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Condensed Transcript

Tape #2619 recorded by Jan Cox December,18, 2000
Notes by DB

From one view you may see the intellect as being Life’s way of arranging for us to help in our own evolution. Because things change so fast, and we have been around so long, we can observe over time that we do change Life. Human thought has drastically affected Life on this planet.

So from one view you can look at human thought as not only benefiting us individually by helping in our own evolution…but you can also view thought as helping Life “itself.”

03:00 Scientists can see change in other species through fossil remains that have accumulated over time. However, the rapid change that humans experience is due to thought…due to human intellect.

It may be that Life found the infusion of intelligence into human beings to be so taxing that it decided to take a brake…and to allow, and to depend upon, human intelligence to steer the ship for awhile.

The more the human being uses intellect the more comfortable he becomes …and thus the more comfortable Life becomes for him…and the easier it is to make a living…and the less physical labor he has to do. So Life may have mused, “”Hey! Wait a minute…these little fuckers may be able to help me out! Maybe now that I have made the extra effort to produce thought in them they can now help me with what I had in mind already. They can aid in their own evolution!”

05:50 Humanity, other life on this planet, and even other parts of the Universe (if we continue our space explorations), has benefited, and will continue to benefit, from human intelligence. All of life on this planet has benefited from Life’s creation of the human intellect.

If they had a long enough view, and if wheat and corn had little hands, they should be applauding us. A corn cob may resent being boiled and eaten, but in reality it has become part of the human cellular structure!

07:20 It once struck me that one of the things that I had considered inane, grossly stupid, flippant, self-serving, and one of humanities most ignoble and habitual behaviors…talking about yourself…was simply humanities collective attempt to wake up!

No matter what the topic, no matter what the subject, human beings seem to have no choice but to talk about themselves.

Take as an example a house fire in which a mother has lost all seven of her children. When interviewed by television reporters she immediately begins with, “You can’t imagine how horrible this has been on me. No one will ever know how much I am suffering. This has been living hell for me.” The point is that the children went through unimaginable suffering yet the teary eyed mother talks about her own pain and discomfort.

13:20 If you look at this situation from the view that the human intellect is Life’s arrangement to help us to evolve and to wake up… then the mechanical concentration of a person’s intellect on their own discomfort is nothing more than an attempt on their part to wake up. They do not know this… but this is what they are attempting to do.

While the example I gave may not be an everyday occurrence and is somewhat extreme …if you will simply look around… you will find that everyone in everyday situations is talking about themselves. Even the most mundane or the most tragic conversation soon turns into self focused chatter.

15:00 As I had you do one time …simply take a clip board and walk up to a stranger on the street and ask them to give you their thoughts on any subject. Once a subject has been established, whether it be “The weather in the desert,” “Hog prices,” or, “How do you feel about underwear?”…once the subject has been established then they begin to talk about themselves.

As with everything else in my life I had to ask the question, “Why?… Why do they talk about themselves?” Nobody seems to notice that people do this and for awhile I would just say, “Well everybody is just asleep…that‘s why they don‘t notice it.” This went on until that great moment when I realized that I didn’t know what “being asleep” was.

18:00 Everyone constantly talking about themselves could be understood, or passed off as gross vanity, or as a lapse into self aggrandizement. But it is none of those. It is not an anomaly. It finally hit me that humans are helping Life in it’s own evolution. Instead of saying that they are attempting to wake themselves up …as I have already said…you can also say that they are trying to improve themselves. Which is the general definition and attitude towards evolution. That is… that everything gets better.

21:00 So returning to the woman who lost her children in the fire. By talking about themselves rather than the events or the subject people are trying to understand themselves, trying to improve themselves …they are trying to wake up. There is something that goes on with the human intellect, or human thought, that is reinforcing if we talk about it. And this can also be found at the heart of psychoanalysis. However, the woman is not trying to untangle deep seated subconscious motives…she is simply being alive.

From one point of view what is there to say about the children? They are gone. The woman is alive. The children can’t be helped. No change can take place in the children. It’s over with. By her talking about herself Life is, in a very crude way, making her attempt to study herself, and to improve herself.

