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Condensed Transcript

Tape #2609 recorded by Jan Cox November 24, 2000
Notes by DB


00:01 I was sitting talking with some people one time who were claiming that they wanted to go from being dimly conscious to being more brightly conscious. One person began to talk about their individual mind…and I said, “Do you know that you don’t have an individual mind?” I looked at other people around the table and pointing at each I said, “His mind is your mind and your mind is his mind and her mind (pointing at another person) is your mind.”

After I had left the meeting several of those present were very upset by what I had said. They commented that it was too “spooky”, that they had never heard anything that had bothered them so much…that they would not be reading any more of my writings …and that they were not interested in hearing anything else I had to say. You might say that they all spoke this with one mind.

02:30 I had pondered many years ago why people act in a certain way. Not physically act …but speak in a certain way. And one of the things that struck me was how people could be “self-effacing”. Even in circles where people know the term “self-effacing” such behavior is associated with being intelligent. Anyone who is civilized today, even if they don’t know the term, engages in self-effacing behavior.

03:36 But why do people engage in self-effacement? From an ordinary view the psychological explanation could be given that it is a form of reverse self aggrandizement…but that’s not enough. There is a level that you can see what self-effacement is involved with, but you have to be damn near awake to understand it.

05:15 No one has an individual mind and self-effacement is an attempt to separate yourself from …to exempt yourself from …the fact that you don’t have an individual mind.

05:55 You do not have an individual mind. Whoever handled your mind last has as much your mind as you do. And it could have been a street sign, or a bumper sticker doing the handling. If you are somewhat out of the ordinary then knowing this would not be “spooky”… but would be a step towards great liberation. I mean this literally…you do not have a mind of your own. But the more intelligent a person considers themselves to be, the more they will insist that they do have a mind of their own.

07:00 Among ordinary people that’s considered part and parcel of being an educated person. For ordinary people being well read, keeping yourself abreast of current scientific findings, etc…for the ordinary, these are essential ingredients for a person to have a mind of their own. They must be aware of what’s going on in society.

Now there is the proof. But no one can see it. All of this has just the opposite effect. The opposite result.

08:45 Meditating is a physical version of self-effacement. You are trying to exempt yourself from the fact that you don’t have a mind of your own.

09:35 Being asleep is not having a mind of your own. But being normal, being conscious, is (also) to not have a mind of your own. Consciousness is one big consciousness.

12:00 Nobody gives any particular notice to how things spread around the planet so quickly. Currently it is attributed to global communications. But if you could see it more broadly it is as if there is this one mind of everybody and Life is continually shaking it up. It is as if Life sticks a spatula down in the mix on the planet and stirs it up, and all of a sudden over large areas, or even all over the planet, people are thinking about the same thing.

Figuratively speaking …I can visually see it …it’s almost as if I were floating above the planet and looking down… and I can see the mind of everybody, the one Human mind…and then it’s like cake coloring is dropped into the mix, and as the spatula stirs, the color spreads throughout the mix.

Then all of a sudden people are thinking about the same thing …for example …shopping…people are shopping everywhere. You might say, “Well of course they are shopping, it’s the start of shopping season”. And I’d say, “Well now we’re getting somewhere!”

13:40 If I said, “Now this is something metaphysical!”. Everyone would say, “You are crazy. It’s just after Thanksgiving. Everybody knows it’s shopping season.” And I would look at them and say, “Don’t you get it?”

14:20 They announce that the day after Thanksgiving will be the busiest shopping day of the year. And you get up that morning and you just have to go shopping. And if you are an ordinary person you just can’t help it. And even if you don’t go out you’ll sit at home “regretting”, thinking, “I should have gone shopping”.

16:00 Here is an obvious example. When of late I have received e-mails from readers the first question is always about God. It might go something like, “Well ninety five percent of the people, when asked, say that they believe in God! What do you think about that?”…Well there’s the answer! All of that is proof of nothing…except what I am saying! Don’t you get it?

18:00 Having a lot of people feel the way you do “props you up”. It’s almost impossible to see, but …you don’t have a mind of your own. No one does. It is an illusion… and it is the absolute full dress uniform of being asleep to believe that you have a mind of your own. If you don’t ever see past that …you’ll never wake up….you’ll never understand what’s going on.

