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Condensed Transcript

2629-January 10 2001
Notes by CF

Begin: I assume everyone has caught on about all I can talk about anymore is what I find entertaining. I assume it is having a pleasurable effect from your view. I try to keep a certain thing to a minimum. Talking to you, the writing on the website, I find myself continually wanting to say “Hey, It is simple as hell.” I am aware of what I say to you people and of what I write. I take into consideration of what effect it may have and whether it is useful, if it is a waste of time, or if it matters if it is a waste of time. I think back if years ago someone had told me, “Hey, It is simple as hell.” Well it is kind of annoying to say the least. Almost daily I would see some great picture, how things were connected and I would call it “I was trying to wake up.” I had to call it something. What I find entertaining now is what is it I see quite plainly that if I saw it twenty years ago surely it would have waked me up. I assume you know by now there is no metaphysical knowledge. I know about the caves and rooms full of books. The more you study secret books the more impressive they seem. That is why antiquities are always good.

05:00 What is it, if ordinary people saw it. It is not something you can hold consistently without blanking it out. It is that “the mind” does not consist of anything. Except when you’re thinking about it, then there is something there and whatever is there defies what I just said. I keep trying personally, sometimes more active periods than others, to never say or write the word mind. I say thoughts instead of mind. There is no such thing as the mind. By the way that is all you need to know to awaken. Realize it to yourself. There is no mind, there are thoughts. Thought is not a thing it is an activity. That is the line of distinction between knowing what is going on and not knowing. It doesn’t matter if you read metaphysical writings. The mind is composed of nothing. Mind is a medium for thought to take place.

10:00 When the activity of mind stops the illusion of the mind or thing stops .These anomalistic occurrences are called your moment of awakening. When activity stops and you realize nothing’s there then you understand the mind. You do not have to understand God, Buddha, life after Death or Zen. I assume you know that memories are not a thing. You cannot see a memory in a neuron. When we say I am Bill, Frank, Sue etc. it is the mind saying “Hey, this is me.” There is no me in there. There is not even memory. Not as a thing. This could be the reason that life has arranged that the mind never stops. This would also explain so called entertainment. It is like having the TV on and nobody looking at it. It is like life has arranged it that you believe your mind might stop if you don’t keep it going.

15:00 The conscious part of the brain, the part that does not talk to itself, keeps you alive. If there is no immediate, (always external), tangible survival problem the mind does not shut off. Why doesn’t it shut off? The quality diminishes, for instance daydreaming. It is almost as though that if the mind did shut down, life is afraid we would see the mind for what it is.

20:00 There is no greater example of life making men hypnotize themselves than them coming up with a term for an object of an actual thing doing the thinking.. Of course it fits. The brain is an organ like a liver but there is no mind in there. If you don’t see it, it is not true to you. You have to be lucky to see it. It is as though the thought you are having, it is going through your head, you can stop it and make it look over its shoulder and it sees what is going on. You can see there is no such thing as the mind. A thought has to do it.

25:00 Your thought can turn and look over its shoulder real quick, look down at its feet. Where am I? And you see what is going on and you see it is simple. There is nothing as much fun as seeing there is no mind.

30:00 It seems that the mind should be under my control but nobody believes the heart is under their control. Life has arranged things so that you believe you have control of your mind. You believe that you start and stop it.

40:00 How can men sometimes not be aware that thought is entirely automatic under ordinary conditions? How can men not be aware of it? Simple, they think the mind is a thing. That is how you keep from being aware of it. I find it highly entertaining or useful. As long as you think ”the mind” is a thing you will never get past the point of believing you don’t quite have it. What I have called and what people like us have historically called being asleep is the belief you have a mind. You are not as conscious as you could be if you believe that there is such a thing as “the mind.” Picture a continuous commentary from a radio as a non ending stream of thought. You look in the radio and there is nothing in there. There are no tubes, no transistors, no bulbs and no speaker. That is the mind. The case itself is the brain. Why can’t you see anything? It puts out continuous coherent sound like lectures, mathematics, life and death commentary. You open it up and nothing is there. And yet it talks and puts out pictures

46:00 There is no such thing as the mind. It is lacking reference until you see it. My belief was I was closing in on the secret and I suddenly realize there is no such thing as the mind. It is then as if it all cleared up. The box of the radio fell apart and there it was nothing. The source of all I was working on, all I had achieved, all I was about to achieve, it was like the box of the radio and all four sides just fell away and revealed the great truth there is no such thing as “the mind.”

Can you describe what you saw? Well, it was nothing. In what way do you mean nothing? What can you say about nothing? Metaphysical nothing? I’ll stop.

50:00 There is such a thing as thought. You do not know where thought starts and you do not know where thought stops. What is going on with thought is just as mechanical as your heartbeat, unless you are involved in some concentrated effort like being able to fix a furnace in the dead of the winter. The rest of the time you have no control over it. It is meaningless to be involved with thought. You can wrestle with thought, argue with thought, and ultimately try to stop thought. I even fall back and say wouldn’t it be nice if I could stop thought. I will hesitate to say to give up stopping thought. Maybe there is a way to stop thought. Maybe I missed something. If you still find it interesting to try and stop thought I say “press on.” I have about giving up trying to stop it. What are you going to stop it with?


