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Condensed Transcript

Audio tape #2655 of Jan Cox on March 12, 2001
Notes by CF

Begin: Operationally there is a split between the conscious part of the brain and instinct. A variation of this that could prove revealing is that the conscious part of the brain (the mind) is programmed to look for, seek out, and thrive on the new.

Once the mind (CPOB) looks at something and takes it in the inclination of the mind is to not look at it as it is but what it could potentially be. And if there is no beneficial potential of change it is just there.

The mechanical nature of the conscious part of the brain is to seek the new. The mechanical nature of instinct in animals is to react to what it should. (ex. Food, Sex, shelter and its variables) And if it is something else an animal’s instinct ignores it. If a human’s instinct is involved with something outside the norm it is considered perverted. (sex with animals)

05:00 Instinct is the ultimate conservative. The past is the present to instinct. Instinct has no sense of time and is not looking for change. It operates on the predictable. What I am getting at tonight is the view of would be mystics and their efforts to “stop the mind.” (stop thought) Very few mystics consider why the mind bothers them. They may say it bothers me or distracts me at times that I may even run into a door etc.

I propose that stopping the mind (stopping thought) is one of the strangest dreams we have ever fallen for and what is interesting to me is the fact that the mind proposed it. Some people may think that the idea of stopping thought is perverted and that is why we can not do it.

But the people did not propose it. The mind proposed it. The conscious part of the brain is programmed to seek the new.

10:00 It has no interest in things as they are unless it is some survival related situation. (ex. Trapped in a sinking car in a river. ) Trapped in a sinking car in a river consciousness would then come into full play. It could look around for some way out that an animal may not consider.

People like us who want to awaken and become enlightened is the conscious part of the brain looking for something new.

Picture yourself driving down the road with no immediate danger. What is the mind doing? (You may say it is babbling on) The conscious part of the brain could be daydreaming about the past or the future. It is not hardwired to instinct so to speak.

Notice that all over the world a child has a learning capacity to a certain level, After a certain amount of time (twelve grades in the west) they put them to work. There is a limit to most people’s minds to being receptive to learning. It is like the human mind has learned (hormonally, physically and mentally) all it is programmed to learn. (It could vary but there is an average)

15:00 After the conscious part of the brain loses interest in learning it then distracts itself with something new. (Books, Magazines, Gossip, TV, Movies etc. Getting out of the house) It is not an attack on movies or TV. It is the conscious part of the brain seeking the new. It has no choice.

If the mind (CPOB) is not watching TV or learning something new it daydreams. It does not daydream about now. There is no such thing as a daydream about now. If you could daydream about now you would be awake.

20:00 It appears most people daydream about the past but it could also be about the future. These daydreams are a movie in your head and you never notice these movies are never about right “Now.”

The conscious part of the brain cannot settle in the “now” unless it is survival related. Zen meditation is the idea that if one can sit still long enough their mind (CPOB) will sit still. They are trying to focus the mind on the “now.”

I am proposing the basis of trying to focus the mind on the now is the conscious part of the brain being programmed to deal and look for the new. Seeking the new is the only thing that stimulates it and under ordinary conditions be aware of.

If you can get a head on view of this even briefly then it can change your whole view of your efforts to focus on the now. It can also change your whole view of the extraordinary state of being awake for a day or so. The extraordinary state of being awake for a day or so is the conscious part of the brain not dealing in any temporal sense with anything. You are conscious and you cannot say the mind has stopped. It is a non-ordinary state of not dealing with the present.

You may know by now that stopping thought is being awake. (Understanding there could be more to it.) And you may know that stopping thought is a metaphor for getting the dog to sit. I say the dog (CPOB) is not designed to sit. The dog’s (CPOB) back legs are not designed to sit. You can only sit right “now.” You cannot sit in the past or the future.

The ordinary mind does not pay attention to the present other than the physical orientation of where you are. Unless you are doing something that requires attention the mind is daydreaming. It has no choice. It took me forty years to see its usefulness.

25:00 Some mystics call stopping the mind (stopping thought) the state of being in the here and now. It is beautiful description. But how long can you stop the mind? It seems the noble fight.

I suggest that it is useful to consider the conscious part of the brain (the mind) is not programmed for the here and now. (Except the immediate survival needs)


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

March 12, 2001.


