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Condensed Transcript

Audio of Jan Cox 7th of May 2001

Notes by CF 

Suggested Title: Brain Cells make, and then buy, their own Cover Story

Begin: I heard on the news today that one of the major medical schools had good news for soccer players. After a year of studies they had detected absolutely no brain damage being done by children who continually hit their head against a soccer ball.

And then I thought and the bad news is humans have a brain that can continually bang its head against a six pound object day after day and do absolutely no damage, (maybe its just me.)

Couple of things tonight. What is going on at the cellular level that would make mothers knowingly lie to their children about spiritual matters? ( ex. life after death and god) Mothers who are sane will gladly give their life for their children. It is not because she is a good person. Its the nature of life.

I can understand how mothers may use a story to protect their children from burning their hands on a stove. And I can almost let it go when a mother says God looks after you when you die and you go to heaven. But what goes on at the cellular level when the child asks, “Is that true Mama?”

05:00 And the mother says “yes.” The mother knows when she tells the child “God looks after you”. Well – its not correct. Somewhere in my brain cells this idea joined hands with the folklore belief that loud noises will ward off evil spirits. (ex. the ritual of banging on drums to ward off evils spirits)

Individually people may whistle or sing when passing by a graveyard to chase away evil spirits. Is it possible that somewhere on the molecular level some part of the brain is frightened of life?

10:00 What gets me about all this is , “Why haven’t the brain cells caught on that loud noises and lying to the children is not working? For the last five thousand years or so why has not one single brain cell molecule noticed that loud noises (what we call consciousness) does not frighten away evil spirits.

And why has not one single brain cell realized that the loud noises ( ex. non directional consciousness, continual yakking of the brain) are the evil spirits? Seeing the loud noises (ex. Daydreaming, non purposeful consciousness} as evil spirits could wake a brain cell up.

Though I do not see how cells (maybe tumors) could be asleep. In our view we have brain cells that misbehave but they do not end up as brain tumors. For all I know they could win the brain cells a Pulitzer prize in fiction.

15:00 For a long time I have planned to bring up this metaphor about loud noises driving away evil spirits. I had four or five useful directions to go with this idea. One idea was to consider human conversation – social grooming talk (excludes human survival) as a way to drive away evil spirits.

Friendly conversations may be a way to drive away the evil spirits from you and friends. Unfriendly conversations could be a way to direct the evil spirits toward the adversaries.

20:00 And what about talking (continual yakking) to ourselves. The ordinary do not consider it talking to yourself as long as you keep it to yourself. Talking out loud to your self is not a good sign. In the ordinary world, as long as you keep it to yourself everything is OK. (ex. cussing the police, judge etc.)

25:00 Getting back to the evil spirits idea and people who get frightened. Have you ever seen a child frightened? (maybe in their bedroom) And you say to the child everything is all right and to go to bed. But when you close the door the child starts blabbering or starts a sing song.

When you ask them to stop it they will say, “If I stop it the thing under my bed will get me.” The thing you say is not there. There are adult versions in the folklore of humanity. Maybe its beating a drum for 24 hours to keep the evil spirits causing famine or drought at bay.

30:00 These stories are pregnant with ideas. Evil spirits you cannot touch, see, or smell (Where did they come from?) and then the idea that loud noises will keep them away. And then the idea that the loud noises must be continuous. Who decided that? Every bit of this means something.

Its our brain cells making us do this. It is our brain cells cover story to distract from the fact they cannot help making loud noises to keep the evil spirits away. I keep bringing up the story of the boy who would run thru town (the town was located below the dam) and shout that the dam is bursting.

It would scare all the folks in town and would make the boy bend over in laughter. He did this for years and years. Then one day when he started shouting the dam is bursting he took off running. One of the people in town chased him down and asked why was he running? The dam is not bursting.

35:00 The boy said “yeah but what if I am right this time?” Non directional (daydreaming) consciousness has bought its own story. Brain cells have bought their own cover story. Because brain cells made up the story. “We have to do loud noises to drive away nonexistent evil spirits.”

And when you tell the brain cells, “you know better” and that “you made all this shit up”, the brain cells say, “yeah – but what if I am right”? You can pick up a habit up overnight. (ex. Cigarettes) Brain cells can’t stop the cover story because its a habit.

Being asleep is you have subscribed to the common confusion of life. The brain made the cover story up and then listened to it. The boy in the “dam is bursting story” told the story a hundred times and then when he told it the one hundred and first time he believed it himself.

We would be awake (metaphorically) if we could get our brain cells to end its addiction to the cover story. The brain cells will not let go of the cover story. “I” did not say any of this. “ I” do not know who said all of this. Brain cells don’t normally say this stuff.


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

May 7, 2001.


In battle: the more of the army’s resources that are assigned to the frontline to increase efficiency there,
the more bungling becomes activity at the rear.

Observe: an intellectual walking down a road
from his stalled car, deep in thought;
head down, staring at the ground,
and on the other side, a laborer,
on his way to a local caf?, and
constantly looking all around.

When the lights in a building are turned bright
in the front — they will be dim in the rear,
and bored workers back there will drain the
creative juices from the R&D staff up front.

When you need something from the files,
it appears you get it from the records room,
but messengers running throughout the building
all carry bits of it with them.

The savannah-songbird insists:
You’ve got to ac-cent-u-ate the positive — and,
e-lim-i-nate the negative,
but those who would escape the anterior marshes, ac-cent-u-ate nothing
— not at the imaginary expense of some other
illusionary concept.

Sturgeons know that streams & blood in the lowlands
flow in only one direction,
but neuro-sturgeons & mullet-minded-mystics
have yet to recognize the unidirectional routes of
nervous system bus systems up in the andes.

Literate & metaphorical man has told himself:
You cant go home again,
but he who would flee the dark delta
seeks no solace from shadows,
neither does he chase the sun by running east,
while watching it in a mirror.

With superficial observation it would seem that your consciousness — your sense-of-your-self —
resides squarely in the head,
for is it not there, where you hear the voice that attempts to explain the life you end up living?!

The silliest words ever spoken are: Let me explain,
for if you had known what you were doing to begin with — — sufficient to explain it —
you wouldn’t be having to explain it now.

There are workers spread throughout the factory
of whom the day manager has no knowledge;
he is cognizant of their output,
but attributes it to his shift,
(they have no union spokesman).

If you stand at the center of a carrousel,
even though surrounded by constant movement,
lights & music — you are still,
but step slightly in any direction,
and your entire reality becomes part of it.

Another announcement is made:
Man does not live by bread alone,
and he who would find the exit to the funhouse discovers
that man does not live by anything alone,
and in fact, by what he does live — no one knows;
many only guess, and since the majority are on their way to the caf?, and giving the matter no thought,
they accept the guesses of the many,
for they, at least,
understand that it means nothing anyway.

Only those awaiting planes are concerned with
theories of aeronautics;
those walking on their own three feet have nothing to
worry about, (other than the caf?s closing time.)

Half the world has a migraine — the other half, corns;
half dont know where they’re headed,
and bluster to cover it,
and half don’t know where they’re headed,
and have never thought about it;
half the world needs to know what is going on,
and half cannot compute the term: What is going on.

For a few, (not fully part of either half),
explanation is the most destructive word
ever created by man.

No one knows what to do about anything —
ergo — explanations!
This is what is so embarrassing when experts are interviewed, and they attempt to explain how to solve this-or-that problem.

Only idiots & experts can explain what is going on in life,
and into each speaker, some audience will fall.
Many experts are at work in the front of the store,
with plenty of idiots in line — waiting to take their place.

Today’s news was entirely about events that occured
over the past 24 hours,
in you.