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Condensed Transcript

Audio by Jan Cox 23 May 2001

Notes by CF September 2014

Suggested Title: The Last Contender

Begin: There are some well known collective quotations in literature. One of them being “How careless men are in the formation of their beliefs.” The only thing missing from that quotation is “How ‘thoughtless’ men are in the formation of their beliefs.”

The quotation has a connection to Monday night’s “being held captive” topic. From artists, metaphysicians, the political and the religious, people feel like they are imprisoned. Sane people are not bothered by the physical laws. (ex. gravity and death)

05:00 Non physically, people feel they may be held back by the power of Satan. (I can’t believe that is so common as to be called normal.) Folks like us feel like we are being held back by being asleep. From us to the rest of humanity there is a belief of being held back in non physical ways.

What is never noticed is the effort people make to put themselves under additional non physical restrictions. People who join a new church, people who join a new political party, or even a stamp collectors club, they are people putting themselves under additional restrictions.

10:00 They are restricting themselves to second reality conditions. And almost anything in second reality puts you under further restriction. It is all over the world. People may be complaining about the government and too many rules.

But what do they do? They join a club with more rules. The rules could be minor like attendance or dues but they are further restrictions. Something is driving people to do all this and it is not just pack behavior. It is man’s hormones driving his neurons.

15:00 From my view there is only one benefit to religion. When you die you will still be alive. You pretend to believe what the the church believes so you can join the church. But its circuitous. It is wanting more rules. Plenty of people will take a rule from anyone. Its pack behavior.

But getting back to neurons. Think about six billion people, some of them ranting about government restrictions, all making efforts, (spending money and time) to put themselves under just as many restrictions as they were ranting about with the government.

20:00 It goes on constantly. Its not just joining clubs. Relationships and friendships put you under further restrictions. Everyone believes they are being held back. Folks like us say we are asleep. But that is just saying we are being held captive.

You can blame the government, your parents, or guilt about sex, but you do not know why you believe you are being held back. After saying all that, people still leave the house to join a club with further restrictions. What is life, through man, up to?

I can put it crudely. People want to be told what to do. Hormonally, it makes sense. Social animals (elephants, pack animals, etc.) can be trained but it is nearly impossible to train solitary creatures. (ex. snakes) Solitary creatures do not make good pets.

25:00 The Army, career criminals, the priesthood, though all may argue the point, are examples of folks who want to be told what to do. If the criminals were professional, they would not continue to get caught, and return to prison.

Leaving the physical, regimented life for a moment, consider the mentally regimented life. It is a hundred percent stronger mentally. It is captivity telling you what to think. Its not subtle if you look. It is tricky. Consider a liberal and a conservative.

What they are saying does not matter. They are discussing non tangible beliefs. Like saying “we should all be Catholics and your mind says “no we should not.” Once you see what’s going on its all irrelevant. They are looking to get their juices flowing.

30:00 Anytime you pick up the phone, turn on the TV, etc. you are asking somebody “tell me what to think.” Until you catch on, you may say I will just lay in bed and listen to me, thinking the whole time “that thing” in my head is “me” thinking.

And all it is is “shadow boxing.” Of course, that is your last fight. (the last contender) When you no longer have any interest in anything, anybody, in the world, has to say. (not in a hostile way – but I don’t blame you if you are hostile)

No interest and no pro and con. Because you know what is going on. The last contender is you. And when you run through all the contender welter weights, and middle weights, (ex. TV, movies etc.) remember this:

When you are down to the shadow boxing “The man who will teach himself has a fool for a student.” (An old proverb I just made up.) Politics and Religion mean nothing. You are still being told what to do mentally. And it has nothing to do with you. Its the nature of man.

The neurons are still the children of hormones. The mind is the step child of the body. And the body wants to be told what to do. The body wants rules (exceptions being eating and fucking) and the mind wants rules and no one notices it.

