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Condensed Transcript

Audio of Jan Cox on March 23, 2001
Notes by CF

Suggested Title: The Mind – Infinite and Non Existent

Begin: To clear everyone’s head prior to Saint Q’s I want to refer to a throwaway line I use constantly. ( That I assume that you understand and are aware of what I am talking about.) It’s unfair and I keep saying it on the basis that when I verbalize these ideas I believe that somewhere in the nooks and crannies of you brain you get a glimpse or flash of understanding.

There is something I do not assume and feel confident in pointing out. And that is you do not realize that everything the mind thinks about (everything we call thinking) is always about something other than the mind.

When you folks show up and listen to these ideas I am sure they appear helpful. But anytime people look outside themselves for understanding (non-material, non-physical, second reality understanding etc.) it is illusion. Not understanding that is being asleep.

05:00 There is nothing which the mind can think (non-physical ideas ex. Catholicism, Islam, philosophy) that exists. The reason people have cell phones, leave the house, etc. is their dog (their mind) wants to have some foreign car (someone else s mind) to chase. If not you chase your own car. (your mind’s reminiscing, daydreams, etc.)

When you daydream or study a system of non-physical ideas the sensation in the mind is you are doing something. Some of you have known me long enough that I did not know much better. I was convinced I was putting together my own system. Then one day it hit me I had put together nothing.

When you realize “what is going on” everything in your inner life (daydreams, systems to awaken etc.) prior to that is illusion. It’s non-physical baggage you have lost and you don’t go complaining to anyone to help you find it.

Beyond the idea of studying a system of great works to awaken is the very subtle part “that the mind cannot think about itself directly.” I do not know how I got that. If I did I would tell you. I do try to tell you some of the things I did.

10:00 It seems to be a small trick, a small something, that switches in some people and it just happens and when it happens that is the end of being deluded. You do not take being asleep any more seriously than being awake.

Can you see the difficulty in the mind studying itself? I can see you folks pondering the idea but consider it physically. The “mind’ is in the brain. The mind is an operation and not a thing. Can the “mind’ take the “mind” out of itself? Can the “mind” physically be put on a table?

Whatever non-physical problem, question, or concern you have; just sit it on this table in front of me and I will solve it instantly. Internally for the mind to study itself it would have to move over.

15:00 No one generally looks at the mind and thinks “that the mind cannot look at itself directly.” (I hesitate to say “that the mind cannot look at itself directly dogmatically but it is true under general conditions.)

But in a lucid moment you may see that is all ‘trying to awaken’ is and that is the mind is trying to look at itself. No one (parents, life, republicans, etc.) puts the mind to sleep.

People like us cannot blame non-physical problems, non-physical complaints, and non-physical questions on anything other than what is going on in the mind. You listen to me in hopes that I will help your mind (the activity going on in the brain) figure it out or trick the mind into doing it.

20:00 Very few people involved with trying to awaken ever get past the point of “studying a system.”
Studying a system (Zen, Buddhism, Sufism, etc.) is the mind (thoughts) casting shadows in front of you. Second reality systems have no core.

Second reality systems are like the infinite layers of an onion. The mind does not realize it but it puts the layers of the onion on and then it peels them off and you never get to the core. The mind (the activity in the brain) is not equipped to get to the core.

25:00 The mind starts with wanting to know what is going on? Most people never get past looking outside themselves. (Studying a System) They are in a prison and are looking out a window and they never realize they are in the prison.

In yesterday;s “Daily News” I wrote “There is nothing to be learned from an awakened man’s life.” And there is nothing you want to know about this that you can learn outside yourself. But here you are, you drove and you flew long distances to hear me say nothing.

So you say “Well tell me more.” And I say “Well, OK.” So I throw some cellulite on an overweight idea. And then you say “Can you define overweight idea?”

Someday I predict you folks will be reading something on the inner life, enjoying it, and believing you are benefiting from it and it will hit you that it is all an illusion.

30:00 Your ordinary mind can be thinking or believing it is observing something in the mind but the “mind” is not. (This is what I know you folks do not see on some consistent basis.) It is not the mind that sees it.

I don’t know what sees it and don’t ask me what sees it because I don’t know anymore. No one’s mind has any knowledge of itself. The mind may see that as interesting or not interesting. I have been skating around this idea (the mind cannot look at itself directly) for a while.

