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Notes by CF on a talk by Jan Cox on March 19, 2001
Suggested Title: No Permanent Awakening

Begin: What the mystics call being asleep and what bothers us is the mind’s continual yakking on about nothing most of the time. One way or another everyone involved with trying to wake up (State of no preferences, no thoughts, no cravings etc.) accepts that this sleeping state ( the mind continually yakking on about nothing most of the time) is a problem to be solved.

But you hinder your view if you continue to think that this sleeping state (yakking of man’s collective state) is a problem to be solved or a condition to be changed.

05:00 One of the most enlightening few words that have ever been put together are “people should not say that they “can change” and people should not say they “cannot change.” Either one of those beliefs will keep you asleep (It is almost a hypnotic state) and you will not even realize it.

To believe that you “can change” or to believe that you “cannot change” is destructive to our goal. If you were to consider this for a few weeks or months you would see “What is going on.” You can momentarily stop thought and momentarily bring your attention into the moment but to believe you are getting anywhere or not getting anywhere makes the goal more difficult,

10:00 The mind still has a desire to change but consider the other possibility that it cannot change. Just assume that the sleeping mind (yakking of the mind ‘s beliefs of change and cannot change) is the natural state and that the awakened state (no thoughts, cravings, or preferences) is the anomaly. How do you deal with the sleeping state (man’s collective state which is not that much different between me, you, and everyone else)?

Notice that the mind does not particularly like the idea of “How do I deal with the sleeping state (the yakking of man’s collective state ) if I cannot change it?

15:00 The mind prefers the idea that the mind (yakking on about nothing of the collective mind ) can change itself permanently but this may not be possible.

So why not change the way you deal with what we commonly call the sleeping state. Consider the sleeping state as a questionable feature of the mind. We deal with questionable or inoperative features of mechanical devices everyday.

For example, the automatic timer on your coffee pot is not working and instead of setting it at night to have your coffee ready in the morning you just get up early and turn it on before you get in the shower.
You change your relationship to the coffee maker.

20:00 Some people picture being awake as a winning or losing of a race. But what if being enlightened (no preferences, no cravings, no thoughts) is learning to live with being unenlightened (the continuous yakking of the collective mind)?

“Something is wrong with something being wrong” is the heart of this tonight. Saying or believing that something is wrong with life or with your state of consciousness is impossible to know. All you can say is “I don’t like it.”

If you meet my criteria to be involved with this, the only thing you see wrong with life (discounting being hit by tornadoes etc.) is your state of consciousness. And that is what we are trying to work on.

25:00 But to say or believe that something is wrong with your state of consciousness or with life is impossible to know. All you can say is “I don’t like it.”

But what if you change the “I don’t like it part?” What if the problem is not a problem? What if being “awake” is better arranging “just” yourself with reality. What if the cure to the problem (wanting to change your state of consciousness) is learning to endure the problem?

30:00 Would everyone agree that being “asleep” (the mind’s continual yakking on about nothing most of the time) appears to be a stubborn condition?

You can picture yourself on a platform with the crowd cheering below you “Hey, he’s “awake” but no one notices the guy who does not finish the race (wake up permanently).

He may not finish the race but he is back again the next day with no complaints.

When you are asleep and you cannot finish the race (wake up permanently-which is everyday) you say “I failed again.” Saying “I failed again” is being a delicate idiot.


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

March 19, 2001.

“What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever heard?”
“A trained professional told me I was dying.”
“That is funny.”

You know why everybody hates lions? —
Cause when they are just laying out in the grass —
— doin nuthin,
if you talk to them, and try to get them interested in going somewhere, or doing something you describe —
— they’ll ignore you!
They’ll look right past you like you don’t even exist.
Damn! that’s irritating!

You know why everyone loves folk music?
Cause its always songs about ramblin;
bout goin somewhere.and doin sumthin.
Damn! that’s sweet!

Everyone is born on a space ship
whose flight seems beyond anyone’s control.
Most just sit back, and accept the trip as it unfolds.
Oh, they will complain, and criticize the amenities,
but they are not stupid enough to attempt mutiny.
There are a tiny few on board however
who are born with a view of the situation that differs
substantially from the majority;
they are incapable of accepting the journey as
it would seem everyone’s fate.
Oh, they obviously must accept the physical realities
of the captive voyage,
(including man’s inherent bitching thereabout);
where they differ is in their desire to
comprehend the situation.
Is this seat taken?

Everyone loves the birds up in the sky —
— cause they love excitement!
They love to go new places, hear new songs — plus,
birds can be hypnotized.
Damn thats weird! Man! that’s sad!

If you are ever going to get-anywhere-in-life,
and amount-to-anything-among-your-peers,
you gotta be active! — You gotta keep on the move!
Sing them folk songs! Chase those clouds!

Men have feet of lions, and heads of parrots,
and only men get-anywhere-in-life;
only humans ever amount-to-anything.

A few people are fascinated by the big cats,
cause when they are just lying out there in the grass —
— doin nuthin —
there’s nuthin else they WANNA be doin!
It is impossible to get a lion worked up over an important upcoming election —
whats wrong with them?
Are they unpatriotic? Are they in a coma?
Dont they have any awareness of
the seriousness of the times?
A few humans are totally taken with the lions attitude;
he hunts when hes hungry;
mates when hes so moved,
the rest of the time — he just lays there.
What the hell kinda life is that?!
Who the hell does he think he is — enlightened?!

Birds have a unique characteristic: they want to
stay as far away from themselves as possible.

The amenities aboard the space ship are being constantly upgraded by virtue of men singing folk songs
bout ramblin, (that along with their whining).
What makes the forced flight to
no-one-knows-where tolerable
is staying in your seat, while continually
criticizing everything possible about the trip,
and having bird dreams of other times and other places.

A small number of passengers cannot
get lions out of their minds.
They picture them just laying there —
— doin nuthin but lioning.
Them not imagining that they are birds;
not subject to being made to believe that they should be.
What kinda dumb animals are they anyway?!
How do they ever expect to get ahead with
that kinda attitude?

Its not just the passengers,
birds too are quite taken with lions;
the birds are hip to whats really-going-on,
but they don’t have any songs in their repertoire
to express the situation, (there are however,
a small number of birds on board the space ship
who secretly struggle with this condition).

Animals who have a home — stay home,
those who do not — travel;
they sing folk songs; they chase clouds;
they invent printing, and prosper.

Birds know what they are doing,
but because of the unannounced
comic book nature of the space flight,
they appear to most passengers — not to.
The few,
(privately struggling in their seat — if they succeed),
come to finally see the situation for what it is.
Lions gotta lay — birds gotta fly.

What’s the difference between a lion, a dead man,
and an enlightened one?
Neither of em flinch if you kick em.mentally.


One day a passenger stood and said:
“The way I see it is that we have a choice:
either believe that we can change the direction of the ship to our liking,
or face the fact that we cannot, and stop worrying about it.”
Those who catch-on to what’s going-on exercise a third prerogative:
they neither believe that the direction can be affected,
nor do they believe it cannot.

A sentiment worthy of a lion…

…who finally coughed up a parrot ball.

The cute thing about all teachings is that
the teaching goes one way, and the ship another.