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Notes by CF

Begin:  Something else came to mind I have used and never spoken of. Years ago, initially I felt a major realization was that if you could think differently than you thought. I went about trying to think in opposite ways. How I disliked so and so or how I disagreed with political opinion. Whatever thought came to mind I would immediately counter it with the opposite. I played around for a long time with that and wont say I did not get any benefit from it.

01:08  The real benefit I can still enjoy. It is not just taking the opposite view. Your temperament simply runs through your head. They are a certain pattern in each person.It has a connection to your temperament. It is just there. 

03:32  Lets say you are reading a paper or watching TV. Some one is  making a political statement. Your thoughts find fault. They criticize.

05:26  Some statement arises and your thought with some validity is mocking or dismissive.Your thought and the reaction in your mind  started somewhere else. The thought is based somewhere else.

06:36  Right quick, rather than you arguing with you, rather than confronting those thoughts,for example “Whom am I to Judge” is a very common approach.  There is a much more efficient way. It has a particular effect on the nervous system.

08:00  I am going to try to describe it. It is not trying to have a charitable attitude toward the person. Your thoughts latched on to this someone making this comment. This thought, before you are even prepared to stop it  comes into your head that is dismissive or mocking.

09:12  Rather than argue with the thought that pops in your head that is critical or dismissive of some other person or some scene I am witnessing I can take immediately another view. It is not justifying the other person. It is the attitude of being able to see “What is going on” in a completely different light.  Lets assume that you have thoughts that make a judgement. The example is not of supreme importance. You have thoughts somewhere, some sort of model of what would be real preacher.   So when an ordinary preacher  pops up you are dismissive. Thoughts  pop in your head and dismiss him. Rather than coming up with a thought to justify the guy, You look at him and realize if you did not judge this  then this is no more than a nightclub act.

14:00  You do not have to talk about it. There is no justification. I am not searching for some explanation. It hits me  this could be true.   If you take away the model you already had in mind rather than  judging this thought, see outside whatever the pattern (Model).   No further explanation is needed. It is the secondary world. It is show business.

18:34  (I picked religion. Religion is the closest public phenomenon to any struggle to awaken.  You can take any holy book, and it is a description for awakening, if you take it the right way.)

20:22 If you are judging, it is a self fueling, self adjusting process going on and like any ordinary idiot you have let some thought occupy your mind at that moment and you are criticizing.

26:01  Look at a news show. I realize it is not what they say it is. It is not a secret. (News shows sells advertising not news) If you notice you have got thoughts to which it might as well be a secret.You have got thoughts dumber than anybody who ever shows up on television. The thought will never learn that.

28:30 Whatever thought you have that is critical  just look at it. Just look at it as though it is not religion it is show business. If you look at it that way all of your criticism is moot of that one thought.  It is not justification. It is not reversal. You abandon the thought. Internally, step a little sideways. You do not have to rationalize it. Shift over a little bit not even a small step, minute, from this is religion to this is  show business. All I had to do was move it out of my thought that was babbling on about religion.

31:30  I am not looking through the thought that was being critical.  Shift and see it as show business.  Just barely move your head sideways a millimeter and there it is. It is a nightclub. It is show business.  People are not there to wake up. They are there to be entertained.

33:30   When you can do that it has an Effect on your brain. A kin to a small moment of waking up. I have no idea if I made this very clear. It is something you do.You have a familiar thought. You have latched right on to it. So familiar you might take it as you. Just a small shift sideways. It is a night out. I assume you see this.

37:30  You have thoughts and or a statement made about some activity. The purpose of religion is such and such. It is never that. It can not be.

38:20 If you can other than argue with the thoughts in your head, rather than justify, if you can take a step sideways, you see church as a nightclub without booze.  It will do something in your brain. It will do something instantly. I find it interesting that it creates a physical sensation.

40:14 A variation. They were interviewing some sports guy, signed with some team, in some city, because the lord urged him to sign. Your thoughts may see idiocy. Can anybody, rather than take that as idiocy, internally, move your head slighty from where that thought is? The whole scene is different. Same guy, same words.  You have scenes and your thoughts latch on to these scenes and it has some criticism with the same scenes, the same way, with the same judgement. And all you had to do was just shift and the whole thing is gone. And it does something in your brain at that moment. You can feel it.

43:24  Unless you are between thoughts, in some state other than man’s normal state you are always, to a varying degree, inside your head, looking at still photographs of the movie of life. There is only a handful of these photographs, representing a handful of interests, of some solid model you have in mind. Religion…Sports…Politics…Movies.. Each photograph has a statement on the back of it somewhere which has a thumbnail sketch It is some dismissive, critical description. If you are in that, looking at that photograph, you cannot be critical of you looking at it.You can not find anything wrong with it. The circumstances fit your photograph. It all fits. It can not be otherwise when you are looking at it.It is why you can not talk your self out of a thought.

45:05  If you could just change the repertoire, (ex. I like coffee…to…I hate coffee) if you could do that you would not be asleep…But you cannot do that, or I challenge anybody to do it. In a sense, it would be the opposite of being eternally mindful always being able to remember that you are conscious.  But I am telling you something you can do. Rather than taking the opposite approach, change your own thinking about the subject itself. I have never seen it fail.  Any criticism of any scene in life is not true. It is simply one one view. If you count a view as a degree there is at least 359 other views of same subject. They will come to you once you start doing it.

47:30  There is not one critical view that if you just move your head slightly it all boils away. Internally, you quit looking through the thought you are looking at the moment. That thought that is critical and dismissive. That is all it takes.  Move your mind a little. There is no physical description  because you cannot move your mind. You move your view. You get away from looking through that thought. It actually tickles the brain.

