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You Only Have One Mind


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A talk presented by Jan Cox on April, 20, 2001
Notes by JM

Title: You have only one mind, what you need is a higher state of Pretend.

– :28 A man only has one mind

– :37 There’s an experience of some sort that all of you must have had to still be here…that you have no doubt that there is a better state of mind.

– :55 Whether or not you’ve been privileged to have days of enlightenment, you’re still here. There’s a natural conviction in your mind that there is a better state of mind.

– 1:42 I made up a story… This mystic tells a guy that’s been out wandering the earth looking for a better state of mind—says he’s had it before—wants to find it again—wants to find out how to make it permanent and blah blah blah, and the mystic tells the guy, “Well, the mind that’s telling you this right now, you know the one that’s talking to you right now?” And the guy says, “Yes…” and the mystic says, “That’s the only one you’ve got.”

– 2:28 Anyone listening to this in an ordinary state of mind—you hear it and your mind rejects it, “This is not my only state of mind, I know better! This is not my only mind. There is a state of mind—another mind—which is completely different from this!”
– 3:30 If I must say so..Trust me. Trust me, trust me, and you will love it. Try this.

– 4:05 Here is why I ask you to trust me long enough to try it: I predict you will love it. Well—or,, you’ll despise it..but you’ll get the same benefit. Go ahead and just remind yourself excessively […] (that you only have one mind—that this state of mind is the only state your mind will ever be in)

– 5:05 Understanding changes your behavior—whereas knowing something doesn’t. You hear, “man is not as conscious as he could be.” And you think, “I know that. I read it. I heard it from a good authority—I read it from several sources. So, I know that to be true.” But until something else happens it won’t change you. That’s the difference between knowledge and understanding. You can know something, and it may be correct […] but it has to reach another level before it has any significance in your life.

– 6:20 This is off to the side, but until it changes you, you don’t understand it. “NOW WAIT A MINUTE! You can’t fuck around—you’ve done enough to words—you can’t do that!” I just did it, and I’m glad I did it.

– 6:48 Here it is: I can do it even now and after 40 years this is how good it is: It still has an effect. Just go ahead and just accept the fact. It’s true. Whatever mind you’re in right now—you can be driving home—you’re on the way home and whatever it is—you look at a billboard and you catch yourself, “Damnit. I fell asleep again—I was talking to a billboard.” It says: Come visit us for church on Sunday. And you are doing something like, “What, are you short for money?” Or, someone drives too close to you and you say, “What the hell are you doing you drunk bastard?” After all my years in spiritual practice—and here I am asleep. ****Remind yourself right then, that state of mind that you’re in—THAT’S IT!*****

– 8:14 All of your years of experience is telling you, “That’s not it. This is my poop state.” Just say that, well, this is it!

– 8:41 It’s like you’re watching it rain and you say to yourself, “It’s not raining.” That was an allegory…a simile..an allegorical simile.

– 9:11 You don’t gotta tell yourself in words—just remind yourself. I don’t know if I’ve ever found anything more useful. You’re lying to yourself in your mind. “Well, This is it.” And you know damned well it’s not. Yes it is. It’s not. It is. It’s not. Alright, pretend it is.

– 9:55 My money back guarantee. If you try it and it doesn’t work, then go back to whatever the fuck you were doing. Put it on my account.

– 10:25 Just being as stupid, in the sleep, in the dark, distracted, confused as you can be—only you know how good you can be at it. There you are, talking to a billboard, a stranger on the highway—you’re watching the news and you’re talking to yourself about what the prime minister of New Zealand said..and you realize: Good good. I’m in a decent mood, I’ve had plenty of sleep, a good meal, here I am by myself, there’s nothing wrong, and here I am at such a low level that I’m arguing with a reporter—supposedly recounting the words of the prime minister of NZ about the ecosystem in the south pacific. Is this what my life—and you think about it—and you just picture it. Right that second. What you mind was doing is the ONLY mind you’ve got. That is the ONLY state of consciousness I’ve got.

– 11:39 You’re inferring that this is as awake as I can be. […] I take it back. Pretend I didn’t say it—see if that’ll work. You say something and you realize that you can’t go by that literally/verbally, and then I pretend that I didn’t think about it that way. And your mind says, “You can’t do that. You can’t un-think a thought.” “Alright, so you can’t, but I’m going to.” “But you can’t.” “I know—I’m the one that said it—but I’m going to anyway.” It’s a higher order of pretend. It’s not everyday pretend. The everyday mental life that everyone lives is pretend. They do it automatically, inadvertently, unavoidably.

