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Condensed Transcript

2661 March 24 2001
Audio of Jan Cox March 2001
Notes by CF

Suggested Title: Abeyance is in New Jersey

Begin: Ordinary people do not perceive there is a different reality in which they live. Words for example, are an illusionary reality which the mind created. People believe there is a magic or power in words. (ex. Words can incite revolutions or give you constitutional rights. )

Ordinary people taste a distinction (Which I say is illusion) between taking umbrage to words of insult about their religion or politics and threats that could do bodily harm. (ex. someone bumping into you on purpose).

05:00 There is a magic in words that folks like us take advantage of.. We look at words from the ass end up. Ordinary people believe in secret words (magical words) and knowing that word (ex. Abra cadabra) would give you power.

People like us start out believing there is secret information. (We have no choice) Our mind is not lacking a haircut but is lacking information and we have to earn it through studying a system. Studying systems is not a misstep since it is all the mind has to go on.

Here you are dissatisfied and you zero in on this thought that there is something you want to know. You want some sort of secret knowledge to calm the mind or to awaken the mind to a fuller degree. In one way or the other that is why you come to see me. I may have opened your eyes to some “thing.”

10:00 The secret knowledge is in tracking your search. You have to get past looking for something. You look over there. (I say not there). You look over here. (I say no not here.) You have to look at the looking.

The secret knowledge is not in the answer it is in tracking the question. And I suggest the question (You may find one yourself) “Who is in charge?” “Who is making the decision?” If I decide to have a sip of coffee who decided that? It is not in the answer it is in pursuit of the question. “Who is doing the thinking?”

15:00 Consider the thought process in deciding it is time to go home. For example you are at a friends house and decide it is time to leave. Before you told your friend you were going home you had already decided you were going to leave. But who decided that you felt like it was time to leave?

If something comes up and the thought process says “should I wait a minute?” Do you put the decision to go home in abeyance. (Wherever Abeyance is-maybe New Jersey)

Every-time you can catch it (ex. The thought process making decisions) ask your self “Who’s in charge?”

20:00 Look at life-look at yourself and ask “who is running things?” Governments and institutions may seem to be in charge. On a smaller scale the father in a family or an owner of a business may seem to be in charge. But this is not where the power is.

Power flows through the institutions and the owners. But you are asleep if you believe that is where the power is. My best shot at saying where the power is-is to just say it is life. But no one knows. There is no such thing as visible power. That is why conspiracies are popular.

Another question I have mentioned before that some of you seemed to enjoy was when driving home after the meeting ask yourself “Who is driving this car?” It is obvious you are driving but keep asking yourself “who is driving this car?’ and something will hit you. Only people like us can do it.

25:00 The answer to who is driving or who is in charge is waking up. And of course there is no answer to the question (Who is in charge?) The magic is in the question. Same thing with awakening.

Ordinary mystics believe when they find the answer they will wake up. But if you knew what it was in “you” that wanted to be awake “you” would be awake.

Several nights ago I asked you to ask yourself where second reality words (Ex. Love, God, Awakening etc.) come from? When you ask yourself where second reality words come from you are asking “who is in charge of that word?

The mind says its “me” and there you are back asleep. If you had the answers to these questions (Who is in charge? Who is making the decisions? Who is driving this car? Who is doing the thinking?) you would know the source of what in you wants to awaken.

30:00 Here is the present I promised. I am just going to do it and stop. Just so I don’t have to follow it up with some cheap joke. It will be a short set-up and then three words.

As opposed to this kind of effort being the attempt to “enlighten the mind” what if it is this?

Mind is enlightenment.


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

March 24, 2001.


There is a thing that men want to see
they do not realize that it is in fact, sight,
that they want to see — so:
they have a small problem.

Men suffer from an illness that cannot be cured
and can only be cured by its correct diagnosis
which almost everyone is too ill to do.

There is a knowledge that men wish to have
which only exists in their own mind
and no one ever thinks to look there
thus it has acquired the title, Secret knowledge
funny, huh?!

There is a place that men dream of visiting
which is where they are now
but few ever notice that
thus there remains: A place that men dream of visiting.

The thing that men seek is SO-O-O large that it is rare for anyone to ever see it —
it is, (after all), bigger than anyones eyes/Is,
(don’t you see).

A shark once gained enlightenment,
and just before disappearing,
mumbled these three syllables:
H – 2 – O.

In the land-of-man you can beat a wild horse
til you break every whip you have
and it will still remain a wild horse.
In the land-of-man the way to go about changing
the nature of things is to change your refusal to
face their nature
which comes from not facing your own.

In the land where none sleep save when weary,
all creatures are simply themselves.
In the land where there is one who
does doze while upright,
all creatures are still just themselves —
except as is contradicted in dreams.
The pink-eyed see everyone in red
though their actual colors are varied.
The pink-eyed never run across a creature with pink eyes
weird, huh?!

A slick conspiracy would, (surreptitiously), promote publicly the idea of a conspiracy: the city hip would dismiss it,
(after all: if just anyone can know about it —
how hip can it be?!),
and the low-rent-dense would eat it up,
believing that they had caught on to the scam
thru their own wit,
and the outcome would be that no one would then give any attention to the operation of the real conspiracy;
thus everyone wins……especially the conspiracy.

True power is always behind the scenes:
only puppets are ever visible.

There is a thing that is not there that moves —
and everywhere it goes, it casts shadows in front of itself, and only goes where it sees shadows.

There is a thing that is not here —
thus it has no height, no width; no beginning, no end;
takes up no space, and yet —
it holds the tallest structures in its hand,
gives birth to, and slays all in its sight,
and contains everything ever known to man.

The thing is curious about itself —
it attempts to scrutinize itself
but being that it is not here — what is there to scrutinize?
But does that stop it from trying? No.
And you might wonder how it could be so dumb as to try to study something, (itself), that is not there — simple:
it seems to it that it IS studying itself,
and it cannot be readily made to see otherwise — and,
(believe it or not), this apparent flaw is in fact
one of its great strengths.

Can you believe it?! — here we are talking about the “strengths” of a thing that is not even here…or there,
yeah, but its everywhere — EVERYWHERE!
See? don’t you get it?!
that’s how it gets by with all of this — its everywhere! — its everything:
everything known about the thing — to the thing.

A conspiracy can never be seen
when it is the conspiracy that is providing sight.

When a voice says: Look at this and it will enlighten you
— don’t look,
and when you hear: Study this, and you will awaken —
— don’t look,
and if you listen when your own mind says:
I am catching on to how things really are —
be advised that you are being snookered by a conspiracy and one that your mind will never find out —
for it is minds own conspiracy.

Don’t expect to ever solve a problem that has no
fixed location, or permanent address.

There is a type of reading glasses that are only operable
as long as they are not seen.

To wake up to unadorned reality is to finally
open your eyes on your own;
to, (in essence),
suddenly create your own individual mind,
one that is not tied to mankind’s collective mind.

You become free from a problem that is not there —
an annoyance that is only present when your own
YOU is totally lost in the depths of a thing that
is not there.
neat, huh?!

Js happy St. Qs.