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Audio of Jan Cox 18th May 2001

Notes by CF July 2014

Suggested Title: An Empty Canyon But with Echoes That Cannot Be Explained

Begin: All of you should be at a point where everything you hear answers everything. A few comments hit me and two of them you hear everyday. I really do not remember the lead in on the first one I want to talk about. It was a follow up discussion on some business deal.

But the punchline was “I didn’t want them to think I was an idiot. “ The phrase is as common as can be. And if you have not used the phrase you have certainly thought it. I don’t know if any of you think about it this way but the collective mind is a real thing. We are all plugged into it and we can not drop the service like we can a telephone contract.

The collective mind is a bit tricky. They are like pods that float. For example, with us folks sitting here, there is a collective mind. If we all got up and went outside to sit there would be another collective mind. Collective minds are limitless in their size and shape and they maintain an equilibrium.

05:00 The comment, “My plan going in was to be prepared so I would not look like an idiot.” Everyday ordinary minds understand the phrase but it explains nothing. (We are talking intangibles here.) Forget everything and look at that comment. It explains nothing but it also explains everything.

There is a collective mind of man. It’s a covering around the complete planet. (You have versions that range from neighborhoods – all the way to planet versions.) And in the operations of the collective mind it maintains an equilibrium.

And part of the collective mind’s equilibrium is man wanting to explain themselves. Everyone’s mind is plugged into the collective mind and it has always been that way. The equilibrium at the heart of the collective mind is the notion of people trying to convince others “I know what I am doing.” (Its like a fart in a hurricane.)

And why do they do that? Because they do not know what they are doing. Another intangible everyday comment that explains nothing but it also explains everything is “How can we make them believe us when we tell them what happened?” I heard the phrase at the end of a science fiction movie about aliens and their spacecraft.

It was the punchline to the movie. But why would you consider that a problem? Getting people to believe the unbelievable is a non-physical problem. If you went to the newspapers or the police they would want some proof. Another example is someone spending two days in the presence of God.

10:00 Getting people to believe you is part of the maintenance of the equilibrium of the collective mind. But these non physical problems (getting someone to believe you, not wanting people to think you are an idiot) can be cured. Keep them to yourself. Don’t tell anybody. Don’t mention it.

Do you think any ordinary mind on this orbiting prison could see this? Its the nature of the collective mind – ordinary minds have to tell someone. Seeing a flying saucer or talking to God – and wanting others to believe you – it’s a balance; a maintenance of the collective mind.

People have to tell other people what happens. It gets interesting to me at the individual level. Its why people want to talk about themselves. It maintains a collective facade. Why do humans do it? Why do humans want to do it? Some of you may be past it.

But any critical comment on someone else’s ideas is the collective mind telling you “the kind of guy you are.“ Not talking about yourself may still be considered a struggle but the “belief” that talking on your phone is creative, that you are an idiot, or nobody’s fool – it stops everything – you can’t wrestle with it.

15:00 Being “boxed in” ( one place I did not take it last week ) is any explanation for yourself. Because there is no explanation for yourself. And there is no explanation for anything non physical. (Period) History, for example, seems real.

But I could make up a story about the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages being in direct competition with the temporal kingdoms. And this made for a lot of debauchery and intrigue both within the church and temporal kingdoms. It is even entertaining to me and I made it up.

20:00 I am not making fun of the collective mind. We are all plugged into it. But when the collective mind begins to explain anything non tangible ( non-physical, you cannot set it on a table ) for example history or religion it explains nothing.

Though the stories of early religions may sound insightful, they are creations of the mind and non tangible creations of the mind have no explanation. Physical creations like the wheel or a fire can be explained . The wheel works and a fire has pragmatic explanations.

25:00 People have been pondering questions about life after death and history for thousands of years and explanations have not progressed and not one human can see or hear it. (Or everyone knows and life forces us to pretend its otherwise.)

But if you keep looking at these questions about God, life after death, and the meaning of history and you look at the part of the ordinary mind that is still plugged into the collective mind and you believe there is an explanation – then you believe you are refining the explanation.

30:00 You may feel that yogi so and so may be worth a look. Maybe he has a more refined explanation but the explanations are never fully explained. If you look for an explanation for anything non-physical you are boxed in.

It seems at times you have a handle on yourself ( we are not talking physical – losing weight ) but instead of having a handle on yourself you are boxed in. I know some of you may hear what I am saying and its like your mind opens up like a flower.

