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Notes by CF

Begin: Even though I understand everything, so to speak…Well, This one particular area…I still find it extremely interesting…And I assume you do too… Someone was doing a review, a literary work, a passionate attack on the idle rich.

01:10 It is not new. It is based on materialism, the upper class, the fall of civilizations, etc…Like everything else the mind talks about in second reality it is an outright lie. The people saying it do not believe it. It is a double barreled lie. They are pretending. They are lying and pretending. They do not know they are lying. No one (anyone) who attacks the rich would turn down being rich. No one in their right mind hates wealth. (no one points it out). It is common to attribute downfalls to materialism.

04:00 Once they create the reality (Materialism to Downfalls) they accept it.

05:00 The conscious part of the brain (after it fulfilled it’s duties in helping us survive) is trying to figure out the rest of us. That that is what trying to wake up is. A variation of that addresses my question of what is up with people pretending to hate wealth?

06:11 (I wonder if when I die and there is a hell with a language, they are not going to throw me into the pit with greed. It will be language just waiting on me. Worse than that, maybe they got a big brother called logic.)

06:38 But at any rate. People dogmatically dismiss wealth. They know they are lying.

07:31 The conscious part of the brain when it is off duty, is trying “to take the measure of man” Your brain is continually attempting to measure “you” and everyone else, and it can not. It has no basis for it. The first time it hit me…”That’s Not True” The conscious part of the brain does measure man. I ask you, “what are the most common measures that the mind takes of man?” The most popular? (measure of man) I would say athletics…physically…sexually…territorial…the instinctive.

11:00 They are measuring people sexually and physically. (The physical prowness..the health..attractiveness for women..a potential adversary…) You are trying to measure yourself. Am I passive, weak, unly, or are others aware of the above?

12:40 The conscious part of a person’s mind is trying to measure man on the basis of a football game…How it went?..If you get past these two physical aspects (physical and sexual) how do you measure man…Yourself..? Can you measure man?

13:20 Leave sports and look at all the other distractions (Novels, Gossip, The News)that constitute second reality. You can look at them as the attempt of the mind to measure man.

15:55 I see it as a distinct, useful view as opposed to others I have used, that the verbal mind is continually doing is literally trying to measure “you.” One more time, let’s discount the physical (instinct, glances in the mirror). The rest of it is man continually talking about themselves to measure themselves.

17:53 You can look at it as the basis of wanting to get attention (the childish view) or they are attempting to understand themselves by talking aloud. Another way to see it is, they are attempting to measure themselves. That rhetorical question “What do we have to measure ourselves?” I propose we have nothing.

18:45 I could call being asleep that frantic, thus while futile search for something to which to measure oneself and there is nothing… Back to opening gambit… That is why men will so thoroughly denounce using wealth for what a man is…. HAH…. How Unspiritual..That is not what they dislike. They dislike that it does not work… Remember we discount looks and physique. That is too close to instinctive. Beyond that the mind is continually looking at itself and other people. It is one part of our brain doing this. We are carrying the load for it… What we call us…

20:00 The frontal lobes (cortex) are continually attempting to measure everything else about you and what does it have to go on?…Nothing…And whatever it appears to have to go on , it made up…Back to wealth…No one dislikes wealth…That is not what they dislike…What they dislike is not a fit measurement…Why do people denounce social position? (Uppity People) They denounce those above them. (From their view)

22:00 Would they swap places with them? What the mind is denouncing, is venting its frustration that how can I judge, How can I measure, The rest of me? In a sense it is the conscious part of the brain trying to establish it’s position in everything? .. Even after 3000 to 4000 years of known history I say the conscious mind and the way things are in life, even today compared to 3000 years ago our physical environment, what we have made of it, I say to you that the conscious part of the brain today has no more success taking the measure of man.

23:48 That is one of the basics attributed to God. The brain knows it can not.( measure man) … The 10 commandments…Made it up…It gave the conscious part of the brain something to hold on to.