23:35 Such attempts are so weak, and so indirect because no aim to wake up is present. Without a specific aim you will have limited success at anything. Without an aim, whatever success you have is “stumbled” upon or is accidentally acquired.

This whole view shows that people are not simply engaged in useless talk about themselves. People are trying to understand the nature of the mind. They are not trying to psychoanalytically unravel their subconscious past. They are trying to understand the nature of the mind.

After listening to a preacher perform a religious service over the children’s grave, and hear him talk about it, some might say that what’s happening is that everyone present is simply trying to understand the tragic event. But I say that if you look deeper you will find that they are trying to understand the nature of the mind.

28:15 The problem is not the event. The event is over and done with. It is gone. The problem is with your memory of it. The problem is the mind. Because, if you can’t take it out and set it on a table then it’s not a problem. If the toaster won’t work you can take it and set it on the table and in one way or another do something with it. But no matter what it is, if you can’t take it and set it out there, then it is a problem of the mind.

There is no fixing of the mind. There is only understanding it.

30:45 No matter who/what you are …if it were not for human thought you would not know who you are. Your brain puts out thoughts that talk to you about what you are. It is hard to deny the truth of your own thoughts when they tell you what you are. You can argue with other people. You may have even argued with half the comments that others have made to you…but when it’s your own thoughts talking to you …which seems to be your own self knowledge…there is a distinct difficulty in resisting what they say. In fact, it is impossible to resist them unless you wake up.

32:30 Why are people so attracted to religion and the occult? Philosophy, psychology, politics etc. don’t claim to really know what’s going on. Religion and the occult claim that they know what’s going on! People are so desperate to know what’s really going on that they will claim to align themselves with religion and the occult.

People want some voice outside of themselves. You may think, “I’m so damn stupid.” So you seek out astrology, religion or some other occult practice as a source to confirm or deny the voice/thought you hear inside. After you have made your monetary contribution to the soothsayer or organization they consult their crystal ball or sacred text and report that, “The message I’m getting is that you are not that stupid. Some evil spirit has attached itself to you.”

The point is that you have nothing internally to deny your own thought that you are stupid. You have no opposing opinion in yourself. Who would know you better than you? Yet, you seek out someone or some system externally who becomes a voice to either agree or disagree with your inner thoughts.

35:00 I am amazed that the intelligent elite have not understood that people seek out others to oppose their inner voices. You may think, “I am going crazy.” And someone else may say to you, “No you are not! You are fine. You are just going through a period of stress.” …And what they say to you has an ameliorating effect on you. How can that be? A disturbing question about you …that has it’s origin in you can be ameliorated by what someone else says to you.

Why is it that people need to hear an outside voice if their internal voice has any validity?
If that’s really your opinion of you then the opinion of someone else should have no effect on you. Yet people go out talking to others…even strangers … about themselves…soliciting their opinions. Why?

I say that this is life trying to improve itself through man and having man do part of it.

42:00 Waking up is that you have done all of this yourself. You do not need everyone’s opinion. You do not need the entire community’s feedback and help. You have done it all yourself. Yet when someone professes to have, “done all of this himself“ they have a long way to go. If you think you have “did“ something you still have a long way to go. Later on down the road …looking back you will see through the “diding.”

44:20 Do you think it’s a good thing that we no longer put these on public access video? What harm could it do? (laughter) I don’t want to spoil the ending of the play for you so I’m not going to tell you what “diding” is.

Maybe I will call myself the Ron Popeil of mysticism. Give me all your dreams and hopes about enlightenment and waking up and I will put them in a blender. Then I will pour you out a glass of what’s left. Give you a foretaste of things to come. Drinking the rainbow and spreading the lies on toast!


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

December 18, 2000.

An insightfully provocative drama that
freshly addresses all the major human conundrums;
an unforgettable evening of theatre,
is what the advertisement promised;
A tediously pretentious rehashing of
long discredited sophomoric, mental caterwauling;
a complete waste of time,
countered a revered reviewer,
and one man who somehow
ended up on planet Earth mused;
No doubt I am in for an interesting time,
to be in a place where,
criticism passes for intelligence,
a comment which,
while contextually comprehensible,
is a bit excessive
once one recognizes the true quality of those
human activities not directly connected to
food, sex, or getting in out of the cold.

