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Condensed Transcript

Audio of Jan Cox of April 16, 2001
Notes by CF

Suggested Title: “The Confusion of Mental Realities”

Begin: A few nights ago I mentioned that the most dangerous word to folks like us was “my.” (ex. My mind, my beliefs, etc.) A more subtle aspect of this picture is something I have never mentioned or written about. It is far removed from the sensual world, unnoticed, and unthinkable.

For example when the eye looks at a plant and wonders if it can eat it, move it, or domesticate it, there is the object (the plant) and there is the subject (the eye). And if you notice it is the same with the sense of smell (the nose is the subject and the aroma is the object).

And this is the way we operate without thinking about it. The nose knows there is a difference between it and the aroma and the eye knows there is a difference between it and the plant. And initially the mind cooperates and asks itself, “Have I seen that plant before and can I eat it?”

The mind acts as a clearing house for the senses or a sixth sense when dealing with the physical world. It acts as a subject (eyes, ears, etc.) and it seems OK. Operationally though when we talk of things not physical (ex. feelings, religion etc.) the mind makes no distinction between subject and object.

05:00 If we take the sentence “Bill hit the ball.” there is no confusion between the subject (Bill) and the object (ball). But if you notice that with things intangible even if you think they are outside you (ex. My friend insulted me.) the mind ceases to have any “arms length” between subject and object.

The mind makes no distinction between “my friend” (subject) and insulted me (object.). And that is part of the mind’s confusion. The mind can imagine “life after death” for example and under normal conditions it makes no distinction. And under normal conditions I don’t see why the mind would try.

10:00 Political ideology (republican and democrat) is all made up in the mind. It is imaginary. To understand it is tricky. And that’s because the mind does not separate itself from what it is thinking about in non-material things. Its not theory if you look at it.

Some folks will point out that for example religions have churches, education has schools, and governments have buildings and that it is not all mental but it is a mental world in a physical building. If you cannot touch it it is a mental reality. It does not matter if it has books, buildings, or a history.

Again if it is a mental reality the mind makes no distinction between it and what it is thinking about. (ex. God, Allah, ) And when you try to tell someone the mind is God the mind can’t do it. It has no arm’s length. The mind is merged with the mental reality.

Back to my example of the eye looking at a plant. It knows and understands it (the eye is the subject) and the plant is the object. The eye is not confused. And lets say the mind (clearing house-sixth sense) joins in and in the first few seconds is asking if its poisonous or have I eaten it before?

The mind is not merged with the plant in those few seconds. The mind is problem solving. But then the mind continues and you know how it goes. The mind starts to make stuff up.

15:00 Your mind is “now”making no distinction between it and what is in it at the time. And what is in it “now” is all made up. What is going on in the mind with made up stuff is not an actual image from the electromagnetic spectrum. It is not the eye looking at the plant deciding if it should eat it.

There you are standing in the woods by yourself and the mind has gone from serving you well (problem solving-should I eat the plant or avoid it) to imagining the plant is a cure for cancer and you winning or not winning the Nobel prize and the mind saying fuck the world or I should pray more?

If you are thinking about things you cannot put your finger on (ex. God, my reputation, the future) the mind makes no distinction between subject (the mind) and object (stuff made up). The mind says it makes a distinction and that’s the confusion.

I do not see how anyone ever actually sees what actually goes on. I guess you can fall for less and less. If the mind is not problem solving then anything you are thinking is merged with the mind. There is no arm’s length between the subject and the object.

And I cannot picture how anyone ever realizes what is going on without finally seeing that everything going on in the mental reality means nothing. The mental reality is important to ordinary people and to collective humanity it is almost as important as physical reality.

But to finally realize to yourself that the mental reality has no substance and that the mind (the subject) and the stuff made up (object) are the same thing. Well, that is the reason the mind can’t see itself. That is why you cannot “remember yourself” or “observe yourself.”

20:00 When the mind says “stop” , there is no one to talk to in the mental reality. “The mind” can’t think about it. You have to be a pretty wound up mystic to even consider it. If I asked an ordinary person if they could control their mind the same way they control their hand, would they do it? Yes.

And I would ask how would you do that? And ordinary folks would say, “Just use thoughts to control your thoughts”. There is no comeback to that. The ordinary folks would say, “You just do it”. There is the mind for you. It’s mental reality is infantile, unreliable, unrepentant and does not care.

Throughout the years this has been one of my early morning or late at night meditations. Until you see it, just keep pondering “there is no distinction between subject and object in man’s mental reality.”

25:00 The mind thinking about winning the lottery or what other people think of me, well the subject and the object are the same thing. Me thinking about stuff (intangible stuff) is not me thinking about stuff. Its me thinking about and the intangible stuff are the same thing.

