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Condensed Transcript

Tape # 2620 Recorded December 20, 2000 by Jan Cox
Notes by CF

Begin: Maybe I have not mentioned specifically this. I saw it for myself. The old idea that men are not ordinarily, living, valid, genuine, lives. Beginning of history…(Egyptians, Plato etc) that you have the idea we are living shadow lives. That if we aspire to wake up we will be living real lives instead of these shadow lives…Then throughout history there have been variations. (of the idea)

01:00 In the 20th century (when it hit the west) one of the popular retellings of shadow lives, that caught people’s eyes was the idea of man’s false personality. The center of being asleep was that your False Personality was this façade that you had acquired. It is the same old story…Using up to date terms…Instead of shadows being cast on the cave’s walls…

02:44 what I was referring to is “we are what we are.” It can not be changed.

05:00 If it cannot be true “why try to awaken?”

06:00 the model of false personality is that you are in the hands of false personality. You cannot give a description (Other than having a bad temper, or liking music) and you cannot get past it.

07:12 In your mind “what do you see?” What is your picture of it? (Other than the habits you mentioned) No one wants to talk about it. You must have some picture in your mind. They (the ordinary) have none. Do You? It gets even better.

08:30 everyone says they have a self and you say “Describe it.” It can usually get to two steps, maybe three. (bad temper, liking music) No one wants to talk about it.

09:55 back to the people struggling against False Personality. Why can’t they describe it? Why is it I stir up so much interest? (Not I, but the idea) You cannot change what you are. (And from one view that is what being awake is to realize that.) Why does that stir up so much heat with people? I did not say you cannot change what you thank you are.

11:21 The idea there is something false about us, that we can struggle against. I am not trying to single it out (false personality). The idea of being asleep is that you are under control of your False Personality. This sense of you, this false personality that you acquired. You are not born with it.

12:00 A little child does not have bad habits. (Vanity, Lying) He begins to imitate his brother, his sister, what he sees in movies, and you can see it slowly form. It is like a shell. (Why didn’t you do something about it?) Nobody notices it at the time.

14:00 back to what it is. (False personality) It is extremely attractive. It goes beyond the idea that we are under a curse, metaphysical circumstances. Each person has their own false personality. It fits right in with 20th century ideas. That, that is what being asleep is. You get trapped inside.

15:00 you have got something now, with you, to struggle with. You do not have to look any further. When you have the idea that you are struggling against false personality, it give you something to put your hands on.

18:00 I had my own variation of that. (Earlier times of Jan’s life) I am distracted, sleeping, staring, in a dream, But the manifestation was minute to minute. I was not my true self. It was my false personality.

19:30 It All fit, until I realized “It all fits.”(Even if it does not fit, it all fits) (Of course that was a long way down the road.)…….And all the while my false personality kept saying “Don’t look there. Don’t look there. Having a false personality is as real as it can be. You have you and you know that you do things that you regret. “Why did I do that?” There is you answer. It is my false personality. It gives you something with which to struggle with minute by minute.

21:10 It is almost impossible to get free from that illusion that you are involved with a struggle. “I am struggling against my false personality.” It took me years of saying it to myself (cocking my head and looking). What could be more real than that, to someone struggling with their sleeping self?

23:00 what is it that strikes people in such a negative way “That you cannot change what you are.” I will answer it. Because:


You can’t know what you are..


You can’t know anything about you that is true.

24:55 there is a way out of that. If you know it, and don’t ever say it. Then that might be approaching an exception. But if you know it and say it (If you say it to yourself it also counts) then it is False. Does anybody realize that if they could start at the right place? (People sworn to vows of silence) Do you realize that is the best approach to waking up? (As short as I have short sheeted their beds before) It is still a fact.

Looking back, the shortest cut, is never speak again, except to say “Well, you go down two blocks and you take a left, or tighten that screw on top of that bolt. It could ruin your social life. (Never speaking again)

26:43 Everything that people say is false personality. (Other than ”two blocks down and take a left”). Everything after that supports the illusion that the thing talking has substance. It is obviously necessary for ordinary life but it is absolutely (putting it in crudest term possible) the worst thing, a person could do, is talk. Having a bad temper is closer to what you are than anything you have to say. Part of their false personality is them saying”I got a bad temper.” Having a bad temper is not shameful. If you thank it is shameful go tell a Rhino that. Having a bad temper and saying you have a bad temper are almost in two different universes.

28:51 The idea that people have a false personality and they are going to work on it…You can start there… But to believe you will free yourself from false personality? If you thank you have accomplished it, you haven’t. Whatever method, if you reach a point, now I have become eternally mindful, you haven’t.

31:14 the greatest method…Don’t talk.