I still tell you the big one is to look around and be able to see. Do not theorize. Do not speculate. It is possible without any doubt that everyone on this planet could be awake but you. Which explains everything from any individual view. If that does not tickle your brain maybe I wasted my time tonight.

Maybe you have to work your way up.

50:31  What if everything that goes on,every idiocy, for reasons that have nothing to do with you individually, for the people involved, it is all a big show just to keep the people involved pacified.  Like a medicine show. You find out that with the local town folk you have to talk a certain way, walk a certain way, or they will run you out of town. You want have time to sell the snake oil.  All you have to do is do not argue with what is going on, do not take the opposite view, do not try to explain it away. Abandon the whole thing. Just ignore that thought. Turn your head a little bit and it is a whole other reality. If it does not make you a better person it will wake you up.

54:21  The end

Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

December 27, 2000.

For those of you whose attention may of late been entangled in other pressing matters,
may I remind you that most of what you are is taken up by body,
and it is a statement of obvious fact to say that its welfare is the primary concern of your most outstanding feature — your brain.
In areas both outside of your consciousness, and within the realm of thought
your brain is constantly surveying your external environment,
while monitoring your internal one as well.
Easy observation indicates that the conscious operations of your brain
has a lot of free time on its hands —
time not taken up with physical plant maintenance.
From this leisure potential has come man’s culture;
his creation of unnecessary, non tangible interests
which give his brain’s consciousness, pleasure.

If your brain’s conscious mind was overwhelmingly occupied with instinctive concerns,
you would think of little more than food, sex, and physical comfort,
and if your conscious mind was occupied principally with the matter of consciousness,
you would think mostly about thinking.
The conscious minds of ordinary men deal in a combination of the two,
their ratio shifting from moment to moment,
and in reaction to changes in the physical circumstances.
Individual men may show a natural attraction
to one of the two areas over the other;
the crotch over the mind, or vice versa,
and men of similar inclinations may group together,
and form cultures that reflect such preferences.
The minds of men who congregate at the corner bar are rarely concerned with
the same subjects that are on the minds of those gathered at the university’s faculty tea.
It is obvious and incontestable that
the minds of most men — most of the time —
are focused on matters of the body, and not the mind.
Merely glance at the sundry cultures, and readily see,
in their religions, literature, music, mythologies,
movie making, political and social structures,
living proof of this plain fact.
Its inescapable reality in fact lurks where you might not tend to look, (e.g.),
though the verb-mind of a professor at the aforementioned, Lipton-happy hour
is expressing interest in the intellectual reaction to his latest paper,
his real concern is about how its rejection could effect his tenure and income,
and thus impact his physical life and well being.
Only a few men amidst the collective herd even appear to have minds that are
almost exclusively devoted to things about the mind,
and it is nearly impossible not to be bedazzled by a species-wide mirage that
says otherwise.

Ordinary men do claim to have among them those whose minds are firmly focused on
studying the matter of the mind, such as:
philosophers, psychologists, psychiatrists,
but this is not so, (not in the sense pertinent to the special interest of the few),
and I do not bring it up for the purpose of promoting the notion of
me being correct about it while everyone else is mistaken;
its importance is in the fact that if you do not eventually distinguish in your own mind
the study of a factory’s product from the study of the factory
you will never get to the bottom of all this.

A person could actually start out this special journey by studying any aspect of himself:
his body, his feelings, or his thinking —
— All roads lead home —
but once a person’s sense of being alive is grounded to a certain extent in
their conscious thought,
that then offers the path of most immediate potential.
Trying to achieve a more awake and enlightened state of consciousness could certainly
be realized though the proper study of one’s physical existence, or emotional life,
but since it would be thought that was used as the instrument of study —
why not cut out the middle-man in advance, and from the outset,
turn your attention to the place where it must end up eventually any way?!
You do not wake up to the plain reality of things that is hidden behind the fancy version
by studying what you, or anyone else think about.
The subject to be studied is — thinking itself.
Only thought supports the dream world of an unenlightened man —
not any particular things that he may think about,
but just thinking — the operation itself.
This is what bucks off & tramples most would-be riders,
who will pick themselves up from the dust,
brush off their chaps,
and tell themselves more strongly than before of the importance of: “Knowing your bull!” but this is the illusion — all you need to know is:
The truth about all rodeos.

If you want to immediately start sharpening your ability to eventually,
then start now to ignore the thoughts that pass through your head, and instead,
pay attention only to the matter of:
“What is it that produces these things?”
I could frame the question from other verbal perspectives, but eventually all such inquires
lead to the same discovery, and I have simply framed it in as direct a fashion as seems presently possible for mass, random consideration.
No man can tell another what it will be like for him to be awake,
but you can be validly informed of this:
Being awake is when your thinking suddenly understands what thinking is.
I am telling you — out loud — right here in public,
The Big Secret, (always a safe thing to do):
being enlightened is not in understanding what “God” is;
or what, “Truth” is, or “Beauty,”
but is in understanding what thinking is,
(the others being but examples of its creative nature.)
For anyone who may have been interested in this kind of thing for some time,
but has been frustrated by a lack of meaningful progress,
here is a way to inevitably cause inner movement,
for things in you cannot remain as they are if you undertake a constant — relentless
turning of your thoughts unto the matter of thinking.
Do it as non verbally as possible,
and whatever you do, don’t give any attention to
the individual thoughts themselves;
ideas are no good for awakening — only thoughts about the nature of ideas.
And let me give you a closing tip:
there is no great: “Statement of the truth about thinking” that awakening brings,
just the sudden realization of what thinking is,
and how it alone is responsible for the world of dreams in which ordinary men
partially live — and take seriously —
but which the clear headed man finds merely amusing.

Knowing what thinking is
is knowing all there is to know .