But then its like the other six billion cows (the collective mind) may feel as if there is an opening – something untoward is going on in the middle of the herd. And they will all lean toward your way and not very much and you are back trying to explain the unexplainable.

35:00 A few years back I thought up a name for this thing. I was going to call it “The Third Way.” But then my understanding increased and I forgot about it. The collective mind likes choices. Its either this explanation or another explanation.

Hence the “third way” but I can’t explain it.

40:00 You may believe there is some explanation for being distracted or a sleep. Its either this explanation or another explanation. When you leave tonight there may only be two choices for a few of you. He is either right or its bullshit. That is why I came up with the “third way.”

But I can’t explain it. In a sense the “third way” is waking up but when you see it, its no way. It cannot be explained. Zen, Sufism, or ideas you have had (which are good for you) – the reason for these great insights are to slap you out of the Brahm’s lullabies you sing to yourself.

But to believe a non tangible explanation explains anything you are back to an imaginary structure and anybody can come along and add something to it. 46:35

Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

May 18, 2001.

(Home On The Range, or In Cell Block C.)

At those times when ordinary men feel trapped & imprisoned,
they blame it on the physical circumstances,
or other peoples behavior;
an uncommon few sense the source of the restraint to lie elsewhere;
their overriding question then becomes: Where?
What is the origin of my feelings of internal confinement?
How come I to seem a prisoner within myself?
And while humanity at large brings up commonly recognized,
tangible targets to reprove for their passing sensations of
being constrained,
the few generally fall into fits of identifying their captor as
some fanciful entity from fairytale land.
Everyone is within their intellectual rights to feel in captivity;
only the totally deranged would not;
but beyond this — the road becomes rutted, muddied,
and much uncertain to readily available mental perspectives
of the matter — and yet….it is actually quite simple.

When, concerning his internal life, a man says:
I feel imprisoned,
the thing calling itself I in the statement — is the prison:
the one and only,
and the only one from which a man can walk away.

You cannot escape, The Laws Of Physics,
but a man can liberate himself from, The Restraints Of Dreamland,
and all it takes is the clear recognition of their existence.

* * *
A man sans a solidified mind has a cell door with weak hinges.

* * *

The reason that men presumably have more fun than say,
a warthog is that they spend a large part of their lives
in a pleasant dream.

* * *

Within the general mental-prison population,
those who need help will ask for help.
Fact: Those who ask for help in this area
need more than mere help.

* * *

Education is the herds attempt to turn hormones into neurons.

From a sow’s ear can but a sow ear hair extend.

Well, thank god, anyway, for the small things.
I resent that!

* * *

Due to the laws governing the transfer of energy:
all prisoners eventually fall into the crevice of their own advice.

Look out below!
“There ain’t no below!leastwise, below me,
Oh. Sorry about that.

* * *

Definition: Sharing The Mind Of The Herd:
Having been murdered with no sign of a weapon.

What’s the difference anyway between being in prison,
and being in the herd?
Cows in kilts, and au natural — UPSTAIRS!
Oh — I get cha! .(I think?!?)

* * *

After hearing the benefits of one night stands described as
being that in so brief a period you cannot be exposed to
the worst of other people’s faults,
one man decided to apply the treatment to other people’s ideas.

Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.
from the bed, shouted the limbic to the cortex.

* * *

If, (as is commonly held), everything in the intellectual realm
is either: true or false,
what does this leave an independent mind to do?

(In the rec yard, the most popular form of entertainment
among the cons is — sulking.)

Ordinary prison minds must dream of the impossible —
— to keep themselves from actually attempting it.

* * *

You are not forced to eat every morsel of food
placed before you,
why assume you must think every thought?!

In the free world of the rich-&-privileged:
Only he who entertains himself IS truly — entertained.

* * *

A dog lays where he wants to;
a rabid dog lays where his virus tells him to.
Who, pray tell, packed your bed roll?

The dogs in the cage;
the rabies in the dog,
and all is right with the world.of the pound.

Is it my imagination, or have you lost weight?
said, (in a pseudo-complimentary voice),
the thalamus to his wrinkled neighbor above.

Oh: pound — lose weight — I get it,
and it aint funny!
Okay, so report me to the
Department Of Reticular Formation;
its their fault anyway for even allowing me to be
alert enough to think of it.

Then spake Neural The Younger to the older, supporting players:
Think the thought I pray you,
trippingly on the frontal lobes,
but if you mechanically mouth it & mangle it
as many of your associates do,
I had as lief it ne’er occurred in me.

Talk is not just cheap — talk invented cheap.


……and cheap talk IS prison.