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Condensed Transcript

Audio of Jan Cox 23rd of April 2001
Notes by CF

Suggested Title: Glimpses of There’s Nothing Wrong

Begin: One of a few things in life I found that if you would just try it (though “your mind” does not agree) is to keep reminding yourself “there is nothing wrong in life.” Theoretically everyone knows there is something wrong with life. (ex. Religious beliefs, relationships, world hunger, etc.)

Finding fault with the natural world and the mental world is what the talking part of the brain does. “Your mind” may find fault with it being too hot or too cold. And it may find fault with a stranger after the hormones react to the sight of a stranger.

The mind is so desperate to find fault it has to make up things. And the real version of that is, “The mind is so desperate to be confused it has to make up things to be confused about.” I am asking you to take my word for it. Keep reminding yourself “there is nothing wrong.”

05:00 Some of you here tonight and on tape may be agreeable to “there is nothing wrong.” But most people would not show up to hear a lecture on “there’s nothing wrong with life.” No one believes it. But just try it. Some of you may even have pictures in your mind of starving children when you try it.

Life is pretty much a “veil of tears” but notice its not a veil of tears when you are about to die. It then becomes “I am going to have to leave this paradise.” I am saying “there is nothing wrong with life.” I seldom mention this publicly. And it is not limited to the words. (there is nothing wrong with life.)

The mind will never see it. And the sentence itself is almost shameful. It is not true but its not-not true. It’s meaningless.

10:00 Picture one of the most honorable creatures on earth. (ex. The Bengal Tiger) And tell him “Things are in a hell of a mess.” Even if there is something wrong with life, what kind of idiot are you to say, “things are in a hell of a mess?” Now what? Well – your mind will lie and say let’s change them.

Only the ordinary believe the injustices of collective humanity can be fixed. Even though your mind will want to debate it, keep reminding yourself there is nothing wrong. It does not mean everything is right with life and does not mean everything is wrong with life-ultimately it means nothing.

15:00 Nobody knows how things are suppose to be. Nobody knows if things are right or wrong. Initially when I began to see glimpses of “there is nothing wrong” it took longer for it to have any long range effect or validity. First you see things externally and then stage two is: you see them internally.

It was a long time after looking around externally that I no longer took the things “wrong with life” seriously. Or gave serious attention to other people telling me whats wrong. But after the first stage is the second stage, where you still listen to the voices in your own head telling you “what is wrong.”

20:00 And the voice inside you gets its voice from the same place everyone else gets their voice. Nobody knows what is wrong. But yet you can go for years listening to the voice in “your head” telling you what is wrong or saying that the social critics, preachers, etc. are wrong. It is folly.

After seeing through your own folly who do you listen to after that? The noise of humanity is just there. Look away. Look away.

25:00 You get to the point in essence where you just ignore the noise of humanity. Its not even eavesdropping. To take it one step further, you cannot have any interest in what is going on in your head. That is the final frontier.

If you quit listening to them (humanity) and you quit listening to yourself-that is the final frontier, “There is nothing wrong.” If you just keep repeating “there is nothing wrong”, it is much more efficient than going off and meditating or remembering yourself or being mindful.

Repeating “there is nothing wrong”, is just embarrassing yourself in front of “your mind.” It is like the world’s biggest lie. And it is like your mind is standing there next to the words and saying to those words, “have you lost “your mind?”

Just keep saying it (there is nothing wrong with life) and something will happen. Because it is true. It is worse than true. Its shameful. In fact I will deny I ever said it. “There is nothing wrong with life.


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

April 23, 2001.

A historically common comment:
We humans have lost touch with our place in nature.
Question: How can any creature be free of nature?
Whatever men do, (such as making the above statement),
they do because nature made them do it.
Men carp about losing touch with nature for the very reason that they havent, and cant. (A safety valve.)

Anyone who tells you whats wrong doesnt know shit,
and this applies to what your own thoughts tell you
is wrong.
There is nothing to be gained by hearing someone tell you how things are wrong;
only listen to someone who tells you how things are.
(And you must get past thinking that something is wrong about the people who say that things are wrong;
its just their nature to do so — so,
don’t let it be yours to be bothered by it.
[Zoological Inside: Lions didn’t start out eating hyenas because of how good they tasted —
but because of how annoying they were.
When one man would call himself to come dine on mans regular mental fare — hed pretend he didn’t hear him.])

Never listen to anyone dumber than you — and,
never listen to anyone smarter than you.
Got it?

When you’re pissed, you’re blind,
when you’re frightened, you’re deaf,
and when you’re sad, you have no taste.
Emotions screw up the senses;
emotions make the senses work.
On one world they experimented with having supers
abandon their basements, and move to the penthouses,
leaving the latters know-it-all-tenants to
fend for themselves.
(They at first threw themselves on the mercy of their
previously dismissed emotions, who,
[surprisingly enough], took them right in.
[as if either of them had any choice in the matter!])
Moral: It is easy to do the right thing
when you have no alternative.
Fact: Ordinary people have no choice but to
pretend to not know what is going on.
Fact: Those who finally see thru the smoke & ventriloquism
have no alternative:
they either accomplish it, or else their head swells up
real big and bursts, and their cable goes out permanently.

No man gets to choose his nature,
physique, or temperament,
but a few — postnatally — try.
Their friends & neighbors tell them it is futile,
(their own nature forces them to),
but because of their own temperament — the few still do.

Hint: There is more, unknown fun available in the penthouse than even a drummer on acid,
or philosopher on tenure can begin to imagine.
Main thing you have to do to gain access thereto
is to stop trying to wrassle with your own nature;
it is not that you cannot overcome it,
it is that you cannot even wrassle with it;
whatever it is that you believe you are doing
is just it tusslin and foolin around with itself.
Haven’t you ever been just the least bit suspicious of the whole affair?
Yes, I hate me, and simply ADORE doing so.
That is the unspeakable, real name of THAT game.

Whenever he would hear voices coming from the
cadaver room, one mortician would often muse:
What is more boring than the dead talking.

Whenever his mind would get close to that
certain inner place — unique to The Few,
one man would think:
I’m about to have a HAPPY FIT!
And praise be to Mergatroid — I cant stop it!

Arm chair adventurers believe they want to —
— Discover The Truth,
while those actually out there doing the grunt work
end up trying to dig up their nature;
they ultimately become special archeologists,
digging into nothing — seeking the non existent.
A mans person & past has no parents,
just as his parents had none, (and so on back).
Only the ordinary know, Where they came from,
How they ended up where they are today,
and overall — What their story is!
A man who has stumbled-on — to what is going-on
is privy to no such;
he has uncovered the nature-of-nature,
and looked head on into the blank, all revealing face of
his own physique & temperament,
seeing right clear thru it, back into the empty origins of everything — everything that is — OF MIND.

Achieving this is called by some:
Getting A Cab In The Rain.
(And by a few others: Enlightenment,
[I believe is the word].)