25:58 But back to us… That there is some objective understanding…There may be, but it did not come from another man’s brain..(example: Koran, Bible) I challenge you, that the conscious part of the brain in us and in humanity as well, has nothing on which or by which to measure itself… And every time it tries, the only thing it has to attempt to measure it by, (social position, wealth) of measuring other people, (their intelligence, education)…People will hold up to pretense…(Like one of those Italian Parades)

29:51 Outside religion, outside pretending that you accept, even though it may sound intriguing, proper, to your mind, to your thoughts, abandoning the belief that there is some outside objective measurement has been made of man and made available to us (10 Commandments, etc.), that not withstanding, I challenge you again. Ask yourself. What does the mind have by which to measure man? (when you take away the physical). They attempt to measure artistic ability, intelligence, and social position. It takes up more and more of our time. We have more time to do it.

32:00 The conscious part of people’s minds believing that there is a worth in other people, that can be measured, that “you” cannot find in “you.” The mind keeps looking for someway to measure man. What are the measurements?

35:12 People get all excited about the Super Bowl…I am not attacking it… But one of the measurements…What a great book…what a great movie…Books, Movies, Gossip…It is all an attempt to say, for each person’s mind, to find a way to measure man…nonphysically…

38:32 Can you think of anything that will satisfy?…That is a satisfactory measurement?…A bunch of chess players, physicists, cosmologists…People will sit around and pretend. It is a big game of pretend, the second reality.They come up with other excuses but that is the primary reason I would submit for all professional associations. They may say it is to police themselves…They may take their own measurement. To get out you must get defrocked or quit playing the measuring game.

42:00 The mind is continually attempting to look for a way to measure ourselves…The idea that you are asleep…It would appear…To be a severe attempt to measure and severe dissatisfaction with not finding a reliable measurement. Because there is no solid measurement that the conscious mind can find that is non physical.

All culture is a frantic continuing attempt for the conscious mind to find some non physical measurement of man that is stable, reliable, and solid. That is what your daydreams are doing constantly. Critical statements, laughing at peopl, etc., its the thoughts, the conscious part of your brain attempting to measure you by somebody else and nothing works.

Being critical does not work. It does not make you feel any better. It comes out crudely in religion, proverbs, etc.,

44:04 Look at it in your own head and you will find a use for it. That what your brain is continually doing (being asleep, distracted) making judicial comments about these other thoughts, these other people…They will pretend…The conscious part of your mind is attempting to measure you.

46:17 But with us, we do not have anybody to even pretend to measure ourselves by…Ordinary people, even though they can not do it, the brain has nothing non physically by which to measure itself. It pretends and until pushed people pretend they do. Collectively ordinary man pretends. A common pretension that are judgements (measurements) are solid enough that we can compare ourselves by them in a more favorable light.

I say that people attempting to awaken, part of it is, they cannot even pretend. The more you understand it, you know you can not pretend. You also realize there is nothing by which my conscious mind can measure me, which is also at the heart of me saying that “no one knows what being asleep is.” If you say you do that proves you are asleep.

50:00 I say from one view, what I (we) call being asleep is an awareness, the inability to pretend otherwise, on a constant basis that part of your brain, that has a continuing, inescapable awareness that it cannot measure, non physically the rest of you. Whereas ordinary people, the conscious part of their brain, they can not either, but they pretend they do.

51:45 I say that once you get far enough, when you know what you’re doing, you realize that this is solely a solitary operation. Even though we meet here, there is nothing to measure it by… You cannot measure yourself in the sense of waking up with anybody else. People try to. They have no more solid measurement of man than anybody else. I could say that is one of the attributes of being less asleep is to realize that.

55:00 Trying to awaken is that conscious part of the brain trying to find a solid measurement. And there is not one outside of you. We (people like us) are not able to pretend. We try, we have tried, but you are not able to pretend, but there is no support and what you have to realize is that there is none… The conscious mind knows more about us physically but not the non physical part.