31:59 I have been moved of late to bring up the Method “Make the Dummy do the talking.” Anything to do with awakening which is true, the opposite is also true. Just another model is to realize that what is going on in your head is what being asleep is. (I should not call it what being asleep is. I do not know what being asleep is.) If you do it just proves you are asleep.

33:05 You realize what goes on in my head (my thoughts), they are not my thoughts. They are in my head. I do not know what to do about it. Remember, remind myself. Why do you say your thoughts? When did you decide to have these thoughts? That is another benefit of false personality. (I picked them up along the way..)

36:54 Remind yourself these thoughts are there. They are what distract me. I did not invite them. They appear. Originally I presented, that we seem to be, each human, like a Dummy, that there is some ventriloquist running this and we are not responsible. You can reverse it though. I am delighted with it. If you willfully make the Dummy talk you cannot be asleep.

38:00 those of you given to a certain amount of silliness and some of you not, you can still use it. The silliness is if you talk aloud, (about trying to be awake?) That there was a Dummy in my head and I wasn’t really doing this. So it is not me, (thoughts). It is still distracting, but it is not me. It is not a matter of false personality, it is just there. It is noise and not that different than my heartbeat. I am a passive listener. I know I call it a “here I am”. (The Dummy).sometimes I get caught in it, I merge with it, (That is when I really go to sleep), I drop something, break something, forget something, run into a door.

41:00 Alone, looking out the window, I suddenly realize I am back asleep I was daydreaming. Fifty years later I am doing the same damn thing. What can be done?

42:48 my great discovery is Talk aloud. It stops you from being asleep. It drowns the dummy. You have now made the dummy talk for you. Make the dummy talk for itself. It makes sense to me. If it does not make sense to you I will tell you what to do. You just talk aloud. (Example) Well, here I am, washing a glass, looking out the window, etc. I am telling you how to do it.

44:00 there it is. I do not know why I am not rich. If you would talk aloud (it could put a crimp into you employment and social life), you cannot go to sleep. I do not know why that fact want wake you up. Talk aloud, constantly, you cannot go to sleep.

49:00 if you’re thinking that’s not true. You’re wrong. Go home and try it. The only flaw is doing it aloud. Just talk aloud. You make the Dummy talk. Up till now he’s been talking. You have been saying “shut the hell up.(I have thought about writing about it) You could say you are trying to drown the dummy out. Except that is not true. It is interesting. You don’t know if it is true or not. Just because you don’t hear the dummy, it does not mean he is not talking. How do I know if he is talking or not talking? There is nothing mechanical you can do to awaken. But there is. All you have to do is talk aloud. It has got to be your aim. (Awaken)

56:00 some of you sitting here tonight do not believe it. That should wake you up. Then me telling you how silly it is that you do not believe it. That should wake you up. Then you realizing how ridiculous it is I am going through all this. That should wake you up.

58:50 the great sport of awakening there is no God but there is a Lucifer. It is called tomorrow.

61:00 Just do this for me. Just think about what I have said. As long as you talk aloud you cannot be asleep. Just picture it. (audience note takers) Just let me check my notes. Don’t ever talk or don’t ever stop talking. That is your two methods? (JC) Yes. (Audience note takers) But you say either one works? (JC) Yes. But I prefer the latter.

(Audience note takers) Well, I got to go.

You cannot be in your ordinary state. (Talking aloud) It stops it. Your monologue falters. There you are, not asleep. Forget about being awake and false personality.

60:50 and you want to stop (talking aloud) and go to sleep. What does that tell you?

You can keep from going to sleep.

You pause, you look out the window, and it is good by Batman.

Here Clark, Hold this Kryptonite.

Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

December 20, 2000.

Why, after suffering a personal tragedy
do otherwise intelligent seeming men
when asked what their first thought was at the time invariably reply; I thought: why me?
For what reason do they never think:
Why NOT me?!
Why, when instantly faced with the
inevitable realities of life
does a man’s thoughts suddenly claim to have been expecting exemption there from?
What is there about being a homo sapien,
an animal that thinks,
that makes man feel himself to be special?
Quite plainly, the fact that he does think
does make him special.

Mans motto could be:
We are what we are because
we think so HIGHLY of what we are — AND,
the reason we think so highly of what we are
is because of
what we are.

Locally, man IS special,
but he who so thinks of himself — squanders it.


Unless you screen out & ignore
stimuli that is irrelevant to awakening,
doze on, you will.
Forever trapped in your bed —
and not even yours at that.

Mentally reacting to external randomness
is the nourishment needed for a mans pretend self
to survive.
Every time you silently shout to one side:
Go get em boys!
or to the other: Shame on you guys,
you pull the pitiful parka of a pretended you
just a little tighter around your already stifled,
real self.

