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Condensed Transcript

Audio of Jan Cox 6th April 2001
Notes by CF

Suggested Title: Tightly Packed Suitcase

Begin: I continue to bring up people who have the intention to read, study, and memorize a million manuscripts in some cave in Tibet in the hopes it will awaken them. But there are examples much closer to home and much less exotic of what people are trying to do with their mind.

I had this thought years ago with the follow up picture of how most people’s minds are like a slightly filled gunny sack (ex. Maybe a fifty pound gunny sack) with two or three oranges in it. And there is another group of people (young and old) who for years have read, studied, and memorized the Torah.

The point is the second group of people are not wide-eyed fanatics. (They may be pillars of the community.) From the outside there are two or three ways to look at the second group. They are crazy, (If it’s widespread in life it’s not crazy) they do not know what they are doing, or they are mistaken.

05:00 But in reference to my above thought and follow up picture, what the second group is doing (with their mind) is attempting to replace the gunny sack mind with a tightly packed suitcase mind. (maybe like a small hard-shell carry-on suitcase.)

10:00 The second group of people do not know what they are doing with their mind anymore than you do. The second group (tightly packed suitcases) do not like their gunny sack mind (first group) and in memorizing manuscripts they try to not have one free moment of spare mental time.

The tightly packed suitcase mind could get the same effect from reading and memorizing gibberish. (But the mind won’t do it because the mind is not an idiot.) I would not tell the second group any of these observations because it would be like crushing their dreams

15:00 Consider for a moment that memorizing the Koran and watching TV serve the same purpose. If you can see that, then you can see everything. Its not an expose of religion but a juxtaposition of someone memorizing the Torah and someone watching TV.

The juxtaposition of what ordinary people believe they are doing when they memorize the Torah has no significance (other than what I am telling you) except they are trying to tighten what is commonly called a loose mind.

20:00 So in reference to my picture where does it leave people like us? We are certainly not the gunny sack mind. In a sense we are trying to get away from that too. If you consider the people who spend their lives memorizing the Koran – I say our interests are not the same ball game.

(Someone trying to blank the mind is the same as someone memorizing the Koran. Blanking the mind is trying to empty the loose burlap bag and shrink it to the size of a tightly packed suitcase.)

25:00 Consider it on your own. What we folks are doing does not fall into the scope of the tightly packed suitcase mind or the gunny sack mind. Ask yourself (and there is no answer) about the loose burlap bag mind and memorizing the Torah for its depth and glory of God’s word mind.

It is the mechanical attempt to pack the suitcase full. It is the mechanical attempt to try to cram out the mechanical stuff already going on in the mind. (When the second group sits down to memorize they are all “rocking”, they are hypnotizing themselves by not thinking and the “rocking” helps. )

In the beginning it is the only way to awaken but it is the wrong way to awaken. I am surprised I or anyone else ever gets free from it.

30:00 Suppose you hear that “man can awaken” and then and there you decide “I do not want to awaken.” So you ask someone “How can I keep myself from waking up?” And they say – Here “Study how to awaken.”

Oh well. I enjoy it – now that I’ve seen it.


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

April 7, 2001.


Think what a money saver death will be!
(Better than a brother in law in wholesale).

Everyone complains about the cost of living,
yet no one notes the savings in dying.

The timid, weak & witless dread death,
while those, truly-on-their-toes
hold another view of the BIG D,
(as always, their different perspective of this common
physical affair is related to their special
non-physical pursuit, in wother oords:
their interest is not in physical death,
but in the demise of something less tangible —
of something that in fact, has no actual life of its own;
their attention is on the killing of a thing that merely
reflects life — and in a manner MOST costly.

To ordinary people, the constant, automatic, audible activity going on in their head is just part of the
cost-of-doing-business — the price for being alive;
it is in fact an activity that contributes to mens
staying alive,
but from the view of a few somo hapiens,
much of this cost is unjustified,
(and it is a further yen waster
to forget that this is a minority view).