– 13:00 You do it in the face of your knowledge of its irrationality. […] This is not my only mind, this is not my only state of mind, this is not my only level of consciousness, I was more conscious 2 seconds ago BY ACCIDENT. IT IS! Trust me. Just tell yourself, forget any argument.

– 17:06 Everything in your mind rejects the idea. Thoughts only exist in the mind—and your mind has this thought that your current state of mind is the only mind you’ve got—then your state of consciousness comes back and says, “Not it’s not!” How strange can anything be? And you keep doing it and something will happen.

– 17:51 Try to refute it. Try to explain how you have another mind.

– 18:10 How can you not know something? How do we lack understanding? How is it that we do not understand the meaning of life? How is it that we do not know ourselves? How can you have something that’s not? How can you have non-understanding of something? You weren’t born with it. You had to pick it up. You had to learn it from somebody. You had to go learn to not understand something. Nobody knew that they didn’t understand the meaning of life until someone said, “of course, nobody understands the meaning of life.” And whoever told you that the first time and you went, “Oh, really?” “No…” “Oh shit, I don’t either.”

– 19:00 You had to learn it. Where does non-understanding come from is really the question. Where does ignorance come from? Unless you’re really good, your mind will just take over and laugh at it—”Where does everything come from..(chuckle)” How can you be ignorant of something? People treat ignorance the same way they treat the mind—that they don’t like. People say “my attitude at the time,” but it’s a state of mind. It’s caused somewhere in the body, but where it ends up—where it’s analyzed is (in the mental reality). […]

– 21:17 How can you not understand something? You had to hear about it. You had to learn it. You had to be told—and you don’t understand this of course—and of course you don’t. Because you learned about what it was on the basis of (your non-understanding of it). […] And who ever told you that looks at you, “Am I right or not?” “Well shit, you are right!”

– 21:45 But you had to learn ignorance. Surely you catch that. The tricky part to catch is that there’s nothing tricky about it. Everything that you can’t hold in your hands…man made up anyway.

– 22:10 (Take the obvious one—God. You grow up in a household where you’re told, “it’s important to love god […]” And you go, “Ah, okay.” You grow up in an atheist household, “There’s this thing called god that you’re going to learn about…don’t believe it,” and you go, “Ah, okay.”)

– 23:20 Everything that people talk about—anything you can’t put in front of you on a table—is imaginary. There’s no better word—I just hate to use it. There’s two realities. It’s real in the mental reality. They’re not the same thing. They’re both real if you’re asleep. They’re both real if you’re ordinary. You’re ordinary if you don’t know the difference. You have to be taught to be ignorant. It’s clear as hell. You can only be ignorant of something non-tangible. You can’t be ignorant of a rock. All someone has to do is throw it at you.

– 24:25 You can not be ignorant of something physical. You can be made un-ignorant quickly. “The beverage is too hot.” “I don’t understand.” All that someone has to do is spill the hot beverage on your pants.

– 25:57 Where is your better state of mind? (You’re in a better state of mind at one point…then you’re asleep…wait a minute..where did that other state of mind GO?! Literally.

– 30:00 Try it. That you only have one state. Forget arguing about it. There’s no state other than this.

– 32:15 Does anyone even know what enlightenment is? It’s memory. `Cept you gotta have a whole new more simplified view of what memory is. Being asleep is memory. Being awake is memory. Not knowing whether you are or not is memory. (laughs) Not the memory. Not a memory. Memory.

Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

April 20, 2001.


To talk about something is to make it smaller than it is;
to think about something is to make it larger than it is;
to do neither is to do things right —
(and be non delusional)
Apply this to what you call yourself —
then stand back and take a good, cool gander at it.

Brunos Soliloquy On Behalf Of All Men:
I exist most clearly to my mind
— when under siege —
— primarily by me-ge .

On one world their view of a certain matter is thus:
Men are not asleep & confused — words are;
men are just unfortunate, Collateral-Victims in the affair.
(So — there!)

Everyone’s mind knows there is a gigantic secret AND everyone would like to know what it is — BUT
everyone quickly gives up except the privileged-few —
— who do not like being called that —
— since they do not see in what way they are privileged.”

