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2633_011901 tape #2633 January 19, 2001
Notes by CF
The Secret Knowledge or Just pretend to be somebody else.
Neural Activity, The illusion of gain, Cleansing.

Begin: Stories of the secret knowledge and variations of the story have afflicted us all. I do not need to know which stories are in your background. All I need to know is the nature of the mind which is all this is about. The idea of the secret knowledge, the strangeness and origins of the secret knowledge are always hidden somewhere in space or in time. I was afflicted initially because the nature of the mind was to “gain” the knowledge of the teaching.

The story of “There is a group of men living in a hidden palace on a mountain somewhere and that through their willful meditation they keep the universe stable.” I can make it sound funny but I gave the idea some credence initially but not enough to go looking for it.

05:00 The idea above of a group of men is strange but it is not as strange as the idea I brought up last time. (Pretend to be somebody else.) Several of you got a good dose last time which was highly pleasing. The real strangeness is the cellular activity in your brain is wanting to be another person.

Reads: To be awake is to be another person.

You can forget all attempts to achieve another state of mind and “Pretend to be another person.” Just keep it up. Just be something other than who you are. Just forget the descriptions of what this is and just look and see the whole thing driving this is in the neural activity in your mind wanting to be another person. It could not be any stranger than that. It is in your head and not out there behind some rock.

There is a low intensity desire in everyone to be somebody else. I do not mean a specific case of hero worship.

10:00 It is not totally accurate to say consciousness wants to be another person. A more accurate description is “the cellular activity wants to be something other than it is or do something other than it is doing.”

The neural activity creates this me in me so it is not totally inaccurate to say that consciousness wants to be another person. If you discount the sex and procreation desire and look at fashion, haircuts, clean clothes and then look at consciousness it wants to be another person.

It is almost impossible for the mind to see it because “the wanting to be another person” constitutes the mind.

15:00 Your thoughts want other thoughts to feed you. If you can see and follow just that it can reveal the truth about everything. Once again disregard stuff like books for growing wheat. Your second reality wants someone to write a book so you can read it and not have to write it yourself.

Most of your thinking is redundant. It has already thought everything it can or could think.

20:00 “You”/the consciousness in your brain (that we take as being our self) is wanting to be another person.

Reads: Wanting to awaken is wanting to be another person.

Cock your head just right and it is obvious. How can you weasel out of that? I will tell you. (Here is a man’s mind reacting to it.) No, I want to be me with a different knowledge. .Can you see the cleverness? If you had a different knowledge you would be a different person.

The enlightened consciousness, if you are wired up for this and can see this is not all that different from ordinary consciousness. How can that be? To be enlightened is startling but it is not. Yet there is nothing else the mind can make of it.

People believe they are trying to attain a new state of consciousness. Call it what you will. You the cellular activity in your brain wants to “gain” something that amount to knowledge. Through the knowledge you hope to “gain” the new experience. So what you are after is some sort of knowledge you don’t have. Metaphysical, mystical or hidden knowledge, if you had it you would be awake. So there is something you do not know. That is the way the mind works.

25:00 You start out thinking there is something I do not know and I am working on it. Most people do not get past this point. There is something in the mind of everyone that there is something I do not know and want to know. People like us are the only ones who feel the hunger bad enough that you try to do something about it.

It took me all this time to realize that there is no knowledge, not in the sense, there is something you “get.” It is more like you cleanse yourself of that illusion. I do remember everything I thought I knew but now it is in another room. It is no longer part of my thinking.

But you do not learn anything except what we are talking about this second. (What?) See you missed it. How can a thing that does not exist, it is an operation not a thing, believe it is going to get knowledge it does not have to change its being when it has no being?

To be thoughtful, to read a book, to listen to anyone but me and I tell you not to listen to anybody and I tell you the secret exists the same way the mind exists.

30:00 “I know I am asleep and I want to wake up.” People never investigate what that means. If they did you would never hear from them. Once you see what it means you are rendered speechless. I do not know anything. Well, I know one thing. I can change the key and hide it in a melody but it is the same thing.

There was a time I could picture a monastery with students being told there was no chance to awaken until they had read the 10,000 volumes of secret teaching. I could understand it. The students were having fun. But that is not getting to the bottom of it.

35:00 It is astounding there is nothing to be known. I do not know more (than the one thing I keep referring) than I did when I started. I knew more, was writing more, talking more but not one word was of any use except you had to have it. Now I realize I didn’t know anything. What everyone is trying to do is be somebody else. To be somebody else in consciousness is to not learn new stuff. Leave the learned stuff in another room. It is astounding that everything you do is in the opposite direction. The study of Zen, Sufism, or on your own, it does not matter, taking in new info is like eating too much and you have a stomach ache and you still want more to eat.

40:00 How can you want to be another person? What is going on with life? This is how I entertain myself. The same cellular activity responsible for space travel, underlying that, is the cellular activity wanting to be other than it is. Cellular activity in the brain cannot be transplanted like a liver. It is activity that calls itself you. For what purpose does that “you” want to be another person?