19:15 You can fight with it, you can struggle with it. You can weigh what you’ve heard about enlightenment from several different viewpoints…but… there are no “several different viewpoints”…there is only one big viewpoint, there is only one big mind. There is only one big thought. And I’m not going to tell you what the big thought is because I don’t know what it is.

20:00 As I see it…Life and the big thought…if not synonymous then …one is the shadow of the other.

20:31 There is only one big mind and one big thought. There are not six billion minds… there is only one mind. And there is only one thought and I see it as Life having put this one big thought into a huge Vegomatic…and it keeps spewing all this stuff out like a Salad Shooter…and it keeps it running all the time.

20:49 It’s like running a pig off of pig farts. It’s unbelievable. The thing will fuel itself. People may say that you can’t recycle indefinitely. And to that I would say, “Tut Tut”. It’s one big thought and Life keeps the thing running through a blender…a chopper…and it keeps spewing it out…except somehow it gets back into the chopper and is recycled over and over. And that’s why I say it’s like Life puts a stick down there and stirs things up…and then all of a sudden large groups of people all over are talking about the same thing …like global warming.

22:21 And no ordinary person ever asks why they are thinking about these things.. They’ll say, “Well I heard it somewhere…and that’s how I know” …or…”I read it in The New York Times”. You can’t turn to the person and say, “Well that does not explain anything”. But it does. It explains everything. But nobody ever questions themselves as to “Why am I thinking about such and such? Why am I concerned about it?”

24:40 How did those words get on that newspaper? Things are taken as facts that are often difficult, or even impossible, to trace back to their source. Pick out any problem you want to. Everyday contradictory opinions and research on a subject or problem is reported by the media.

27:00 Everybody believes that a piece of “knowledge” started somewhere.

But do you know that it didn’t? You either see it or you don’t. You may see it on the way home tonight or at some other time.

27:53 There is no starting place. A cosmologist might say that the Universe began with a big bang at a certain point in time. But back then there was no time…(aside) …so much for that.

Most people would say that life is an endless process, you can’t even say where an individual life begins. Sperm meeting ovum is not the beginning of life. The sperm and the ovum are already alive when they meet. And you can keep going back and back and never find the real starting place.

28:50 But then if you ask someone, “Can you tell when a particular idea started?” They may answer, “Yes”. And even say, “A human thought is the only thing in the Universe that has a discernable origin”. An ordinary person would not claim that they could see a beginning to anything in the Universe…except a thought. They might even claim to be able to name the very person who started the idea or thought. It’s simply not true.

You can’t say where any activity in the real world starts. You can’t say where rain starts…or the atmosphere starts …or anything else for that matter. You look up and see a dark cloud and say, “Well that’s where the rain came from!” But if you trace it back over the mountains way out over the sea to the cool air arising from the ocean you still have to find the origins of the cool air, and the origins of whatever caused the cause of the cause… and on, and on, and on.

33:55 Notice that you can see this about physical reality…but when I bring up thought…notice that your thoughts will immediately come up with thoughts about where they first heard the thought.

If you believe it… and you don’t examine it…believing that you have a mind of your own is like being in prison and someone has told you that you are free.

The prison of thought of the one mind is as wide as thought wants to imagine it to be. So…to yourself you try to picture that, “I do not have a mind of my own. What’s going on right now is not mine.’’ So your thoughts look around and try to find out, “Well who’s thoughts are they?”…and there is nobody there.

35:00 When the person feels confined their thoughts see the confinement. When thoughts want to see the far horizon of freedom they can also do that.

On the other hand… when a person is told that their thoughts are in prison and they don’t want to believe that… then their thoughts can look out and see no confinement.

37:00 It is an accepted fact among physicists that no matter how big the machine that is doing the looking is …you will never be able to see the edge or end of the universe. For one thing… if you actually saw the edge of the universe you would not know it because you could not see beyond the edge, and therefore you would not know that it was the edge. Or …if you saw it… it would reflect back in another direction so that you would not realize that you were seeing the edge. Is that a description of the human mind or not?!

