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Summary notes of a talk by Jan Cox on Feb. 19, 2001
Notes by CF

Suggested title:
Remembering the internal landscape of the one mind

Begin: I wanted to continue with and make a bit more clear the reality of one mind. When I started out in this thing I wanted to change my state of consciousness from the lesser (staring and identified) consciousness to a better (more awake and alert) consciousness.

Starting out, the internal picture I had of this journey (I was not sure it was all internal) was a landscape of me and my relationship to life. In this internal psychic landscape off in the distance, in all four corners were mountain ranges, dense forests and horizons that were not exactly clear. On this great journey and through this internal landscape I had the idea that man was living at a lower level of consciousness and he could be in another one and I had to find my way.

This went on for years. Apparently making progress, getting close to what I wanted and then (You do not notice) my interest would go somewhere else. Sometimes it seemed as I got closer my interest would turn hollow or like a mirage. Or it is like coming into an Oasis and you get there and then you say “Hey, What is that over there?”

05:00 Then one day it hit me. In this internal landscape I was not trying to see or find what was beyond the horizon I was either on the journey or I am not on the journey. I am either making progress or I am laid out in the sun staring. When you realize you are laid out in the sun staring you are back on your feet and back on the journey.

So it was a ‘right this second’ thing of it’s either it (staring) or me (back on my feet and on the journey). It is not on the horizon but instead it is ‘right this second’.

Fast forward to the last couple of nights in my attempts to describe the one mind. Instead of me laid out in the sun, in this internal landscape staring or back on my feet and on the journey (to awaken) and instead of it’s talking or I am talking and instead of I am conscious of me or it is conscious of me, instead of those descriptions I am saying there is no it or me.

And in saying “there is no it or me” ; this is when the internal landscape became meaningful and highly amusing to me. The whole inner landscape is as barren as it can be. There is not a mountain, molehill or a pebble out of place. There is nothing distracting in this open internal landscape and it is your only state of consciousness.

I understand any attempts by me to write about this one mind and anyone was up to our speed and interest “Their view would be there is no it or me and there is only one mind (You either see it or you don’t) and they pondered it, then their feeling may then be “I don’t get it” and I am less suited for this than I can imagine. (I am pointing this out in case any of you have similar feelings)

If I back up to my earlier years and someone (that had influence) pointed this out to me and I tried to consider it before I understood it I would have been put off by it.

10:00 Take the example of the sleeping mind and the awake or more alert mind (two minds) and to be told there is only one mind I would have felt I did not get it.

The reason I am recommending the internal landscape of the one mind one more time is I never fail to get a sense of relief when I remind myself of it. Even when I have fallen into a hole (staring) and it is something so mentally real it affects your body and your mind. I just remember to remind myself of the internal landscape, a flat desert or nothing as far as you can see, stretching to the horizon and not one thing to your left or right or behind you. Nothing.

That is man’s consciousness. That is your consciousness and that is my consciousness no matter how your mind (At any moment) says otherwise. To remind yourself of this is all it takes contrary to the feeling “I don’t get it.”

Even if it does not have a drastic or permanent effect on me to remind myself “Here I stand naked (so to speak) in the middle of this flat internal landscape and there is nothing else is the greatest relief in the world.

15:00 I can’t tell you why all of this is interesting and useful. It is not a fall down revelation.

20:00 I keep thinking why is consciousness like it is? How did consciousness come up with the idea there has got to be two of us? I have described consciousness as having its own ear and voice and hearing itself talk so there is this feeling of a split which is the basis of being asleep and wanting to change something. And for people like us for whatever reason we are wanting to change this feeling that there are two of us.

25:00 Human consciousness would not work and there would be no technology or civilization if consciousness could not distinguish itself from the outside world. There may be a more refined explanation, but when I look back, that is what I see.

To me human consciousness’s job operationally is to distinguish between itself and this other thing and think how can I change that other thing to be of use to me. Like any animal function this operation becomes habitual, meaning you cannot turn it off and on.

To me that is the genesis of God telling Adam to name everything. It is like the cellular activity telling Adam “Hey, Look out there. That’s not you. Name it. And Adam said that’s a tree, that’s an apple, etc. Without that there is no human consciousness.

So there is consciousness operating on the basis of it and other things, except now (And what bugs us) it distinguishes internally. So in a sense when it distinguishes internally it is made up. It became conscious of itself and then forgot about it. It is like last night when I gave the example of the person who said “Hey, when I did that, I wasn’t myself.”

30:00 From my view, consciousness is a function between itself and anything outside of it. And outside of it was literally outside of it. Instead of blind instinct, unless an animal can eat it, screw it, or sleep on it it an animal walks by it.

For years I thought I had a sleeping mind and a more awake mind. I never thought to ask where is my sleeping mind when I am in my more awake mind or vice versa? That is when I realized I am here alone in this internal landscape. What could be grander? There is no where else to look. I may not be able to do anything with it ‘right this second’, but at least I know it is right here and that is all there is.

I recommend reminding yourself there is only one mind..


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

February 19, 2001.


You are both:
what-you-are, and: what-you-think-you-are —
and not alternately, but concurrently.

