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2632_011701 tape #2632
Original date: January 17, 2001
Notes by CF
The collective mind and the Last Weasel Hole
Pretend to be somebody else in public and in private.
Turn the ear of consciousness into the tongue of consciousness.

Begin: I want you people to join me in my private and personal outrage and astonishment at a particular thing I know. Before I do that there are a couple of things from the ordinary world. It is a review of a book from an intellectual magazine. This has nothing to do with the book.

I do not know how often you people have an awareness but there is a collective mind. I do not mean God and all that shit. Without this whole herd of humanity awareness none of this makes sense. If you can see this collective mind all of this makes sense.

The book is a history of Joseph Stalin, not that the name matters. He caused the death of 20 million people. He tortured and imprisoned another 20 million people. He killed most of his immediate family and most of his wives. “The Story of a Family” was the title. The author attempts to give an intimate portrait of the man in order to contribute to an understanding of dictatorial producing situations, the ability to identify dictatorial temperament and perhaps interrupt it.

It sounds fine until you think about it. There are not that many openings for a dictatorship. I assume you know if a dictator decides to retire in the middle of his killings and they put a classified in the newspaper there would be no shortage of people who would apply.

But still if you take the book and identify someone who may have dictatorial traits that are pointed out by the book and you say “I believe my little Hubert when he gets old enough will be a dictator, then, What are you going to do about it?”

Another story in the news is about two thirteen year old boys in a Southeast Asian country who have been leading a rebel group. They had pictures of them with machine guns and smoking cigarettes. The thirteen year olds believe and their followers believe they are semi-divine and they and their followers are immune from serious harm.

I have a picture of ivy leaguers somewhere having a conversation about this story. It would go like this: What would cause two thirteen year old boys out of six billion people in the jungles of Southeast Asia to believe they should lead a rebellion and are bulletproof? How does this happen? Then the ivy leaguers would say “Well, It is not just the children, the adults believe the semi-divine thing also.

None of this makes any sense. Do the children decide to believe they are bulletproof? Do the adults approach the children and ask them to be their leaders? The closer you look the more it begins to look like a fraud. It is not an individual fraud and there is not a real good punch line to this. The reason I set it up with the ivy leaguers discussing it are that you look at these children and the adults and this belief and it does not make any sense. Do you think enough adults would believe this? Did the adults tell the children that they were leaders? How did the adults convince the children if the adults started the belief?

10:00 Even a thirteen year old would question the belief that he is bulletproof. A thirteen year old kid can fall down and scrape his knee and it hurts like hell. How can he be bulletproof? It makes no sense. You can’t look and say it started here or it started there. It started nowhere. It was the mind of life doing it. That is why there is no real punch line. That is life. There is no beginning or end. That is what the news, gossip, and history is. That is how the mind deals with the reality of things. You have to select something and speak about it.

Such as there are six billion people in the world and suddenly the news says out of the myriad of choices “Today in Cambodia two thirteen year old boys claimed to be divine and bulletproof.” Their followers also believe it. How can it happen? If you want to get to the bottom of it, you don’t say “How do you explain “THAT”. You cannot explain on the basis “How do you explain “THAT?”

Out of all the things I know there is one. It explained the first sixteen years of my life. My mind just pulled it out of life. Just like the two thirteen year old kids mentioned above, my first important view was I am asleep and I want to awaken. For a long time I was prepared to do anything. I was prepared to go to the other side of the world to awaken. I always thought there would be a magic switch to hold it permanently.

It is not a switch but I know how to do it. It is simple. You can start immediately and there is nothing to stop you from doing it. The astounding part is what I want you to join with me. It is the outrage and astonishment I mentioned earlier.

15:00 I was prepared to do anything (to awaken) and I know what to do and want do it on a permanent basis. Everyone involved in this activity who wants to awaken I know how to do it. It will work for anybody and it will work for you. Skip what you do to affect what goes on in the brain, Skip what you feel. Skip your temperament. All you have to do is pretend you are another person and someone different from you.

(In a silly voice Jan begins to talk. “Hello, my name is Hubert Nelson. I am very shy. I worry a lot. I am very religious and talk to God all the time)

(Back to normal voice) All you have to do is pretend you are somebody else. And you are awake. What is going to stop you? I have slipped it out on you people a couple of times. (RE: Talking aloud to yourself) This is the ultimate method.

If you talk to yourself willfully it will put you in a whole new state of consciousness. The problem with the method is you think you have to stop when you are out in public. Doing it aloud, I have found is the most efficient.

