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Condensed Transcript

Audio tape of a talk by Jan Cox on March 07, 2001
Notes by CF

Suggested Title: The Herd, The Individual Cow, & Life’s Easiest Neural Lay

Begin: The most profitable thing from my view is to see that “Life is alive” and specifically there is “one big human mind” (the herd) and what we ordinarily call our mind is just one piece of this one mind. (the individual cow).

When you see it (the above) it is as clear as can be and you will not think or comment about it. And as the mystics say when you do see it a whole shit pile of things (ex. What annoys you about other people etc.) will begin to make sense and go away at that moment.

Men pondered and worshiped a whole slew of gods before the concept of one God. One God was seen as a sign of human progress. And then in Buddha’s time the idea of one mind was mentioned and I say to you it was a substitute for the one god.

05:00 Meditation, Poses, Rituals were all-used so that one day you may be able to get in touch with the one mind. The ordinary looked at the one mind as being outside of man but I say that you are already in the one mind. Your mind is a piece of the one big mind. (the herd)

Keeping all this in mind I would like to tell you that I lied when I told you that a man who knew what was going on had no heroes. I have a hero and I will describe him to you. He still gives me the tingles.

10:00 It is a fictional hero and I almost named him the Big Goose. It is an old proverb (maybe true-maybe not) but it has been around long enough that it is good enough for me. The proverb is that when you feed a goose pork it goes right thru him.

15:00 I hate to say my fictional hero is an awakened man because he is beyond description. This is what it is-if you can do it. I hope you can do it better than me. It is challenging.

This fictional hero and it’s description comes about from a man’s understanding. It is not a natural thing. I am not describing someone who may appear this way naturally. The fictional hero would be a man-that anything he heard-he agreed with.

I picture him out in life (grocery stores-etc.) or at home (watching TV) under ordinary conditions and whatever he hears-he agrees with. He swallows everything whole. He consumes all oceans.

20:00 Everything you would hear as my fictional hero (that includes reading) you would agree with. (Agree is not the word-but you agree with it.) Not even a smidgen of resistance, not even a question about what you heard (whatever it is-newspapers, TV, grocery store lines, etc.) you agree with it without hesitation. You overtly agree without conditions.

Some schools devoted to awakening teach the concept of spontaneity. To be spontaneous is to be absolutely accepting of what is going on. I submit to you this would involve my fictional hero.

If you do see someone (ex. a politician) who seemed spontaneous this is not what I am talking about. No one can be spontaneous as part of the one big mind. (the herd) No one could be spontaneous mechanically although there are people who are apparently much more agreeable than others.

My fictional hero is someone whose internal landscape is a stripped naked and uninvolved mind. And his apparent agreement is a sham from top to bottom. But that is not the word because what he is agreeing to is a sham. So, How can a sham agree to a sham?

(As always I keep giving you credit for knowing what I mean and I appreciate some of you emailing me saying I shouldn’t do that and I appreciate you pointing out that shortcoming on my part.)

25:00 Just try it or maybe just picture it. (maybe somewhere around other people) Just fall into a conversation with someone (politics is a good example) and just completely agree with them on something your thoughts would not agree or find interesting.

If you get a taste of it it is indescribable. I don’t want to say you are awake but it is like you are free.

Understanding everything people talk about (except survival matters) is meaningless. Everything that crosses your mind is not your thinking. It is from the one big mind of man. (the collective mind)

You could have been working on this for 50 years but it takes a split second to realize it is all from the one big mind. It (thoughts about thoughts) has no significance if you know what is going on. It is a curious constant of ordinary life that things significant to the herd (one big mind of man) are meaningless to the individual cow. (a piece of the big mind)

30:00 It is mathematically skewed that religion, morality, politics etc. are necessary to the “herd” but not the “individual cow.” And no one realizes it. So how can a man (This is where I pale in comparison to my fictional hero.) who knows anything have any resistance when he hears ideas and rejects them and the idiocy of that?

Everyone has disagreeable thoughts that come from the “collective mind.” The collective mind (the herd) is divided into two teams.( right and wrong, this and that, etc.). Remember these antagonistic ideas are coming from the collective mind and not the individual mind and neither one remembers it.

35:00 But my fictional hero understands it. It is a Punch and Judy show with the “one big mind” as the puppeteer. My fictional hero can sustain with total acceptance this Punch and Judy show. The total acceptance is an act but it does not do any good to call it an act because what you are agreeing to is an act.

40:00 When you see that your life is just moments in a Punch and Judy show there is nothing to resist. Resistance and rejection is the fuel that keeps the collective mind going. My hero would not have any thought about a thought. I can picture him without physically seeing him and it is a general image to which I aspire.

