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A Failure to Communicate

Begin: I have presented to you in the past (and if you see it on your own you should not talk to yourself about it in a dogmatic fashion) one has not basically changed since they were a teenager. In spite of all our work here it seems since you were a teenager, you have not changed and almost can’t change.

I wrote a paper at one time that from one view it is only one thought out of a number of thoughts that wants to awaken. This one thought (ex. self remembering, stopping thought, being mindful) is in opposition and distinct to the other thoughts (ex. I am too fat, clumsy, forgetful etc.) The other thoughts are not specific although it can happen.

005:00 The one thought that wants to awaken finds fault with the other thoughts. (In today’s news I used the metaphor prosecuting attorney as the one thought and citizens as the other thoughts.) In essence the thought that wants to awaken wants to replace every other thought. It is the one thought (prosecuting attorney) wanting to hold the upper ground against the other thoughts (the citizens.)

When you can suspend thought for a second (constructively speaking) it is as though you can focus your attention to an unusual degree. You seem to be more alert and alive as long as you can hold it. And you prefer this to the other thoughts. It is like make believe awake…Or…it is not like the historical extraordinary states that can last for a day or longer.

Wanting to awaken from the “one thought view” is, I insist, more valid than any of the great mystical systems because it is in your face and is about as close as you can get to describing what is really going on.

10:00 after I did the “one thought view” I found this next idea more instructive and closer to reality. Picture there are literally two people in you. There is you “X” (the one who comes here mwf nights and wants to awaken) and you “Y” (the one who has no interest in this and is a face in the cowherd and is no better or worse than anyone else in the herd.)

The ordinary do not have a you “X” (one who wants to awaken.) It is potentially there but the ordinary do not nourish it.

This next part is slippery. Person “X” (who wants to awaken) and person “Y” (the face in the cow herd) do not communicate. And both of them would dismiss this. If you can see this it will explain a lot.

15:00 Several thousand years ago this idea (X and Y do not communicate) was covered by the Vedic writings and Karma. If you can see that person X’s attempt to change person Y through Karma’s eyes then you can see that the attempt is useless. Past actions do not change.

20:00 Karma is paying for your past actions. This is better than saying there is nothing you can do about man Y. One breaks the grip of Karma when one recognizes present actions were caused by previous actions. But that too is in your mind.

Man X and Man Y cannot communicate because they are never there at the same time.
Man Y may point out things about Man X but if you turn and look real quick it all disappears. It’s a dream.

25:00 Man X does have “some knowledge” of Man Y but Man Y has no knowledge of Man X. Man Y does not know that you (Man X) comes over here on MWF nights.

(I thought that may wake some of you up.) It is a waste of time for man X to know anything about Man Y. It’s noise.

30:00 the man X (who wants to awaken) has hounded man Y (who has no interest in awakening) about how dumb, angry, and bullheaded he is but it has no effect. One reason it has no effect is because man Y does not know man X exists.

35:00 Every time man X self remembers etc. man Y will skedaddle out the door. The problem is you keep trying to change that which can’t be changed. When man X tries to be more conscious the world is big enough for everybody. When one is man Y then one other person on this planet is too many because they are going to disagree with you.

40:00 Man X (who wants to awaken) has been living with man Y (who has no wish to awake) for thirty years. Man X shows up (self remembering) and finds fault with man Y’s clumsiness, forgetfulness etc. and swears he will not let man Y back in the house.

Has man X ever went “Hey, wait a minute” I don’t seem to be having any effect. It could be the twentieth time today in the twenty first year and man X shows up and man Y is out the door. I find this very enlightening.

45:00 So apparently you can’t do anything about anything… except… remember Karma may have you for the moment and if it does it is in your mind. But if you break free of Karma and are free of what you reap it is also in your mind.

Consider there are two people in folks like us. These two people do not communicate. Listening to me say they (X and Y) do not communicate with each other you know it cannot be true. I mean you can listen to me talk about both of them. But it is true. They do not communicate with each other.

50:00 To see this is something for you to know and realize you don’t know.

Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

February 7, 2001.

and perhaps:
The Strangest Aspect Of The Entire Case:

Everyone is their own Prosecuting Attorney, AND
Honest Citizen;
everyone has a part of their mind that accuses,
and everyone is also the person that gets accused.

In the physical world, the State,
(representing the collective interests of all the people), has a Prosecuting Attorney who brings charges
against those doing harm to the common good,
an activity supported by upright citizens,
but dreaded by malefactors.

