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2638_013101 This is tape #2638 recorded by Jan Cox January 31, 2001 
Notes by CF

Brain Cells and Fancy Hats

Begin: I wrote a new story but before I give it to you I wanted to bring this (the following) up. The greatest teaching in the world is religion. Of course, it is not what people ordinarily think it is. From the aborigines to world leaders religion or the idea of God is everywhere and from the ordinary view it is an absolute fairy tale.

You miss the whole point of being alive if you don’t realize by now that everything men do has some meaning. No species operates in a foolish manner or they would be instinct. So what purpose is religion or the idea of God? Fear of death and the tribal instinct are reasons psychologically speaking. (Tribal Instinct being the forerunner of nationalism)

0500: Here is what I am pointing to. You can take any religion. (The collective mind of life is the reason we have different religions. It is normally referred to as different cultures. The collective mind varies between groups and cultures and religion or the idea of God is one of the primary ways you can see it). Take the religion you grew up in and take everything the group’s spokesman (from the jack water preachers to the Episcopalian minister with a degree) says about God and what God wants us to do and replace the word God with the mind and you got it.

I am not speaking about the biblical story of creation and the progression of consciousness that I have brought up before.( I used in the past that the “in the beginning was the word” and that term was the beginning of the voiceover or the inner dialogue and they called it God.) I am not referring to that. I am referring to something much more direct.

Do not listen to the dismissive thoughts of the jack water preachers (ex. Those guys don’t know what they are talking about). Rather than that just replace the word God with the mind. Once you see it there is no better teaching. It is as though the whole world wants to awaken and it’s a camouflage.

10:00 It is almost as though these jack water preachers and Episcopalian ministers with degrees are trying to hide the fact they are trying to figure out the mind so they called it God. Metaphorically the whole God thing was man’s description of what was going on in their head.

Rather than taking it as “God wants you to do this” it’s the mind of man talking right through man’s mouth. The mind will not let you call it mind. It calls itself God. It has done it for 6000 years. Anything you want to know about the mind there it is. Ignore your criticisms of religion and God (The mind will defend the mind when pushed) and there you have the mind in some ways I would have never thought of.

15:00 The president who prays on his knees for guidance (which may be foolish to you), there is the human mind trying to analyze itself right out in public. It is almost as though the human mind does not want it publicly known what it is doing.

The human mind is part of the collective mind and the collective mind never dies. The collective mind is pushing some 5000 years of scratch writing about God. These brain cells of the collective mind are a continuation of Socrates brain cells and they are trying to understand themselves. These brain cells have not succeeded in understanding themselves. So these brain cells call themselves God so they do not publicly embarrass themselves. And the brain cells keep adding to the story with definitions of God as unknowable.

20:00 Who do the brain cells think they are fooling? Yet the brain cells fool us and the us is the them (brain cells). What is striking to me is for the brain cells to listen to all this crap. (ex. God wants this and God wants that, and God wants me to wear a hat.)

Assume you are listening to a jack water preacher. He is not just speaking for himself but is a reflection of a larger subculture group. The cellular activity of this group of people talking about morality is the mind talking about itself.

The brain cells know what they are doing. (Those little devils) I am loathed to analyze this for you. You should do it.

I am telling you it is the best most comprehensive system to awaken. To see what is going on in life is right there in every hot headed, hair brained, know nothing guy that stands up anywhere in public and says “I tell you what, God has been talking to me and I tell you what he says. It is so crude and in your face it is striking in some ways I have never even thought about.

The mind is musing aloud and that is all it is.

30:00 It is the same thing we are doing in trying to awaken at a denser level. It’s the mind asking “what the hell are we doing?” A greater stage of consciousness would be for consciousness to be fully aware of what it is doing.

My new story is about a school of monks. The school is several hundred years old. In the beginning it was a one garment school but an inner discipline had developed around the ritual that the garments and the sequence of colors and layers were a symbol of hierarchy and understanding. The myth was if you could chose the right sequence of colors and layers you would wake up.

A stranger stopped by one day and after thanking the monks for their hospitality told the monks he thought they were missing the point in their rituals of layering garments. He said what would cause awakening would not be the garment’s sequence of colors and layers but the garment of awakening would be a single garment.

40:00 In the beginning it was a one garment school and now hundred years later it is a multi-garment school. Is that not a metaphor for what your own mind does?

45:00 Which brings us back to the question “How can the mind do this stuff (make stuff up) when it must know what it is doing? Cellular activity works in hard science. The more complex your understanding the more you can manipulate the physical world.

But when looking at the internal world it is as if I had just a little more understanding I could understand the human mind. I do not know of a more ridiculous statement.

50:00 You could say the answer is to just be your self. But what are you going to do with that information? The ordinary mind would say you don’t want me to do that. But if you were yourself you would not be confused. It is the one garment approach.

