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2634_012201 Tape # 2634
Notes by CF

Suggested Headings:
A plague upon your mental house
Collective mind and second reality
Looking without and looking for trouble
Living in a hut on a mountaintop metaphorically

Begin: Some of you suspect that there is a mind or a “collective mind” with which you are saddled. Some of you may have found it on your own or are struggling with it. And it is your view there is some difficulty in ever altering the way “your ordinary mind” operates.

Picture the angry thoughts you had when you were 15. The thoughts could have been of who knows what. Those angry thoughts are still the same thoughts you have today and you should consider they may not be altered.

These despised thoughts with which you are saddled do not give a shit that you despise them. I assume you know what I am talking about. There is a specific method to deal with these thoughts that would be a “plague upon your mental house.”

Let’s say the “ordinary mind” had hostile thoughts over people who complain. (Ex. god damn. Why are people always complaining?)

05:00 You cannot stop the thoughts and you can not reform the thoughts. The thought seems valid. Let’s say your “ordinary mind” had complaints over other peoples whining and that your “thoughts’ speak of those people as being asleep. Let’s say that is a common thought pattern.

If you are trying to awaken you would have to know by now that is a waste of time. At the very least and at the very worst it is something that will keep you from being awake at the moment.

Reads: Rather you see it or not all criticism of life is sleep.

Critical thought patterns are normal and ordinary. Within the grip of “ordinary thought” every criticism of life is a snore. Whatever despicable or justifiable thing your thoughts or decent people pick out to condemn then you are normal and you are asleep.

Regardless of the thought or thoughts they are serving some survival purpose beyond the broad range.

Back to the example of the thought “Why are people always complaining? Understand and see it for yourself. It will come to you or I do not think you would still be here. Beyond what your thoughts are saying it is serving some meaningful purpose. It is serving a survival purpose. You can look at complaining as being life having men warned one another.

10:00 From one view the primary purpose of the human mind and speech (Speech is an overt form of thought.) is for men to warn one another. Herd and pack animals have all kinds of warnings. Animal warnings and our ancestor’s warnings who hunted the saber tooth tigers were contemporaneous. When the danger is gone it is forgotten. Contemporary humans can sit around days later and can bring up a danger that our saber tooth hunting ancestors and animals would have long forgotten.

What drove the mystics crazy about the mind and what they called being asleep was the mind being bored. Since the mental activity cannot make up anything new and when the mental activity is off duty what it most commonly does is complain.

Your thoughts can get angry at this mental activity but it does not mean it will stop the thoughts from doing it. Just because you criticize it does not mean you don’t contribute to it. If you look and realize people whining and complaining is a form of warning it will set you free. You either see it or you don’t.

15:00 A warning about a backache or a bad doctor (Your thoughts may say “Oh quit complaining.) But if you suddenly have back pains and you did not know what to do then suddenly the complaining could indirectly help.

Hers is the point. Everything humans do, it arose from some meaningful, survivable behavior. You can have thoughts that hate the complaining but that does not mean your thoughts don’t do the same complaining that the other thoughts hate.

You may get your thoughts to become less active or who knows what but you will have great difficulty in eradicating any “thoughts” that have taken up residence in your head.

20:00 The cure is whenever a criticism of life or yourself pops up in your head, if you just look it will hit you they (thoughts) all have some meaningful purpose. Complaints and criticisms are all driven by survival and the less we are living under pressing survivable threats the more the specific complaining behavior seems meaningless.

Reads: As far as I can tell people trying to wake up are the only people in the world who have any thing to think about or talk about that even comes close to fitting a description of being original or even individual because what we think, what your mind thinks, the ones you were born with, I am telling you they are simply an outgrowth, a direct outgrowth of the survival instinct or survival need.

Thinking about this, talking about this, would be the closet a human could come to have anything go on in the brain that is “not” part of the species wide instinctive survival needs. When you realize where everything else (complaining etc.) can be traced (survival) then that is the end of it. Those thoughts can come back and start to criticize but when you realize their origins they disappear. You do not have to wrestle with those thoughts.

You are no longer engaged with the thoughts. You simply see what the behavior is and for all intent and purposes you are through with it.

25:00 One can be distracted and in an ordinary state and somebody starts to complain and your thoughts start to complain about the complaining and before it barely gets started you are free of it because you know what it is. You no longer try to suppress the critical thought, explain the critical thought, or try to stop the critical thought.