Ordinary men do not ordinarily act like their real selves
because, first: such is not required, (contraire),
and second: they do not know what it is since
no one can know what it is.
Your real self is not something that you know —
it is what you ARE,
and about that,
there is nothing TO know or be commented on.

At one school for would-be revolutionists,
the entrance exam consisted of the applicant being asked to tell something about himself,
and if he did,
BAMB! — he was out the door.


All of the many complaints that men have about the conditions of life have a common cause:
Cracked thinking.
A man does not notice it,
but his thinking regarding the matter
being complained of
has been dropped, sat on, or otherwise mishandled,
and has become cracked.
At one time it may have been
a fine example of thinking — but not now.
Something quite sad has happened to it,
and sadder still is the fact that
he seems unaware of what has occurred.
I say that he seems unaware of the crack in his thinking for the simple reason that it curdles credulity
to believe that a man cannot notice a crack running thru his thinking — after all,
your thinking is what you think with;
thinking is like glasses you see life thru,
how could a man not notice a crack therein
since everything he mentally sees about life
he sees thru his glasses-of-thinking?!

The output of this circumstance is that a mans thinking about life never lines up exactly with the actualities of life;
this thinking produces photographs of life which are always slightly out of focus,
with the images in your head
never in perfect registry with the physical realities they
intend to reflect.

A man who has learned how to
look around these glasses his mind was born wearing
discovers a world —
just a world;
a world in which there is nothing to complain about;
a world needing no praise;
just a world — just a place;
the place where humans come in — and,
humans go out.
No one invited you here,
and you say you didn’t ask to come here —
so be it, and — so what?!

Even the other six billion people who do not believe,
(will not admit), that man lives in a fuzzy cartoon,
belie their pretension every time they complain.

A mans complaints about the conditions of life
don’t have a damn thing to do with life,
but about his cracked thinking.
A complaining man is not actually complaining about whatever the matter is that he is complaining about,
but rather he is complaining about the matter of his thinking being cracked, and him not being able to get an exact view of whats really going on around him.

An alert person’s self directed mantra should be:
Hey man! — either get your glasses fixed, or
shut the hell up!


No one knows whats going on, and
what gives religion & the occult their popularity is that
they are the only ones who seriously pretend to.

A father told a son:
To be asleep is to say more than is necessary,
and he inquired: Which is?
Well, what you just said, for example.

Only two things can give away the fact to others that
you’re asleep: your behavior & your speech,
and only four things give away the fact to yourself:
those two plus the way you feel & the way you think.
Ergo: stick to the basics & keep your mouth shut,
and no one will ever know that you’re asleep — and,
in addition to that:
ignore the way you feel & think,
and you wont know either.

Only the weak & childish cannot see the fact that
you do not have a nose if you are never diagnosed as having one.
No man is Hubert until he stands and declares:
I am Hubert!
Fact: No lion is named Hubert.
Fact: No lion has ever been asleep,”
(leastwise no ones ever had the nerve to
tell a lion that he is.)

To be asleep in the classical, mystical sense,
(simply put), is to be: stupid,
but believe me it is possible for the would be awakened to be even stupider —
you would like to figure out for yourself — how?!..

A father said to a son:
If you want to be solidly assured of retaining your
totally lost status
be sure to always look where
other people point.


There was once a ventriloquist who
sought enlightenment, and
concluded that his dummy’s ceaseless chatter was keeping him there from.
After finding HIMSELF unable to stop the dummy’s yammer, and devoting much consideration to the problem, he finally eureka-ed the solution:
Make the DUMMY talk.

There was once a man who had spent his whole life wanting to awaken,
to whom I told this story,
and after digesting it for a moment, commented:
Back when I needed and could have used it,
I would have given everything I had
to have heard that story.course,
the way things go is that
if I HAD heard it back then
I was in no position to realize what I needed.

Thats the great thing about the sport of awakening:
by the time its too late —
its too late to do anything about it

More Regarding The Excesses of Conversation:
Anything you say after, Oh really? is unnecessary.

If something has practical veracity
then it must be valid from any direction —
even the opposite — so —
buy one, get one free would also be genuinely:
get one free, buy one.

The big time waste of talent is in finding anomalies in the second reality rather than trying to comprehend its
Dolts see a flawed world because of a crack in their glasses;
anti dolts are busy trying to find a home study course
in glasses.

And finally:
Assorted, (and some might say),
Oblique Approaches To Waking Up:

Talk — dont listen;
write — don’t read;
do be not done to;
go — never wait,
and above all:
never plagiarize or quote even from a hero or genius,
be only yourself and original…even if its loopy.

Make the dummy do his own talking.

(and I am not at all certain that the above should be called, Obliqued, for they could scarce be less
pragmatically direct.)

Until tomorrow, gang — be direct —
QUIET and direct.