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Condensed Transcript

Audio tape of a talk by Jan Cox on March 05, 2010
Notes by CF

Begin: I will go back to the “fiction of me” years ago. Years ago, I had adopted a system to awaken and the system made sense and everything fit but there was still something peculiar to me about systems to awaken. It took a long time to see.

(There was something on the news I was going to mention. It is when someone makes a comment, and a second person criticizes the comment, and then a third person comes in and says well, I can see their view. How can you not see someone’s view? You are not trying if you cannot see the other view.)

Back to the systems to awaken and their being something peculiar about them. The view hit me before I understood it that every system to awaken was not only flawed but was eventually troublesome.

I have burned wires in the past with people who have read my books and some people say I have a “system” but this idea that something is wrong with systems is like the “the final insult” or “the final liberation.”

Last week I mentioned “consciousness” and how it came up with the idea of “the mind” (The mind being things you cannot touch.) so it would have a model it could apparently study.

05:00 And from this model (which the mind surely knew was not tangible and was it’s own creation) it could infer (ex. Quantum Physics are inferred) from its own creation and the creation of others it could learn something about itself.

This is the heart of “there is no good system.” An expert in any system (Sufism, Buddhism, etc.) to awaken is anything but awake. You can know Zen, Sufism, etc and you still would not know what is “going on.”

10:00 Why do you need a system literally? (Not behaviorally) Literally, there is only one stupid thing in the world. It is “the final insult.” The “final insult” is there is not one intelligent thing you can say or think about thinking. It is not possible to say anything with any meaning about thinking.

For a long time, like you, I would look off and think about it. It is bad enough to study a system and believe you are actually studying something (I know you need something like a system to start with), and I know it is almost impossible to get away from the idea you are actually studying a system, or that what I am saying actually means anything.

The only way this stuff is not “stupid” is if “it breaks you loose.”

15:00 If I say, here is the way the mind works “it’s stupid.” “Thoughts about the mind” are not factual or scientific. You can think and talk factual and scientific about the external world. And the only way thoughts about my mind, your mind, and the mind are not stupid is if whatever I said or you did on your own “hits you” and “cuts you free.”

One reason you need a system is to say “I’m working on it.” I did not have a system to work on. I was teaching myself and thoroughly enjoying it. And if I wasn’t following a system chances are neither were you.

20:00 People studying a system are not trying to awaken but are trying to live without working. Reading books on awakening and going through the steps is a hobby. All these years of me talking and you listening, some things of value and others not of value, I was thinking of trying to get “you” to do it for yourself. But most people do not want to do it.

There is no great secret unless it is “stupid to talk about the mind.” And when I say “the mind “it anything you cannot touch. People call the “mind or thinking” everything from God to Awakening to love.

25:00 Someone may say it is silly to consider the mind or thinking as anything you cannot touch. But consider that when the mind says something is “silly” it is the “Last Ditch Stand” of the mind.

Notice when we come here we don’t build or repair anything like small engines. It’s friendly and gets you out of the house but it’s all stupid. I don’t know how you can’t see it (Anything you say or think about thinking is stupid) at least moment to moment.

It is not possible for the mind to say anything about itself that is not stupid. And when you consider it (Anything you say or think about thinking is stupid) and if you have a thought about it then you are stupid.

30:00 How can my mind, that can see through these systems to awaken, these systems that had me looking in their direction, and then I began to study what was up here (in his head) for twenty years until I realized I was not studying anything.

It was entertaining and I saved a lot of money on movies, books, and cable and for all I know it kept me from going crazy. But any real advantage (I am not discounting this) that something changed is like dressing up Peter Piper in better clothes.

I recommend you wake up a little early tomorrow morning and consider “can the mind say anything about itself?” You know it can and will, but can it say anything about itself with any meaning?

Some of you can hear what I am saying but it is not registering, but sooner or later it will hit you. It is tricky to see. Nothing the mind says about itself has any meaning. When you do see that “it all goes away.” At least for the moment.

