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Condensed Transcript

Summary notes of a Jan Cox audio on Feb. 21, 2001
Notes by CF

Begin: Something you may find interesting, though it may have no practical significance, is though a couple of you are family people 99% of the people through out history (I have found) involved in “this” are not family people. They may have a life long sexual partner and if they do have children, it is like one day Buddha got up and left his family and that is the last you hear of it.

Most of the people involved in this activity do not have any interest at the ordinary level in dealing with the past and future. At the ordinary level you have cemeteries, memorials, and great tragedies that have hundreds or even thousands crying that represent the past. At the ordinary level you also have people who live for their children, leaving a legacy, or have great interest in the future of humanity.

Awakening and helping your fellow man is another form of this legacy. (And I have pointed out no one needs your help and if they do you don’t know what to give and neither do I.

I know how hard it is to lose a mother or someone close but take the example of a scrapbook about your dead mother and pulling it out and going on about how you miss her.

From one view it is easy to dismiss but you are missing a great opportunity not to realize anything common among humans has some purpose. It is not insanity, weakness, or stupidity.

Looked at from the cellular view, life goes on. If the cells have anything resembling consciousness they know they go on.

05:00 So in considering all of this (the ordinary’s concern about the past and future and the cellular level view) it is like life in a few people like us created the brain cells that end up producing consciousness in people like us throughout history.

It is like the past and future generations are of no consequence and I am going to do it all now. It is not selfishness on their part. It is just cellular.

(Moving on.) Bilaterally from the horizontal view you have the potential to be in a more awakened state or an unawakened/distracted state. It is either the distracted, annoying state (it) or the more conscious and preferable state (me). It is the dog in the backyard barking at every event (unawakened state)or it is you taming the dog or the dog disappears when you show up (awakened/preferable state.)

10:00 I assume you are like me and have a certain amount of difficulty in staying in your preferred state. Anytime we think about it (stopping thought, being mindful, Self remembering, etc.) it is there. But then we get distracted and it goes on and on.

Instead of fighting for the awakened state ( Saying I have got to be more mindful but in saying it by the time it is out of your mouth you are gone again and the dog has swallowed you.) there is the sequential inevitability that the dog gets the first bite or the sleeping self gets the first comment.

I am proposing there is the sequential inevitability of facing the fact you cannot stop the dog or the sleeping mind for more than a minute. The sleeping mind keeps coming back. You have been cursing the distracted state for years and it keeps coming back. Your sleeping mind/barking dog based on its temperament (It could be politically or artistic criticisms) keeps yakking and biting at the rest of the world.

15:00 You simply face the fact “the dog gets the first bite.” The barking dog/sleeping mind always has the first reaction. Ignore it and let it have the first reaction without comment. It is a sequential inevitability and you face up to it.

Instead of saying “how come I cannot catch the sleeping mind permanently” you let it have the first comment. You make all these beautiful promises to “tame the dog”; just take a new position based on the inevitability “the dog gets the first bite.”

20:00 My picture (internally) is one in which you walk out into this backyard and you know the dog is going to bark. The only time you should have concern is if you let the dog bark more than once. If you let him bark more than once you would be slipping away from all this. (I think you understand what I mean by that.)

The sleeping mind continually barks at people mentally. You could be standing in line at the grocery store and the mind internally is making some comment.

It is either “me” being mindful (which is enlightenment compared to the other state) or it is the sleeping mind making comments. It is bilateral. It is me or the dog. The dog (your temperament) that does not want to awaken gets the first bite.

25:00 Today on the web page I printed the the four great words to the great liberation “I Don’t Know” “I don’t know” is the only true and real response. I gave the internet audience a chance to see what real freedom is. But I can picture the internet audience reading it and enjoying it all the way to the end and I say the four great words of liberation are “I don’t know” and the readers sleeping mind or barking dog says that is three words.

Let the sleeping mind have the first comment. Let the “dog have the first bite.” The barking dog or the sleeping mind is a much a part of you as your lungs breathing air or your heart beating. The sleeping mind reacts to things of no consequence. If nothing much is going on, no physical threats the nervous system reacts to second reality. The second reality is non material and ultimately meaningless.

You do not want thought turned on unless you turn it on. For us when we are in charge thought is turned off.

Just accept the ordinary mind for what it is. You can’t stop it. You can’t tame it. And it still bothers me. It is always him then me. The sleeping mind comments or the dog barks and then I go to work and then I am in charge. It is sequential awakening. It is dealing with the inevitability of the ordinary mind.


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

February 21, 2001.



Man is a creature-of-mind;
mind wants to know;
men want to know;
men want to appear to know;
men are made to pretend that they do know,
and under certain conditions, men want to believe that other men, pretending to know — actually do know,
when it comes to any matter that you cannot touch,
everything that humanity collectively knows about it
is only truthfully stated in the three words:

I don’t know.

What mind calls knowing — it knows to be otherwise,
after all: it invented the whole concept of knowing.
Mind knows that it makes up — and HAS to make up everything man thinks about that is intangible;
mind knows that everything man knows
about everything it made up
is itself — made up.

Mind knows all of this —
but in routine men — it is ignored.
For man’s continued, needed interest,
and participation in non material activities,
he must pretend to not know the reality of
what is going on.

Thus, do all men lie — when,
regardless of their intention, or awareness,
they say that they know anything about ANYTHING that cannot be physically handled.
Tis only by an unspoken, life-imposed,
conspiratorial agreement
that men collectively pretend to not know this.

You cannot lie about something that does not
physically exist;
your lie, (about whatever it is),
simply becomes a new feature of its pretend-reality.

This is the only way an imaginary world can grow.

To properly fit into the collective-of-humanity
there are several rules you must follow:
you must — want to know,
and you must say that non material matters that
men can think about have a real existence, and can be known about with varying degrees of accuracy;
you must say that you do know some things,
and want to know more,
and you must say that the things you do know about — you know about accurately,
and that anything anyone else says that they know about the same subject that does not agree with your knowing of it — is a knowing on their part that is
incorrect and invalid.
All in all: to be a player
you must pretend to believe that the
knowing men say they can have about things that they can only talk about, but never touch,
is a knowing that itself, is real and substantial.

You can’t merely agree that Santa Claus exists —
you must insist that all tellings of his story
be done with a strict fidelity to the facts of his life.

A man who wants to see and understand more than obviously do, the rest of the herd,
need but remove his thinking from this
mass game of make believe.
If you are, to-this-thing-born,
with but slight effort you can recognize that the increasingly ubiquitous & collectively important world of non material matters that so hold mans attention
is entirely a realm of make believe,
and thus as concerns it — there is nothing TO know —
— other than the plain & simple fact that
the whole thing is a secretly agreed-on,
silent conspiracy to pretend otherwise.

Those who want the understanding
but who have yet to taste it,
think that having it fills a man to the brink with
knowledge — secret, special, extraordinary, metaphysical, mysterious knowledge about everything.

Do you know that a rock is a rock?
Do you know where Santa Clause was born?
If you understand what the only truthful responses to
those two questions are — and you could stop pretending later that you do not —
— you have the understanding
(it would simply need a period of aging in your barrel
to stabilize and become permanent.)

If for some reason, a man with the understanding
were to momentarily weaken, and give a response,
his only one would ever be:
I don’t know —

the world’s only truthful response;

the four words that define – Liberation.

Finally —

freedom from a captivity of meaningless pretense.