identified ephemeral examples of being late for work, or fretting over an impending unpleasant task).
No, there is a life long, less specific pressure that harries men,
and it plainly comes from: Hearing the voices.

The criminally uncivilized do not adequately hear the voices,
and they are extremely frightening to those who do
in that they appear to live their lives doing whatever strikes their fancy at the moment with no regards for the consequences,
or other peoples feelings.
They are vilified — and they are objectified,
turned into pop culture heroes, both fictionally & in real life.
Respectable & civilized, voice-hearers envy the freedom
the outlaws ways represents,
yet they do not try to emulate it —
— the power of the voices is too strong in them —
so they use it as mental entertainment,
even whilst chafing under the pressure.
It is not simply that ordinary people secretly want to be
thieves & murderers,
but their instincts do crave freedom from a pressure that
they do not comprehend.
(Note: the voices only denounce things men naturally want to do;
a man with a properly de-pressured head
would need nothing more said about this than that.)

You waste your time to look for external origins of
your voices particular injunctions;
they did not come from you growing up Catholic, Jewish, atheist,
republican, poor, orphaned, or anything else;
the voices that you and everyone else hears come from life —
— and from nowhere else.

There is not the tiniest scrap of anything personal about the
voices you hear, or concerning what they say — although!
it certainly seems otherwise — because!
the voices SAY that is.
It is not possible to make the voices in you realize that
the life of the body in which they operate
has had nothing whatever to do with what they have to say;
if they could understand that — they already would,
and would indeed, be telling you all of this
instead of you having to hear it here.

From a mortal perspective, the voices have no source,
any more than does the wind:
the voices are, just there, (just like the wind),
and the pressure they exert is, just there, (again like the wind):
no one knows where they come from,
and no one knows where any particular one goes — when it goes.

The overall purpose of the voices, (exempting as always,
their radical contributions to your physical survival),
is to create a pressure in you; to harry you; to vex you;
to harass you — to civilize you;
to turn you into an actor — a poseur — a pretender.

Do they do a job, or what?!

The voices accomplish their mission also through making you always feel at least partially at odds with your environment.
This is natural with all creatures at the physical, instinctive level,
and is patently necessary for survival,
but man is irritated by the environment in a way experienced by
him alone.
To be alive is to be capable of being irritated by physical conditions,
(withdrawing from fire, brambles, dampness),
but via the voices, men are irritated by non physical conditions;
they are vexed by words — by ideas,
expressed by other men who are merely following the directions of
the voices they hear.

The voices in you denounce half or more of everything you hear & read which are products of the voices in other people;
the voices pressure you to divide all that you hear,
(which catches their attention),
into the true & acceptable, and the fallacious & condemnable,
when they are neither — and are both, (and this is not even to
mention the fact that what you hear has no more substance,
nor significance than do the voices themselves.)

The voices in each person pressures them to constantly choose,
(actually it is a matter of letting the voices choose for you),
between ideas that are valid and those that are not,
and to make known your displeasure with the latter:
doing so is part of any decent cows responsibility.
(The voices people hear also direct them to criticize other peoples
behavior, but this is so easily seen for the transparent envy it be,
that no detailed note thereof need be made.)
The initial pressure is to allow the voices in you to have full rein over your mental domain, and total control of your tongue & pen
to chastise life, and other people, as they deem proper.
The ultimate manifestation and personal experience of the pressure
is in the simple and obvious fact that the voices you hear
do not have the same interests as you,
at least theirs do not include your primary one.
Now you may not be able to say exactly what that primary one is — but,
you know down to your marrow in your bones that
the voices agenda does not INCLUDE it.

The few are born with a secondarily-neural wiring desire that is in fact, anathema to the voices;
as though the rest of the world is born with, voices-matter,
and the few come equipped with, voices-anti-matter.

The voices men hear, run their lives — the lives they live in their head.
This is the standard arrangement;
it is good enough for popes, presidents, bums, C.E.O.s,
your parents, your peers, Nobel prize winners,
the question is: Is it good enough for you?

If not: start saying to your self with every breath:
Everybody hears voices. Everybody hears voices.
Everybody hears voices — so what else is new?!


A man even halfway awake can tolerate no one else in his head but him
………..if that.