If I keep talking can I tell if I am awake? It is like tap dancing trying to look at the bottom of my feet. If you stop and ask “What kind of state am I in if I keep talking?” the state is gone. At least try it driving home tonight. It appears you cannot go out in public and do this method. Here is what you can do. Here is the full version. Just decide from now on I am not going to be me. It is easy. Walk differently or talk wit a lisp.

20:00 If you want to see how hard it is to wake up or if you want to see the inertia of the universe pretend or appear to be somebody other than who you are. Pretend to be somebody else and you are awake. No one looks at it that way. That is what it amounts to. You are not you anymore. You are not you in consciousness. I cannot personally find a way to bring that (you are not you in consciousness) on with no effort. This is a way to do it with a minimum of effort.

Just act like you are a different person in private and in public. Talk differently, do not say what you think (views and opinions), and pick a new name. .Just do enough to where you feel ill at ease. The inertia of the universe is stacked against us. We do not want to do anything that is not us. Us being humans. You must know what I am saying. You are sitting here not doing it.

Just walk into a convenience store and use a lisp voice or walk with a limp. The limp is easy but when you get into the voice it will fuck you all up. Do not say anything that will reflect the views of the old me. .I do not know anyone who would do this. That is the outrage. Someone wired up to do this activity I could tell them about this (Pretend to be somebody else) and from my view I do not think anyone on the planet would do it or try to do it. When I realized that I was a long way from just starting.

25:00 “You” are not “you” is what being awake is. “You” in quotation marks. “You” are not “you” to start with. Not the “you” “you” thought “you” were and all you got to do is be a “you” “you” do not think “you” are and “hey” “you” are awake. I can see you (the audience) have closely weighed the odds in you doing this(pretending to be somebody else) and notice that none of you jumped up and ran out the door to do it.

I guarantee it will work. Here is the outrage and wonder of it all. Now that you know that pretending to be somebody else will probably work and I probably will not do it you should be as chagrined and outraged at life as I am. If you are not chagrined now then sometime later when you consider it.

I say you should not be ashamed but this is the exception. Even if you do not try it do you realize the difficulty in doing it? Why? I will use me as an example. Why is it when I realized it, (pretending to be somebody else would awaken me) knew it was true, and a second later that it was almost impossible that I would do it. Then a split second after that realized it is almost impossible for anyone to pretend to be somebody else in private and in public. Maybe that is why when people talk about those awakened states, which are not permanent, is all a man can stand.

I do not have to meditate, observe myself, or be conscious of consciousness. All I have to do is pretend to be somebody else in public and in private. No one will ever know. Even if they did people would just think you had a nervous breakdown. Trust me they would get over it the second time they saw you. You are walking a different way, calling yourself Hubert, your voice has changed, you are a conservative instead of a liberal, and etc. If you are Hubert and you are Catholic you should go to mass at least once…

But you have got to keep it up. Why would it take any more effort to be a pretend person than it takes now? You would have more energy than you ever had being “you.”

30:00 The old level of “you” expends all the energy available just keeping up the “you.” Just pretend and take on a whole new personality and as long as you keep it up you would be “awake.” You would not be “asleep.” Keep it up and within a week the idea of being ”awake” would be a reality because “you” won’t be “you.”

Why is it almost impossible to do? It does not cost anything. It does not take any time. If you say you are too busy “slap yourself.” Your mind may say otherwise but here is what it amounts to. You just decide to do it. (Pretend to be somebody else in public and in private.) This is just another view of the power and depth and range of your personality that “you” spent a lifetime putting together. You can dispose of it and come up with another one instantly just because you decide to.

Everything everyone with this aim has wanted from Buddha on down there is the method. (Pretend to be somebody else in public and in private.) I could post on a website that I had the method to awaken and could teach you how to do it. Do you think anyone would be happy if I told them if you do not want to be “asleep” pretend to be somebody else in public and in private. If I asked them if they believed that it would work, if they had any insight there would be a whole lot of hemming and hawing.

When you pretend to be somebody else you are doing what you are doing. You are just doing it as somebody else.

Do you figure that anyone who thought of this that within seconds figured he could not or would not do it and that is why you never hear of it?

I have been living with this, knowing what I know and this is the only thing I know that is surefire. Pretend to be a different person. You can do it now. It is not illegal. You can drink and eat the same amounts. You can say “Big Deal” except it is the biggest deal in the world. You can self remember and hold it for a while but I can tell you how to bypass all of that. Pretend to be another person. I can guarantee you it will work. I can not guarantee you how long it will take but surely if you kept it up for a day and exploded each little piece would have a smile on it.