Whatever it is at the neural level (not survival related) you immediately give in. The world’s easiest lay. As soon as you have a thought you fall back and pull up your dress. It is not a real dick (thought about a thought-second reality) and nothing is going to happen.

45:00 It is an imaginary struggle against an imaginary struggle. Think about it or just trust me. Just give in and be done with it. 48:24

Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

March 7, 2001.

News from here-&-there,
regarding this-&-that,
for those whose heads are bare,
and those whore wearing a cap.

First the weather:
It was a warm day in hell;
things went about as expected;
still everyone acted surprised……many even complained.


To a man interested in the idea of another state of mind,
nothing is more real than his present, unsatisfying one,
or the near palpable potential of a better one;
to such people, nothing is more real than this whole affair;
nothing is as pleasurable — nothing is as interesting.
Men with this hunger cannot be made to give it up —
they in fact can hardly do so themselves —
even in exchange for finally meeting the hunger.
Bottomless pit does not begin to describe the
ravenous appetite and capacity of mind,
and he with no familiarity with infinity,
is he, confused, and forever hungry.

On one world,
success is measured by a bullet to the head.


I want all the pleasures of being a recluse,
and none of the hardships;
I want to dislike people without having to deal with them;
I want to criticize without participating;
I want to think about being free from my thoughts
without actually having to experience such a
horrid event.


Anyone who says that men should do this,
and men should not do that — is a fool,
and anyone who reads such statements,
and does not realize their foolishness, is a cow.
No one knows what men should do;
men do what they are supposed to do;
the only thing that men can meaningfully say
concerning what men should do
is about what behavior is most conducive to
peace & order.


A big mistake was ever putting the words, one mind
in capital letters;
this caused men to believe that it referred to
something metaphysical rather than the simple fact that everyone has but one mind,
and that everyone’s individual mind is a part of
a unified human intelligence.


Those who enjoy art, enjoy art;
those who enjoy music, enjoy music;
those who enjoy movies, enjoy movies;
those who enjoy politics, enjoy politics;
those who enjoy religion, enjoy religion;
those who enjoy literature, enjoy literature, and
those who enjoy conversation, enjoy conversation,
but that is all there is to it — they enjoy it.
There is nothing metaphysical about any of it;
nothing is anything other than it is,
and because of this, men invented the concepts of
metaphors and symbols,
which have no more substance than do
flickerings on the wall from film.
The enjoyments exist entirely in men’s minds,
a fact their minds commonly forget.


Whining is an invisible glue that helps
hold a herd together;
good for a herd — an intolerable hobble for a cow wanting to break free and run loose on his own.
The instinctive workings of cow brains cause them to
continually find fault with life-in-the-herd,
due almost exclusively to the unthinking,
offensive mental behavior of other cows.
If cows did not find one another irritating at head level,
herds would disintegrate,
and routine bovines require the close
mental companionship of their fellow creatures
to maintain a minimal level of neural activity.
There is no scientific reason for anyone to whine,
other than from physical pain — and —
the body does not whine;
whining comes from but one place — mind,
from a place that has no feelings;
no sensory nerves; no sensations of pain;
what the hell does it have to whine about?! —
— other cows whinings, thats what.

No cow likes what another cow has to say —
unless it agrees with what he has to say;
if what another cow says doesnt match up with what
you think, you find his ideas nothing more than
idle whining.
All cows think that all other cows should, Get over it!
get over WHAT?! — being a cow?
Does anyone actually believe that anything a cow can do will ever enable it to fly, or do anything not dictated by the wiring of the bovine brain?
Cows run too close together in herds to suit a few,
and tend too often to moo in unison —
but that’s the intractable nature of cows —
— YOU get over it.
You whining about it simply secures your place in the herd.
To see what is going on, and break free,
don’t let the dust of herd life stick to you —
— which it wont —
if you dont keep looking at it, and whining about it.
Take a lesson from how the kosher GI tract of geese
deals with pork;
let everything pass right thru you;
be Super Goose:
swallow whole hams in a single gulp,
and forget they ever crossed your lips.
A mind that has seen — the-open-plain —
is then large enough to accept it all;
it resists nothing,
realizing that in so doing, it resists reality,
and turns away from the goal it has so long sought.

Relax — surrender — give it up, and go for a
barefooted run amongst the imaginary cow paddies.

The feeling of freedom is indescribable.


…be a bleeder — don’t clot.

Strength is in the abandonment of meaningless resistance.