Being asleep is the inability to pretend sufficiently and the struggle to awake is an outcome of that frustration.

57:00 Their conscious mind has no measurement of man or themselves, but they pretend. They go along to get along…But not our brains…To be enlightened, sometimes called the full knowledge of oneself, is to have the reliable judgement of me non physically. Consider, we are no closer than we were 3000 years ago. You are no closer than when you started. Doesn’t that suggest something?

Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

December 22, 2000.

To, “be asleep” is to pretend to know.

In Bolivia today, my pontiff,
in the port city of Goniff;
home of Jockomo Fee-Neye,
who, in Spring of ’59
proclaimed himself the sole author of
Euclid’s fourteen most popular axioms,
an assertion that chronologically,
some say — doesn’t add up.
But we are not here to rehash some
obscure mathematical debate,
no my friends,
no one knows why we are here —
which is just how it should be,
in that no one really knows why they are anywhere —
THEY just won’t face up to it.

Take a seat,
and prop up your feet,
right there on paraguay
while I tell you some stories.

To “be asleep” is to pretend to know what
“being asleep” is.

Wanting to awaken,
(as its fans call it),
is the world’s only game in which the participants
do not understand the aim, nor their starting position.
Anyway you slice it — this is astounding.
But it gets even better —
they pretend they are not aware of not knowing.

If a mans problem is that his foot hurts,
he will undertake podiatric treatments until it is well.
If a man is incapacitatingly depressed
he will solicit pharmacological relief.
But those few women and other genders who
carry the banner: I am asleep, but wish to awaken!
feel themselves also to have a problem,(being asleep)
but one for which there is no clear diagnosis,
and thus no exact treatment.
oh yeah, almost forgot to mention again
the additional aspect of them not being aware of
what I just noted.
Oh sure, everyone who says that they are
struggling to, Awaken from sleep, or,
achieve Enlightenment from ignorance, or,
be Liberated from captivity
believe they know what they are talking about,
but all they know is
about the words they are employing
to talk about a situation that is unknown to them.

Every person wired up to someday become attached to the ideas supra certainly FEELS that something is not right with them,
but it is clearly not back problems,
to be treated by surgery,
nor are they crazy,
to be nursed by psychiatry, or psychopharmaceuticals,
and they each initially believe that they do have the correct identification of their problem,
and after a bit of looking about,
believe that they do find a teaching, or teacher who can furnish the curative treatments.

First things, (if not first), then at least, eventually,
(and in this instance that should be you
honestly asking yourself):
What IS the problem?
I know that I confidently say that I, Want to wake up,
that I am sick of, being asleep,
but what do those two terms actually mean to me?
Forget whatever I have read or heard about them —
what do I personally understand them to mean?
and the truth is — you don’t know.
And don’t feel embarrassed — no one does,
and for you to finally realize it is a cause for rejoicing,
not embarrassment.
Shame would be in never recognizing this.

The most obvious follow up comment to the above
would be to note that no problem can ever be solved
until the problem itself is correctly understood,
but in the sport-of-the-few
the game is much richer than that,
for just realizing clearly that you do not understand at all what the problem is — IS your cure.

.didn’t you tell me that you have a cousin
in La Paz?.

To be Enlightened — don’t PRETEND to be Enlightened;
and to be Enlightened — don’t say that you are not.

Let everything you do
be genuine to you.

Do not say to yourself: I am asleep
when you are lying —
you do not really — personally —
know what that means,
and by you saying that you are asleep
without a personal, genuine knowledge of
what that means,
you make the condition you refer to — worse.

Examine every thought that appears in your head
to see if you truly, know-what-you-are-talking-about
if you let it speak.
Certainly do not say aloud such,
but even more importantly,
do not take any ideas that show up in your mind,
if, by instantaneous glance,
it is obvious that YOU
KNOW what the hell they are talking about.

