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Condensed Transcript

Audio tape of Jan Cox on March 09, 2001
Notes by CF

Begin: Last Wednesday night I described my fictional hero as “life’s easiest neural lay.” I could picture my fictional hero but the description was lacking because I had to use words. The description was then based on the understanding that everything you cannot touch is irrelevant except to the ordinary mind which is just one small piece of the collective mind.

This fictional hero (who eventually is suppose to be you) does not have to understand that everything you cannot touch is irrelevant. He just has to act, or pretend, or picture himself, beforehand to be someone who is pretending to agree with everything he hears. And to put it crudely you are pretending to “be awake.”

We should not care what the ordinary mind of the individual says he is, thinks he is, responds to, or comments on at all.

05:00 Everything the ordinary mind thinks about has its opposite or comparison. So when you say “I agree” you are still trapped in the ordinary mind. (things you cannot touch.) It is like the description I gave on the unavoidable and inevitable rape by the ordinary mind or second reality.

If you understand any of this, let me add – what is being awake other than an act? It is pretend. I could be wrong but it would explain why it is so difficult to awaken. Even when you know what it is, you can only do it for a second.

10:00 The only way to awaken is through an act. The first time I thought this I nearly woke up for longer than a second. It was spooky. Then I thought that, well, spooky is an act too. Here is logical proof.

Man’s ordinary mind is asleep and it is an act. It is the one small piece of the collective mind telling men to lie about themselves or lying to you. Either way it is only the mind that is asleep. Your body is not asleep. ( but I have seen some that make me question that.)

The ordinary mind gets man to believe it or agree with it. Believing or agreeing with the ordinary mind is being civilized, it is being personable in a social sense, it is being safe and cultured, it is being human. You can judge civility-the degree of sleep, by the kinds of lies one tells about himself or how easily one talks about himself.

15:00 For some reason our nervous system (folks listening to these tapes) finds fault or looks at this civility in a peculiar way.

You (whoever “you” is) does not care what anyone believes. Your mind cares because it made it up and wants to be entertained.

20:00 Every-time your mind rejects, ridicules, or criticizes the intangibles it is lying. But you will never know this if all “you” are is your mind and because that is the way “you” feel. (ex. Well, if they just did so and so politically and your mind says “yes or I don’t think so”)

Only the collective mind of man cares about the nonphysical. You (whoever “you “ is) do not care. The “you” cares about someone taking your money or your food, or someone sticking a hand down their pants uninvited. (sensual cares). The rest is illusion and keeps the herd together.

The ordinary mind, the collective mind, the herd only cares about what goes on in other people’s minds and the manifestations of what they say and write. The ordinary mind will never understand what I am trying to get you to see. So if you just pretend to understand that may be all that is needed.

If you would act like a guy who is acting like he understands that the collective mind is all irrelevant (to you-whoever “you” is) and he is not going to take it seriously (synonymous with stupidly) or respond to it and if you can see it.

25:00 Then- we may be getting down to “awakening” in its many forms and aspects is an act and that it could not be otherwise. So-If it is all an act, what would stop anyone from being awake? Stupidity which is synonymous with seriousness and still trying to do it seriously.

Pretend that nothing nonphysical (ex. Religion, politics) matters because it doesn’t. If it cannot touch you physically then “you” and no one else has a preference. When your mind takes up all the room in your head you don’t know that intangibles do not matter. “You” can know it and at any given moment not know it.

When you are aware your mind is not “yourself,” it is those moments when you seem awake and you seem to be “yourself.” And “ you” and no one else knows for sure what “yourself” is. Whatever “you” is I will never know and the truth is neither will you.

Anything you say about yourself is a lie. When you say “I was just asleep-distracted” How do you know? “Well, I spent my whole life doing it- now I am holding my attention, I am awake-not distracted” Prove it? “Prove I’m not.” It’s the weasel way of looking at it and a small step from there is maybe the whole thing is an act.

30:00 You have to pretend to accept things totally because you don’t. Being asleep-distracted is an act forced upon our being by the mind. If being asleep is an act then what would be its treatment but an act.
Being awake is hard because the only way to do it is to pretend to do it.

35:00 Your ordinary mind will never agree you are awake. The ordinary mind keeps you asleep. So you pretend to be awake-And your mind says “I know better” How can your mind prove “you’re are not awake.” It can accuse you-damn I was asleep again. So you pretend to be awake. And your mind says “That is not being awake.”

Then “Mr. Mind” show me what being awake is? And Mr. Mind says I am working on it. And it will work on it forever. All you have to do is decide, “I will act like I’m awake.” True enlightenment is an act.
It would explain everything about all of this. Not satisfyingly to your mind but it would explain it.