Those who not do fully understand the deal
derive obvious pleasure in claiming that man lives in a world of illusion;
that everyone save the speaker is deluded
regarding the true nature of life and themselves
by exotic nefarious forces which by and large
now dominate mans original pure, insightful essence.

The religious see it in terms of a contest between
good and evil; the sociological as between
wealth and want; the psychological as between
conscious desires and non conscious needs;
the political as between the past and the future,
and the would-be understanders conceive it to arise-from and be centered-around the normally unnoticed, unutilized potential of the brain to produce
states of consciousness which seem to itself to be
sufficiently distinct from one another as to
merit discreet designation.

While deists believe they can be either:
saint or sinner, and humanists-psycho-sociologists-cum-whatever-else-is-left believe that men can either come to acceptable grips with their inner demons, or no,
a man with the understanding sees the same
internal landscape in the context of it consisting of
what can only be called, from a human perspective: inalterable reality — it is what a person really IS.

But floating, omnipresent above the genetic landscape
is an atmosphere composed of another form of reality,
which, comparably speaking,
seems neither physical, nor immutable;
and just as external to man,
the Earth and its surrounding atmosphere can be classified, and studied as separate entities — and yet:
the two are composed of the same elements
that make up everything in the universe;
the two are obviously at all times in direct contact with one another at every point on the globe,
and the two are known by all to be engaged in
constant interaction, activity which produces the weather of this planet, be it fair or foul,
and internal to a man can be seen a strikingly
similar situation between, not Earth and atmosphere,
but between: what-you-are & what-you-think-you-are –
–they seem different enough to be called by different names, but their relationship matches the major ones between Earth and air, supra described.

All routine people who say they are committed to changing themselves apply their attention predictably to their internal atmosphere, (that is):
to the area of what they THINK they are,
but no matter what is done here, (and to even
verbally acquiesce to the belief that anything therein
ever gets actually, done
is herein merely a linguistic time-saver,
the truth of the matter being easily obvious to
a right-wired-man who takes the time to take objective note thereof – but neversomeless),
even if a person could alter the make up of their
inner-atmosphere, this alone would not — COULD not result in anything beneficial, or permanent;
just putzing around with the atmosphere alone
will never change the nature of your internal weather — any moron can recognize this, (if any moron wants to), but such is precisely what all systems for getting-the-understanding are about, (including the one you’re gradually formulating for yourself).
Plus, you can effect no useful, controllable change in your internal weather and overall planetary conditions
by trying solely to alter the terrain of your
cellular planet, (via drugs, starvation,
sleep deprivation, or other folly),
for even if you externally level a particular mountain,
any change in the weather that may occur will be confined to that specific locale, and will by no means be predictable, permanent, world wide, or advisable,
but still the salient point being that even if you could directly alter the condition of either your internal landscape, or your atmosphere,
doing so with one, (which would consume a life time),
would have no overall, desirable consequence,
and trying to do so with both simultaneously
is not only beyond mortal ability, but is outside your mental talent to even thereof operationally conceive,
in that even if you could undertake & sustain such a
two pronged effort
with each alteration you made to one, (the land),
you would have to immediately make some unknown
appropriately related one to the other, (the atmosphere, and vice versa) — no, such is not how it is:
here is how the matter pragmatically stands:
you cannot get results by working either on just your atmosphere, (what you think you are),
nor just on your landscape, (what you are,
[as operationally improbable as that be anyway]),
and you cannot profitably attempt to change them both concurrently, since your mind does not have the capacity to calculate every possible reaction one of the two could have to every possible change in the other.plus men do not live long enough to even try every possible combination.plus you simply cant do it; it is not a job that can be literally accomplished from the-inside-out),
so — what is left? —
to see the situation as it is — in you — for yourself,
and then wash your hands of any more futile efforts,
and meaningless concerns.

Every person is both:
what-they-are, and: what-they-think-they-are
and to ordinary minds they are separate, and distinct,
while in fact the two are inseparable,
and endlessly interactive,
while the latter is totally beholding to the former.

You cant change dirt,
and you cant alter your atmosphere without directions that could come only from your dirt.

Men paying homage to gods
is the second acknowledging the authority of
the first.

Who but an idiot kicks dirt to teach it a lesson,
or curses the air to make it change course?!

The big understanding =
The recognition of the big inevitable,
but not the inevitable-word spat out by
the deranged, nor the one whimpered by the mousy.
What a man with the understanding understands
has nothing to do with the inevitable
any more than it does with the evitable.

Such a mans hands are filled with matching weight;
both his lobes are fed by the same voltage,
and his inner earth and atmosphere are in
natural harmony… just as they have always been.
even before, during and after
he finally became aware thereof.

Man is whole: there is only a unified you in you;
you do not have an awake mind & a sleeping mind;
you do not have an enlightened consciousness,
and an everyday one,
and you do not have a separate internal earth,
and atmosphere —
together, they constitute you — the total you,
which consists of:
what-you-are, combined with: what-you-think-you-are,
and thinking that things are otherwise is to be captive of:
everyday consciousness, and a sleeping mind.

Why put up with this condition
now that you know better?!

Oh yeah, the illusion referred to in today’s headline is that of you
seeming to be the you that you think you are.

To routine minds, the inner world is one of multiple & separate forces,
but it only appears thus because your consciousness works so slowly
that you do not see life to be the unified blur that it actually is.