The trickiness is in the fact that your brains operation
is constructed such that the thoughts that speak in your consciousness are automatically listened to
in your consciousness,
and thus are they automatically — unquestioningly —
accepted by YOU (in gigantic quotation marks!),
as being something that you know,
or else the thoughts would not be there
in YOUR HEAD! (now would they?!)

Ahhhhh — but its slick!
Trickieran a bolivian tryin to see the sea.

But if you stay aware of what is going on in your head,
not, “what you are thinking,
but, what is going on in there —
and you take advantage of a special capacity for honesty
that is unique to those wired to awaken,
you can stop pretending and being dis-genuine.

If you want to:
it is easy to see, and then acknowledge that —
you mostly dont know what youre talking, OR
thinking about.
Try it —
take a quick glance and admit it:
you don’t know shit —
you and everyone else just pretend that you do.
There is nothing wrong in this,
for without it, life as we know it would collapse,
(and mans second reality, disappear altogether).

You can never wake up, see the light & be free
if you cannot be honest,
and there is but one form of honesty:
the admission that beyond knowing that:
those are your fingers on your hands,
that you feel sad,
that 4th Street is two blocks east,
that beyond knowing such as that,
you do not really know anything —
and neither does anyone else,
including experts in their respective fields,
(which is why men made up the notion of,
experts, and fields.)

But your only solvable problem is your lying,
not the harmless variety of others;
stop coasting along with the listening part of your minds passive acceptance of
whatever its talking part may say.
Your mind is full of patent nonsense,
but nonsense that ordinary people pretend to
take seriously — they are supposed to.

If somewhere along the way you were exposed to the idea that men live in a mental dream world,
and it passionately struck you as valid,
and explanatory,
then your problem now of,
wanting to wake up from the dream
is one of being pretty well disgusted with living a mental life that is not genuine to you;
the thoughts in your head that you are supposed to accept as being, you
are simply not a faithful reflection OF the real you,
.whatever that might be
.which no one knows
.so dont climb out of one septic tank only to
jump right back into another one by
believing otherwise.

You cannot know what you are,
all you can do is wake up to the fact that
the thoughts in your head do not —
no ones can — no ones do,
and really, all that, being asleep is,
is not understanding this.

This is the annoying humor, (to the uninitiated),
in the statement that:
“The sure proof that a man is not awake
is if he says he is.”
(trust me, in a better universe
this ones a real thigh slapper!)

were you still interested in seeing the andes
before they close for the day?.

The lies, (ahh, but men, especially pseudo-mystics,
so adore that word — lies! — LIES!! — LIES!!!
[which are,thoughts,
which by nature, pretend to know that
which they do not, but back to the subject]),
the lies that thoughts tell men about themselves and about life are not only lies — they are JUST lies! —
Nothing at all to be concerned about,
or taken seriously.
What adult with your I.Q. and intelligence,
while telling a child the made-up fairy tale of
begins to believe in the giant
just from hearing themselves tell the tale?
Who? — why — EVERYBODY — thats who!
(wellevery NORMAL body.)

The only thing bustin up your top forty is
you accepting the one lie that tells you that
what I am saying is wrong, and that you DO know
what you’re thinking about.

A man with an awakened mind may not be
anything special — but —
at least he is gen-u-wine —
— gen-u-winely what EVER he is.

What more can you ask?!

If more than this you expect from life,
don’t expect to ever wake up from the dream you’re in.

Hey — snap out of it —
we have a plane to catch, and a universe to swallow.


A man disguised as a kindly stranger
said to a young lad:
If you spend your life trying to wake up —
you’re just asking for trouble! and the boy replied:
Perhaps, but if you do so spend your life —
whos going to give it to you?!

And one guys says that
the only downside to waking up is:
what do you do for an encore?

Down the road,
come junko yard dog……