In the thought, speech, and writings of man
has always been note made of a conflict between
two particular opposing camps which influences everything from politics, to morality, to art & religion:
a struggle most commonly referred to as being between
Liberals, and Conservatives,
some times as between Progressives, and The Orthodox,
but which could just as well be identified as occurring between
the young, and the old;
the fresh, and the stale;
the excited, and the exhausted;
the smart-assed, and the settled;
the past, and the future,
or simply as a manifestation of life’s ongoing,
two legged stroll through itself —
via mans conscious mind & non conscious instincts.

This push-pull method of locomotion is not specifically
located in any of the mortal areas above noted;
it is not a matter concerned with politics, religion, or any other feature of the thought-based, second reality that is so much a
part of ordinary men’s lives.
They can certainly pretend to believe otherwise,
(as they are supposed to), and insist, for instance,
that there is determinable, finite significance whether
a mans political views are Liberal, or Conservative,
but such is to mistake rain, and clear skies for the weather itself.
Due to its responsibilities and construction,
mans mind consistently mislabels manifestations of
a thing, for the thing itself.
This approach enables the mind to pragmatically deal-with,
and subsequently rearrange mans physical
surroundings to his benefit, but does not help in any effort by the mind to comprehend its own operations.
Once thought leaves the-arena-of-the-material
it will mentally focus on a particular feature in his second reality — make intelligently sounding pronouncements concerning same,
while mistaking a single ant for Entomology,
(or for you with insight up to I the task:
mistaking the study & science of Entomology
for the reality of an ant.)

Mans mind is programmed to favor change;
the conscious thought the brain produces is primarily charged with finding new ways for man to profitably deal with his physical environment, and to do so:
change IS the name of the game —
it is the whole purpose of the minds existence,
but the part of a mans being which is not conscious,
and thoughtful, but instinctive and automatic
is programmed obviously —
to have no interest in novelty:
that is instincts strength,
just as the hunger for the new, is the minds.

As a verbally crude example,
(though not invalid for our instant purpose),
you could say that at any given moment,
regarding any given mental matter,
the world is divided into two distinct camps:
if it concerns what is perceived to be a
new type of music,
then half the worlds music listeners will approve of it,
and half will denounce it;
half will say that it represents the future of the art,
while the other half will say it portends its demise.
The same occurs in all facets of mans
second reality, be it politics, fashion, literature,
religion, the movies, morality, or human intelligence in general.
Every ordinary persons mind is innately programmed to feel that
in areas of human experience that are not essential for
physical survival,
half of what occurs is in some way detrimental,
and a hindrance to progress.
Mans mind is of two minds;
each mans individual mind is but a part of mans Collective Mind, and this master mind works by
being binary, thus: Mans mind is of two minds;
without there being two minds involved in all mental matters, (Conservative & Liberal),
there would be no mental matters,
(no politics, no religion, no seasonal fashions).

Your mind will forever be dissatisfied with what is,
while your physical instincts are forever in favor of the status quo & what has been previously experienced.
That is how it is in man, and to face it is to be loosed from a multitude of non fatal, annoying ant nibbles.
It is life’s today and its yesterday continually stirring within YOU,
but on a scale so far removed from anything conceivable by the human mind as to be constructively unknowable,
and thus of no possible mental significance.
But what you can do is:
realize the situation;
acknowledge and correctly identify the
local manifestations of life’s universal motion;
not take it personally, then — let it go.

When this is not done, you continue to fall prey
to that most ludicrous situation of the mind
labeling a matter in the second reality,
that appears to be occurring outside of itself,
then criticizing it for its shortcomings,
while acting oblivious to the larger, patently plain reality of the affair which should embarrass any reasonably intelligent five year old, (for instance):
people continually condemn weather forecasters failures to correctly predict tomorrows conditions
when they have  lifetimes experience telling them that this is the norm, and to be expected.
They blame the meteorologists for their inaccurate
forecasts rather than their stupidity for depending on same when they have no reason to expect otherwise.
(There are equally revealing examples wherever you look in mans second reality: stock market analysts; psychologists; sociologists; political pundits, spokesmen-for-god, and so on.)
It is part of the minds nature to point its
finger-of-verbal-attention at a shadow in front of it,
and engage in endless speculation regarding same
while never facing up to the fact that
it is always its own shadow that it contemplates.

…….(A person who finally realizes this
receives a new Porsche every year for the rest of their life.)