38:25 That is just another description of what I have just told you. Thoughts will look out and never see their limitations. If you tell somebody that they do not have a mind of their own…You tell them …”your mind is his mind and his mind is your mind, and their mind is your mind and your mind is their mind.”

A person’s mind will go, “Well that’s just not true.” I can see that this could be extremely upsetting to a person. Their minds just won’t tolerate it.

They won’t even entertain it. They begin to dismiss it even as it is said. Which is all part of the big mind.

39:50 Here is my last one for the week. (try this). When you are alone…maybe when you get home and you sit down and grab the remote and say, “Well let’s see if the game is on.” Or maybe you pick up a book, or read the newspaper. It can be a great feeling of liberation …although it is only momentary…unless it expands and you go into one of those states for a while…to realize that you are -paying attention to the message rather than the system of delivery. The content does not mean anything.

When I use to do this (watch TV,… read) I knew that something was wrong.

Do you know what it is?

43:12 If you want to understand what awakening is…if you want to understand what’s going on…then give serious consideration to what I have said here. When you get home tonight, and you reach over to turn on the radio, you should feel that something is wrong. And I am using “wrong” in a theatrical sense.

The reason you turn on the TV, the radio, call up a friend, or pick up a book…is because you don’t have a mind of your own.

44:30 Where inside the big mind is the “self” to do the looking? Once you have been cut out from the big cabbage head (big mind) and are just one shred…how are you going to make sense of the head from which you came? … The head that life stuck down into the blender…the head that life shredded, …the one shred that is your one big thought …and that big thought is the feeling that you have your own individual mind. And there is no bigger indication of being asleep or idiocy than believing that you have your own individual mind.

45:30 Try and have an original thought! Tonight on the way home, thirty minutes from now, try and have an original thought. Don’t plan the thought but just plan now to have the thought. You will have a moment of liberation. I hope you don’t let it slip by. In this moment you will realize that you don’t have original thoughts

Don’t think about it…like trying to learn something from it. You could only learn something from it if you have a mind of your own.

47:30 By thinking about it you are like someone who the Governor has called and given you a reprieve…They hand you the phone and say, “You can live.” You exclaim, “Wow!”…and at the same time you lay the phone down you throw the switch on yourself. And it happens over and over again. Thinking throws the switch.

In actuality, the problem is not that you are thinking about it, but that you to continue to not realize what it is when you are thinking about it. It’s not the thinking about it that does you in.

48:09 It’s opening the package. They keep delivering you the package. They keep handing you the phone from the Governor and you keep taking it…opening the package….”Let’s see what’s in here?”…Don’t do that! Look at the hands that are holding the package up. Fuck the phone! Look at who handed you the phone. Look at who handed you the package. Look at who delivers you the message. I assume everyone gets the allegory… don’t they?

Look at what delivers your bright ideas. Ask yourself, “Who delivers these bright ideas?”

Or if you are wired up another way then ask yourself, “Who is it that keeps making me feel so bad?…Who keeps me so worried?”

49:00 Or I could ask you, “What does your postman look like?” An ordinary person has no idea. They might say, “It’s what’s in the packages that’s important. The hell with the mailman!” Well… there you are.


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

November 24,2000.

Dateline: Right where I am.
Time: Now.
Subject: Where else could I be,
and at what other time?!

It is a tropical paradise,
the sun is just becoming fully visible over the
waters horizon,
and here I sit with the impartial keyboard,
and the entire history of human life available
for me to use as mental cannon confetti for the
potential benefit of those people with an
objective, (or at least, “I-can-take-it”) interest
in the matter of what human existence may be
about that normally goes unnoticed, and indeed,
is almost beyond notice.
not quite,
just — almost
and the definition of “almost”
in contemporaneous paradise
is not the same as in the ghetto.

Pull up a pineapple
sit down –relax;
open yourself a cold blood
while I tell you faraway tales about the
matter that brought you here,
with the reality of the matter not being
faraway atoll.

On one planet an unrecognized conflict goes on between two groups;
one which looks out at their yard,
and the other which stares at their furniture.

One man was a planet.

