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Condensed Transcript

This is tape #2616 recorded by Jan Cox December 11, 2000
Notes by DB


There was a story on the news today that gave me another view of what wanting to wake up is. It is the longing for a unified view while living in the midst of fragmentists. (I made this word up).

The news story mentioned a city in which a hotly contested mayoral race had so divided the community that divorce rates had escalated to record numbers. They interviewed a couple who had decided to divorce because each held a different political view from the other. They claimed that their individual loyalties to the Republican and Democratic parties had been the cause of their parting.

02:50 The point of the story was that strongly adhering to a particular party’s paradigm could actually break up a marriage. There is the fragment. When you are living in a world of “fragmentists” the mind, of ordinary people, operates fragmentally. As you should know by now, you stare at something then bat your eyes and then stare at something else. Mentally we see the world as fragments. That’s the way the mind operates.

04:00 I could say that being asleep is seeing the world fragmentally. I say that the world is really awake. People are not really asleep but what they know they know from fragments and that helps keep them from knowing what‘s going on. For instance, that couple’s marriage is not breaking up over politics…it’s not possible.

Human beings still do not see the attraction between men and women (romance) for what it really is. And yet everyone knows what it is…it’s sex. Pheromones, or scents, have been known to scientists for a hundred years. When in heat, animals and humans put out pheromones.

06:37 When people fall in love it’s because of sex. Marriage is a collective village wide recognition that one particular male has staked out one particular female. You can say that it serves to cut down on the violence possible when another male intrudes into the exclusivity of the relationship. If the outside male is a law abiding member of the community he should recognize this exclusivity and thus violence between the two males is avoided.

09:00 I could also say that marriage is a test or measure of how wide the woman has the man’s nose open… or how passionately and for how long a period of time he wants to “screw” her. Most men have no real interest in raising a family. When a man is attracted to a woman the last thing on his mind is having a family. All that he has on his mind is fucking.

11:00 You may have heard the term that psychologists came up with …”The seven year itch.” Researchers found that at about seven years into the marriage it began falling apart. Suddenly the man’s eye began to roam. Statistically it was found that if after seven years the marriage had not fallen apart that another new surge of dissatisfaction would arise after another five year period.

14:00 Returning to the couple who attributed their parting company to their political convictions …they simply had no sexual interest in each other any more. Blaming it on politics is just a bunch of bullshit. There is nothing in the second reality that would have that effect on people’s instincts. They could have blamed it on anything else…difference in tastes…difference in goals…but it all boils down to no longer finding each other sexually attractive.

18:00 If you were to ask folks, “Do you believe that something in a man’s mind, something that man made up, such as art, religion, or politics can effect instincts?’’ any sane person on this planet would agree that no effect on instincts could occur.

Or if a man were drowning and he was offered a hand up into a rescue boat by a person who had opposing religious or political views …do you think the drowning person would refuse the hand?

If he is sane then he would not refuse.

19:45 Everybody on this planet knows this but they only know it in fragments. Ordinarily… nobody has a unified view. What the ordinary mind calls knowing something or understanding something will always be fragmented. The zoological view, the psychological view, the nutritional view, the new age view, the physiological view are all fragments which might be used individually or in an interdisciplinary fashion to “prove” why the break-up occurred. But a unified view is still missing.

25:24 I say that the longing to awaken or to know what’s going on is a longing for a unified view when you are literally living in the midst of “fragmentists“. I can also say that …besides us …no one really wants to know what’s going on. Neither ordinary or professional people want to know what’s going on.

If you ask people who are presumed to know what’s going on, “What’s going on?” they will answer that they do not know. I say that they don’t want to know. They are not interested in what’s going on. They are interested in tenure, or how many hours that they are going to have to teach next semester, or the big question, “Are they going to renew my contract next year?”

Nobody talks about it but there is no one in psychology or psychiatry who wants to know what’s going on. They don’t to know what the mind is.

There is no marriage counselor who wants to know why people get married or why people get divorced. No one is hungry for a unified view. Unlike the few… these people are satisfied with their world view…satisfied with what they know.

34:00 The only way you can know what’s going on is through a unified view. From a fragmented view any explanation people can come up with for a phenomena, that is not too extreme for the time and place, sounds reasonable. If a mind can make it up then there is a distinct possibility that other minds will believe it. And for a period of time it will be accepted as an explanation.

35:40 If I could explain it to an ordinary person, as it has been explained here, they would possibly agree. But as soon as they walked away they would forget it. If I were to tell the person that everything they knew was a fragment …just a slice of the big pie…I would be doing them a disservice. Their sanity, their mind, their entire underpinnings of life would fall apart. They would not wake up. They would not have a unified view. They would have no view.

40:44 It takes a lifetime of effort and struggle to have a unified view. Over time you see things and hear things and it all runs together. There is no separation it just all runs together…it’s all one big thing. I used to tell people that it was just one damn thing after another. But it is not even that. Not sequential. It’s just one big damn thing. And anything you say beyond that then you have to fragment it.

43:00 Metaphorically speaking …say you had everybody ask all their questions at once. “Why do people get divorces? Why do we have religions?” etc. etc. To answer each question individually would be fragmenting your answer. But once you had gathered all the questions and answered them all at once by saying, “It’s just one big damn thing.” You have then provided a fragmentation free answer… and anything you say beyond that would be fragmented.