In the non-physical, inner world of mans mind
exists a parallel situation, but therein are all
parts played by a single person — you.

In the physical world,
a Prosecuting Attorney is elected by the people;
in the mental world, no one knows how he got the job.
In the physical world,
the people have representatives who
make the laws the Prosecutor enforces;
in the mental world,
no one knows where the laws come from.
In the physical world, the portent of prosecution
keeps most potential miscreants in line;
in the mental world,
those to trouble-born appear oblivious to threats,
and in the physical world, if one does stray from the acceptable norm, rehabilitation is always a possibility,
while in the mental world,
the inherent trouble makers seem incorrigible.

A shallow survey might proffer the explanation that
the laws are an inheritance of prior generations —
which does not answer the question of where
theirs came from,
which then leads many supine minds to the
ultimate fall-back-position of a supernatural force
being the original source of all the rules of conduct under which it seems required that man should live,
and in such scenarios,
mans own divinely-installed conscience IS the Prosecuting Attorney.

But any consciousness-producing-brain-activity
worth its cellular name & heritage
clearly understands that such explanations are but waiting-room distractions that it itself has concocted
to give the mind something to do until,
until you develop your own doctor who can
see through such expedient symbolism, and
into the heart of things as they tangibly be.

The few who actively try to solve this case
feel the effects of being both the
Prosecuting Attorney, and the Honest Citizen
more poignantly than their peers,
and this ostensible inner dichotomy,
(known under various names), is in fact
what fuels their investigation.

Historically, the most commonly talked about approaches to solving THE CASE,
answering THE QUESTION, and
have been: stopping-thought; self-remembering, and, being-mindful —
all being the same thing, and
all being unrecognized descriptions of the place where at the assumed crime is being continually committed,
but they are not the solution to the mystery,
nor the answer to the question
— understanding their essence & presence IS.

The Understanding that blows the case wide open is this: there are not two different people in your mind, feelings, brain, or anywhere else;
the Prosecuting Attorney, and the Honest Citizen
are the same person — you.
They take turns being you —
this is what supports the sensation of them
being two separate people.
Why has it not struck you as curious that they never
appear together at the same time?
The Prosecutor always arrives
just as the Citizen has fled,
and the latter only returns after the former departs.

What is there to stop thought, but thought;
what is there to remember self, but self,
and what is there to be mindful, but mind?!

But the case is so slippery that vaseline was named for it, cause if you try to explain all of this to the Prosecutor, (when he is present),
he can understand what the words are describing,
yet the concept completely baffles him,
and if you tell the Citizen that he and the Prosecutor
are the same person, he can only shake his head in amazement that such an obviously insane idea is being seriously submitted to him.

Although being alive can be great physical fun,
everyone feels at least a tad disconcerted
regarding their inner, non tangible tango;
many relieve it via religion and the pretend belief in
being supernaturally forgiven for their
unknown transgression;
most just accept the feeling as being part of the cost of being alive, and doing business.
Only a handful of people are ever seriously interested in the affair, and become entangled in trying to investigate it — notice, TRYING to investigate it,
for only a spoonful of the handful ever discover what actually constitutes the proper investigation;
many THINK they know what it is they
want & need to know,
but their advance thinking of the matter is always
There is no crime that needs to be investigated,
and prosecuted, but rather —
— an investigation and prosecution
in need of same.

There is no answer to the question:
Why is life like this?
only to the never asked question:
Why do I ask this question?

you work eight hours in the blazing sun
for the one split second when
5 o’clock comes.


In resum natura:

The benefit of consciousness is that you can do
two things at the same time;
the irritation of consciousness is that you
do two things at the same time.


The name of the tune is:
the lyrics tell of:


Even if you can’t wake up in one big gulp,
each week reduce by 10% the amount of time you spend being stupid, and asleep.
The Cut-By-10 Approach.


What you think you like & want,
and what you think you dislike & don’t,
are both driven solely by your thinking.

The Identifying Cry Of The Wild Routine-Person: Oww!! Why does everything I like have to change?!


The only thing more inane than talking about yourself is talking about other people
.(or maybe its the other way around?!..)


When one man who seemed to know it all was asked how he knew it he replied: I don’t know.

Its nice to be told the truth for a change,
even by a guy who knows everything.

Charity only EXISTS at home.
The charity that is done for others must be done,
and is a result of your temperament;
the charity which you extend to yourself comes about only through a willful effort based on your acquired understanding of — how life works.

Everyone’s mind is a one trick pony
….except for those who learn to ride bareback.