The desire to, “increase consciousness”
was not always called such;
at one time it was known as the effort to,
“expand sensations,”
and before that as, “broadening the bridge”.

A man, not his own neurologist,
will always be ill.

One man confused high winds with indigestion —
his neighbors laughed at him
things were not as funny as they thought,
his gas was their high winds and vicey versy.

Some men take life as they find it.
Some men resist life as they find it.
Some men take life as they find it,
but bitch about it.
Some men resist life as they find it,
and preach the approach to others.
Everybody takes life as it happens to them,
and life apparently doesn’t care whether you comment on it or not,
(since your sentiments simply become a part of
what is happening in life.)

In one place the locals would shout into a canyon
just to hear the echo of their own voice.

Their neighbors would come to watch this,
and stand by, amused by the yelling.

One man was a canyon —
and was his neighbors, also.

Everybody wants a package —
nobody looks at how they got it.

This world is made up of two types of travelers walking along lifes road:
those who turn and look at every passing car,
and those who do not.
For xmas,
one man wanted to become a road.

When you dont understand whats going on,
you believe that others do.
Entertaining this belief is what keeps people from
understanding whats going on.
No one understands whats going on,
but few are allowed to realize it.
For his birthday one man wanted to
not be made to understand whats going on.
Oftimes this one man is every man.

In one galaxy, the creatures who think
do not think of themselves & each other as,
“creatures who think”, but rather as
thoughts who live in this creature.

Certain cells in one mans brain confide that
a side purpose in their production of thoughts
is for them to eventually construct a suitable mirror
in which the cells can see themselves.

Let all magnetized & protective people stand & sing:
“No Man Is A Mirror!
not on MY watch hes not.”

There was once an island where everyone was constantly concerned with
the behavior of everyone else.

Their concern had no effect on anyone’s behavior since their concern was dictated by THEIR behavior.

No one paid any attention to these expressions of concern about behavior,
except those who did
who would then repeat them.

This island long ago sunk
without a trace.
well, with one trace:
everyone now is still the people of that island,
except for a few who have somehow,
inside their own skull,
become the seas that
swallowed the island.

In one corner of the universe
a movie is constantly shown on a gigantic screen
whose dimensions are measured in light years.
The spectacle is so large & encompassing that
all of the beings who reside there have forgotten that
it is just a movie and not real life.
For his bar mitzvah, one man wanted to be the
empty theatre corner of his own universe.

On one world, everyone wanted to “wake up”,
and thus the possibility did not exist.

On a neighboring world, everyone was awake,
and thus the possibility did not exist.

On a near by third world,
everyone was not awake —
only a few wanted to be —
thus the possibility existed —
but it seemed to have
fallen down a hole, or something.

A man who is not his own
post hole digger
will always have a yard full of.well,
full of — YARD

The lay of the land depends on whether you look outside,
or stare at the furniture.

There was once a
School For Enlightenment
whose method was:
“Hey, come over here.”
It had a competitor whose approach
was: “No, stay where you are.”
In a turn of normal expectations,
one man sees the brains
corpus callosum as a physically driven metaphor
for something intangible, and significant
attempting to communicate with man.

Those who count to two
are being deluded.
Those who count to one are also.
Those who count to three do better,
but nothing replaces
spotting the counter.

Those who sleep,
dream that the slipcovers are the furniture.
Those who dream they’ve awakened
mistakenly take the furniture as being real.

You must step outside to ever get the real picture of
what is going on,
which cannot be accomplished while you’re thinking that there is a
door you can pass through
that is not you.

If you wanna wake up quick,
ram your hand down inside & turn that sucker inside out
(then calmly wipe off your hand
as you realize that what you’re wiping away is
the old illusion of you-WITH-a-hand.)

Hey, is that surf inviting or what?!
You about ready to dive in or what?!

Do a cannonball off your frontal lobes……..


The graffiti on the walls of man’s collective mind comes in two flavors:
the crude and the poetic,
and to transform the merely amusing into the instructive
you should make the crude poetic, and the poetic, crude.

Telephone book’s in place,
left hand’s started compin’,
the hummin’ has begun — Houston! —
— the elf has landed!

….it’s nice work if you can get it………