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#2611 recorded by Jan Cox November 29, 2000
Notes by DB


01:11 The portion of mind that deals with second reality is what keeps society together. It overrides the uncivilized instincts. The progression of human growth goes from being a biological creature into becoming a biological/psychological creature. From being a feral child into becoming a civilized and safe adult. For those who wake up, for those who know what’s going on, it’s almost as if you have gone into a third state …that of, “An enriched primitive wrapped in conscious sophistication.”

And that’s a line that seems to get people‘s attention. Some have even wanted to put it on T-shirts.

02:11 One way to look at the struggle between groups throughout history is the struggle between people who’s vision of life is in/of the first reality (instinctive, crude, uncivilized) and those who’s vision is based on second reality. The more uncivilized you are the more your world deals with first reality…feeding your family, finding shelter…etc. It has been said that one reason people became civilized is that, “Were it not for religion men would not behave properly.”

04:07 I would say that every human on this planet…even atheists… would agree with that statement. Were it not for the belief in a supernatural force of some kind… men would not behave properly, and there would be no morality.

05:25 Ordinary men do not see this as a struggle. But it has been a struggle between those operating out of second reality consciousness (the mental… intangible world) and those who are often considered uncivilized and dangerous… and who are acting instinctively from first reality.

05:39 Those whose view of life is more on the level of second reality…the intangible world, the world of morality, everything you can’t touch…their view is that everyone is not like themselves.

They believe that those at the first level of reality only want to drink, fuck, fight, have a good night’s sleep and wear shoes that fit good. Second reality folks don’t know how to handle these first reality people. They believe that these people are why we need religion and prisons.

Those who rise to the top are in the second reality world (the world of the mind). They are the ones who get ahead…they are the ones who are running things externally…the rich, the powerful, the politicians, the successful people of the world, and these people are not instinctive creatures. They are people whose view of life is rooted, by and large, in the second reality.

06:31 Unless rooted in the second reality world of the mind you are not likely to become successful. You might become a farmer but if you want to become a successful businessman/farmer you cannot be a primitive or first reality creature.

A long time ago Life made Kings, [who were not much more than farmers…primitives…who would use force to take control of a group of people] …Life made them understand …(and Kings here represent a part of the brain)…that to “rule” for any length of time they had to surround themselves with people who were rooted in second reality.

08:44 Somehow life found out that while groups of people could be controlled by the fear of first reality physical force, that it was more efficient to control them by the fear conjured up by religion. That’s when Kings decided to appropriate some of their power. To bring in Priests, and Shamans because they found out that men would fear intangible threats more than tangible ones. When the Priest told the population that God wanted the King to rule them and that they should not go against his wishes because, if they did so, then when they died, God would punish them… the people complied.

11:11 Another view to take is: If a man decided to figure out what religion was all about he would find that in addition to helping ease his fear of death, religion also has some controlling effect on his instincts. Now remember, all of this is coming from the brain. In some way the brain wants to have itself “reeled in.” The brain makes up the secondary force that it wants you to use to reel it in with.

12:00 Before I get to the same old punch line… which is, “What the hell is going on here?”…and which is supposed to wake you up…Consider that everybody on this planet, except for the very few who are awake, believes that man would not behave properly were it not for religion or…were it not for a belief in a secondary reality manifested in Gods or religion. This is an intangible reality that you cannot see, that you cannot touch. Consider how much of your time and effort this intangible reality takes up. The cellular activity of your brain, which produces thought, made up an intangible reality, which even though man could not see or touch, became more powerful than tangible reality…and which men began to believe in.

15:25 Why did the brain make up this intangible reality? Because there is nothing more important on this planet than the continuing civilizing of man. Because every problem that man says he has is based upon uncivilized behavior. Whoever is polluting, robbing, stealing our money…it is because of one reason, they are not civilized. If everyone were properly civilized there would be no crime…no ten commandments.

16:30 The cells and brains in humans decided that they were going to change human behavior. That they were not going to live in an animalistic instinctive first reality manner which we share with all the other creatures. Life, oozing out through man’s brain, decided that we were going to be more than chimpanzees, orangutans or wolves, and that consciousness was the way to do it.

(Aside: I used to believe that this was a very slow, long process.

However, I now feel that it could have been a very rapid occurrence.)

18:20 When anthropologists look for the beginnings of civilized man they look for artifacts. The conscious part of the brain began taking over a large dominant part of everyday behavior. Otherwise man would not have had enough free time in a safe environment to sit around and make a pot and then paint it. People began to work cooperatively and to feel safe with one another.

19:11 The brain cells knew what the instinctive part of their host creature was. They knew that he was inclined to kill somebody and think nothing about it. At that level you just do it. Yet the brain cells were already having a vision of what life should be. If was as if they knew that the behavior of the host could no longer continue as it had in the past. Unsociable and uncivilized behaviors were being driven by brain cells to look for new solutions and new ways of behaving. The brain began to invent another reality.

The conscious brain cells are not dangerous. They are like mediators who recognize the dangerousness of the instinctive parts of the brain. They were like a transition team trying to move us from a first reality existence into a second reality existence. They were trying to make second reality real. And for it to become real it has to have an impact…it must effect human behavior.

