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This is tape #2608 recorded by Jan Cox November 22, 2000,


00:06 I mentioned one time that I thought that I had learned more from dogs than from any other source on earth. Since it’s been eight or ten years since I said that, I have decided to explain it. I can explain it better now… I can explain it differently than I would have then.

00:36 I am using “me” as a fictional, rhetorical device …(knowing that I don’t have to explain that to you people…knowing that none of you take me seriously anyway)…I’m always afraid that someone…some civilian of greater …no make that… lesser …no make that…greater…no…lesser… sensibilities would hear some of this and get all involved.

01:04 I used to sit and look at my dog and become frightened (I’m being literary already). It was akin to the fear of death…something which people are always talking about. However, there is no such thing as the fear of death. How can you be afraid of something that you don’t know anything about. Nobody has any fear of death,…but I know what they are talking about… it’s the thinking mind trying to think about it’s state of non existence.

02:33 You look at someone in a casket and…the word fear…there really is no better word…not astonishment or bewilderment ..arises. The thinking mind when confronted with death (thinks) “I won’t be here.” Then it strikes you, “I can’t think how it will be when I am not here.” Then you think, “Now that is fearful.”

03:34 That is what I would experience when I would look at my dog. Sit and look at a dog and try and think what it would be like to be conscious without thinking. Without being able to think…without having thoughts in your head.

04:25 Animals that do not have to spend all of their time hunting for food…what do they do with their free time? They sleep. But this dog I was looking at would spend some of his time, like most dogs, just lying there …being conscious… at his own level of consciousness. Not looking at anything in particular.

05:18 And I would look at him and think, “How can it be?” What is it like to be conscious and not have a thought? I found that, eventually, to be highly helpful. I would look at him and I would know what other people meant by the fear of death …because I could bring it on myself. It took me a while to realize that I was “spooking” myself. I would look at him (and all other animals like him) and think, “What is it like?”

06:11 I would talk to him. He was my friend. He was my buddy.

To me he was super intelligent. He could pick up all sorts of clues…about what I was going to do, and yet, no thought had ever crossed his mind. He had no thoughts, and yet, just the tinkling of the car keys…and he “knew” something fun was about to happen.

There he was like my own son, my own brother right by my side and he had never had a thought! I would look at him and it would put the fear of God in me…I would become frightened…I would think, “This is like dying.”

07:50 I would wonder, “Why in the hell is it like the fear of dying to look upon this dog and to try to conceive what it would be like to have consciousness without thought?” “What is it like to be like him?” And, as I said, I saw him as having intelligence. A dogs consciousness is closer to yours than that of a bird or a turtle…or most other animals.

08:43 You can look in a dogs eyes and have him look back in yours and see him trying to focus…it’s like he is trying to think.

09:00 I would try to “feel” or experience in my mind what he was

experiencing in his consciousness. That dog and I have an instinctive brain in common. By now you should know that the brain is separated into two parts; the instinctive brain which regulates and controls without thinking, and the thinking brain.

So, what his brain amounts to is what my brain would amount to if you took away my cortex.

10:00 I would look at the dog and wonder what would it feel like to be conscious without thought. I would fly off into the unknown universe…the fear of death, of non existence. Why did it give me that feeling?

11:00 I’ve got two new things; It doesn’t matter what you think. All that matters is what you think about. I have held this back for a long time. As soon as it came to me, and (even with) all the things it meant to me, and all the things I got out of it …I knew that I would never be able to explain it.

12:00 The second part to this is; It doesn’t matter what you think. All that matters is what you think about. And …It doesn’t matter what you think about. It only matters what you think with.

13:00 The instinctive mind is thinking all the time but it doesn’t think about anything. Then I could say, “Well yes it does…it thinks about ‘are we doing OK?’ “ Are we too hot? Are we too cold? Are we hungry? Are we dizzy? Is our blood pressure too high? Is our insulin level too low? The dog is conscious… its brain is thinking but, it is not thinking about anything.

14:40 Your instinctive brain is thinking right now. It is not thinking about anything that you can identify…but it is monitoring and regulating at a phenomenal level of gigantic detail. The whole sub-cortical process is unbelievable. What is going on in the instinctive part of the brain is, to the thinking part of the brain, astounding.

Now…your thinking mind is reading a book that describes the sub-cortical process and, the thinking mind, amazed at the detail the instinctive part is dealing with says, “That’s unbelievable.” It was the thoughtful part of the mind that wrote the book that you are reading and the thinking mind goes, “That’s unbelievable.”

I said to myself after realizing this, “If that don’t wake me up then I don’t know what will“….then I said, “Stop talking to yourself you are spooking the dog.”