For you people on tape the best answer would be to gesture with your palms up and arms outstretched wide with a, “Well don’t you get it?” look on your face. A non verbal version of “Well that’s the way things are. That’s life.”

Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

December 11, 2000.

Although according to its latest report,
the planet says everything is going like clockwork,
one of its inhabitants, (man), sees in his own case, otherwise.
How comes this to be?
Gazelles register no complaints with life;
cats display no feelings of self doubt,
and gorillas show no signs of wanting to
improve themselves.
So why is it the order-of-the-day for men to be
perturbed with life, themselves & each other?

(As with all surveys made by the mind,
there are sundry verbal perspectives possible,
today I offer to you this one,
which has distinct practical value for an
interested man with an
alert eye/I.)

Mans brain, (in its production of conscious thought),
has given him abilities unique to this world,
but has likewise created,
what seems to him to be,
singular, potential vexations.

Here is mans position:
you can change your behavior,
even change your mind, but
you can never change — WHAT YOU ARE.

A creature without a mind obviously
cannot change his,
and a creature that does not think
cannot even conceive of changing its behavior;
only homo sapiens experience such in their lives.
And what are the normally unnoted consequences of
this indigenous state of neural-based affairs
in the life of man?

To better serve their survival and comfort,
men can mentally plan and execute
changes in their behavior,
even to the point of acting in conflict with
their instincts,
and, based on the demands of circumstances,
and when it improves their position,
men can change their mind, (that is),
alter their mental commentary of a given situation.

All of this goes on constantly, effortlessly,
and seamlessly, and is a basic characteristic of
being a human being,
but it gives rise to something further which men do not
take into account as their thoughts
keep the running account of
what they tell a man he is.

You can change your behavior,
even change your mind, but
you can never change what you are.

The reality behind these seventeen words
sits-on & mashes-down-uncomfortably
every person who ever treads the boards of the
mortal playhouse,
albeit without their direct awareness.

In that an alcoholic can stop his drinking
when his liver reaches beachball proportions,
and a liberal can turn conservative
when such is his new employers political bent,
mens thoughts carry this to its apparently
proper conclusion, (to wit),
that men can change what they essentially are
by genetic temperament.

When confronted with the notion directly,
everyone knows that through no act of will,
or force of desire
can a man change his physiological body type,
or strength of his heart and lungs,
or his genetic predisposition for certain ills,
or his neural wiring.
What you physically ARE is what you are,
and no amount of thinking otherwise will
ever change it,
in spite of thoughts ability to
pretend to forget it.

This is at the flawed heart of all complaints men have
about themselves and each other;
the specious assertion that
a man can change what he IS,
and that people with whom you disagree
simply refuse to exercise this ability,
and as concerns yourself,
you feel trapped in a locked room with a you
with which in large part your thoughts find fault,
but which are unable to lead you therefrom.

You are saddled with the sensation of
not BEING what you should be,
but being incapable of making conclusive,
satisfactory changes.

People with the natural affinity to the idea of,
man living in a dream, but from which
he can awaken,
in one sense, suffer over this unacknowledged situation
more than everyone else
in that ordinary men accept it as the norm,
(as periodically frustrating as it may be),
while the few are in fact, (though unwittingly),
attempting a head-on assault on
the very nature of — Nature.

You will never understand the reality of what,
being awake, or enlightened is
as long as you are operating under the delusion that
a man can change what he actually is.
You surely realize by now that you cannot
change what other people are,
nor can you change the nature of life itself,
but your thoughts in their telling you that
you should — and CAN change what
you by genetic physiology, and temperament ARE
do you no favor.

Real strength is in acknowledging your own essential weaknesses.
Wise strength is in recognizing the nature,
and literal limits of thought,
and the abandonment of pretending with
everyone else — otherwise.

A vital ingredient in holding mans mentally-based,
second reality together
is the pervasive belief imposed on him,
via the brains conscious thoughts,
that he is capable of unrestrictive change.
He is made to pretend to believe that he can
change his behavior,
change his mind, and (even though never so stated),
can actually change the nature of what he
individually by nature IS.

Such illusions, for ordinary men,
make the second reality go round,
but for the few is the source of all impotent
efforts to achieve a non standard state of mind.

Trying to do the impossible is the name of the
normal mortal game,
but same is pure insanity & foolishness for a man

Before you can gain a consistent view of
enlightened reality
you must have a plain, unprejudiced awareness of
what you by nature and temperament ARE.
No pretending, no matter how minute, is permitted.
No brag — no anti-brag.
No nothing.
Nothing to say about yourself.
What of any importance is there to say about
a waterfall? a mountain? an eagle?
In the physical world, everything is simply,
what it is,
while in mans mental world, (perforce),
everything is how it COULD be,
this is how mans life alone
undergoes profitable change,
but without a realization of
thoughts true nature, and position in all of this,
an individual man is left, (so to speak),
hung out to never dry on a limb of a
whose roots cry out forever for — Change!
Change, dammit — what you ARE!
which, (I regret to tell you),
is not.how shall I put it?.not PROBABLE.
(how was that?)

A man-who-knows-whats-going-on
lives HIS life as it need be led,
and gives that part of his existence,
no further thought .

Change, if you must,
what can physically BE changed,
then give up dreams regarding the rest,
and first thing you know —
you are free of dreams period —

— and thus as free
as a man CAN be — period!