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June 4, 2001,

VOICES: Part 1

Everyone hears voices;
some believe they come from god;
some believe they are from the dead;
some believe they flow from memories stored in their subconscious;
some take them to simply be the various mortal voices of
dissent, agreement, expertise, and stupidity
that issue normally from other men,
and some call it them talking to themselves;
some even them, thinking.

People do not respond well to the statement that:
Everyone hears voices — they will deny the assertion in their case,
and insist that it is only applicable to those who are
mentally deranged — BUT: Everyone hears voices,
and only the privileged few who out grow the childhood habit of passively accepting the automatic resistance their mind continually presents to this-or-that idea ever see the fine details of life
in clear focus.

A man is not conscious until he hears voices;
before that he is guided solely by the silent messages of instinct;
he is not reliable, moral, or trustworthy,
and is a constant danger to his neighbors.
Unless a man hears voices,
he is unsettled both physically, and internally;
if you look in his eyes, there is an unfathomable emptiness
that is not seen in the eyes of those who are hearing voices;
there is no detectable persona behind the poets: Windows-of-the-soul for indeed, such a man has no soul:
he has no self — for he hears no voices.

The voices that everyone hears is a man’s self,
(his uniquely-human, strictly-personal, purely-individualistic self,
as opposed to simply his physical body);
these voices constitute, alpha to omega, what you think of as your,
you — your private, personal, internal self:
a bunch of voices.

And you do not even know where they came from,
or what their purpose is in being inside of your head.
If you are a run-of-the-mill person you, if asked,
subscribe to one of the possibilities noted at the top
— which is the overall reaction programmed into collective humanity,
but any periodically insightful person periodically flashes on the fact
that none of the explanations for mans intangible, internal life
explain anything;
men understand the strange world of sub atomic matter with much more clarity & certainty than they do the former, (in spite of their study in that area having a five thousand year head start).

Everyone hears voices;
everyone knows that they hear voices;
through various ruses, everyone denies that they hear voices,
and none among the normal civilians have any real interest in the
matter, (even those whose academic & intellectual area of study
is the mind & brain do not have the interest therein that
drives the lives of the secret few, [if they did, their study would be limited entirely to themselves]).

Only a very few children are born with a natural curiosity about the voices they hear which quickly seem to take control of their lives,
and whose squabbles create a constant state of internal
racket & agitation:
it is: ordinary mens ordinary state, and,
the mystics — state-of-dreams.

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Not only does everyone hear voices,
they actually think of it as: I am hearing voices
the voices they hear say: I am hearing voices, and — Bam-O! —
— the deed is done:
from nothing, the voices have created an identity for themselves
— YOU.

This is the full landscape in which the life-of-dreams thrives;
living mentally hypnotized by the voices saying: I hear voices.
Once this illusion has taken over, your view of life, and of yourself,
is never again unified, or completely accurate & in focus;
you then do partially, live-in-a-dream,
and the dream is that the thing that says: I am living in a dream
is itself a dream — and you never recognize the fact.

An ordinary man says/thinks: I have thoughts
when the enlightened fact is: Thoughts have me.

There is no mysticism, truth, awakening, liberation, or enlightenment beyond that.