Saying that is not true to anything non physical (Muslim, Jewish beliefs etc.). Saying that you have a preference for anything non tangible – well – “you are asking to be told what to think.” “Your mind” is always going on but if you see what’s going on, you ignore “your mind.”

Your mind’s ramblings on non tangibles do not mean anything. Its the noise of passing cars, backfiring.


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

May 23, 2001.


To be civilized is to be in part — traumatized.
(The rich kids trick is in knowing which part.)

* * *

There is only one true miracle:
an adult with a mind still alive.

* * *

An older mystic cautioned a younger one:
You can never write anything truly accurate about the other state of mind since anytime you are writing anything
you will be in your ordinary state.
Always? asked the younger in a surprised voice.
Well, except perhaps for Thursdays.

Moral: For every fool rule there is some fool who’ll believe it.
(No exceptions, and no returns after thirty years.)

While common folk often say that they only laugh to keep from crying,
one well seasoned mystic mentions that he
only acts serious to keep from laughing.

* * *

If mans ordinary mental condition is an ill
it is the only one known which is kept alive by its constant diagnosis.

(One guy calls his routine mental state: The IT Monologues.
…[and man calls his: “The einsteinian reminiscence mechanism:
the prototype of the savant/idiot — alternating between
the intellectually astonishing, and the useless.”])

* * *

He who cannot be civil to his uncivilized side
is not himself fully civilized.

Bears even disdain their own nasty temperament,
but bears have no bach.

Even a convict can conduct himself in such a way that he
sounds vaguely like the G-minor Fugue.
And a well known angioplasterer says:
No matter their social or economic background,
deep down in their heart-of-sheetrock-hearts,
all men hate the idea of having a balloon blown up inside their brain
I mean like if space is not already at a premium in there
with most people.

The hung-over hate themselves the next morning;
civilized folk must stretch it further than that — and
without even the excuse of alcohol.
I say Boswell, just why are we so civilized?!
I believe Dear Doctor, it is in the laziness of our hormones.
Not necessarily a pretty explanation of the matter —
but what you’d want from the eighteenth century?!

Those who do not treat their own uncivilized side civilly
are not themselves fully civilized, nor totally awake to reality.

* * *

All The News You Need To Know About Everything Human:

Only the ugly write odes to beauty.

(Stick this one under your minds nose,
and demand to know what it has to say about it.

P.S. If you’re still dense enough to imagine that there is a distinction between, you, and your mind — don’t bother.)

* * *

Just as for physical life on this planet there must be both
oxygen, and carbon dioxide,
so too for the intellectual there must be pro & con views of all ideas.

Hey, how can you tell if someone is smart?
They’ll tell you they are.
Ah, no fair — you looked at the answer.

(Only the few avoid the dumpster & free ride to the land fill.)

* * *

More Of All You Need To Know:

Tis those in fear of death,
who praise the joys of aging.

None but the poor
ever censures wealth.

(And now: The big one — the closer):

Those who cant do it,
brag bout how they did it.

Hey, how can you tell if some knows The Secret?
No fair — I cant cheat on this one!

Only the rich & privileged drive themselves to the dump.
……………..(AND return alone! — I might add!)

* * *

And now contestants: What are the most ridiculous words
ever spoken by man?
My thoughts.
Correct. Now for the bonus prize: name one of the three ways in which these words are the most ridiculous?
I cant.
Correct again! And now for the super duper grand prize:
tell me one of the two ways in which your last answer was correct.
I don’t know.
Right again! You win! (God, you’re good at this!)

* * *

A son asked his father: If I dont know whats going on by now —
when will I know? and the elder responded:
How old are you?
Thirty-eight, the son replied.
It doesn’t matter how old you are! stormed the elder.

Everyone has relatives;
a prisoner has more than is necessary.

* * *

A man who looks to the collective for help
has a pretty minimal concept of help.
But where is a concerned cow to turn? you ask.