19:20 So you ask yourself, “Can I detect this regulation process going on down in the instinctive part of my brain?” (The thinking part of the brain defines or names the regulatory processes going on in the instinctive part as being driven by “thinking”….but the thinking brain is unable to identify these processes by looking into or observing the brains internal functioning.)

21:27 Consider the concern that reasonably intelligent people have over having someone else’s ideas fostered upon them. Everyone resists the idea of brainwashing, subliminal influence…and even the media affecting or influencing their “independent” thinking.

It sounds so intelligent, but it is all “phooey”. There can be no better example of someone who is living in a dream world…somebody who is asleep. When people say that they are independent thinkers who resist outside influences …for those of you who know anything about waking up… you know that they are asleep… we are talking about more than being asleep … it is idiocy.

24:50 If you are thinking about anything that anybody else is thinking about …then you are not thinking. It is only ordinary people using the ordinary mind who say that it is important what you think. It doesn’t matter what you think. All that matters is what you think about….and if you think about what other people are thinking about then you are a dead person. And …It doesn’t matter what you think about. It only matters what you think with.

25:30 I know some of you get it and some of you don’t. I’d like to wring your necks like chickens until you get it! The only definition of sleep is that… you are thinking about what other people are thinking about. Or to get really good…you are thinking about only what your thoughts want you to think about. That’s all being an idiot is…that’s all living in a dream world is…that’s all being asleep is . And overcoming that is all that being awake is .

26:50 In trying to awake it literally does not matter what you think. You can think the “yuckiest”…or the “most enlightened” thoughts in the world. It doesn’t matter what you think, it matters what you think about. For a long time I accepted that thinking about being awake meets all the criteria I’m talking about. But, a dog doesn’t think about anything…it’s thinking but not about anything.

28:16 When just beginning trying to be enlightened the thought arises, “I’m thinking the wrong thoughts. To be enlightened I must think the right thoughts. I must think the truth.” This has nothing to do with anything …it doesn’t matter what you think.

Think of the mind as a balloon filled with liquid and one little part has become congealed or has formed into a lump. This lump is the thinking part of your mind. That part that is asleep. To have thoughts a part of your mind has to congeal and thereby inhibit the natural liquid flow. And it doesn’t matter what you are thinking about…if you are thinking about something you have a lumpy brain. You are asleep. You can’t think about being awake and say that’s the exception.

32:00 In our day and time you must have the thinking part of the brain. You cannot be living without it. You couldn’t drive a car or find your way around town. But if you were living out in the wild with no human contact, you could survive with just the instinctive brain. However, given the fact that you have already had experience using your mind…it would be difficult if not impossible to stop using it.

34:00 I have told you people about asking yourself, “Who is driving this car?” while you are driving. I have been driving and thinking of other things and realized, “I am not driving this car.” Who is doing it? It is, quite simply, the instinctive mind. That part below the cortex.

36:00 What would it be like to live using only the instinctive part of your brain and thinking only when you needed to? The instinctive part of my mind is responsible for keeping me alive. It also plays a big role in making me “me”. My genes are responsible for making me what I am. It came right out of my instinctive mind.

38:00 I hear the thinking part of the brain talking. I never hear the instinctive part talking. Why could I not shift the thinking part over to the instinctive area and let the part that is responsible for keeping me alive become the “me”…the sense of self …that here to fore had been attributed to the thinking area? So why can’t you move the sense of self over to the instinctive part?…Which is where it belongs….the true seat of where you belong. This was more than a rhetorical question to me because it’s got to be true.

Functionally and constructively that’s what is going on already.

40:43 It is only in that one tiny lump of the brain where self reference and sense of me occurs. We all feel like the cortex is where we are conscious…where our sense of self resides. Where the words “I and me” come from.

Why can’t I just remove the sense of me from this one small area and put it where it belongs? Shift it over the millimeter or so distance to the instinctive area. That’s where it all started out from.

42:50 That’s where a dog’s consciousness is at. It is not thought based consciousness. I have this too…but I also have something extra…a part of the brain that puts out thought.

44:10 If that move could be done it would make consciousness …being awake …like you just started. That is the way it is now.

You are you in that part of your brain already. It is the tiny thinking part of the brain that parochially claims to be “I” and “me”…such a little pip-squeak!…claiming to be everything …when, in fact, it is a tiny thing standing above Mt. Everest

(the instinctive brain) declaring and bragging about its superiority. And the instinctive brain does not care one way or the other …it would be like you talking to a dog and saying, “I’ve got a Masters degree”.

