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February 28, 2001.


To ever see-to-the-bottom-of-things you must first clearly recognize that thoughts are the only things that can possibly stand in the way of you doing so,
and that names are their sole form of existence.
Tangible things certainly do not lie about what they are; the reality of a hurricane is the same whether it be called that, typhoon, or denver omelet.
Everyone understands that the substance of
things physical is totally separate from any names attached thereto, and is not affected thereby,
but when the thing is incorporeal,
no such distinction is common in men’s minds.
Since all things incorporeal are imaginary products OF men’s minds,
the names they are given are of supreme importance.
What remains of Cock Robin if you take away his name?

Those who do not understand
continually denounce as inexplicable idiocy
other mens passionate wrangling over the
terminology regarding ideas in which they have no interest.
A man with a tin ear finds foolish, debates over which was the superior period for music:
The Classical, or The Romantic?
while he may take quite seriously,
questions concerning which is the proper
political philosophy, or true religion.
No one has a dog in every fight,
but everyone does a few, in some.

You will never even draw near to
without you have your own unconditional realization that things that exist in name only, exist in — name only,
and by virtue thereof, their name is the most
important thing about them,
(not to mention, the only thing about them,
and the least important thing & the median thing, etc.)
You will never get out of the tangle weeds without also recognizing that this is how life is with man;
that it unquestionably serves him well,
and any criticism you have of it is mental myopia.
Your mind making fun of other peoples arguments over matters they cannot touch, but can only discuss,
is a blind, moronic dog barking at an imaginary intruder.
(For you music loving atheists: there would have never been CDs had not men disagreed over whether the correct name is: Jehovah, or, Allah.)

All that is civilized in the life of man
depends on names:
all culture consists of names,
without names, most of what now entertains
most men, would not exist.
All of this could not be clearer to anyone who looks —
and life could not be cloudier than to those who do not recognize names for what they are,
and the purpose they serve.

When you think about any subject that men talk about
which cannot be touched — which exists in name only,
and you mentally look at it only through the words
they use to describe it, and only by which it exists —
— confusion is assured.
In that mind itself exists only through words,
the direct attempt to break this habit, and escape this frustrating situation is not possible;
what is needed is oblique action.
If the mind cannot clear-its-head,
and perfect its understanding by simply ceasing to think of things by names,
the alternative is to cease thinking of them by the
names they have been given —
you mentally — CHANGE THEIR NAMES.

A man with the instinctive hunger to
see for himself what is going on in life
outside the mental models commonly debated,
will never suspect the power and pleasure of this
until adequately steeped therein.

Try it —
if your eyelids are not eventually rolled back like the exaggerated prices at a carpet outlet,
you can have your bleary-eyedness back —
no questions asked.


Fact: Whatever be a things name —
it is not the correct one.

Question: Who cares to look into the matter of what
your mind has named, you
in light of this fact?