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May 11, 2001.


A person who tells others that he is trying to awaken —
is not — and will never succeed in doing so.
Anyone who identifies their self as a pursuer of
this-or-that mystical path
is pursuing nothing but self aggrandizement.
(which, if you don’t have a self, is understandable.)

There is a secret, hidden truth that you must know
for your efforts to ever pay off
and everyone knows what it is
they just don’t realize that they know.
Thus, the ancient & honorable metaphysical efforts to
melt-away-the-fat & highlight-the-marrow.

Only the heroic would say:
It goes against my grain to repeat a tale already told;
the common man, (on the other hand), therein relishes!
(without it, in fact, what would he have to say?!),
while the truly intrepid to themselves note:
To host a thought already thunk,
shames me same as though Is drunk.

One man says: At one time my idea of paradise was of
no one ever saying anything to me again.
Now I have that narrowed down to a single person,
I-have-in-mind, (so to speak).

Trying to achieve in the mind the thing called, awakening is like a man with no feet
wanting to kick himself in the ankle.

If constant noise will keep away undesirable spirits,
then what is the voice of consciousness keeping at bay?

Either: no one wants to answer that question
because they cant — OR,
no one can because they don’t want to.
(Hobsons hippocampusial hernia.)

Trying to stop an action requires that you take action:
thus it never ends.

If, (as some have claimed),
acting is the lowest of the arts,
then that makes, acting-like-a-human-who-knows —
— WHAT?!

The thoughts of ordinary men no more deserve to be condemned than they do to be honored, or even noticed.
You should treat the words of men no more seriously than you do the song of a bird or the squeak of a wheel.

Legalese Update: An Act of God is anything that a man whose house has a weak foundation would not enjoy.
(Wonder what the underpinnings of your mind would say about this?.assuming of course that it has any. Ooops!)
Once a man knows,
what distinguishes him then from ordinary men is,
(in a word): background — he has none.

Consciousness deemed unacceptable is —
consciousness still.

Todays: Word From Mr. Science: There are but two
avenues of pleasure available to men: actions & thinking;
all other life forms have only one except for plants
..they have neither.no wonder they’re so irritable.
(Okay, hows your mind measuring itself against
this one?)

From The Super Scouts Handbook: Respect not an adversary.

Hey, my mind can beat up your awareness!
What the hell am I talking about —
— my mind can beat up MY awareness!

For The Files of The Super Unctuous:
He who gives advice needs some badly but sadly,
never knows it…but ah,
so goes it.

Speaking of that, injects a fellow:
I often give myself quite sound sounding advice —
— (but have the good sense ne’er to listen.
[And what urgeth your noodler about this one?])

Did not ordinary men pretend to be smart —
none would be smart…or ordinary.

In that one great, secret craft,
as you move from the apprentice to master level:
continued striving assures failure.
(Neat, huh?!…and totally un/non unionized.)

If you keep pushing your mind as best you can
someday it’ll happen that you do better than you can.

“Okay, that’s a wrap.
Bring on the reinvigorated virgins.”