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Condensed Transcript

Summary notes of a talk by Jan Cox on Feb 23, 2001
Notes by CF

The Analog Overlay (Temporal Mind) on Digital Reality (the Blur)

Begin: An extended view of Wednesday night’s talk is to consider Life as the planet earth. Then picture man as a tree growing out of the planet earth. The tree being the totality of man’s nervous system. The top of the tree (upper limbs) would be consciousness in the brain. The buds of the upper limbs of the tree would be what consciousness calls the mind.

And then consider looking at the mind as a convenient “fiction” that consciousness has come up with to handle life temporally or in manageable chunks.

05:00 Consciousness producing the mind was not a mistake and it has been quite profitable. This was the first step of the brain distinguishing itself internally. The human brain produced human consciousness and human consciousness produced the human’s temporal mind. There was no way to stop consciousness from doing this because there is no anti-consciousness.

After consciousness produced the temporal mind it treated the temporal mind as something apart from itself. The temporal mind thinks this arrangement is them being aware of their thoughts.

Consciousness treating the mind as something apart from itself was a necessary first step. It was the first step in looking externally and saying “Hey” I need to get the water over there to the rich soil over here. I’ll dig a ditch from the water to the rich soil and let the water flow to the rich soil.

10:00 Internally consciousness feels “I am” consciousness. When consciousness reflects on consciousness it is hobbled by the temporal mind. This consciousness produced temporal mind, this imaginary playmate, this fiction, distorts consciousness’s view.

It is like the trunk of the tree trying to look at itself by going out to the furthermost limb, to the smallest bud on the limb, and then trying to have the bud “turn around “and look within itself and down the limb and down the trunk of the tree.

When the temporal mind looks at the two states we call the distracted, sleeping state and the other more awake, alert, and preferred state it can perceive them as coexisting (two rooms side by side ) or as sequentially, like electrons running down a wire (awake, asleep, awake, asleep……)

15:00 I propose you consider that consciousness does not deal with life sequentially or temporally. That is why consciousness produced the mind. The temporal mind is the way humans make any sense of life.

There are too many things going on on this planet just involving humans, constantly, for anyone to understand it. There is no such thing as a full explanation. (ex. Here is why a man did this) (Well what caused that? Well, his grandmother caused it and what caused his grandmother to do what she did? And on and on. There is no end. It all goes on simultaneously.

I picture it (life) as a seamless blur and it is the job of the consciousness produced mind to chip off timely chunks.

20:00 If you were able to be conscious of life on this planet it would have to be holographic and dimensionally different. It would be one big blur.

The temporal mind localizes like a witness in court. It reports on one sixth billionth of one second of reality. (Considering the six billion people on earth analogy.) This localizing is quite sufficient for the external world.

Consciousness comparably speaking does understand life. Whatever the consciousness of a giraffe, it’s consciousness understands giraffe life. Human consciousness understands human life. The consciousness produced temporal mind does not.

Consciousness understands life. Consciousness has nothing to say about life and has no separation from it. Consciousness is part of the blur and does not feel itself otherwise. It keeps us alive by regulating our physiology as opposed to the temporal mind that does not.

But without the temporal mind we would not be any better off than chimpanzees.

25:00 The temporal mind only makes sense of the intangibles (exempting technology and survival related issues for now) in a temporal sense. “Hubert is nice” is only true temporally. Intangibles and the second reality are products of the temporal mind.

When the temporal mind ponders intangibles it does so locally (manageable chunks). You can only perceive the awake state and the distracted state locally. If you see it , it is meaningless. (it being the temporal mind’s view of the awake state and the distracted state. Maybe.)

Here is the topic to make your brain lose the sweat.“The analog overlay (temporal mind) on digital reality (the blur)”
Followed the next day by the “digital overlay on analog reality.”

30:00 I can have great joy writing the daily news on Monday with the topic “analog overlay on digital reality.” The “analog overlay “is what the “temporal mind” does for consciousness. “Digital reality” (the blur)is consciousness being aware of the totality of life without comment and non-locally.

Then Tuesday I would show up and write “Digital Overlay on Analog Reality” and from my view I would do the news as splendidly as I did the day before.



Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

February 23, 2001.


You will never understand what is going on
as long as you believe there is AN understanding;
you can never understand what is going on
as long as you believe that it can be explained.

The situation is delicate, intricate,
self-supporting & hidden from itself,
and yet it can be fully comprehended in a millisecond.

Man is the only form of life that displays a desire to understand what is going on,
both around him, and in him,
and concluded from his own best
thought-based inquiries,
he is the sole creature with consciousness of the type
to make such inquiries possible.

Simple observation shows that all animals have a consciousness of their environment,
but man alone is also conscious of himself as something separate there from,
simply put: Man is conscious of being alive, and
man wants to understand what being conscious is.