Routine people not only un-analytically accept this
inborn, in-house, running commentary to their life,
but in fact encourage it, and seek to add to it.
The thinking of such standard issue minds is that
enriching the voiceover
will enrich their enjoyment OF life.
And, Hang the expense! (they in effect say),
not aware, (from the minority view), that in so doing
they actually diminish the potential mental pleasures of being alive and able to think.

What everyday men call thinking,
those, off-the-calendar see as an impediment TO
the enlightening & pleasurable use of mind.

The unrecognized cost of thought is so expensive
that it keeps most men too poor to afford real thinking.

Everything that thought puts together is
costly beyond minds ability to calculate;
everything arranged & constructed by thought
costs the mind everything it has.
Thus do those with that certain interest
find a certain death to be a great cost cutter
inasmuch as after this particular expiration is complete
they no longer spend everything they have
on items that can only be fully enjoyed
BY the price that they paid for them.
They are then no longer men
paying for admission to the Louvre with their corneas,
or for a table at Maxims with their tongue.
(I regret that I have but one neural in-law to
feed to the dogs of retail.)

Out amongst the herd it has always been a customary sign of sophistication for a man to complain about the cost of keeping a mistress, in addition to his wife;
(and while no doubt the expense of dual households
can be arduous,
tis still an arrangement expected of those with
true savoir faire).
In the world inside of human heads,
do all people keep a paramour,
an illicit lover in addition to their lawful mate.
To be worldly-wise, must a person engage in such a life long inner affair;
to fit mentally with the majority
you can not limit yourself to only,
Dancing with the one you brung.
To stay-up-to-mental-speed with the herd,
(which, to the few means to, slow down),
you must live a life in your mind in which you are habitually unfaithful — to yourself, (as it were).
You have a lawful mate: physical reality,
and a lover: the mental commentary,
and the two combined provide a person with
a perfectly ordinary, respectable, and
understand-nothing life.
The expense of supporting these dual households
is such a drain on a persons energy & attention
that there is not enough left over to pay for
unnecessary personal activities,
(such as studying the nature of having thoughts).

A person with a neural paramour
lives a life of constant pretense;
their life is a sham;
they publicly pledge their fidelity to one,
while secretly embracing another.

They swear to their liver theyll be true,
then over Jim Beam ads, drool.

All routine people say they believe this-&-that to be so
when in their hearts, they know they dont know.
But chin up! there ole Bessie & Ferdinand! —
A cows gotta do what a cows gotta do
to get by in this world,
and whats it cost me in the long run
if I look at butter, and agree that its cream?!
Hey – that’s the way things are —
here in the herd where we live.

The cost of keeping two worlds alive in your head;
one you know to be real, (and all-too-familiar),
and one you imagine, (but, Oooh!, how exciting!),
is beyond mental calculation, but to an alert ear,
sufficient to note is that it does cost your
mental potential every cent it has
at every moment you are so engaged.

It is not possible to leave your lawful mate, (reality),
and the expense involved in dumping your lover is,
for most people prohibitive.
Solution? — death!

Death is a cost saver like you wouldn’t believe —
and death by any means possible:
death by starvation; death by strangulation;
death by indifference, and ultimately:
death by neglect of the erstwhile mental mistress.

Once she is out of your life,
it is astounding the amount of disposable
intellectual income you have available;
and this new cash is magical:
it doesn’t just buy stuff —
it exposes all mental stuff for what it is —
— advertising!
There are no products — only their ads.
Behind all promotions is only the promotion itself.
The puffery IS the product;
the promises ARE the only fulfillment.
Do you begin to even partially sense
the wasted expense
of dealing in this commerce?

You get just as much for mooing
as you do for not mooing,
(plus it leaves your mornings free).

Now there is a key word for a keyed-in person:
Everything that keeps you confused,
dreaming, and captured — costs you;
it is expense to keep a person confined to a
dark room in a foreign country;
every single thing that the few do not like costs them,
while everything they seek is free.
Herein lies the difficulty in realizing that
there is nothing you can DO to wake up to whats actually going on,
all that is possible is to stop doing that which supports your dream life.
Give up the illusionary mistress-on-the-side.
Save your money! — Away with er!

Death to em all, and
liberating riddance.