“You” might say it looks around and sees people in a better position. In times of war you might want to be a bigger and stronger person. I won’t argue that. But consciousness in non physical matters such as being smarter (if you don’t watch it that is what the mind will say) well you can learn new facts. You either get it or you don’t.

This “you”, this cellular activity, this electrical chemical flow, is manifesting itself right before your eyes and is wanting to be something other than it is. It is reality. It drives everyone. There is no reason. There is no answer. This intangible consciousness that no one can hold in their hand, which stays in your head, how does it aspire to be someone else?

50:00 Wrapping it up. Just pretend to be somebody else. Start right now and do not ever stop. Change your voice and when you are by yourself talk aloud in that voice. Never say anything about yourself in the past. Do not profess to believe anything you believe. That is all you got to do. You know what to do and it is almost like you do not want to do it You tell yourself it will probably work and you will probably not do it. I am more embarrassed about it than you folks. If you do it you will get better and better.

A pretend life is an awakened life.

Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

January 19, 2001.

There was once a family who, taken as a whole,
was an unruly bunch.
One of them was particularly
disturbed by their condition,
and one day read that they could be different
if someone with his attitude was in charge.
He then endeavored to take control of the brood,
but with less than full success.
Some times he would take center stage,
and get everyone else’s attention,
and for a moment everything would settle down,
and be like he thought it should be,
but most of the time it was still near chaos —
nothing but pointless moving about,
and endless, meaningless chatter.
Everyone outside the family
took its life to be quite normal,
in that their own was similar,
but no matter how natural and ordinary
the family’s life was accepted to be by everyone else,
that one member was never satisfied with
its collective life,
(even though his view failed to ever prevail therewith).

Note: Although history records him under sundry names,
this one figure is always the source of
all of mans metaphysical interests,
and his prying around in his consciousness.
Note II: You know you are in the correct struggle when the automatic opposition to your aim
is universal, relentless and overwhelming,
and there are no earthly signs to indicate
a good chance of success.
Note III: If this figure is truly a natural member of
your natural family
then any questions of opposition, encouragement,
or odds against success are entirely irrelevant;
you do what you must do;
you do what being alive leaves you no choice but to do.

Doing it and trying to succeed at doing it
is the only thing you can do to
make your life acceptable to you.
(Hey, it could be worse; you could have been born
with an irrepressible desire to be an accountant.)

Why does anyone want to be President?
Only two possible reasons:
you either want to show that
you are stronger than everyone else,
or that you are smarter than everyone else.
Now apply this to the,
I KNOW WHATS BEST AND I WANNA BE IN CHARGE member of your mental family, and ponder its motivation in wanting to make the other thoughts/family members submit to its hand.

Many say they want to MAKE-THE-JOURNEY,
but few ever ask themselves — Why? —
specifically — Why? —
the answer to which is the completion OF the journey.

Sitting atop his horse, as he surveyed the
animalistic sight spread out before him,
a cowboy mused:
No one is IN CHARGE of a herd;
I know that I seem to be,
but the weather is as much so as me;
thunder can move the herd much faster than I can,
and the aroma of fresh grass from a distant field can keep them moving far past my most vigorous exhortations.

I am not in charge of this herd — that is an illusion,
and one which can only be maintained via my own
self indulgence in pretending so.

No one is IN CHARGE of a herd;
it is in charge of itself.
I realize that in rational, mental, mortal terms
this cannot be so — but how else to explain it?
The herd undeniably seems to have a
singular life of its own;
a collection of many different, individual cows — yet,
— seen as a whole,
the herd itself appears to have an existence indicative of
a single, living creature,
and as he was deeply engrossed in
pondering this matter,
someone called his name, and he
immediately turned his head toward the sound,
and instantly forgot about the whole affair.

Ships plough the seas,
but do seas ever say to themselves:
Agh! I’ve been ploughed!

Thoughts plough your mind,
but do you ever use your minds capacity
to say to yourself:
I am being ploughed………… what else is new.

When looking out of the windows in their house,
men’s view of the world outside
is determined by the activity going on inside.

Most people live in a house, full of activity;
always busy — always noisy.

Most of the time, most of the activity going on inside
has no direct relevance to what is going on outside,
most of the time, most of the people in the house
tell themselves that it does.

When it is cold outside — they turn up the heat inside;
when tempers rise inside — they see anger without.

It all fits!
It all, by god — fits perfectly! — Yep,
until you go outside yourself,
and look back at the house.

To those who don’t-know,
life is like a jigsaw puzzle that wont go together right;
life is not like anything except what it is.

Truism Update:
No man is an island — every man, a herd;
no man a cow — every man a collection of cows;
a collection of cows will decimate an island,
suggestion: de-collect yourself.

The body has many nerves;
many cells;
many feelings, and many hungers.
Question: If a single tree falls in a forest,
and too many are there to hear it —
how will the multitude ever come to
any agreement as to the actual sound it made?!

It is not uncommon for those who
do not yet KNOW,
to want to be alone;
those who do know — have no choice.

There is only one way to get THE UNDERSTANDING,
and if you do not presently have it,
then whatever you are doing to get it,
must not be it — huh?!