To be normal you must care about what
other people think about you,
and to be really normal you must care primarily about what other people think about what you think.
(Then of course for them to be normal,
they must feel the same about you), and
this establishes a most interesting situation well,
not so much interesting as it is humorous..well,
not really humorous in a way that
normal people would find funny.which is probably why
they don’t, find it — it flies right past them,
(or better put: passes right thru them).
The true ha-has lie in the fact that everyone receives their thoughts from the same place,
so whatever differences there appear to be between peoples thoughts are strictly superficial;
pigs in tuxedos, or pigs in overalls — they’re still pigs.
(Maybe those other-world creatures are on to something
with their view of it being only words that are confused,
and unenlightened, and the pigs themselves A.O.K.)
(I never did trust, ‘inchoate’,
[or prepositions in general].)

Although there are plenty in name — in truth,
there are no systems you can study which will
teach you to — WISE UP;
no system can — wise-you-up;
being WISED-UP is the antithesis of being taught
anything by anyone

When you have WISED-UP
one of the main things you are then wise TO is —
systems & teachings of all stripes & squares.
A man, WISED-UP did not get so
through a teaching of any kind;
he got WISED-UP in spite of all the teachings.

This is what being WISED-UP is all, all about;
being — Too hip for words — not,
too hip to be described in words — but,
too hip to be taken in by words.

The distinction between ordinary people,
and a WISED-UP MAN is that
the six billion who don’t know — believe that they do,
while the WISED-UP guy has forgotten the supposed meaning of the word, believe.
(Its FAR too close to, Non Wised-Up for comfort!)

One man had a really stupid seeing eye dog
that mistook him whenever he tried to go to
a certain place,
(not mistook him for someone else,
but took him mistakenly where he didn’t want to go).
He would tell the dog quite plainly his desired destination,
and the creature would turn right around, and
blithely ignore his instructions.
The man became so frustrated that he sought the advice of an expert, who told him:
The place you say you want to go is special,
and it requires special effort to get there,
and there is only one person on this entire planet who
understands your special need — and that is your dog,
and the man vigorously objected:
That cannot be — you do not know how ignorantly he acts in response to my clearly stated desire,
to which the expert calmly replied:
Ah, but what you call his ignorant actions in regard to
where you say you want to go
is the very information you need to get there.
The man appeared puzzled; the expert continued:
Everything your uncooperative dog does
is precisely everything that you presently CANNOT do;
what more need you know?!
A mans ignorance is the yin to his non ignorances yang;
what you call your sleeping-state-of-mind
is merely the reverse of your sought-for, awakened one.
The expert leaned close, and said:
Don’t you GET IT? — Your dog does —
he just doesn’t know it, (which is to say):
he doesn’t have the vocabulary to understand what
your talking-brain is dreaming of.
It suddenly all came to the man, and never did he look at his dog in the same way again.

On some worlds this story would constitute a
complete system for enlightenment, and
freedom from white-cane-consciousness.
Tap, tap, — “Hello? — is anyone there?!”

The reason you should not listen to anyone else
regarding man’s mental reality
is not because of their stupidity,
(for they are no more so in this area than you);
the danger is that when men seek expertise in the incorporeal realm they have an inherent desire to believe
that someone must be knowledgeable therein,
(since they obviously are not),
and have a strong tendency to overlook the fact that
they do not.
In physical affairs you can always determine whether a man, (such as a mechanic), knows what he is doing
by the tangible results of his effort,
but in non material matters you have no observable,
tactile evidence to go by;
the basis on which you accept another’s expertise in the man-made-up, mental reality
is as a leprechaun judging an elf beauty contest.
When trying to weigh & compare evidence,
and determine the truth in the mental courtroom,
you have nothing to go by and for one simple reason:
there is nothing there.
This is why belief, faith, & conviction are the cornerstones of mans judicial, mental battlegrounds,
in the glaring, but ignored absence — nay, impossibility
of knowledge thereabout.
Christians believe there is a God,
but they know there is no Allah.
Men with lead dogs can only believe that
awakening exists,
but are at least certain that they are presently asleep.

You only have one dog;
whether he remains blind is up to you;
whether he appears TO you to be blind
is entirely dependent on your finally realizing that:

you only have one dog.