40:00 Try it. Just keep talking to yourself. You have to talk to yourself to keep up the façade when you are alone. You cannot start thinking like someone else. If you could think like someone else you could wake yourself up without all that talking. As long as you are talking “willfully” then you have overtaken the voice of consciousness. You have turned the ear of consciousness into the tongue of consciousness. You have forced yourself from your ordinary state. Assuming you do it alone you have to keep talking. It is the only way to keep it up.

Be watchful of this. There is something literally in you that resist this “pretend to be somebody else” for no reason. You cannot come up with one good reason “why” you should not act like someone else. What difference does it make? I am not saying to behave untoward. Why does it seem you should not do it? You can feel it. What is not right about it? It is not illegal or immoral. It is like almost every cell in your body is rebelling. It is like stretching the reality of you out of shape. We are talking about people with an extraordinary aim. Ordinary people would not try it. If they did it would not do anything.

45:00 Mentally you may be saying there are reasons not to do this. There is no reason. Try it. It cost nothing. Nobody in life cares. Your thoughts say “Wait a minute.” I am not being me when I walked into the convenience store and ordered chewing in a silly lisp. “You” are not “you anyway if “you “had gone in being “you.” People do not really care. None of it matters but it seems to matter.

50:00 It is almost like the weight of the universe is tied to the part of your brain that decided to do this saying “nah” and you fall right back in to being “you.” It is the way to stay awake and there you are back “asleep,” being dissatisfied with you. If you pretend to be a different person you are not dissatisfied with them because it is not you. If you think you are you, which is also an act and is life imposed, you take it as being “real.”

I hope you have listened because I want you to join me in being outraged and embarrassed. Either that or you will go out and do it and I want see you again which will encourage me.

52:00 {Reads} This might be the last weasel hole. Even if it works like you said do I want to be awake and then be somebody else awake instead of me awake? That is when you know you are dealing with a world class chump.

I want you to know who the opponent is. Being asleep is being serious. Death is an exception.. The part of you serious about death can not talk anyway. Being deluded is being serious. HMMM….(Jan says in a silly voice “I will have to think about that.”)
(Back to normal voice) It is a relief not to be you that keeps saying it is you.

“The International Society of Those Who are Outraged” now that they know the truth.

Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

January 17, 2001.

The whole point of this sort of thing is to
to have your own individual head,
rather than one that is just part of a faceless cattle herd.

An X-Ray man has x-ray vision;
to get-a-head you must have x-ray vision;
have x-ray vision, and be able to SEE THRU EVERYTHING.

The light only shines right now;
for a man who can stand, there is only right here.
for a man who can hear, it only says THIS,
and for a man with-a-head — its all DOWN BELOW.

At the bottom of everything is
everything you want to know.

At the bottom of mind is the bottom of everything.

Only the headless take credit for themselves.
There is in fact, much that only the headless do:
predict the future; remember the past;
explain their motives, and the purpose of life;
criticize, worry, whine & complain;
talk seriously about matters about which they know nothing, which includes all matters that you cannot put in a sack, which are matters that no one can ever know anything about, since mind makes such matters up, and there is nothing TO know about made-up matters.well, other than knowing that they are purely — made-up. …oh yeah, and a final thing:
just talking about yourself in general.

QUOTE: Ahh, the headless have ALL the fun!

If the goal of this kind of thing is to radically change your mental & emotional habits,
then the most efficient approach would be to
get right at the root of the matter,
and change — who you seem to be.
Do not just pretend to think & feel differently —
pretend to be a different person entirely,
and ergo — your thinking & feeling habits will automatically change with no further effort required.

QUOTE: Okay, dammit! — so its NOT my real name –
– so what I’m not my real person either?!

The automatic flow of thought & emotion
that runs endlessly thru consciousness
helps shield a person from ever having the
opportunity to ponder:
Who is it in me doing this thinking & emoting?

To have the capacity to think,
and then not use it to study the nature of mind
is to be a man with a thirst by a drink machine
with only a thousand dollar bill.

P.S. if you don’t understand what this means,
you have no change coming.


A man working to GET A HEAD is —
in his own consciousness — a gang of one.

P.P.S. When you have turned being alive
into a totally new game,
getting your own head renders you constructively —
headless after all.