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May 16, 200l.

Men’s minds are magnetized;
attracted to one another individually,
and each man to humanity, collectively.

This mortal mental magnetism is unique in that
even when one mind seems repelled by another,
it is yet still attracted thereto.

Men are social creatures,
and instinctively drawn together physically;
they are also thinking creatures, and are
likewise programmed to band together mentally.

Individually, a particular mind is naturally attracted to
another particular mind as surely as a man of a certain
hormonal makeup is automatically attracted sexually to a woman of a certain hormonal structure,
and on a larger scale, a particular mind is drawn to the collective mind of a particular group just as a certain wolf is drawn to join one pack in preference to another.

Ordinary men, (when grown, and aspiring to sophistication),
profess, (at least perfunctorily),
to choose their friends; their occupation;
their political allegiance; their religion; their hobbies,
and if asked specifically why they selected some particular something
they will say:
Because I like it — I enjoy it,
as though somewhere, earlier in their life,
they sat down and decided what things in life they would like,
and be attracted to, and what things they would not.
(Upon but momentary reflection, any intelligent person
instantly realizes the preposterousness of such a proposal.)

When pushed a bit, some people will grudgingly admit
that their sexual attraction to a certain person seemed almost out of their control, (love-at-first-sight,
I’d-still-crawl-thru-fire-just-to-smell-her-hair, etc),
but all people will vigorously resist the idea that any of their other choices in life were not exercises of their own free will, (making allowances for instances when everyone will point to some specific circumstance in their life wherein explainable conditions literally FORCED them into a certain course of action,
[e.g. I had to drop out of school and get married
when my girlfriend got pregnant,
and I was forced to take whatever job I could get —
which I now hate, etc]).
But such collectively agreed upon, meaningless exceptions notwithstanding,
people say that they willfully, consciously,
and freely chose the things in mans second reality which they like & approve of, (those activities that are creations solely of the human mind).
“I am a Democrat because I approve of their policies.
I like hip-hop because it is good music.
“I belong to the X church because their beliefs are correct.
“I enjoy science fiction movies because they always have a message.
“I wear wide ties because they look best.”
“I like to read biographies because you can always learn something from someones elses life —
all quite common statements,
yet to an uncommon mind,
not a one could withstand the breeze from
a hand-held funeral home fan.
To comment further on this obvious & indisputable matter would be to insult a mind worthy of its name.

The natural magnetism of men’s minds is what keeps ordinary individuals from ever recognizing the nature of how theirs works.
When your mind is working in conjunction with someone else’s,
(you are listening seriously to their words;
you are watching their movie; reading their book;
thinking, [pro or con], about their political, religious, social ideas),
you HAVE NO mind.
Once noted, this is either obvious to you, or it is not;
the trick is in being able to remember it amidst the
worldwide magnetic field that encompasses humanity,
and which relentlessly limits the activity
that takes place in ordinary men’s minds.
(The beauty of cartoon notions of hypnotism is that
once a man is hypnotized you can tell him that he is not hypnotized,
and the power of hypnosis is such that he will believe that he is not.)

(As always, excepting examples regarding survival related activity),
you do not turn on the CD player to hear music;
or the radio to get the news;
you do not pick up the phone because you want to
know how so-&-so is doing;
you do not read a book to learn about anything,
and you do not talk to other people because you
want to, or because you like talking to them.
Unwittingly, ordinary people are correct in viewing recluses
with grave suspicion;
not being with other people, and more specifically,
by not being so — not being able to TALK to other people —
which is not normal………………………(for normal people).

Standard minds cannot survive without the company of other minds, any more than physically cannot an individual ant, or bee survive in solitude,
apart from their group.
What routine people will say is, their thoughts
is but a momentary segment of all men’s thoughts, small enough for them to fit in their mouth.

What bothers a few people is this normally, irresistible
magnetic attraction between men’s minds,
but even they usually never see the matter head on.
Because of the universal pull amongst minds
they generally have some mental picture of what
they believe may be going on that is made up
entirely of bits & pieces from all of the other
minds from which they are seeking freedom.
(Prisoners unknowingly gripping escape plans furnished by the warden.)

One father wrapped up this affair to a son
in these words:
“Never buy anything from anyone who
wants to sell you anything.

It would be trick number one to cease, or even decrease
the magnetic attraction between your mind, and everyone else’s;
trick number next would be to achieve something similar inside the confines of your own head.

Never reach out and take anything that
anyone tries to hand you.

To know what is going on in the second reality —
– which is the only place where it is possible to know –
is not to know something —
it is to be empty — just like the second reality.

Consider the wonder of it:
magnetic attraction between no-shows.