35:00 And when it all goes away there is no argument between the “things of the mind.” There is no argument between Jung and Freud, Catholics and Buddhists, etc. etc. There is nothing. If the mind is talking about something it cannot touch then it is talking about itself. You have to see this for yourself.

There is no Buddha mind, Sufi mind, etc there is only “the mind” and if you cannot touch it (ex. External world) the mind is talking about itself. When you see it there is no way out.

It ‘s like “stepping out into nothingness.”


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

March 5, 2001.


One man mused; I only have one friend: my mirror,
and his mirror mused: I only have one friend: reflection, and reflection mused:
I only exist through the man looking for me,
and the man re-mused:
I only exist through looking for myself,
(neither his stomach, nor other somatic organs
joined in this conversation.)

When it is hot in argentina it causes canadians to shiver,
with unhip ones believing it is due to local conditions.
On planets that plainly-see,
there are no,local conditions,(which is to say):
no illusions of local conditions.

In closed universes & boarded up rooms, far corners
— no matter how far from the imagined center —
still do not qualify as places of local conditions;
conditions are omnipresent — same as is conscious mind,
and not realizing this confines a mans ideas to
dark, stifling corners of a small, closed-up, local room.

Mind can only produce ideas by operating as though it is
restricted by invisible walls, which give a little over here,
and push back a bit, over there.

The thoughts of a man who understands
resists nothing — accepts nothing.
Only childish minds prefer batman over the penguin.

An efficient method to increase the odds of your
finally finding the understanding
is to immediately cease giving any attention to
anything your mind says in reaction to
anything that anyone else’s says.
Begin right now instead, to swallow whole —
— with no hesitation, thought or condition —
every word that comes from the throat of humanity.
To an ordinary man, this sounds dangerous —
but ordinary men have no serious clue as to what mind is;
the penguin can never harm the caped crusader.
(Must the modifier, actually
be put before the word, harm?
Do only children read this?!)

You do not need a telescope —
you can see to the edge of the universe with
your own eyes.
All you need initially do is
locate the true center of your own.


There are only two things for men to talk about:
people, and things,
and maximum velocity in pursuing clear-vision
is achieved by talking about man as though
he were a thing.
This does not insult man — contraire —
it frees him from undeserved criticism.

No one expects mathematics from alligators,
nor poetry from possums,
but men’s minds direct them to make
demands of themselves that assure disappointment.

Life has developed in man a brain that produces thoughts,
which in sizable part are devoted to
the condemnation of man:
both of others, and oneself.

The benefits of censuring certain behavior is
clear, and direct enough,
whereby mind directs that men be held accountable for seeing to it that when agreed upon ideas to live by,
(no rape, no thievery),
come in conflict with instinctive physical desires,
(wanna rape, wanna steal),
the former will rule the latter,
and social safety be maintained,
but when reproof leaves the physical realm,
the advantages are less certain, and immediate.
How mankind may ultimately benefit from
liberal notions denunciations of conservative ideas
is not to be concluded from its present execution;
the gains man collectively realizes
via the condemnation of one idea by another
is too long range and non local
to be apparent to ordinary minds,
no matter how they primly insist otherwise.
A man who says that a current ideological conflict is caused by this-or-that
is as deluded as one who predicts that it will eventually result in that-or-the-other.

The affairs of mind have their own specialized existence, and men of no exceptional mental agility
never suspect what it is about.
Allowing your mind to make you talk about people as though they are responsible for the activities of their mind assures that you will never catch on
to what’s
going on
concerning mind.

From one view you can say that mind does not exist — but even if it does — it should be thought of as a thing.
Remember: there are only two categories you can
talk about: people and things,
and while people are people, and operate as such,
minds fall into the category of things.
If you get to the bottom of what this means
you will have a three ton derby removed from your head.

To be ordinary is to be melodramatic;
to be melodramatic is to be needlessly distracted,
and wasteful of energy in your brain that could be used for a purpose you wouldn’t now believe.

Be a bottomless pit;
swallow whole, whatever comes your way,
and you will discover that you have no personal, strangling tastes.

Preferences are the imaginary illness
robin conjures up to skip school on mondays.

Get over that, and every day is saturday.