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Audio Tape of a talk given by Jan Cox on 14th of February 2001
Notes by CF

Where did he get that?

Begin: I have a couple of things I want to try talk about. These things are instructive, entertaining and enlightening. They are not something to do. Here it is. This is consciousness. If you look at it head on it is beneficial. It is the kind of thing that makes everything fall apart and come back together again.

Picture a press club with a speaker and the introduction of the speaker. The introduction weaves a story of maybe his childhood on a farm in Nebraska, his university days, and his time with Senator’s X or Y.

Here it is right quick. Where did he get that? There is consciousness. I know some of you may have missed it so I will press on.

05:00 Thoughts may say it (the introduction) came from researching the files of newspapers. But how did this story become facts? Where did the research file come from? The introduction of this man weaves a tapestry of this man’s life. Can you see this story as a smoke screen and yet you sit there and it is as real as can be.

Another one, you are at home, in the shower, getting ready for work or getting ready for a date. You picture the day or the date ahead of you. You are thinking about the date and you are picturing the restaurant or movie you plan to go. And notwithstanding something extraordinary (slipping in the shower, someone gets hit by a car, or a war breaks out), the next morning when I ask you how your evening went you say it went all right.

10:00 The point being is you were not surprised that the evening went more or less how you pictured it from earlier when you were in the shower. Nobody analyzes it.

Every morning (you know how imagination and daydreaming runs)” you” are picturing the day constantly.” You” are picturing the job, your routine, traffic delays, the coffee machine and you have created (I do not like to use the word created), not metaphysically, but the daydreams come true unless something extraordinary happens.

15:00 Take the example of a thirty minute window of freeway driving. Thousands of cars, traveling 70 mph, each driver thinking and doing who knows what, and then factor in the weather and these cars weighing a ton or more and what are your chances of getting home safely.

The possibility of life working out as your daydreams say (even though they may) well, it would take a fool to gamble on it.

20:00 In one sense daydreams are totally separate from physical reality Physical reality and your imagination about physical reality have to be included together but separate the two and it is astounding that one’s mental perception of what is going on has no foundation what so ever other than what you can touch.

It is the same thing as asking where the introduction of the speaker at the press club came from. You are sitting in the audience and a man stands up and makes some sounds, it goes to your ears and brain and makes words and pictures the story and this introduction is making up this holograph in your head and with in five minutes you are standing up and applauding. You tell yourself what a man and then tell yourself “boy, have I done nothing.”

25:00 If you can see this (Where did he get that?) it will blow your idea of what consciousness is. The picturing, daydreaming, and the holograph are based on nothing and nobody thinks about it.

Nobody knows what a man’s life is.

I find it useful and entertaining when you can see what I am talking about.

30:00 There is a physical reality going on. If a general walks up to a prime minister and shoots him the general did something. The meat and potatoes of the story, however, may involve a power struggle or a power vacuum. The story is weaved around the incidentals and consciousness thrives on it. Consciousness never sees it for what is. It is nothing more than a pastime.


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

February 14, 2001.

The first news is: Life on Earth is doing fine.
The second is that: Everyone has a virus,
but the third thing is that everyone is still doing fine,
and hardly anyone even notices it.
In most individuals the virus seems to have a salubrious affect, and it has altered the behavior of man collectively
to such an extent that should it now disappear,
his life would be radically changed.
(Although this virus does not perfectly match the
medical definition thereof, it comes suitably close — plus,
there is no other, more exact word.
[there are however, several curious similarities between the two, such as: science notes that ordinary viruses can be rendered inactive through crystallization, and stored in bottles for indefinite periods of time, and later be revived,
and the same is done with the virus being referred to,
but it is put away in containers called books]).

Based on the length of their connection,
(man having been host to the virus
for as long as he has recorded his history),
it would be assumed that their relationship is
one of symbiosis,
(although from one perspective this could be questioned, and their affiliation viewed as one-sided and parasitic;
[the undiagnosed problem with this analysation is that
it comes from one of the parties involved,
but in any case, it is not a question commonly conceived —
that sport is left in the hands of a few
untrained specialists]).

No one has ever physically seen the virus,
and no advances in optical technology will ever
make doing so possible;
its presence is recognized solely by its handiwork,
which is singular and unavoidable;
the fruits of its existence touch every corner of
human life,
yet less is known about it than any other aspect thereof.

The virus position in the life of man is now so central
that it is conventionally thought-of, spoken-of,
and taken-to-be
an immutable part of what he is —
and this silent assumption is not without reason,
but what it IS without is:
a closer examination, and objective analysis.

The virus primary defense is in the fact that it is
so widespread in mans mind that it has been able to
surround consciousness,
and blind his thinking to its presence.
The virus is so powerful and now has such control over
mans mental processes that it is able to keep him
literally from even having any ideas, or suspicions regarding its presence.

The overall results of the virus activities
prove overall, beneficial to man-the-collective,
and its existence is commonly accepted and unnoted.
There have always been however,
a few individuals who, for some genetic reason,
have a particular and unshakable awareness of the virus,
but even these people have a difficult time in
pragmatically identifying and categorizing it:
doing so requires the up most in scientific skills,
but again the virus protects itself by creating
a specific blind spot in mans thinking
as concerns any attempted study of same.

A man who undertakes to investigate the case of this virus
is without any useable text books, or instructions,
this is not to ignore a plethora of self-proclaimed same,
but the only ones that survive
are ones that the virus has allowed to survive,
which, (need I note), it has sanitized & neutered.
Since the virus cannot be seen,
(much less extracted and examined in a lab),
it can only be studied by each person
as it exists, and manifests itself in him.
This sort of medical detective has for a lab — only himself,
and his sole methods of investigation — that work! —
are those he fashions for himself along the way.

For the few: nothing equals the excitement & pleasure of the study of the virus (except of course, a m?nage a trois with a couple of Pasteurs granddaughters),
and nothing else of which the human mind can conceive
proves so nearly impossible, (but — Hey!
the rules were already here when we showed up to play).

If somethings buggin you,
and you figure you’re one of the few,
what it is is — the virus,
and you’ve been told more today than youre
supposed to know,
plus the fact that you knew it all already,
adds up to the opportunity for
solving this medical mystery for yourself, (to wit):
Why do I keep thinking that what I’m thinking is me? —
— the virus, Frank! — its the virus!


another highly amusing aspect of this case is that:
what a man-who-knows — KNOWS
is not what those who want-to-know
THINK they want to know.