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2645 _021601
Audio tape 2645 of a talk given by Jan Cox on the February 16, 2001
Notes by CF

Begin: One of the things I find to be the height of subtleness is vanity. Since recorded history men have denounced vanity. It is not just mystical or religious in nature. Sophisticated people (outside of religion) consider it gauche to talk about oneself.

There is a practical connection between talking about one’s self and it is at the heart of what stirs the interest of us. What does talking about oneself do?

From the ordinary to the mystic every person feels there are two aspects to themselves. One has a better half and a lesser half or one could have a more conscious state or a less conscious state. For many decades I found the two aspects metaphor to be the only entrée into ever getting a foothold in this activity.

05:00 Whenever a man talks about himself he is treating himself as a third party. He knows he is not a third party physically. Take for example a man hitting his wife. He is talking to himself mentally or maybe to a friend, a judge, or maybe his wife the next day and he says “you know I have a bad temper.” He is reaffirming to himself he has a lesser mind and a better mind.

I am trying to point out to you tonight that this is ridiculous.

I have used descriptions in the past such as the classic notion that man has an awakened mind and a sleeping mind and that when we bring our attention under our control we are in a more conscious mind.

10:00 The ridiculous part is in wanting to produce this awakened mind and escape this sleeping mind, this identified mind, this karmic mind, this life and death cycle mind is we only have one mind.( It took me many years to see it. I knew it was true but it did not mean a whole lot but I just kept looking. You have to keep looking).

And when you ask yourself “Do I or don’t I only have one mind?” there is no such question. But the mind just did it. You can’t see you only have one mind. It is the bottom of your foot. You are standing on it. You are thinking with it. It is subtle.

15:00 Anytime you talk or think about yourself you are supporting the illusion you have two minds. Anytime you say “I was not myself” (Adam did it when he pointed the finger at Eve. God did not buy it.) you are supporting the illusion you have two minds.

20:00 There seems to be no doubt in your mind you can be more conscious. What else are we working on? We can be more conscious or less conscious. They seem to be the choices. It is all in your consciousness.

One day if you keep looking or repeating it will hit you “You only have one mind.”

I did this for many years and I never questioned there were two minds. But when you see you only have one mind that is when the subtle becomes fun and highly amusing.

Just keep going over it. Some things just hit you and you know they are true. You may not have the full grasp of it but you know it is true. You just keep working on it until it means something.

25:00 Most people have an uneasiness about talking about themselves and it is at cellular level. The cells that produce consciousness in you have a built in resistance in talking about you.

Mystical systems condemn talking about yourself (Ex. Saying the word I) and no one knows why. Every time you talk about yourself you are reinforcing that you have two minds and it is a deception.

I can see a general benefit in talking about your self but individually it is supporting an absolute deception because you only have one mind.

I cannot prove you only have one mind. But just keep saying it. “I only have one mind.”

Notice when you do switch from the sleeping mind to the more awake mind the sleeping mind disappears. They are never there at the same time. It is either the sleeping mind or the more awake mind. Huh. Of course your mind will say Huh what.

After all these years it still makes me laugh. You only have one mind.


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

February 16, 2001.


There is an unseen puppet government
under whose influence, to an imposing extent,
man unwittingly lives.
Like any political puppet force
this one serves under the command of another
more dominant force, and acts solely for its benefit,
and as in palpable versions, the puppet government IS titularly the true representative of the local populace.

A preeminent force establishes a puppet government
to make its rule less dependent on physical coercion,
and this is most efficiently achieved by allowing the
puppet regime to present the public illusion of it being
the actual authority in charge,
and since this is a complete deception
from conception to conclusion,
the puppet administration, in pursuing this goal,
en passant creates around the people
a world of total illusion;
in practical matter of fact,
it spreads about the land, a new sense of reality,
through contrived rituals and public ceremonies;
by imposed hero worship of some local figurehead,
and via relentless propaganda which subliminally serves the interest of the real authority behind the puppet one,
ultimately resulting in a:
“state established; state sanctioned reality.”

(Just out of curiosity: what specifically is your state?
and what exactly,
the nature of its officially accepted reality?)