22:00 The cells in the brain, looking down at their old, primitive, instinctive ‘’being’’ thought, “If everything going on down below the cortex…the sex organs, the stomach…is being pushed to change…then how can I do it?” They made up stories. And it was not just one man doing it, this was happening everywhere and in everyone.

(Aside: Remember there is only one mind.)

Without a belief in God men would not behave properly. The stomach lives in first reality. Your stomach is not religious, your private parts are not spiritual. For them a non-tangible world simply does not exist. The cells themselves made up the story that there is this great intangible force out there that we cannot see, and it is sending us messages to stop killing each other, and to stop sleeping with our sisters…or our brothers…as the case may be.

There is no tangible proof that there are Gods or a God out there somewhere that is sending us messages. All it is are the cells in the cortex making up stories to try to get control of the host they are living in…and this animalistic instinctive host lives entirely in first reality.

31:09 There are people on this planet, and I am one of them, that once they get out of childhood need no morality, need no laws, need no religion. They can behave properly. And by properly I mean that you can leave your doors open around them, you can leave your daughters out in the yard…these people 32can mind their own business. They have no interest in your property. They have no interest in anything that is yours. But that is not the norm for the six billion people on this planet.

32:23 By inventing a fictitious non-tangible King, one who had powers that surpassed any human King, the people realized that: “We don’t need to be physically held captive by a man who enforces rules, not to make life more agreeable for us, but to make life more agreeable for him.”

Then they made up the Ten Commandments. As I have said there really only needed to be one, “Don’t take what’s not yours.” And that’s the beginning and end of it, that’s civilization. Mind your own business.

34:05 The cells made up this whole other reality and once they started they could not stop. First they made up a God and then they made up those things that would help reign in, to help curb man’s living in the first reality…his animalistic instincts. They made up that God said, “Don’t steal from your neighbor. Don’t have sex with your neighbor’s wife.’’ In other words …mind your own damn business!…and, if it’s not going to put you out a lot… help your fellow man. In turn he will help you and we won’t need all these other people.

When the King (Hubert the Terrible) comes by your house and takes your food or takes your wife, he is not doing what the big fellow up there wants…and here was the beginning of sin.

37:27 And now my question. How could this be? When I look at second reality and I see that nobody has any idea of what’s going on…and what’s going on is a product of their own minds…and I look at their minds and nobody’s mind has any idea of what’s going on. How curious! That’s when I have to lapse back to, “Well, everybody is pretending!”

39:00 How is it that man’s mind made up this other reality? We are living in two simultaneous realities. (I assume you people know that my terms are not important.) The first reality is everything that you can touch. It’s what keeps us alive. You can’t eat words…you can’t eat God…you can only eat something that you can hold. You can only lay down to sleep on something that is physical…something that is there. You can only have sex with something that is there.

The cells made up this whole other story to affect the physical behavior of their host. This whole other reality is simply not out there. It is a second reality and the more civilized we become the more important it becomes to us. The whole world is fixated on, or

is “in” this second reality. You pick up a book, you listen to the radio, …you are in second reality. Everything you are thinking, unless you are problem solving in the physical world, is in the second reality. To most people it is as real as the first reality. Periodically remind yourself of all of this.

41:33 For thousands of years there have always been people who were not involved in waking up who criticized religion. They would say, “Show me God”… and that has been one of the most disturbing cries to the other segment of humanity. Their response has always been to attack those people as “materialists”

…which the other side rightly takes as having been called stupid, uncivilized, animalistic and primitive. Calling one a materialist is in effect putting second reality above first reality.

46:00 So…brain cells were trying to change, to reign in, to control first reality behavior by creating a second non-tangible reality. They made it up!

First reality behavior is so strong that it is almost insuppressible. Even when faced with a death sentence by the King for stealing his chickens …his chickens were still stolen. That’s how strong an instinct we are dealing with.

I can see the process of making this up as being collective or individual. Collectively maybe a group gets together and says, “Lets send one of us out in the desert and then have him come back and tell everybody that God “spoke” to him.” I can also see one individual person doing it…making it all up.

49:00 Now …how can the instinctive part be convinced that the story the cells have made up is true? The instinctive part can not even talk or understand words! So…the cells are only fooling themselves.

But can it fool itself when it made it up? Are we suppose to believe that cells that find cures for cancer or send men to the moon can make something up and then after either minutes, hours or years …it makes no difference …forget that they made it up?

49:45 It can’t have forgotten it! In fact I know it can’t because all you’ve got to do is bring it up with people …and you can tell! They haven’t forgotten it. The cells just don’t want to hear about it.

From one point of view I can see this as the impetus of those who want to wake up…their cells do want to hear about it. The feeling may arise, “What the hell is bugging us?” What’s bugging you is that you have forgotten what the hell secondary reality is about.

50:30 That’s all being asleep is. You are tied up in second reality.

Primary reality does not put anybody to sleep!