Something else I would like to mention. Not only is a man wasting his time if he looks for the “Great Understanding”, The Truth, Etc., if you look outside yourself (without) you are wasting your time.

I can see it easily but it took me years to see it. Not only are you wasting your time looking for the Truth etc. without, you are also looking for trouble.

Mystical literature is full of stories of living in a hut on a mountain top, Adam and eve, the flood, and finding the Way. There is an archetype but I give the first guy credit that came up with the first story of God speaking to man. They knew what they were talking about and they meant it metaphorically.

30:00 Metaphorical stories, (that comes from a mind like ours) when read and studied later were taken literally and seriously. Hence you have people living on mountaintops in a hut looking for the Way.

Something else this one guy understood. Not only are you wasting your time if you look without (outside yourself) for the Truth etc. but you are doing nothing but asking for trouble If an ordinary educated person read that I would expect him to take it seriously and criticize it. He would think it was an attack on life.

35:00 If one looks without (To find the truth. Get to the bottom of things.) (It is something you do on your own.), you are going to find one thing only. That is trouble.

The exception to the above is a personally satisfying hobby in life that you can do without an audience. (Guitar, Sketching, stamp collecting etc.)

Looking without is the manifestation of the collective mind. The collective mind of man is always looking without. The collective mind’s original purpose is survival.

We are not threatened externally today except maybe disease. We can look without with much greater awareness than other animals. We can remember, discuss, warn and alter external conditions. The looking without is necessary for survival.

In the conditions which we now live, people’s main interest now a days are things of the second reality. Eating, sleeping, and getting out of the rain are instinctive or first reality. Today we live primarily in the second reality and when we look without we look at what people are talking about. We are discounting physical threats.

40:00 At the conscious level when there is no physical threat and we do not expect a physical threat, if you will notice your instinct keeps glancing around and without. You may not be aware you are doing it.

People do not kinda do anything. There is a reason behind it all.

If you are looking without (discounting instinct looking around for external threats or a personal hobby) to try to awaken you are looking for trouble. You are looking at second reality and you are a dead man. The first reality is survival.

45:00 There is nothing in the second reality that deserves criticism.( I could see politics as a hobby but I do not want to give some of you an excuse to be idiots. You would be at home discussing it with yourself.)

There is nothing of objective value (to waking up) in politics, history, or literature.

50:00 If you cannot pick it up and put it in a box and put it in a closet then it does not matter if you are for it or against it. If you are for it or against it you got trouble. You have got grief. And it is useless and in our case detrimental.

I can see, whenever the first guy that wrote the story about the mountaintop hut first, he understood if you look outside your hut and if you know what is going on in a sense you live in a hut. You are not against life. You do not crusade.

If you see some guy in a restaurant talking politics and your thoughts are critical of it, you see it for what it is. You do not crusade against it. It is no longer your problem. The thought can pop up but as soon as it does you remember what it is and it is just gone.

The second reality in life with the two exceptions, (Hobby and Survival) (A good hobby should not interfere with waking up.), if you look seriously (literally) you are looking for trouble and that is all you will find.

If you are pro or con (And it does not have a direct threat on your survival or health) you are looking for trouble and it’s useless.

Looking without is the best the rest of the world has for a mental pastime.


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

January 22, 2001.

Many of my numerous and passionate fans say to me,
(say they): Hey – Valucchi,
what can you tell us specifically about getting a superior handle on what life is up to — you know,
without getting all bogged down in details,
while others in my vast audience of
ardent adherents,
(known in The Bay area as: Glueheads), say:
Yo — Valuch, would you stop dancing around the
edges, and just spit out at us directly
what it is we should be looking for.
Well, as B.T.Parnum said: I guess this about
proves conclusively that you cannot
safely store wax figures in a burning building, *
and — do all of you boys & girls recognize the
applicability of that observation vis-a-vis all the stuff
you found piled in the attic of your house
once you became sufficiently acclimated
to the conditions of this planet to go up there?
So — since all of you have long ago already
ventured up there — and found the place unacceptable in its current state —
hows about you all stand up; turn around four times;
look north; touch your forehead; curl your tongue;
cross your eyes, then cry out in a
pretentiously impassioned voice:
Oh, Great Valucchi — lead on!
Lead on, you trusty husky.
(Did you remember to bring your mental snow shoes?
As they begin to melt, last years old neural juices
tend to be viscid, [leastwise lifes arranged it sos theyre INTENDED to be] — but Hey!
if youre still bothered by what life INTENDS for men — what the hell are you doing reading this?!