All of the above is common, and recognized in the
political history of man,
but what is not recognized is a similar
ongoing situation in man himself
with the puppet regime, titularly in charge,
engaging in the very same maneuvers supra noted.

In the inner land of each man,
the prevailing force puts in place, a figurehead —
an illusionary leader — a ruler in name only —
a prince-with-no-power — a lackey.
And as with any clever puppeteer
the agency actually behind the actions
lets the puppet do all the talking.
This is a critical pillar in the support of the illusion that
the shadow government has actual authority:
it makes the pronouncements of policy to the people,
yet it simply says whatever it is directed to say
by the real power behind the public facade.

Every man has a nominal leader who appears to make decisions; to plan & proclaim policy,
and direct the overall affairs of state,
but this figure is a figure HEAD;
he does none of the above, save the proclaiming,
but via this activity alone,
are most of the people deceived, and the illusion of the puppet governments puissance sustained.

Most men accept the situation;
it is the one in which they were born and matured;
it is the only one they have ever known.
A few people however — suspect something —
even without specific knowledge of what is going on,
they have never felt that things are as they appear,
as regards the political/cultural/social-reality that
makes up so much of mans life,
and which those about him accept without question.
Such people wonder if humanity is not being incessantly bombarded with propaganda in service to
some unseen sovereignty, and one which has set up a puppet government within man so that he is the source of his own voice-of-quisling.

The puppets mouth is made to deny
its own puppetry:
this is the exercise of puppet governing
in its highest form;
not a bit of excess energy expended in the effort,
and the governed being deceived by
the sound of their own voice.

Those who do not realize they live in such conditions
of course, have no pertinent complaints,
while those full of suspicions, have many,
but if they do not proceed past the stage of
merely being agitated-by, and dissatisfied-with
the non-physical, social-reality in which their everyday
lives are submerged — they gain nothing —
— they learn nothing.

Even if a puppet is forever a puppet,
one who recognizes his condition has an understanding of things totally beyond the grasp of one who does not.
Without an objective awareness of the prevailing circumstances a man does not even have the possibility of undertaking any clandestine efforts
to extricate himself at all from the illusionary reality
created by the puppet regime in soulless control of
his perfunctory life.

Here, above all other settings is where comes alive the reality behind the words: Knowledge is power,
for tis in this context that knowledge of the situation
is the only — the ONLY thing that can set you free
from a lifetime of imaginary captivity
that is perceived by the mind as, freedom —
the freedom extant under a puppet government.

Even while all may live under unseen, inescapable
foreign control
those aware of the situation can then easily
keep themselves out of useless conflict therewith,
and can privately pursue certain strictly
individual interests
about which the prevailing authority never need know.

Take with your memory this final note:
the only voices men normally hear
are those of a puppet government —
making announcements in service to the
commanding authority,
though disguised as for the benefit of the subjugated.

A fish with the understanding
may still in water be,
but he does not metaphorically & mentally drown himself by a meaningless struggle with H2O.

Nothing more need a would-be-free citizen to know
to get directly to work
to achieve his goal; as much internal breathing room,
and personal space as the universe allows.


Anyone who says that they are responsible for the thoughts that appear in their consciousness
is a fool;
anyone who says that they are not responsible for the
thoughts that appear in their consciousness
is an idiot.

One man who would never say whether he considered himself Awake or not
was finally asked by a would-be mouse-trap:
So then, what is the basis for all of your many comments about what an Awake man would,
or would not do? — Guessing, he replied.

Upon hearing this,
a sarcastic bystander said to the man:
I have noticed that you can get yourself out of the tightest seeming mental situations —
even those of your own making.
You spend your whole life involved in that
silly-putty activity of yours,
and what do you have to show for it?! Hah! —
the ability to seemingly always come out on top,
Hah! he dismissively concluded,
and the man responded:
You are correct — it is shameful;
the talent you perceive
that I achieved
only through great struggle,
you exercise effortlessly.

And thus again,
(from a privately amusing perspective):
those-who-know have cause to envy,

Those who do not understand that the world unique to man
is one of nothing but guessing,
have not a clue as to what is really going on.

All descriptions of a gingerbread reality are perforce —

There was once a universe whose name was: The Joke’s On You,”
and a few of the people who lived there, (just for fun),
turned the joke around.