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Summary  on a talk by Jan Cox on February 26, 2001
Notes by CF

Begin: Over the last three thousand years when people talked of “calming the mind” what they wanted, basically, amounted to “stopping thought.” “Calming the mind” sounds better than “stopping thought” and sidesteps the next question that is seldom put outright. “If you are going to “stop thought” what are you going to “stop thought” with, other than thought.

People do not want to stop thought and people do not want to consider “If you are going to “stop thought” what are you going to use other than thought?” Someone, even someone involved for a lifetime who had had an experience of what is called “awakening” (where you become absolutely clear headed, conscious, (it is not a trance) and it is like someone opening all the windows in a dark musty house and let the sunshine and fresh air in and nothing in particular is going on up there) (conscious part of the brain) have no where to go with it.

05:00 That is why “if you are going to stop thought what are you going to use other than thought” is not commonly used. Even among those who understand it. The reason I bring it up again is I mentally return to things I have not used in a long time and I never fail to get something new from it.

This something new is to look at the desire to awaken as the desire to stop thought. Many people do not get any further than this desire to “stop thought.” They may be involved with some system such as Sufism, needing to read the next book, but that keeps the conscious part of the brain “looking away from itself.”

Consider anew the desire to “stop thought” and then consider “If you are going to stop thought, what are you going to use other than thought?” and then consider the part I skimmed over “What is this you that wants to “stop thought” other than thought.

10:00 The brain is the crown of the nervous system. The majority of the brain’s work is not the product of thought. Some of the brain’s work includes adjusting your blood pressure when you change your posture. Blood pressure does not need consciousness, it needs the brain.

The brain is constantly processing information on your survival unconsciously (blood pressure) and consciously (passing a car), I propose also that the brain is also trying to process information on itself. It does it in everyone and we try to do something about it.

15:00 Why would the brain with most of its work at the non conscious physical level (Blood pressure etc.) and most of this work is done near the speed of light, conjure up non-physical Religion for example?

I propose the brain is trying to look at itself. The brain is already processing minute details that are a matter of life and death, so to speak, in us already. For example, when passing a car, the brain at the conscious level is processing information based on geometry, the speed of the car you are passing, the speed of your car, etc. and it makes all these judgments almost instantaneously.

20:00 The conscious part of the brain knows it is making these judgments (passing a car) that are a matter of life and death while the old parts of the brain, the instinctive part, realize they cannot make this judgment.

Along with all of this, I am saying the conscious part of the brain is interested in itself. It wants to look at itself. But this is still a version of “if you are going to study thought, what are you going to study it with?”

Much of the second reality concepts, such as God, is the conscious part of the brain making up a scenario, a scene, or a setting and putting in material terms these concepts such as God (which is a big version of us) and having him live somewhere. This second reality is based on the material world.

25:00 The conscious part of the brain made up religion so it could have something to think about that wasn’t itself and that wasn’t real. The conscious part of the brain is thinking about something it knows it made up. But it can look at “it” as something outside of itself. And its attempts to study religion is to derive understanding of its own operations.

That is why people get flustered when questioned on religion etc. (ex. Why do bad things happen to good people?) There is nowhere to go with it. It is the same thing as asking “you want to study thought but what are you going to study thought with other than thought.”

30:00 Part of the conscious part of the brain’s monitoring system is abstract thought. It can produce a 3d picture of a windmill without building one. The first windmill was as fantastic as God. It (the windmill) existed in one man’s mind before he built one.

I propose that the conscious part of the brain made up the idea of God knowing it was meaningless (versus a windmill) because when the Conscious Part of the Brain attempted to place it’s attention on itself, everything stops. And that is when it (CPOB)is faced with the fact I am trying to look at myself through myself.

35:00 I say everyone’s brain wants to monitor and process information about itself. The combined cellular activity that is the human consciousness (this whole great mushroom field that covers the planet earth) knows it made up religion, politics, nationalism and what I call second reality.

Much of second reality has no significance. The conscious part of the brain made up this second reality and pictured it just like it pictured the windmill before it existed. It made this second reality up ( nationalism, God, etc) so it did not have to face the fact that it wanted to look at itself and can’t.

If man is learning anything from second reality it is too slow for us. The conscious part of the brain is continually and physically in everyone wanting to process information and in its free time it daydreams, mostly about the past, but in one sense it is trying to process information about itself. That is what wanting to be awake is.

40:00 Anything that “comes up” the conscious part of the brain can participate and often it is the only thing that may well save your being. The next step was the brain wanting to know what is going on with me. It was a hand reaching out trying to grab itself. It is a game of pretense..

45:00 That the conscious part of the brain made up religion etc. and knows it made it up is useful to me. It (CPOB) made it (second reality) up to have something to apparently study it self by.

Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

February 26, 2001.

There was once a boy who from childhood felt
he had unfinished business;
he was never certain what it was,
and after reaching the years of physical maturity,
and leaving home,
he returned to seek his father’s response regarding
the always present sensation of there being
some unsettled affair in his life
The son noted that he continued to feel a
non-physical frustration with life, and had studied
several teachings whose verbally described interest,
and goal superficially appeared to match his, but
none of which ever resulted in conclusive satisfaction.
The father nodded his understanding of
the youngers words, and said:
As you now obviously know from reading,
there have always been people who experienced
this particular feeling of inner disquiet,
and after attempts to describe it to others,
which was met with either
incomprehension, or disinterest,
they commonly concluded that what they were
experiencing was so unusual as to be perhaps,
even supernatural.
One thing was for certain: the vast majority of humanity, through neither their words, nor activities,
evidenced any apparent experience of this
feeling that there is some sort of
(other than for weakened, impractical reflections of it
that came to be found in collectively accepted ideas
that there actually is a supernatural world beyond the
sensual one in which man presently lives;
such variations, offering no solution to the problem
as it is consciously suffered by the few.)
Those with this direct disquiet must come to the personal realization that the sensation is not dependent on
external circumstances,
but is a totally self-contained, inner event,
and they must further be free of any notion that it is
supernatural, or spiritual, in the sense of it being
too vague to ever be understood.
For a person experiencing what you are my son,
to ever even start looking into the matter properly,
he must recognize plainly that the entire affair is occurring in his brain.
This is very hard to do, and few accomplish it.
But there is something even more difficult after that.
The brain is the central processor,
consciously and otherwise, of all information concerning mans external and internal worlds;
this feature of the brain is plain,
but what is not so obvious,
and which is at the very root of the unsettled feeling
you come asking about,
is that the brain is also engaged in the attempt to
consciously process information about its own operation.
No one is satisfied to ride the Number 7 bus,
if they await Number 8.
On some routes there is no Number 8 yet.”