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

January 10, 2001

As long as we are here in Converse, Nebraska
a couple of related matters could be noted,
(okay — one matter):
1. You’re as stupid as who you talk to.

Mans ability to live more efficiently by going beyond the confines of purely instinctive behavior
is due in large part to his singular talent for
verbal communication.
Each man does not have to reinvent the water wheel, or automatic transmission for himself,
but can be told how to produce one by somebody who already knows how;
men can also reveal to one another,
improvements they have discovered.
Thus is useful knowledge collectively shared,
expanded, and preserved.

Ergo, regarding physical matters:
You’re as smart as those you talk to — and
only a fool does not discuss things with others — but
when it comes to things non tangible:
You’re as stupid as who you talk to — and;
only fools discuss things.

A man with a faulty faucet is smart to talk to someone expert in plumbing, and would be a fool not to discuss with him, the best possible ways of repairing same,
but a man with unworkable ideas & attitude is stupid to talk to anyone about it,
(rabbi, guru, psychiatrist, etc),
and is a fool to discuss possible causes, and cures with anyone.

As always, in these daily reports:
my words are addressed to a self-selected few,
and have no relevance to ordinary people,
and their ordinary lives;
to them — obviously —
what I just said is insane, and simply not so.
The seeking of advice and instruction,
and the discussion of personal problems is a vital adhesive to binding together the herd of humanity,
but for the few with the irrepressible taste for
freedom, and inner individuality,
its another story, (the one we cover here).

1. The world you cant touch — mans mind made up.
2. Any problem had therewith is also — made up.
3. Any solution any man has to any such problems
is perforce — made up;
there may be nothing wrong with his solution,
its simply made up —
how can there be anything “wrong” with something that is — MADE UP?!

I say there: I don’t particularly care for
Prince Charmings attitude, or
Snow Whites political views, or
Muhammad’s description of God.
What are you — nuts?!.are you this stupid?!,
or do you just pretend to be,
like all the ordinary cows?!

Fact: In the realm of imaginary matters,
there are no experts — and even if there were
their expertise would be in matters imaginary.

Senior Fact: No one is an expert in altering consciousness.
Believe me when I tell you this
for I am an expert in the matter.

If you seek someone to tell you how to free your automatic and constricted thinking,
and you find someone who will give such instruction,
you will have found someone whose automatic,
and constricted thinking at least matches yours
in degree.

For example, let us say that you have a,
Consciousness I.Q. of 90,
the only people you will ever find who will apparently
talk to you seriously about raising your C.I.Q.
will be those whose level of consciousness is as
low as yours.

Only cows will hold meaningful conversations with cows.
Advanced Version:
Only the thoroughly bovine-brained
will engage in serious conversations with
other bovines regarding how to stop being a cow.

It would be an entirely different matter if one cow encouraged another to stop dreaming that it was
not a cow.

No one can tell you how to stop being you —
the you with whom you are dissatisfied;
no one can tell you how to stop being you
since no one knows how you came to BE you.
The person who will so offer to instruct you
does not even know how HE came to be who he is,
…much less you, so — forget about it,
unless you want to become even more confused
than you are already from
having such conversations with yourself.

See — NOW were getting to the gristle.

You’re as stupid as who you talk to —
and who do you converse with more than anyone in the world? — yourself —
that running commentary in your head that consists of
a voice in consciousness — doing the talking,
and an ear therein doing the — taking-it-all-in.

You don’t have to worry over being conned by some
slick, sham guru, who will mislead you,
and mis-instruct you for god knows what
nefarious reason;
forget about such nightmares —
you’re already living one involving just you, and the automatic ideas that life has so thoughtfully provided.

A man who says: I am asleep, and need someone to tell me how to awaken is ultimately an idiot;
a man who says: I am asleep, and I
KNOW that I am asleep, and from this knowledge
will teach myself how to awaken will prove to be a
twice fried idiot if he does not ultimately cease listening to the thoughts in his head saying this,
and turn what un-entangled attention he may have
to the investigation of the thoughts parentage.

So tis true for the few:
Being engaged in the inner conversation
is to be involved with the worlds dumbest activity.

If you are seriously listening to what is being said
in your head — regardless of the non tangible subject — you are not only normal, ordinary and sane,
but also an idiot, a moron and a fool,
and you will not find how to satisfy that
delightfully tantalizing hunger that is the
driving force in the lives of a few.

If you want an entirely new, and unobstructed view of what life is about
then don’t listen to anyone else
TELL you what life is about ,
and finally — and above all —
stop listening to whats being said in your own head
regarding what life is or is not about.

(if you’re gonna listen to anybody,
listen to your stomach or your hands.)


How curious it is to be a creature who can say:
“It is me,” and not know who says it,
nor how it occurs.

…curiouser still is to not be aware this is so,
and not be looking into the matter for yourself.

Why waste your life on other people’s say so.

The one who might know what it is that you want to know
is the one who does not respond to your questions.