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Notes by CF

Begin: The next few nights are going to be about a series of things that are simple to see. Even though we are all different people, with our nervous systems all programmed differently if you can persistently see for yourself ( what is to follow) you could not stay in your state of ordinary consciousness. It is not the sort of thing that is just floating around. It shifts everything if you can see it for yourself. It is this. What every one takes as being conscious in the ordinary sense everyone takes as an active act and it is passive. With a difference and that is if someone is knocked unconcious, from the ordinary view it has rendered you passive and when someone regains consciousness, they call him conscious. I say to be conscious is to be purely passive. What is being conscious? It is part of your brain listening to another part talk.

05:00 It is one part passively listening to the other part talk. It is a passive phenomenon. It is not active. If you actually see it and if you can remember and bring on the awareness it will instantly change your state of awareness. When you are asleep or distracted, without any analyzation you take what is going on mechanically in your head as an active phenomenon. You catch yourself staring out the window and say “there I was asleep again” You treat it as an active phenomenon and you are the actor. You say you were distracted and it is not true. You have to take away the facade you are up to something in your head. Consciousness is not one thing. There is a voice in your head and something in you head is aware of the voice. We are arranged to take the voice as being us. We are arranged to take the voice as being an active phenomenon.

10:00 Your brain using your name says “I am conscious.” It is backwards. Your brain using your name saying “I am conscious” is passive. Ordinary people do not know that the voice is not theirs. You have no control over the voice and you are not responsible for its content. You do not think tomorrow I will turn off the voice so you cannot say having the voice is being conscious. When you are asleep or when you dream the voice goes on. When you are knocked unconscious the major part of the brain does not become inert.

15:00 Just having the voice continue does not constitute consciousness. There has to be that part of the brain that is aware of the voice. That is what a man means when he says he is conscious. When a man says “That’s what I think” he is not telling the truth. Every Time you do it you just keep yourself looking in the wrong direction. It appears that you give a report on what you think but you are reporting on what you heard. If you tell someone “Here is what I think” if you want to be accurate it is based on what you heard. Back in the 30’s and 40’s baseball was the sport in America. Most of the radio stations appeared to have a play by play of the baseball games. Instead of sending a reporter to St. Louis to cover a NY Yankee baseball game they would have a stringer in St. Louis and he would report the game by teletype. He would send it to the studio in New York and the reporter would read the teletype along with the sound effects of the crowds cheering and the crack of the baseball bat hitting the baseball. He was not in St. Louis. He was simply reporting. It made it more exciting. That is being conscious.

20:00 Instead of a radio announcer doing a play by play of the baseball game in St Louis from a teletype in New York, it is consciousness doing a play by play of what you think about life. How can people have it backwards? How can it be the whole world believes that being conscious is truly an active act? Being conscious is passive. The closest we get to being active in the whole phenomenon, I guess, is speaking. Saying “what you think” is a fraud. You are reporting what you heard. I can picture in my brain that there is a tongue in one part and over in the other part is a big ol’ ear. There it is talking to itself. That is being conscious. Take a step off the highway and consider “you do not really know there is a part listening. If the voice is not you how do you know if the ear is not you?

25:00 The voice is not you. It is obvious to anyone who is wired up to do this. It is my brain. It is in my head. But it is plugged in somewhere else. The talking part of the brain is not me. It just happens. So what are you saying? You are saying that the part listening is me. This is when it gets good. You have made an astounding observation.

30:00 You are saying two things. You are saying the part that talks isn’t me and the part that listens is me. But ” HOLD ON BUNKIE.” Where the hell did you get that the part listening is me.This part of my brain talking is not me. Other people take it as me. I do to but when I look at it, it is not me. One small problem. When did you decide to listen to the part of the brain talking? I am know more responsible for the part of the brain talking than I am for the part of the brain listening.

35:00 Where are you going to stand to see you are not the part of the brain listening? You can be the ear in the brain and see you are not the tongue in the brain. You can be the tongue in the brain and see you are not the ear. Once you get to the point you see clearly the voice in the brain is not you you have placed it all on the listening part in the brain. If the voice is not me I should be able to bring it under control. Why can’t I? Then it struck me. The part making all these statements such as “If its not me why can’t I bring it (the voice) under control?” then the part of you listening is not you either. In other words “Who died and made the listening part conscious?” If the part of you listening is not you then where do you stand? You can look over your shoulder and see the talking part is not me but the shoulder can’t look over itself. The realization in the beginning was that the talking part is not me, Where did you get the idea that the you that is saying “It is not me” is you? That is when you are stuck with the
shoulder looking over itself.

