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November 27, 2000.

Zoology divides animals into
the offensive and the defensive,
and man being outclassed in strength, speed,
swimming, climbing, burrowing & flying ability,
he is listed in the latter category,
and in that it is through his unique talent to think
that he most shines and is able to
dominate the other creatures
it is in fact said that:
“Man is at his best when on the defense,”
and while this comment is understandable from an
ordinary view, it is one to which I take exception
when considered from the perspective
which prompts these reports.
If a mans intention is to clear his head,
and see things as they are,
then he is at his worst when on the defense,
(non-physically), for what he will be engaged in
will be actions in support of his illusions about himself,
and everything else.

Not only is the non thinking animal kingdom divided into
those being physically eaten and those doing the eating,
but so too at any given moment is mans mental kingdom
made up of half the human population expressing
support for Idea X, while the other half rejects same.
It is a non tangible world of eating and being eaten,
with the participants constantly, even instantly,
shifting from one category to the other, and back again,
ad infinitum.
These intellectual confrontations, and the resulting
recycling of neural resources & energy
sustains man’s unique intangible world
as surely as the literal,
eat-and-be-eaten physical food chain conditions do
the natural one.
Psychological-Model A must defend itself against attacks
by new, Model B, not just so model A might survive,
or that Model B might prevail, but rather so that
the whole invented field of Psychology can survive.
The entirety of mans thought-based, secondary reality,
(civilization, et al), only sustains the appearance of what it is
through an endless internal struggle whereby any idea,
(if it is to survive for any noticeable period of time),
will be under constant assault & criticism by other ideas
and against which it must defend itself.
A lower level wolf can roll over,
expose its underbelly in submission to the alpha male,
and thus live to see another day,
but no similar circumstance exists in the world of
human ideas.
If Religion M rolls over and submits to the authority of
competing Religion N,
that is the end of Religion M,
it will see no other day.
In the animal kingdom,
the winner is he who, at any given moment,
proves physically fittest and survives an instant conflict,
while in mans intangible mental realm
there are no permanent winners,
and indeed the entire world of ideas survives only by grace of
endless, never conclusively-settled conflict.

Once this is clearly seen & understood
a man is freed from a ocean of useless concerns
projected onto the screen outside himself,
but turned in the other direction,
this realization will liberate you from ALL moot worries,
and foolishness.
(And that particular ship sails like this):
The idea that every person most frequently,
most consistently and most passionately defends is
the idea he holds of himself.
He defends the thought-generated picture his brain
presents of him with vigor and ferocity worthy of a lion,
and with every defense,
the picture is reinforced,
(which is the purpose of the defense).

The more imaginary be a thing —
the greater must it be protected.

Without an ongoing defense, and protection of his
cortical-based, self-personality
said personality would vanish, or become dysfunctional.
This is how things are in the routine marketplace
with ordinary shoppers,
but things are totally different over in the obscure aisle
where the few search the shelves.

If a man defends himself — he is asleep.

The reality of this, (as is the norm),
has been sensed,
misunderstood, then crudely translated
by ordinary men into such supposedly
divinely-inspired directives as: Turn the other cheek,
Bless those who despise you, etc.
which have no practical sense to them
save in the realm of thoughts.

A galileo should ward off the blow of someone trying to hit him,
but ignore anyone attacking his ideas,
or labeling him a crackpot for even having them.

You do not know anything,
(and are certainly not Enlightened),
unless what you know is immune from any attack.
It is not something that you can plan,
it is simply how it is if you really know,
whats what about a given matter.
The truly BIG MATTER is in knowing whats going on with
that thing called, life,
and whats going on with the thing your thoughts call, You.

A man awake HAS nothing to defend.

If by some means or the other
you have managed to pretty well
stabilize the movie of reality being shown
in your penthouse,
and have a reasonably permanent picture of where the
furniture therein is located,
and have adjusted to the arrangement,
then well make note:

A man awake has nothing to defend.

An enlightened man knows nothing to be defended.
Only duckshit, and the maps of reality imposed on the minds of
common men express the need to be defended against
attack, question and criticism.

If what you know can be argued and debated,
then what you know is simply entertaining pigshit,
necessary for the survival of collective mans mental reality,
but poison for the few.

If you even feel the need to promote what you know,
then you are fast asleep with a head full of moonbeams.

No human “knows” anything,
but those who untangle their head realize,
understand and accept it,
and with understanding automatically comes acceptance,
and with understanding-cum-acceptance
comes the forgetting to defend what you know,
and even any interest in any criticism thereof.

An enlightened man would indeed, and truly,
Turn the other cheek when the
cheek-of-his-consciousness was slapped,
although more accurately put would be that:
Assaults on what he knows by men-with-busy-minds
would be of such, no-significance as to provoke in him
no reaction — period.

Take note: You are not a wolf or wildebeest,
and if you want to see what is really going on,
then if you are — defending yourself
you are at your absolute worst & dumbest.

Straight forward enough, what?!


P.S. the advanced-guy’s version of this is to not participate in any of your own thoughts defending themselves against assaults made on them by other of your thoughts.