But, now on to the customized News for this Monday.

(Today’s stories can be umbrellaed under
this sobriquet,
[pertinent to a more thalamic pugilistic approach]):

Things You Can Count On If You Don’t Care For
The Count Youre Getting From The Referee
Life Assigned To Your Match:
(and don’t forget to wear a protective cup both below,
and on your head —
since I’m prepared to hit an interested man anywhere.)

If you’re thinking about it — you’re on the right track;
if you’re beyond thinking about it
— you’re really cookin.

One purpose of speech is to warn others,
and complaining can be seen as a form thereof.
From this view, things that can be criticized as stupid, like preaching about what god wants men to do,
can be seen not as stupid, but as
valid survival techniques.

From this overall view then,
the only thing stupid is in not realizing that
all behavior has at root,
some meaningful purpose.

All talk about art is talk about talk.
Everything said about any aspect of the second reality is just — talk-about-talk.

If you cant put it in a drawer then what you’re always talking about is merely — talk-about-talk.

Don’t waste your life looking for THE KNOWLEDGE without,
and don’t look for needless entanglements & trouble
without — for indeed,
that is all you will find from looking out there.

When you try to say what you are,
what you really are recedes from you.

A son asked a father: Does the greatest torment in ordinary mens lives come from their failure to be concerned about THE MATTER? and he replied:
What care would you have over Thursday
if you had never heard of Thursday,
or did not understand what it is, even if you had?!

In your brain,
for the cobra sane,
is all you’ll ever need.

take a snakes course;
a cool disposition, and,
straight like an arrow.

About The Mechanics Of Getting There:
The method is cold its execution, torrid.

Every day a father would enter the sons room and say: What is this?
Day after day, year after year he would say to him;
What is this? —
until the boy finally got it.

Believing that A KNOWLEDGE exists
keeps you from it.
(yeah, its ratty — but that’s how it is.)

Anything that can be explained
is not part of THE UNDERSTANDING.

A man visited an Exterminator and said:
There is one question I want answered, and that is:
Why the unbridgeable gap between how
everyone says life should be and how it actually is;
can you explain this external contradiction?
and after a silence the man said: Well,
aren’t you going to answer me:
can you explain this contradiction?
and the Exterminator said: I just did.

Getting THE UNDERSTANDING is one thing;
to keep it — stop chasing rabbits.

Resistance is ignorance.

When you have THE UNDERSTANDING — you disappear.

By the way: THE UNDERSTANDING cannot be understood, and if you do think that you understand it,
then you do not have it.
(yeah, even more rattiness — but it can’t be helped.)

Todays Road Marker:
Life wants men to be concerned about each other,
and about the future of humanity — but —
— SO WHAT?! Whats it to you?

There are two distinct foes to getting THE KNOWLEDGE:
“You read my mind,” and:
“What the hell you talkin’ ’bout?!”

A man who believes he has “accomplished great things”
has accomplished nothing.

No one takes GETTING-THE-UNDERSTANDING as seriously as
the person trying to get it.

Only those who don’t-know
want to talk about it.

Does having THE KNOWLEDGE empty your yard?
Not necessarily —
but once you recognize the omnipresence, persistence, and significance of dust,
your fanatical housekeeping days are behind you.

What profit can be derived from
rejecting your bequeathment?!
Twould be a foolish fish who failed to recognize water.

THE UNDERSTANDING shows you how things were & are before your mind perforce,
turned away from how things are.

And it is not accurate to say: Welcome back home
for it is scheduled that mind takes every man from his animal place of birth to
where his life as a mortal must be played.
extended the journey to its present ultimate:
they see where mind has taken man.

Those who bemoan having gone from G to H
do not grasp the geography-of-the-inevitable,
nor the reward of its realization.
All are prisoners in the jail of reality —
but because of understanding this
those with THE UNDERSTANDING are free —
free to do whatever is possible for prisoners to do.

When you realize that you can referee your own life, (leastwise the bouts that occur solely in your head),
you will be pleased to discover that after:
7, 8, 9, comes: Get up — you’re free to go now.

The “truth” is outdoors — THE UNDERSTANDING, not.


* Forget: There’s a sucker born every minute,
and consider rather that:
Mind is an endless purveyor of lollipops —
flavor: distractive.