Another way to look at it is “Don’t pretend to know things you don’t.”

55:00 The human mind cannot avoid that (Don’t pretend to know things you don’t).

60:00 Comments about life such as “people are not as decent as they use to be” is just life saying “here, wear this necklace, etc to break the monotony.

Wear only one garment. The stripping down to a single garment is the “you” without mechanical thought. Being awake is not monotony. Refuse the fancy caps such as one that says “I understand modern art.”


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

January 31, 2001.

Another day with its own name;
a month of days, exclusively identified;
a year of months, boasting its own private number.
What a universe we live in!
What a universe lives in us!
All filled with words and number sand words
and numbers and words and words, and words.
Can you just imagine how much we must be
envied by, black holes, brown dwarfs, novas,
and especially all the neurons who went to
all the trouble to fabricate the self in you
that seems to be reading these words,
and who now is the only one who ever gets any
credit for any of this.
Hey, its good-d-d-d-d to be king!
…even if the title is concocted.

But, anyway;
here are fresh updates for consideration by your,
royal noggin.


Certain men feel they have been kidnapped —
and are being held for ransom;
two small problems:
they do not know who has kidnapped them,
and they are not clear on what is being demanded
for their release.
Oh, one more thing:
they are not even positive who it is that has
been snatched,
(but they still feel vaguely certain that
some sort of crime has taken place, and that
they are somehow involved.)


Only the simple believe that men argue & fight about ideas — men argue & fight about genes.
Men do not want enlightenment because they feel unenlightened, but because they feel irritable.
Thats why simple seekers will give up rich foods, alcohol, hard labor & the riotous life in the name of gaining enlightenment — which is not their actual aim; what they really want is simply to feel better.

Anyone who seeks the understanding
for any reason other than the
mental pleasure it brings, is a fool.

Everyone who seeks the understanding
starts out with entirely different reasons.

Query Revisited: If trying to do this doesn’t give you pleasure — why do it?!

Anyone who expects there is more to life than is
physically apparent, is a fool in a handcart but,
he who still does not LOOK,
misses the most fun of being human.
The closest thing there is to, a-point-to-life
is discovering the territory & meeting the natives
where the idea of life having a point originates.

Mind in man is a wandering lighthouse —
searching for the source of the light.


Had we grown up in a different universe,
every name adam tried to give to a thing
would have been met by objection, (for instance):
he said: That is a, cat, and god would have said:
No its not, and when he pointed and said:
That is, up, god would have said: No its not,
and when he said: All right: that over there is
fallacy, god would have said: No its not,
and when adam said: Okay: this stuff all around us
is the, environment , god would have said:
No its not, until adam finally would have said:
So why did you tell me to name everything if you are then going to tell me that every name I apply to something is not the right one?!
I don’t get the point?! and finally god would have grinned, and said: Now youve got it!


The non sexual reason that ordinary people prefer to live with another human being is so there is someone in bed with them each morning when they awake from night time dreams to reaffirm that they are
somebody — other THAN — just their body.
(E.g. she rolls over and says:
Good morning, George,
and George again has some apparent,
outside evidence of his George-ness.)

The soft, social sciences were created by mind
in the attempt to outfit ghosts in something that
seems more substantial than sheets.


Everyone believes in something,
and no matter their culture,
everybody believes in the same thing: Thoughts.

There is nothing man can believe in but thoughts.

Thoughts believe in themselves;
some get carried away and worship themselves.

Everyone believes in something — except a man with
the understanding;
his thoughts have been slapped into reality;
he knows that a cat is not actually a cat,
but he understands why it is called one —
everybody else does not.

With the understanding comes the
understanding that all references a man makes to himself, (in past, present or future contexts),
turns him into a misnamed cat — in his own eyes.
Too bad god was not around to correct your initial
naming faux pas, huh?! but he could not have been,
he was the one feeding you the names.
Taking seriously the naming-voice native to your mental-garden only nourishes the
undergrowth therein that chokes off the possibility of new, non standard, neural flowering.
The safe bet is : Listen to no one — ESPECIALLY —
— you-know-who.

……………(Shhh — he might be listening.)


The whole purpose in seeking
the understanding would clearly seem to be
to have your questions about life answered,
and the truth is that it is your questions about life which keeps you FROM understanding:
your irrelevant, meaningless, dumb-ass questions –
— and it doesn’t matter how well versed your thoughts are in the metaphysical, or how appropriately mystical your questions seem,
they are all stupid, meaningless and dumb-ass!
that is, if you really want to find out what
is going on in this universe.

Quote: A man
who constantly thinks about the knowledge
is my kind of man.

One who, after twenty years on the case,
never thinks about it at all,
is NOBODY’S man.

(p.s. A man who knows what’s going on can recognize
what should not be taken literally.)