The first idea that hit me was I had no idea what being asleep was. Then shortly thereafter I realized “I know nothing about my mind.

35:00 The mind is the only thing that does not exist that is infinite. It has no top or bottom and has no beginning or end. Keep reminding yourself “the mind can know nothing about itself” because it is true. To realize the mind can know nothing about itself is to be awake.

It is the answer to everything you do not understand. Just realize there is nothing in second reality to understand. It is tricky to see. 38:43. .

Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

March 23, 2001.



Nothing makes sense until you realize that
life itself is alive,
and human life makes no sense until you realize
the existence of the collective mind.
Individual humans do have individual minds;
life has created a collective mind to which each person’s brain is connected, and from which they continually receive the thoughts that constitute what
each man calls, “his mind.”

Mind is like a passive speaker in your brain that
helplessly broadcasts whatever thoughts are
sent to it by the collective mind;
your own thoughts may recoil at this description,
and argue with the terms,
but it is clearly, and demonstrably so,
and no amount of denial can cover it over,
for an eye that wants to see.

The collective mind is responsible for the
consistency and continuity of human thought over thousands of years;
it is how diverse men seem to understand what
one another says
sufficient to hold civilization together,
when precise examination reveals that,
by their own admissions, they do not individually feel that they actually understand one another.

The collective mind is responsible for the welfare of
man collectively,
and much of what it leads men to say, and do,
which, from an individual’s view can seem nonsensical,
can be seen as otherwise in the context of things that contribute to the overall well being of the group.
The dreams and fairy tales so cherished by most of humanity serve a distinct usefulness FOR
most of humanity,
but individuals,
were they so inclined and permitted,
who consider such things from their
individual perspective,
might come to a different conclusion.
And many individuals do denounce the ideas,
and mythologies of their fellow men,
but in routine cases the people involved understand nothing about what they are a part of;
they are simply outlets-for, and manifestations-of
life talking to itself about man by way of
the collective mind.

A mind that condemns other minds has no
understanding of mind, and is not an example OF
an individual mind.

An individual mind is what the few long for,
(whether they call it, enlightenment, awakening, knowing-the-secret, or, higher consciousness,
it is in fact a longing for an individual mind).

You can never understand what is going on
using only your portion of the collective mind,
for it is the collective mind that is responsible for
what is going on.
It is responsible for all of the foolishness, and insanity
that your mind says is endemic in other mens
ideas and words,
but it is also responsible for making them think and say them, and for making you disfavor them,
same as how it makes you think, and say the things you do, and then makes others fault you.

It is obvious, (as evidenced by its existence),
that it is in collective minds best interest that individual men do not concern themselves with all this —
— or even be able to THINK about it,
(without extraordinarily complex effort —
…which excludes most).
Ordinary, sane, educated, rational, sophisticated men who head governments, universities, armies, religions, and international corporations do their thinking only by way of their individual connection to the collective mind,
and every thought that ever passes through their head, from the most complex to the most mundane,
was fed to them automatically from
the collective mind —
and do note how well things have gone for man
via this method.

Yet, no matter the fortune of the group,
the few are never satisfied —
never satisfied with what goes on in their mind —
nor can they ever be until they realize for themselves
that their mind is no such thing.

As is the norm in this grand adventure,
this is almost impossibility-on-the-hoof;
asking your mind to recognize that it is NOT,
your mind verges dangerously close to.
to.oh, what’s the word?.
it rhymes with insanity?
oh yeah — liberating!

The gradual, then sudden — realization that what goes on, and has always gone on in your mind
does not by any stretch, originate in you
is one of the astounding discoveries a man eventually stumbles across in his struggle to get-to-the-bottom-of-things,
but it can easily be shown in advance to the alert:
just tell me what you are going to think, or say next.

The actual goal hungered for by those who read
such as this is to be free from the collective mind,
and what they have historically referred to as an
enlightened, awakened, or more-conscious mind
is no less than the dream OF
a truly individual mind of their own.
There is but one way to ever experience this dream:
the realization of the collective mind.

Freedom via recognition of confinement.

(And tricky enough to keep the riff raff prison population where it belongs.)


…..oh yeah: there was once an unknown approach to doing this that was called:
“Who do I see about refund?”