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Condensed Transcript

Jan Cox #2675
April 25, 2001
Notes by CF

Suggested Title: “Mental Realities ( Smoke and Mist) Never Get to the Point”

Begin: If you cannot control the mind, quit calling it the mind. But tonight that is what we will be calling it. The mind’s (the talking part of the brain) ability to focus, to monitor, to understand the workings of the body and to understand problems outside of the organism has allowed humans to live longer.

The mind can focus to such a degree that it can solve problems down to the subatomic level. (ex. Medicine, technology, space, etc.) But the rest of the time ‘the mind” is commonly unfocused (not just daydreams) and it is even unfocused in matters that may appear to be of paramount importance.

05:00 Picture the president of some country discovering that the plans or the launch code of the X-bomb are missing. He calls a meeting of his cabinet, the chief of staff, the generals of the military, etc. and tells them the launch codes for the x-bomb are missing and looks at his chief of staff.

The Chief of Staff says “Mr. President, I told the general to be more careful with the launch codes”. And the general says, ” Mr President, I told the Chief of Staff we needed better security for the codes”. And then the Secretary of Defense says it doesn’t matter, the missing codes are obsolete anyway.

From the president’s view not one of the comments is about the missing code. He is not asking if the locks were at fault. He is not asking if it was the general’s fault for not being careful. And he is not asking if the code is outdated. He is asking where is the missing code.

This is not commentary about the bureaucratic mind set. And its not the psychology of blame shifting (though blame shifting fits the facts). The mind is having trouble keeping it’s mind on the subject because generally there is no subject.

10:00 Discounting religion for the moment, consider the belief of life after death. It is a master stroke of the mind. Its the mind (when it has nothing better to do) wanting to understand things so badly it makes something up to understand. The belief is something new for the mind to work on.

This masterstroke of the mind is present when two individuals debate the existence of God and call it intellectual debate. This goes on constantly between people. For example when a boss man asks a foreman, “Did you fix the hole in the fence where my cows were getting out?”

15:00 And the foreman says “Do you remember Tex? After he left the job our expensive wire cutters went missing.” And if you are the Boss you may get entangled with the foreman’s story and ask “Did he steal anything else?” In the picture of the boss and the foreman I am pointing to something subtle.

The foreman is not blame shifting and it’s not self protection. It is “the mind” making the simple (yes or no answer) more complex. (Almost the opposite of working on a medical or engineering problem where the complex problems – (flooding, build a dam, tumor, cut it out) – are made simple.)

20:00 The mind cannot help itself. And if you don’t watch it the foreman and the boss will bring politics into the mix. (ex. Should we tell the sheriff-should we elect the sheriff?) Unless it is death defying circumstances, this (making the simple more complex) goes on constantly.

(And even the death defying example has holes in it because I can picture an emergency medical technician asking a bleeding accident victim if they have insurance? )

If you listen, there are constant conversations about mental realities. (ex. The boss is driving me crazy. My wife is driving me crazy. Etc.) Mental Reality (second reality) is the basis of 99% of the conversations in life.

Mental Realities never get to the point. There appears to be a subject and if you listen there is no subject. If the boss did get to the point with the foreman (Did you fix the fence?) and the mind says the foreman is trying to shift the blame-look past this and notice it does not happen in life.

I assume you folks will begin to see this in a certain way. Most conversations seem to be the solicitation of opinions. And there appears to be a subject but there is no subject and these mental realities never get to the point.

25:00 Just saying what you need to say is not what happens. There appears to be a reason for not getting to the point (ex. Shifting blame, self protection) but I am saying it is much more simple and complex than that.

There is such a wide range to what the mind does that is the reason I made up my new fact. “If you cannot control the mind don’t call it the mind.” The mind can go from focusing on something (ex. Medicine, engineering etc.) and after a range of time it can now focus on the genes of humans.

That is what makes the mind so beneficial. But this same mind can simultaneously go from focusing on some dangerous or technical work to asking a co-worker about a mutual friend. The mutual friend appears to be the subject, but if you listen there is no subject. The apparent subject serves no profit.

30:00 But rather than fault the rambling mind I say the rambling mind knows what it is doing. When you notice the mind’s ramblings does it continue to ramble? (Maybe/) Why aren’t you sure? Did you quit noticing? Did you notice the mind quit rambling when you noticed it rambling?

(Well yeah – But what’s the point?) That’s the point. The mind cannot get to the point almost all of the time. (The exceptions being in science, medicine, engineering etc.) If you just listen anywhere, there seems to be a point. From one valid view people attempting to awaken is “getting to the point.”

If you listen, “the mind” never gets to the point because there is no point. The mind says there is a point. (ex. Likes, dislikes, politics, religion, opinions, etc.)

35:00 If you carry anything far enough it will eventually become non-subjected. Anything the individual mind is thinking about is the subject. The observation that the mind does not get to the point in mental realities is objective. It is not criticism.