Oscar Myer announced a scheme,
to stop the way that cattle dream.
Well —
cows did run, and they did hide,
some considered suicide.
Oscar! Oscar! they did cry,
If we don’t dream, well surely die.
Nonsense, nonsense!” Oscar said —
— cause he was a liar.

(not to mention having a vested interest in the health of cattle.)

Oh yeah, you might keep an eye out for Oscar,
he probably comes thru your neighborhood,
(though he usually goes by other names).
Hey, if I’d wanted somebody to be botherin me —
— I’d hired somebody.
Face-saving-bluster is all that is:
not a cow in a million even has a good suspicion of what it costs
to have that properly done.

* * *

And now: All of The, Sad-But-True News You Need To Hear Today:

Anyone who believes that someone else is
more enlightened than they are — is correct.

My, isn’t that good to know?!

* * *

To know that you can escape is the required first step in doing so.

(P.S. If you have to ask someone else if escape IS actually possible,
forget about it! — you don’t qualify any way.)

* * *

Under the routine conditions of mans captive intellect,
it is quite near impossible to think about something
without eventually becoming concerned about it.

(The energy that commonly fuels thought is short on humor.)

Independence-of-mind affords, above the neck,
an exuberance that nearly rivals what sex provides below the belt.

In ye old days twas noted: A man is only truly sane, right after sex,
but an update for the few would be:
A man is only truly sane after he learns what real thinking is.

* * *

Confused captives love to speak of freedom, and the truth
in terms of the absolute,
whilst choosing to remain blissfully blind to the specious nature of,
Even cows have a left & right brain,
and can think both, Moo, and, Oom,
but either way — they’re still going to McDonalds.
Yeas & nays explain nothing,
and never do they reveal the kind of truth that leads to liberation.
The more you talk about how much you know or don’t know,
and about how free or not free you are —
— the tighter fits the door to your imaginary cell.

If you wont listen to the cell doors close inside,
you don’t have to heed the wardens voice outside.
External circumstances cannot con a man who is not already
internally conning himself
— by believing that he can’t be conned.

Just repeat that ridiculous two word phrase: My thoughts
over and over — and one day the truth of it will hit you,
and you’ll never have a yea, nor a nay to ever say again.
You will then BE, a-man-with-a-deadly-weapon,
and no one to threaten.

..least of all, any longer — your imaginary self.

When the lone-ranger-of-delusion dies,
the silver bullets needed to kill him — die with him.

Just keep reading the sham prescription over & over:
The only ill that is kept alive by its continuing diagnosis.
The only ill that is kept alive by its continuing diagnosis.
The only ill that is kept alive by its continuing diagnosis.

Well! No wonder I never could locate the place!
I just realized that the map Ive been using deliberately makes you
believe that you’re somewhere else — LOOKING for the place!

No, wait! Don’t do this to me again —
don’t leave me hanging with that kind of impossible comment!
Tell me something useful; something that makes sense.

Okay; look inside of you and find the place where what you just said
came from:
there is nothing more useful to a rich kid than discovering that.


…Said a father to a son: “Always remember my boy: Iceland was named after our family,
and our ancestral motto still remains: ‘E Pluribus Coli’ — In Germs We Trust.”
“I thought it meant: ‘From The Many Comes The Meaningless’.”
“Same thing.”

P.S. For those of you have haven’t figured it out yet:
It is those born wanting to know The Secret who are — to-wealth-&-privilege-born.
P.P.S. It is not some humans who know The Secret — but some cells.

P.P.P.S. In the neural interstate system,
roads were given names to keep men from getting lost — and,
roads were invented to cause men to get lost.

And a boy asked his father: “Is that really true?” and pa pa replied: “No it’s not true —
— but that’s not the point.”

..and while that voice of soul, Bolomon Surke sang:
“Ev-er-ree-bod-dee — needs some bod-dee,”
there is no public prophet to add: “Except — the mentally rich-&-privileged —
— they hardly even need themselves.”