The neurons made up this story to make other cellular activity in the body change their behavior. To make the stomach quit making the hand grab food that it did not own. To make the cells down in the sex organs stop driving a man to commit rape. But how does it do it?

51:51 The only way you can get the stomach cells To tell the hands to stop stealing things is through the human mind, the intellect, for thought to tell itself, “I could go to hell for this. This is wrong!”

But there is not a direct connection. The neurons are not telling this to the sex organs. The sex organs are not even listening. Who are the neurons fooling? Who are they talking to? Themselves! And it makes no sense that they would do it, and it makes no sense that it would work.

And once again I can see this as the whole impetus for wanting to wake up. “How does all this shit work?”

53:25 You can see what all I went through here tonight. Imagine what it would be like to try and to talk to an ordinary person for one hour and tell them that the brain cells made all this stuff up.

They would not believe it…they could not see it.

But I can see it. And I can see it in the perspective of how all this fits into the notion that I am asleep and I want to wake up. To me it’s like meditating with an atomic device in my underwear. You sit there sort of quietly and then all of a sudden it goes ‘’WOOOO.’’

And that is my secret method.

55:15 I just gave you this and say that from my perspective it’s the best thing you will ever hear in your life, and I told you that…that it was the best thing you will ever hear in your life. And you look off and think about it. Now think about that.

I just told the truth about the cells. Where second reality came from. I didn’t discover that somewhere. That’s not written down.

It does not exist. I didn’t learn it somewhere. Somehow my cells fessed up. I still say that everybody’s cells knows what’s going on anyway. How come people won’t admit it? There is where I pull out my word “pretend.”

My cells didn’t discover this. It was not hiding somewhere. It was like all of a sudden they just went, “Wait a minute. It all comes back to me. I made all this shit up didn’t I?” And it’s like I’m almost a bystander This is what waking up really is. My cells say, “Wait a minute. I made this whole thing up.”

56:38 And let’s say that’s what I revealed tonight. And you look off and say, “Whew, the ramifications!” Think what you are doing. Your brain cells hear this and go, “Well, wouldn’t that be something?” And then they look off. They are doing it again. How many times can you remind somebody, or slap somebody, and they go, “Well I be damned!”

You hear about people who claim that enlightenment caused them to have blinding experiences where they fell down and passed out…those people are just overheated, they didn’t wake up. In trying to wake up they went without sex or food for too long.

58:17 Because it’s not that big of a surprise. How can it be a surprise? All it is are the neurons facing up to what they have done!

And after fifty years of working on this thing I turn to the neurons and say, “Why didn’t you guys help me on this thing?” And now it turns out to be this one thing and they say, “Oh yeah, that’s right We forgot about that.” And I think, “What do you mean you forgot!” I spent fifty years taking strange drugs…setting still trying to meditate and all you can say is “I forgot.” I still say, ” It’s a good thing I can’t get my hands on the little fuckers!”

And remember it’s them saying all of this.

59:56 You may have heard about the parasites that take over a host animal like an insect and begin to control there whole body. They even take over their brain and force them to change their diet so as to suite the parasites taste. I sometimes feel this way about the cells that are using us. That we are like some kind of slave that they have taken over. It’s like you wake up and the cells have been doing all these things and they say, “We forgot.”

And what’s really curious is that my cells make or allow me to do all this that I have done in the last two minutes….to expose them for trying to trick us into believing that they can’t be exposed.

01:01:30 This is known as “No way out.”…a closed system. It’s known as men not knowing why a cube has six sides, or a closed room looks the same in the dark no matter where you look. And the mind says, “I’ve been working on that.” What do you mean “Working on that?”


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

November 29, 2000.

Its all a verbal tango:
it seems like more, but
its all nothing but a verbal shoving match.

Its all a community sing:
you think you hear individual voices, but
its just a world wide sing-a-long.

Its all a verbal pile-on:
it sounds like something is being accomplished, but
its just words being heaped on words.

Its all a verbal, drama-cum-criticism:
it appears to be production, then outside reaction, but
its all a unified, in-house operation.

Its all a verbal pecker pull:
everyone pretends they’re being satisfied, but
everyone goes home horny.

Its a verbal cover for ignorance:
men pin a word on the dark, then
talk about it as though it were sunshine.

Its a verbal suit of armor, and
since no ones inside it,
the grander it is the better.

Its a make believe tar baby — one which,
the more you verbally strike it,
the more you two become one.

Its a verbal train:
it appears to have come from some place,
and seems to be rolling on, but
the train stands still
while words fly past the windows,
giving the illusion of motion.

Its verbal camouflage:
fears with no tongues are given voice,
the unspeakable then embraced.

It’s all a verbal sport:
its aim is pronounced as significant, but
the game is pure entertainment.

It’s a verbal phone system:
six billion listeners — one voice speaking,
six billion minds mired in collective illusion.

It’s a verbal work of art:
pleasant to contemplate, but
the first real rain washes it away.

It’s all a verbal dream world;
it seems quite real,
building after building,
but inside the buildings are nothing but people,
and inside the people, nothing but words.

The whole thing’s
all in your mind.