To a man with the always-open,
cold blooded, impartial view of a fish I,
the constructional facts of this planet are plain:
there is the hard reality of what you find already here,
stuff just laying around
on, and in the ground;
stuff to eat, stuff to drink,
stuff to heat and forge into other more useful stuff.
Then there is another kind of,
non-laying-around reality,
which was not already here before humans appeared;
stuff that now exists only because
mens minds made the stuff up:
plays, sciences, symphonies, religions, philosophies,
and stories of all stripes,
all the stuff that humans use to fill up the times between
eating, fucking and sleeping;
stuff that can be quite entertaining,
but stuff whose history,
ordinary minds ignore.

A man with that non standard longing
permits his thinking to do so
at his own severe expense,
in that he will waste his energy attempting to blow away smoke dreams of windmills,
and correct the voices that speak for made-up stuff.

Dirt is real — all ideas are made up,
even ideas that ideas afterward proclaim to be
of supreme significance;
(such as ideas purporting to pinpoint mans origin,
and to describe reality after his death).

The intrinsic and ignored power of ideas
is in the fact that
once they have made up a new notion
they can immediately ignore the fact that
they just made it up,
and instantly start to treat the new, made-up idea
as though it is as naturally real and solid as
any rock a man might find laying around
on the ground.

You can do it if you wanna —
you’re supposed to do it —
as a human being you’re entitled to do it;
you can — Do It If You Wanna!
— but if you DO —
you’re gonna find yourself living partially,
(if not largely), in a life filled with explanations,
but with no comprehension.

If you go out knowingly to play ball in the rain
don’t play the idiot and later pretend to be astonished
at the mud on your shoes.

You play with the sleeping — you sleep;
kick around ideas with idiots, and
idiot ideas kick you around;
critique hack dramatists,
find yourself the archivist for all of history’s tabloids.

All criticism is criticism of stuff that
mans mind has made up, (the second reality);
no one criticizes REAL reality, (dirt being dirty,
water being wet);
only idiots seriously playing idiots’ games
debate the finer points of the rules —
— there are no rules other than the ones that
men’s minds are forever making up
as the game goes along.

If you want to criticize something worthwhile,
criticize yourself for being moronic enough
to pay any attention to the criticism of you
expressed by the neural squatters in your head.
That criticism is intended for
humanity in general;
man is supposed to feel, accept,
and act on it collectively so as to move things along en masse
with the degree to which each individual
labors there under
being left, apparently to
the chance degree of idiocy and susceptibility OF each individual.

If one of your second reality pleasures is,
conspiracy theories,
consider one, worthwhile:
that life conspires to make man — collectively
participate in his own evolution via always thinking about things
not as they ARE, but as they COULD be.
Thoughts that picture physical reality through the lens
of his mental one.
Witnessed by his ever increasing longevity,
and health,
who can, with this present arrangement,
find overall fault,
but the secret few,
(who secretly refuse to be pushed around by this
collective progress),
they see warts aplenty,
although it normally takes a lifetime,
(or several, if you are so cheap that you have made yourself pretend to believe in multiple ones),
for a man to get a grip on the real name for such blemishes,
(which is):
Mirror, mirror — Ah, blessed reflection —
wherefore art thy proper sting?!
and that burgeoning cellular voice in the brains of the few shouts back: Why I’m right cheer! and –
Bada bing! —
first thing you know, one part of your head has
woke up!
wiped its eyes!
blowed its nose,
and is, by gawd, climbing the hell outta bed —
leaving behind, under the covers,
all the endless dramas destined for
the broadways of the mind,
along with all of the sniveling carpers that are the
shills for human consciousness as played out above
the cellular level.

Even as you mess around in the collective station of
mans second reality,
if you listen to instinct as opposed to vocal thought,
you hear cellular reality
which is always announcing — your train.

All aboard! — yall.