The you that you think is you …sits right there in the brain in one small lump. The part that is you is in the instinctive brain. The instinctive brain is the self. So why can’t you take the consciousness of self and move it to the real self? Why can’t you just shift the sense of you just slightly into the instinctive area?…Which is where all the real work is going on. It is the real you…because without it there is no you. This is the point at which I came up with, “It doesn’t matter what you think…it matters what you think about.” And if you get that you then go, “It doesn’t matter what you think about …it matters what you think with”. I would then think, “If I could be as smart as I am now and be as intelligence as that dog …then I would have it”.

51:02 When the truth is that is exactly what is going on. It is not something to aspire to. But then I sit there and say, “I know that’s the way it is now but why am I not satisfied with it?” And of course the answer is, “Because I’m thinking about it.”

So for twenty or thirty years trying to wake up and it all comes down to the fact, “Because I’m thinking about it.”

52:45 One final bit of advice; if you are ever talking to a dog and you start with that, “What kind of education have you got? I almost graduated from Chiropractor school.”…and the hairs begins to go up on his ears and back ,…I would just change the subject.

Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

November 22, 2000.

I am standing today
where construction is under way
on the worlds largest telescope.
While men continue to look outward, and back into time
as they seek to understand the origin of the physical universe,
I have come here to highlight the fact that you already
have within you the most astonishing
investigatory instrument ever known —
— human thought —
but one not normally turned inward
in the effort to understand the origin of its own intangible universe.

A certain discovery awaits here
that will change entirely
a mans understanding of reality,
and shake awake his thinking
— as though from a dream.

There was once a brown planet.
Everything about it was brown — nothing but brown.
And originally all of the creatures thereon
saw things only in brown.

Gradually however,
one eye of one species began to see things in blue,
and through this talent were able to make their lives
on the brown planet more agreeable;
but everything there remained as it was
originally — only brown.

Eventually these creatures lives were based on a combination of
one eye seeing brown,
and the other eye seeing blue,
and everyone forgot how it had come to be so.

No one remembered how things were originally;
no one noticed that everything was still
physically brown,
and that it was just the nature of one of their eyes to
see them as blue.

One of the creatures did not fully forget,
nor fail to notice that something was going on,
and after studying the situation realized that
while everything on their planet was still brown,
and that their brown-seeing eye had never seen it as otherwise,
their blue-seeing eye could not seem to comprehend
how brown everything still was,
nor recognize the unique nature of its seeing things in blue.

He could not get anyone else to see how things really were,
and could scarcely accomplish same with himself.

This is my latest story regarding the literal core,
and reality of what it is to want to,
wake up, or to, be enlightened,
and it tells all.

I again try to point directly at the matter which is,
from almost every reasonable perspective —
— an impossibility.
People obviously find it more agreeable,
and interesting to hear the matter described in
terms such as, waking up,
and, being enlightened
than they do to hear it spoken of bluntly.
I understand fully why this is,
but cannot make you see it directly any more than I can
make you see objectively out of both eyes.

Inherent in the blue-seeing eye is a lyricism
— a poetic view of life.
The brown-seeing eye has no ear for symbolism,
not even the physical ability to hear same,
but the contribution that the blue-seeing eye
makes to your life & conception of reality
depends entirely on its world view in which,
Symbolism IS the substance.

A man with the desire to change the
state of his consciousness
is a man in whose cerebral cortex
there are cells trying to construct a telescope
through which to study,
and understand their own origins,
and the thoughts you have
that make you say
that you want to,Wake up
is the telescope of those cells.

Until a man recognizes this
he will keep looking in the wrong direction —
— away from himself.
What those neurons in your frontal lobes are searching for
is not in anyone’s books,
not in anyone else’s ideas — it cant be.
What they seek to know is
about themselves,
and what they seek to know about themselves
is in their past —
in the awareness of the origin of
your blue-seeing eye.

What those consciousness-producing brain cells want to know
regarding their origin can also be found in the present,
in the study of contemporaneous thought.
The small problem being that
the cells only have thoughts to study them with,
and telescopes are notoriously difficult to
point at themselves.

To turn any investigatory instrument on itself
in the physical world is impossible,
and to do so in the non physical,
is close behind.
I say that the literal reality behind the desire to,
“wake up, be enlightened and so on
is literally an impossibility, (that is;
it is not possible to know more than you know),
yet I also say to you that the words, an impossibility
does not QUITE cover the matter completely,
the evidence being, (if you need any),
that the brain cells behind all of this can even
CONCEIVE OF it being possible
sufficiently to form the thoughts in your mind that
THINK about it being possible.

When you realize this for yourself
you will know why I have noted that anyone who
says that they are awake — is not.
They do not understand at all what it is about,
or else they would never say such a thing.

So — I have put out words once again that attempt
to turn your telescope in the direction of that
and get a brief taste of that
two eyed neural experience that verges on the,

..damn-near, but — not quite.