As is observably obvious, men do not walk around constantly pondering this matter;
almost no one ever gives it any specific thought,
yet the reality of this innate desire to understand what it means to BE a creature who can understand,
manifests itself continually in their everyday lives.

As far back as records record there has appeared
a person here and there who was driven to devote their life specifically to this inquiry into the nature of consciousness and the mind:
a task, singularly challenging
in that the subject to be studied also provides
the only means available to do the studying.
Calling this situation merely challenging
verges on, insult-by-understatement;
from an honest view, impossible would comparably be
a more accurate description than challenging,
except that it too ultimately fails,
in that anything conscious mind can conceive of
cannot be conclusively deemed as incapable of
some sort of realization.
The radical rub in this instance is in the near IMPROBABILITY of anyone’s mind ever clearly
comprehending the full picture of a laboratory
in which is nothing but a single microscope,
engaged in the single effort to — examine itself;
to put itself under the light of its own lens,
and from such observations,
obtain objective understanding thereof.

Under the routine conditions of ordinary men’s lives,
consciousness handles this
non rationally handleable problem
by the invention of a fictional character —
by referring to itself as a noun: the mind,
rather the verb that it in truth be.

The microscope is not an object — it is an operation;
consciousness is not a tangible solid —
but a vaporous restlessness;
at the cellular level, consciousness understands this,
and in an attempt to yet make possible a study of itself in spite of such apparently prohibitive conditions,
it has given itself the alternative name, mind,
treating it almost like an imaginary playmate,
and assuming the position of it now being something
apart from mind, and thus capable of making
outside judgments there about.

Thus does consciousness perform it duties by
seeing life in terms of objects,
which facilities his being able to conceive of,
then rearrange the of physical conditions of
his environment to his advantage.
Consciousness slows and reduces
the ceaseless blur of uninterrupted, reality-the-verb,
into stilled, separate, and mentally-manageable, perceptions-of-life-being-nouns.

Consciousness thus assumes the expedient position of considering itself to be a thing — the mind —
(a noun, rather than a more difficult to handle, verb),
and it also employs this same useful fiction
in its view of life.

As is the nature of human consciousness:
it operationally monitors life,
not as an indivisible whole
that is wholly beyond the comprehension of
any of its components,
but rather, to make any attempted study of it
even remotely possible, and promising,
it breaks lifes seamless, endlessness into what
it finds to be — manageable, mental pieces.
Since this posture meets practical needs,
consciousness observably then ignores this
bit of self-created, laboratory fiction,
the end result being, (for ordinary men, under routine
conditions), that consciousness treats life itself
as though it is a noun —
a thing composed entirely of discreet, stable things.
Consciousness is then confronted, (via its own,
normally forgotten, doing),
with a reality composed of pieces-of-fiction.
Ordinary men conceive of living in a world composed of such things as: patriotism; spirituality; truth, justice,
the right & wrong ways of doing things,
and thinking about things, and every other subject that no waiter can lay on your table to eat.
This arrangement certainly serves man well:
just look around at how much better off you are by your worst definition than any other earthly creature,
but if you attempt to employ only these
naturally provided facilities of consciousness to
STUDY consciousness,
(and thus get to the very, rock bottom of
everything conceivable),
you must extend yourself in a way not known, taught,
nor discussed in city labs & circumstances.

Every time you accept consciousness
talking about some matter that no one can touch
as though it is a thing — a noun,
you have momentarily made certain that
you will understand nothing about the matter;
in its fictional place-&-laboratory of, The Mind
consciousness will produce thoughts about the
thing —
just as consciousness in other men will
produce in their minds, other thoughts about the
matter-cum-apparent thing,
often conflicting with the thoughts in your mind
about it, but always at some variance,
in that the fictionalized version of itself that consciousness has created to deal with life
on a practical, tangible basis
does not deal in understanding things,
which is unified sight,
as opposed to thinking about things,
which is fragmented.

Seeing life as a noun makes possible mans
alterations of physical conditions to his benefit;
seeing life as a noun makes impossible a mans
understanding thereof.

Life is the only living thing that can be cut up,
and still live — which is because
its cutting up is just a convenient illusion;

— convenient to the many — bad news for the few;
and, bad news only if never realized.

If you want a taste of understanding,
for one entire day take everything your mind thinks about as being a something — a thing,
a thing that has a name as a noun,
and make your mind take away its status as a noun,
and picture it as a verb — an activity —
which IS what it actually is,
regardless of how accustomed you and the world is
to thinking and speaking of it otherwise.
Do this faithfully for just one day, and before it is over,
you will get a glimpse of something that your
mind has never suspected, but which
your consciousness has always understood.

If you are truly one of the few —
this is what you’re after.