When you see it it is simple. When you see it, it is all split apart or everything is unified. (same thing) There is no longer the idea I am thinking about something. Or that there is a difference between me and the intangible stuff. Of course once you see it you are hard-pressed to think about something.

When you are about to make some stuff up, you say, ” I know what I am about to do-save yourself some grief “. (Jan starts to laugh a little.)

Of course I do not know what to tell you to do now. (laughing) If there is nothing externally you want to do (go to a movie) and nothing inside your head you want to turn on, don’t come to me asking me what to do? Enjoy it. 26:52

Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

April 16, 2001.

While wising-up will save you from shark bites,
you may still be nibbled by minnows.

Don’t sweat the sweat if it no longer comes from
fleeing imaginary foes.

You can stand your nerves being on edge
if the edge is not something that requires thought
to support it.
Feelings-via-temperament are not the same as
emotions-in-support-of mental movies.
Realizing what the herd is faced with will
release you from shark attacks
— but minnows may still nibble at your heels.
Big deals.

A person with an ordinary comprehension of life,
man, and their self
is a person who, in their movie-running-head,
continually feels under-a-special-pressure.
The more time you spend in your head,
(as opposed to your stomach, muscles or genitals),
the more of this minnow-threat pressure do you feel,
(and though primary head-dwellers tend to
ignore the fact,
most of the worlds people still spend most of their time in the above noted other regions of their body).

All areas of your being & body, save one,
live in the instant moment & present place;
their pleasures & responsibilities exist here-&-now only;
the stomach cannot enjoy tomorrows meal,
nor the genitals the caress of someone who is
somewhere else;
nor can the body overall be threatened by any forces
that are not present, right here — right now.
Any pressure a person feels beyond the clear confines
of the physical, here-&-now
are pressures of that special-sort.

These out-of-time-&-place, special-pressures
common to man are a major part of what keeps mankind’s
common existence together.
Without these displaced special-pressures
man would have no art, no politics, no religion, no literature, no mythologies, no civilization in general,
and no man would be particularly distinguishable from the next man, other than for his size & strength.

Time outside of man runs at a speed different from
the one in him that is under this special-pressure;
this is obvious even in relative terms if you observe the
contrasting tempos at which head-dwellers,
and the otherwise live,
(between sophisticated people, relying on their wits,
and the bucolic, still dependent on their muscles,
[and as always in all situations describable by man,
this arrangement also exists inside of each man]).

This special-pressure is the source of all conflict between men that you cannot put your finger on LITERALLY!
If there is a dispute among people which cannot be set down before them, and they able to
touch with their hands,
then the dispute — no matter the verbal description given it — is caused by the escaping fumes arising from the special-pressure extant in the participants.

There are no political disputes —
ones over land, perhaps;
there are no religious disputes —
ones over access to mates, perhaps;
and there are no ideological disputes of any sort —
only the differences in language as spoken by the stomach, and the head.
People who act as hacks for all forms of fault finding
are outlets for the special-pressure life has built up in humans alone,
and those few people who sincerely hunger for an alternative inner condition vent this pressure back onto themselves.
Unless they get stuck at a childish stage,
they get over turning the pressure onto their own stomach, sex organs, or physical self in any manner,
and direct it at their non-physical self — and properly so,
(although they are given to labeling it spuriously as:
heart, soul, & spirit whereas this other self is nothing but another purely physical operation taking place in
their head).
But if in pursuit of satisfying their unique longing
they do finally focus correctly on the activity going on continually in their own head, and do not imagine it to be anything other than what it clearly is,
they get down to a bare knuckle, winner-take-all
unsanctioned slugfest carried on entirely in their own head, and between combatants who can be but vaguely, and expeditiously identified.

Those who come this far, for a long time unanalytically
believe that they know who the competing figures are:
their sleeping mind and their would-be awakened one,
but they believe in error.
No man has two heads — everybody has but one,
but everybody does have one head that is under
and the realization & understanding of this is the release of the annoying pressure..which somebody somewhere once called uhhh?!.uhhh?!, oh yeah — enlightenment.

Everything that bothers & confuses you about life,
yourself and other people is due to the special-pressure present & natural to all men;
it plays an observably important role in the well being of the human herd, but a solitary cow, here-&-there,
shaking off the pressure, is never noticed,
and harms no one.
He then holds up his part in the compelled
collective life of the herd only as minimally required —
which does not — which does NOT include
him taking the herds life seriously.

For the life of the human herd that is unique to man
is fueled entirely by the special-pressure to which a
no longer pays any attention.