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June 1, 2001.

An accretion of yer days News; pertinent the question suggested as exemplary entry point in your investigation of the brains secondary
activities, (scil.): Why do men talk so much?
Why does the brain make men talk so much about matters that observably have nothing directly to do with his survival;
speech that is clearly useless — yet is incessant. Why?
For what purpose?

The brain makes men talk so much in an ongoing attempt to make their non essential, secondary activities sound more important than everyone knows they are.

The human brain is unapproachably the most intelligent operation known to man, and it does not squander its energy
any more than does any form of life.
The functions it endlessly performs outside of consciousness
are absolutely essential for your minute to minute survival,
and it processes information, and makes life-&-death decisions
at a speed and level of complexity that is without competition.
But it does more than just oversee the physiological essentials;
it produces pictures & accompanying words in mens heads of
things that do not physically exist on this planet,
and of activities not imperative to simple survival thereon.

The operation of the brain which men call consciousness,
and which their mouth refers to as, their mind
has caused men to invent — Civilization;
being civilized,
and all that goes with it.

Nothing about civilization is literally necessary for
a mans physical survival,
but without his participation therein, a man is less than fully human.
Without the brain leading man to concoct Civilization
he would never have begun to talk,
but now that he has — he seems driven to over do it.
Everywhere do all people talk more than serves any useful purpose,
and far beyond even the meaningless social chit chat that helps hold
together Civilization. No, men talk way beyond that — AND
in a style most distinctive.

The brains of Civilized men spend little time directing them to talk about the several matters essential for survival,
but rather to talk mostly about affairs that simply offer distraction to
the brains consciousness,
and in spite of the brain being the creator of all such activities,
thus obviously aware of their non critical nature,
nevertheless it makes men talk about them incessantly to the contrary,
as though the quantity of talk will compensate for the lack of quality of what is being talked about,
and that the avalanche of verbal noise will in fact make men
forget about the non serious nature of those trinkets of civilization they are normally required to treat quite seriously.
(Examples are so ubiquitous as to need no specific detailing:
sports; politics; wealth; religion; fame; movies; success; gossip,
you name it, and if you cant touch it — it belongs on the list.)

If every cow in your local herd says/decides that a certain newly minted secondary matter is important-&-serious — then it becomes so.
until everyone forgets about it
…and something new again becomes so.
That is how life in the city operates, and everyone knows it,
but few men are issued brains which either: are able to look at this head-on, or else want to, (take your pick, the result is the same).

If you have the desire, it is relatively easy to see that men are made to
incessantly talk about non essential activities in which they engage
to make them sound more significant than everyone knows they are,
but what is trickier to grasp is that the supreme manifestation of this
is the brains in ordinary men making them talk incessantly about what they refer to as — themselves — for the same purpose.

Do you get it already? Do you see where this is going?
Must it be laid out in any more verbal detail?

What mental distraction, what secondary trinket do men talk about
far more than any other? — themselves.
Even when politics is apparently the subject,
people in a conversation spend most of their words on themselves:
What I think the President should do, How I feel congress should vote, Who I want to see elected, and so on in any area you like.

Ponder: Why does the brain make men talk so much about what the brain makes them call their self?
Remember: Quantity over quality?
Quantity substituting for lack of quality — or how about:
Quantity attempting to compensate for lack of ANYTHING THERE?!

The funniest statement that ever gets uttered in this universe occurs
every time your brain drives you to refer to something non physical as belonging to “you.”
“Yes, this is mine: my mind — my thoughts. My and mine.”

Go ahead and be done with it: say the ultimate words: My my.

He who understands the humor in this
understands all that man can.