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Condensed Transcript

Audio of Jan Cox March 28, 2001
Notes by CF

Suggested Title: Damn Near Awakening Thoughts

Begin: I was reading something from an intellectual prestigious writer about how much we are living in a world in which our “highest ethical and spiritual (not mundane) are systematically (not accidentally and not periodically) thwarted.

I bring it up to remind you of what goes on in life. People are pretending to be serious about our “ highest ethical and spiritual aspirations” just knowing someone of our ilk would come across it and say
“What the hell is wrong with these people? I bring it up to remind you not to fall for it.

The whole world is suffering from an xyz contagious illness and it is impossible not to suffer its symptoms. To put it another way “when you are around people operating from the ordinary mind it is almost impossible not to lapse into ordinary thinking.”

05:00 Besides directly survivable related conversations (ex. Tornado warnings) the rest of the talk that goes on in human life has a simple meaningless purpose. I see it as some type of social grooming.

Unless internally you are making some exceptional effort you will lapse internally into the xyz illness. A different terminology is “when you are around sleeping people it is almost impossible not to take a nap.”

10:00 When a philosopher denounces fiction or denounces the people who read cheap and tawdry literature they are pretending they do not realize it is all the same thing.

My point (forget the third person thing for the moment.) is when you pick up a cellphone, book or TV remote (I almost hate to say “you” because you folks do try to make other efforts) and it is not survival related or reality based (planting crops etc.) you do it for the same reason. (xyz illness)

The electronic activity on the TV screen is the same thing going on with the printed page of a book or coming out of another human’s mouth. It is so you are not “left alone” to your own devices to think.
(I hate to put it that way because it is an old attack on humanity. (ex. People are asleep.)

15:00 People do not want to be left alone mentally. People are worn out with their own thinking and the thoughts fed from the collective mind. The thoughts that just appear in your mind are fed mentally with TV, cellphones, and books.

Humans do everything to keep from staying home alone mentally. Humans do not try to cure it (staying home alone mentally) but treat it like an illness or addiction. When someone hits puberty (unless they have a family to support etc.) they are bored mentally. It is neither good or bad. It is a change in circumstances for the nervous system.

When you get a thought (ex. A boyfriend or girlfriend dies ) and you get a picture internally of yourself standing at the grave it is a flash image and your mind says something along with the thought.

I am getting off the subject here but how many thoughts do people have? ( I hate to ask this rhetorically because it depresses me but I hide it pretty well.) A hundred thoughts over and over maybe but the point is by thirteen or fourteen years old you are bored with the same old thoughts.

Books, TV, and cellphones are ways the nervous system looks for new stimuli. ( A small exception being our efforts for now. )

20:00 Ninety nine percent of ordinary conversation is a kind of collective herd soothing. It is an adhesive process. Individually people talk for the same reason they read. People don’t care if it means anything . This social grooming is such a huge part of life that it is hard to see.

25:00 Millions of dollars are involved in politics and some of the congressman spend their own money just to stand up and talk. You can say what they do influences your life. But Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, sooner or later everything influences your life.

You either see it or you don’t. ( You can substitute religion for politics.) For example Congress does not produce any John Deere tractors. The reason people run for Congress is their mind is bored to death.

30:00 People want to feed ordinary thought – instead of curing ordinary thought. People are hoping to hear something that will distract them from the boredom of one hundred thoughts over and over..

Its the whole world feeding a natural addiction. And what we here are trying to do is cure it. It is hard to cure a native, indigenous, illness. (ordinary thought) It is like trying to cure “you don’t like having skin.”

If you think there is one word (disregard our meeting here tonight for the moment) that you have heard out in the world that had any significance I am here to suggest to you as a friend you are mistaken. Consider all that has been said tonight and how you continue to listen to what is going on in your own head as though this is all serious.

You can discount the idiots of the world but do you ever dismiss your own ordinary mind idiot.? Especially when he is dismissing other ordinary mind idiots.

You know you are getting good when you no longer have any faith in you. Ordinary conversation is just noise and life itself. You are listening to your own voice now. And you are having damn near awakening thoughts. Oh really?

35:00 How can you quit listening to yourself? Historically mystics do not face that question. Mystics say I will stop thought. That would cure it. But you do not know that for sure. Stopping thought is our own special undoable task.

Mystics came up with meditation to keep from facing the fact you have to quit listening to the ordinary mind. It is tricky (I shouldn’t be listening to the thoughts in my head) and it seems self defeating (ex. My thoughts have got me this far) and stopping thought is the same thing (I say it is not).

It is more comfortable to say I want to stop thought. Not all my thinking is helpful. It is only helpful when I am in charge. It is only when I am home that my thinking works. Do you ever notice you are always home alone but when you are not home you are not alone? 38:21

Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

March 28, 2001.