40:00 The mind wants to talk. How often do you hear the mind answer a straight forward question? How about questions about yourself? The mind consists of smoke and mist. You cannot operate on it and you cannot put a stethoscope on it. Ask yourself, “why can’t the mind get to the point?”

If you see the answer to that, you get the point.


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

April 25, 2001.


There are two commonly employed initial approaches:
I want to feel better, or,
I want to understand,
but it eventually comes down to this:
I want to understand why I don’t feel better.

The beings on Planet X have the X faculty —
which is the greatest thing that ever happened to them;
it is also the most frustrating;
and the most annoying;
and the most confusing;
yet without it, they would have never realized
when they were: frustrated, annoyed & confused.

Temperament & mind;
hormones & neurons;
horses & saddles;
herds & individual yards;
passions & purpose, and
passion with no visible target.
You either hear clear thru the collective-reality-din,
or else the cacophony of mass mooing will keep you
forever, distracted & distraught.

Forever is a long time!
“Not as long as mind though.

A man can outlive everything except
his mental concept of an end.
Immature thinking persists in believing that it
came from somewhere, and thus must be
going some place.
Slides & merry go rounds to pacify children.
(Up, down — round-&-round.)

Only the invisible-rich can ever afford to
leave the neighborhood neural-network-playground.

Us thoughts have got to stick together.
We should take a lesson from them cows.

Science Update: The most powerful neurotransmitter has yet to be identified: glue!
(and the desire to be liked.)


There is a river that has no source;
it is the headwaters for washing-out-your-head — and,
Who cannot fail but be impressed by a
mighty flood water that bathes everything men do —
— yet has no source.

Find the sound this fact makes,
and you’ve uncovered it all.


One man would sing to himself
in a mirror each morning:
Anything you can say, I can say better.
No I cant — yes I can;
yes I can, no I cant — maybe so.

A man on familiar terms with a reflective device
never lacks for as reliable a pretend-friend
as you can have in this life.

(Can you spell — oh, never mind.)

On one world is a planet-wide gym
in which everyone is thoroughly worn out,
and then their wrinkled road maps — thrown out.

Question: In how many different ways, (do you figure),
can a faulty map be folded and re-folded before it
falls apart?
(Not soon enough for me, my boy —
not nearly soon enough for me.)


There is no promotion without self promotion.

…….oh yeah: and there is no self without promotion of self.

One guy’s motto was: “Other than for eatin’ & sleepin’ —
everything else is just theatrics any way.”


If you’re talkin, you’re squakin;
if you’re speakin, youre squeakin;
if you’re yackin, you’re crackin;
if you’re pipin up, you’re gripin up.
Ordinary mind cannot comment on life
without nit picking it.

Hark! mighty phokneechins!
Save your pickin — see thru the nitin.


All men are born butchers;
born cutting up lions into lamb chops;
forests into toothpicks;
orchards into fruit salad;
clear-channel-communication into am radio.
Its all hype — all news-talk-&-sports-entertainment —
— not actual news;
that only occurs when butchering is run in reverse.

(Perhaps me laddies, we have the inspiration for
the phrase:
You cant get there from anywhere IM familiar with!)


The most pathetic & idiotic sound
a human being can make
is to remark on features of life that they find to be —
— not right.

Seeing what life is about is not in seeing
what is right or what seems wrong about life,
but in realizing the nature of such mortal,


Even the most foolish of ordinary minds can
explain life in a way that makes sense,
but the sense life makes from all human descriptions
is a sense that supports only itself;
all words prove only themselves,
and all who give all of their hearing over to words
never get to the underlying sense of life —
— which is self-explanatory — and total in its doing so.

The vitality of a cow can never be understood from
looking at its butchered parts;
realizing what is going on fills you with such unity
that your head is too complete to speak.


A father said to a son:
I do not know what, knowing is,
but I do know what, NOT knowing is,
Which is?
Believing you know what knowing is.

There is no full describing of mind
in that it would require a running description of the process behind the describing —
— and no one can see the back of their own head.

Waking-up is facing up to this fact.

Patrick, oh Patrick: give me passion — or —
give me knowledge!.no wait:
give me the steady sight of their union —
and Ill take it from there.

If a man’s natural born temperament is to,
verbal recommendations, not to are of little help.
Move the bubbling combat back to where it started;
back to where it can once again belong:
out of the mind.

(And rot in hell for all I care.)

Yaz’zer! Rot on, young troopers — rot on!


When you learn to look correctly inward,
you realize there is no self there — and yet,
there is nothing there but self.

Everything is you;
confusion is you — understanding is you;
what you see is you — what is hidden is you;
being asleep is you — being awake is you;
staying as you are is you — being different is also you.

Everything is you;
this is enlightenment, and discovery of the source.