40:00 You have made real progress to realize the voice in your head is not you. But what are you using to not hear it? What are you using to realize it is not you? You are suppose to be doing this yourself. If you say that must be the real me slap yourself. What is it that realizes it is not me? That is the final frontier. What is it in you that can spot that this voice is not me?


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

January 12, 2001.

Life has programmed mans mind for success;
primarily to aid him in finding food,
then in the other areas related to his
individual survival, and thus that of his offspring,
herd, and species.
Via the mind, life prods man toward success in a manner,
and to a degree unique amongst creatures,
e.g. even after he has had enough to eat,
if there is nothing else pressing to do ,
man will continue to eat, well past the point of hunger,
even as his thoughts dream of yet other successes.

Thus, the obese couch-potato,
sitting with a bowl of chips,
his mind caught up in a tv adventure show
is, in a way, still striving for success;
he is getting nourishment, rest,
and daydreaming of activities that could some day
prove valuable.

In this manner is man again in a
superior position to other animals who,
once an immediate survival need is seen to,
will lay down, take a nap,
and forget about everything.

For some reason,
(experimentation, or oversight perhaps),
life produces a few people whose minds have
an innate hunger for something more than this;
their brains contain cells which, (to put the matter in
human terms, which we must do),
seek to comprehend themselves —
to realize their own essence —
to somehow reveal to themselves
the nature of their activity
which is their raison d’?tre

Based on your ability to TAKE IT,
this is either: a most challenging undertaking — or,
an impossible one.
(Reminder: only the weak take the binary way out.)

No matter your individual interests in life,
you will indirectly and inescapably assist
the human species in its success and survival,
and the neural consciousness in the majority of men’s
brains is likewise programmed to have this
as its exclusive concern.

In a minority, it is not.

When the success of the herd is an overriding,
even if, unwitting concern to the individual cow,
it experiences a pressure of unimaginable magnitude,
and I say, unimaginable advisedly in that
since this is the natural condition for ordinary cattle,
none are aware of its specific presence.
Although men do make mention of being under
stress and pressure, they do so only in the context of
some discreetly identifiable ephemeral condition,
while never being conscious of an ongoing pressure to succeed that is with them from birth,
and is a constant in their life
well outside the normal bounds OF consciousness.

All well and good,
for what has been described thus far is simply the normal,
though ignored nature of routine existence:
you do not exist merely for the purpose of YOU,
and taking seriously thoughts you have which say otherwise,
only confuses you —
misdirects your mind
to keep those pesky little neurons who want to
comprehend the nature of their activity from getting out of hand.

On this mass cattle drive
individual cow cortices are driven to say:
I am greatly concerned about nuclear waste;
world population; the rise in conservatism;
the return of the mini skirt
and cause the bovine medium for the sentiments
to accept them as meaningful comments about
matters that are of personal significance to that individual cow.

In case you haven’t noticed,
(I am about to employ theatrical sarcasm advisedly
in that the obviousness of which I will make note
goes entirely UN-noted by ordinary humanity),
in case you haven’t noticed,
life goes on regardless of what thoughts you
or anyone else have about it.
Life does what it does,
including furnishing you with the thoughts you have about —
— what it does.

Life WANTS men to think about it —
to be concerned for it — to worry about it —
to share the pressure of keeping the thing going,
but since it has six billion men on the job,
night and day, seven days a week,
it can tolerate a person here and there who
takes care of personal business on company time.

Life does not need you PERSONALLY to worry about it,(yeah, I know, this may come as a major bummer,
but you gotta face the facts);
it demonstratively needs the other six billions cows to
fret-about, and debate its health. and future — but —
it does not specifically need YOU to do so,
(in case youre interested — and can make use of
this information).

Trying to KNOW-THE-KNOW & DO-THE-DO, (that is:
to figure out mind with your mind & then
stand-on your own feet, (if you know what I mean),
is like being in a chess game with life;
a game that only you and it knows about:
the most fascinating,
make-up-the-rules-as-you-go game of
strategy and discovery imaginable.

Life makes your brain have thoughts;
your thoughts make you think what you do about life –
don’t you get it?!

Life makes your brain have thoughts;
your thoughts tell you who are —
don’t you get it?!

You play for life — life is your home team;
life makes the rules; life issues all the equipment;
life owns the stadium; pays all the salaries,
does all the hiring & firing, and demands in return,
your full mental allegiance —
it wants that you should worry about its welfare.

But remember: it has the complete mental allegiance of
six billion other content players,
and this universe is far too large a stadium
for it to keep track of every one.

Don’t you get it?

I hope you do — if you want to.