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

March 9, 2001.

Not realizing the difference between information,
and entertainment assures confusion on all fronts.

At the molecular level, everything in the universe is continually exchanging information,
but in man, certain activities of his nervous system
do not appear to be for the purpose of gathering information, but seem to be merely stimulating,
and entertaining to his brain.
(They still convey information, but for our present purpose we will pretend an otherwise distinction.)

Ranging from cosmic radiation to the food we eat,
we chemically exchange survival pertinent information both with the external world, and our internal one,
and the largest portion of the brains operations are devoted to the monitoring and controlling of our life at the cellular level, outside of conscious awareness.
Consciousness is some times directly engaged in survival related activity — which can always be distinguished by the concentration involved,
as compared with the common random running of
But even when consciousness is not so occupied,
it continues to operate;
the consciousness of the brain no more shuts off at certain times than does the pumping of your heart;
consciousness does not even cease when you are unconscious in sleep.
The operation of consciousness is a constant in man.

When consciousness does not have anything specific to do — it plays; it fidgets;
it attempts to entertain itself — and does.

Ordinary people never think about this,
much less question it;
it is unthinkingly accepted as the neural norm.

There are always a small number of people whose
nervous system does not allow them to so ignore this
it bothers them;
it annoys them;
they think about it much, and question it extensively,
and undertake to understand its components,
and to ultimately — do-something-about-it!
(The something being vague,
but the desire to do it — not.)

Most of this minority band get early-on
drawn into impertinent areas, ideas, and activities.
Few of the few ever clearly realize that in fact
it is the unfocused running of their own consciousness
that is the source of what troubles them,
and even those who do, usually then fall prey to
believing that any cure for their complaint with
their consciousness
their own consciousness.

After all, (might say a mind — if it ever pondered the matter), If a sick patient could cure himself —
he wouldn’t be sick;
or an uninformed person instruct himself,
he wouldn’t be uninformed,
which can certainly sound conclusive to a mind
that doesn’t know how the mind works,
but there is no information available
about the mind — from any source;
anything you ever hear said about the mind
is entertainment — and that’s all it is.

It may be fascinating, captivating,
and everything said may seem to perfectly,
fit-the-facts about the mind,
but whatever the mind says can always
fit any facts that it itself has made up,
which is precisely all that is involved whenever the mind talks about itself.

The conscious activity of the brain that men call,
the mind does not analyze and talk about itself for any reasons having to do with survival related,
the only time it turns its attention on itself is when it has nothing else of any practical importance to do,
and at such times all it is trying to do is entertain itself;
pass the time in some harmless fashion.

If your mind is not concentrating on some physical,
survival pertinent problem,
the noise you hear it making — even though it sounds
like words — is its version of the hearts,
thump-a-dee thump-a-dee thump — nothing more
significant than that.
Six billion men, women and children on planet Earth,
(+ or -), take no particular notice of this
natural neural situation,
and even if it is momentarily brought to their attention,
their attitude is: So?!

The minds spare-time, entertaining of itself
is primarily involved with the criticizing of the entertainment engaged in by other men’s minds;
thus be the difficulty in finally realizing that what troubles your head is in your head,
rather than, out there in other peoples heads.
Men’s minds complain about the annoying noises
produced by other mens annoying minds
while never recognizing the simple facts of what is going on all around them — and all inside them.

Real, useful information is being exchanged constantly throughout the universe,
and throughout a mans life & personal environment,
but unless he learns to listen through the noise
in his own head — hell miss it.

Here is a simple, thumb-tack fact — which
the few can keep in their shoe — which
will eventually cause them to distinguish between
wheat, and the memory of the smell of bread;
just hold this thought in that vacant corner of your mind: There is nothing the mind can say about itself that is meaningful. There is nothing the mind can say about itself that is meaningful.
Nothing it can EVER say —
nothing that is in any WAY — meaningful.

This is not a theory; is not speculation — it is fact,
and one that cannot be directly perceived
by the mind;
ergo the, (shall we say), difficulty somewhat
in accomplishing what the few unbeknowingly
set out to do, (make the mind change itself).

No mans mind knows, or has ever known,
anything meaningful about itself,
and if this uncontrollably rankles you,
you may well suffer from untreatable rankling.

The rest of you not so doomed: try it,
just hold in mind the statement that: The mind can never say anything meaningful about itself,”
and eventually — it’ll hit you;
it’ll suddenly be clear, what that means —

— then everything becomes clear.