A son tugged on his fathers sleeve, and said:
Tell me what spring training was like when
you were a boy, and had to walk ten miles
every day in the nice weather to get to the ball field.
The old man pretended to look far away, nostalgically,
then finally responded:
All children have dreams-in-the-muscles
of physical adventures they want to someday pursue;
a few turn out to harbor longings of a different sort.
Through their thoughts march a fragmented file of vague images that at first inspection seem unconnected to the honing of physical skills pertinent to survival.
The core of their childhood dreams rests in
the intangible realm of thoughts,
rather than in the palpable world of flesh and bone.

Even before they have any idea of what is going on, or have words to describe the enigmatic images that present themselves,
they nonetheless have a dream of someday playing in
a certain big league —
but one in which the game is carried out entirely
in a mans head:

This sparse, far-flung band of unrecognized, unorganized, special-little-leaguers
do not go to athletic coaches for instruction,
but to parents, priests, rabbis & philosophers,
who they quickly learn do not share their interest.
Their public speech leads the young to believe they do,
but private conversations prove otherwise.
The adults even with the verbal appearance of interest in the matter tell the youngster that no one really understands what life is about,
and that all you can do is either:
trust in allah/fate/astrology/some-swamis-teaching,
or resign yourself to the mental enjoyment of
the futile search therefore.

Once adolescent hormones have had their way,
few of the early dreamers are left with much of a metaphysical nature on their minds;
supporting oneself, parenthood, escape from ennui, and other features of routine adulthood
soon occupy all available space in a mans mind.

The few of the original few whose special interest is not completely wrung from them by
the twists and turns of physical maturation
usually, (by accident), stumble across the attempted autobiography of an earlier would-be,
mental big leaguer,
which he takes to be a training manual.
It is also common for such people to discover other now, arm-chair athletes who have also become taken with the man and ideas in the discovered book,
and they form, or join an existing society devoted to
their erstwhile, spiritual kinsman,
and here is where almost every childhood-dreamer-of understanding-what-is-going-on
spends the rest of his days in activities that are in
any way pertinent to his initial interest.
The organizations they either start, or join,
no matter how un mainstream, and exotic
they may verbally seem,
are still bastions of conservatism.
Though they generally condemn religion as having strayed from its original esoteric goal —
they share the same pew;
all groups gather together because of herd hormones;
no matter what they say is their purpose,
they get together to be together — physically —
and if they happen to have some non-physical
interest in common — so much the better,
(like free beer at a funeral).

There obviously is nothing wrong with socializing —
man is a socializing creature,
but mere indulgence in his pack instincts will never
lead to an understanding OF the instincts,
or of the collective games played in the various,
international non tangible leagues,(aka the sundry, cultural worlds of arts & ideas).

You see son,
the very instinct that makes men want to be together
is also the primary source of the thoughts they have;
this accounts for the overall sameness of ideas
prevalent in man;
while naturally occurring, cultural subsections within the whole herd may disagree over gods correct name, they all concur regarding his existence,
and even those who deny the presence of the herds gods, by doing so are still reaffirming the importance of mans mentally created, second reality.
(Atheists serve the real cause of religion as much as do mullahs.)

Nothing that arises in the collective, gregarious instinct of man, that eventually finds its way into an
individual’s thoughts
ever carries any actual, practical batting or pitching tips;
all they ever tell you is how to behave in the stands, and get along with the rest of the crowd.
Thoughts originating there never give any
actual information about the game itself;
yes, printed, and verbally conveyed programs are continually provided which purport to explain the game,
but as witnessed by five thousand years of
score keeping — they satisfy no one.
These holy and not so holy programs can certainly entertain, and give spectators something to argue over,
but to the few, still clutching their childhood dreams
of actually being in the game of
understanding-the-game — they offer nothing.

Okay, son, if you are really interested, here is the
alternative ending to the common spring tale of
once-upon-a-time, mental big leaguers:
pay no attention to other men’s analysis of
what takes place on the field;
stop studying the programs, since those who write them understand no more about the game than you do.
All-in-all, simply don’t get entangled in
anything you hear said in the stands;
most of what people say, they don’t mean seriously;
it’s just them kiddin’ around,
wantin’ to be friendly, and pass the time.
Ease up on your unfounded tenseness toward
other men’s irrelevant tomfoolery —
and above all:
learn to consistently slap yourself around in such a way
as to one day cause you to suddenly realize,
and remember forever that —

the game is entirely in your head.

The self discovery, and abiding awareness of this
one simplicity is your one way ticket to the big leagues;
you will find it to be all of your sweet childhood dreams — come true.


…as the boy got up to leave, he asked his father one more question: In conversations such as these, why do you always make it a point to say that there are only a few who are interested in this matter,
and refer to this interest as, special? and the elder replied:
Oh, it’s just one of the harmless little things that make children feel good.