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Symbolism is the Substance


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Condensed Transcript

2607_11/20 /2000
This is tape #2607 recorded by Jan Cox November 20, 2000, MP3 format.
Notes by DB


00:11 Symbolism is the substance of the secondary world.

02:20 I hope you have noticed that all over our country, at every level, the judiciary are housed in the finest symbolic marble buildings. The judges, …wearing impressive black robes and sitting high above everyone else in the courtroom,…and these judges, having gained their jobs through political appointments…are just dripping with symbolism.

04:03 You would think that such judges would have the brightest minds possible. The legal profession requires …as far as general intellectual abilities go, a mind as good as, if not better than, any field outside of the hard sciences. Law requires an intelligence far above what is required for Philosophy, Theology, and Psychology.

04:57 Law is made up of words…symbols…A good lawyer is playing around with language, which is the foundation of secondary reality,… and a good legal mind is required. The law is nothing but language. A lot of “nit picking” about words goes on in law.

05:43 Recently we all saw a well known lawyer (President Bill Clinton) look straight into the camera and say, “Well, it depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is.” (laughter) That spawned a lot of criticism by commentators and would be intellectuals who just don’t understand the way the law works.

06:19 So…you would expect that you would have the highest of minds …legal minds… sitting on the Supreme Courts of America….both at the state and federal levels. But …it’s almost a joke.

08:19 Any lawyer who shows up to present a case in front of one of these Supreme Court judges can almost “eat those justices alive”….even if the lawyer is hung-over and has the flu. The justices are, as a rule, fairly slow witted. They are not intellectuals…Some of the questions judges ask the lawyers, who are pleading their clients cases to the court, are downright embarrassing.

09:49 These judges are appointees…it’s all political payoffs.

The judges do not render the decisions…they have clerks, right out of law school, and the clerks are the ones who get down and do the research and write out the opinions.

11:22 The judges are not the brains …they are the symbolism.

12:40 All the real work is done through legal briefs. The courtroom presentation is just a symbolic show. Any lawyer worth anything knows this. Its all just a show. (These judges are )…buffoons and political hacks all dressed up..

14:21 Yet all over the civilized world the Judicial System is held in the highest esteem.

15:02 The black robes, the high benches , the marble buildings , the “Yes, your honor”, the banging of the gavel…’’If it pleases the court‘’…‘’May it please the court‘’…It is all part of the symbolic show.

16:42 Now…mash the minimize button and let all this collapse down into your brain.

17:09 Law…religion …it’s all the same. There are those who spend their life savings to go to Rome to see the Pope. When they finally get there he is so far away they can barely see him, he mumbles and even speaks in a language they don’t understand. It is the symbolism that produces the awe in them …just like the awe that is produced by walking into the Supreme Court.

18:00 You can turn on your TV to a religious show…and …well, these people are just scoundrels …idiots…they are rascals…that is the way I describe them …because I know them.

In the secondary world symbolism is the substance….this is the point.

20:50 Don’t let your ordinary minds get hung up and chase after this critically…‘’ I just knew they are all despicable crooks’’…which is the normal thing to do. Every time you chase after an ordinary thought you are contributing to it…to secondary reality.

22:00 If the force of life, knowing what it’s doing , has set up this whole secondary world (courts, politics, education, religion) … which has become more important, almost throughout the earth, than our own essential animalistic nature …and symbolism is the substance of it …then what has Life done inside our own individual minds.

22:36 In your own individual mind you have a sense of secondary reality. If you are criticizing secondary reality then you don’t get it.

It’s all symbolism. The secondary world is nothing but symbolism.

Any criticism you have of it blinds you to what is going on. Your criticism makes you part of secondary reality. You are now part of the symbolism.

Part of the substance of symbolism is humanity taking it seriously.

24:20 You can hear people say, “Yeah, I take politics seriously. It has enough serious effect on our lives that it should be taken seriously. I have strong opinions about such things, and everyone should.”

Well he’s right. Everyone should…except me! And I say “me” on the basis of any man who has any real intentions of waking up.

24:48 Consider this: In man’s civilized secondary world…that which is not tangible …the judiciary building is real…as is the gavel and the black robes, but… the law is not real, justice is not real, and the justice system is not real.

Just as there is no such thing as the law, there is no such thing as religion, philosophy, sociology or art. There are paintings and there are statues but there is no such thing as art.

25:35 It is symbolism that is the substance of our secondary world.

It is symbolism that is the substance of our thinking…because thoughts do not exist. Thoughts do not even have the benefit of the physical manifestations of symbolism. Thoughts do not even have a marble building or a black robe.

Thoughts have nothing…they are symbolism of symbolism.

26:10 Yet when you are thinking you cannot see that, that’s what’s happening. If your consciousness at any one moment is nothing but the thoughts in your head …they have no relation to reality other than symbolism… and …you have no awareness of this.

27:04 You can’t be asleep and be awake. You can’t be awake and be asleep. If you catch yourself being asleep then you are awake …even if just for a moment. You think to yourself “God, how did I do that?”…and then you are back asleep.

28:00 Ask yourself, “If the whole of secondary reality out there is nothing but symbolism, then ‘what by God,’ must be the case in my head?” If the substance of all of civilization is symbolism then what must be true inside an individual mind?

28:33 Symbolism is symbolism Lack of substance is lack of substance.

If the dialogue in the courtroom is without substance consider what is going on with the dialogue between “Bob” and “Frank” …the two hemispheres in your brain.

30:00 I can see ordinary consciousness standing right in front of my brain. There is nothing behind it. When watching …say a woman TV newscaster analyzing a judicial court decision …you know there is nothing behind the newscaster. She does not know what she is talking about…there is nothing behind what she says. The justices who “rendered” the decision did not know what they were talking about either.

But you miss it if you criticize it…if you take the symbolism at face value. If you say, “Good grief! They are all idiots!” …See …now you are dancing the idiot tango with them!

32:20 The point I’m trying to get you to see is that behind all of this is nothing. Not just theoretically but specifically… (the examples given about the justice system). Behind everything there is nothing…the symbolism is the substance.

32:50 I’ve got something even better for you. If you’ve got a grip on all of that then ask yourself the following: “The idea that I am asleep is symbolic of something…(what?)”.

33:20 If symbolism is the substance of the secondary intangible world, then is it not strange that our interest in waking up is the exception. (audience laughs) That’s better! I knew you would find that strange if I could finally get the right words.
33:39 I’ve got a better one! Don’t you find it strange that I can say, “Don’t you find that strange?”…and you can say, “Yeah”…without getting mad about it? Which suggests to me that you are not seeing it dead head on…or you would not be chuckling …or maybe it’s nervous chuckling.

This leads to the question: How can symbolic pressure lead to “chuckling” as a way to let off pressure. How can symbolism lead to pressure or to stress in people. If you are starving, lacking warmth, lacking sleep or have been going without sex, or had been put in a physically fearful situation, then you would expect to be stressful.

36:00 Prolonged physical stress can weakening the immune system and lead to illness…and I am not talking of psychological illness…but physiological illness.

37:03 How can anyone be stressed by nothing?…by an idea?…by a word…how can a man shoot another man for calling him a name?

39:37 If you have any idea of what’s going on …then you have no idea of what’s going on.

You may say, “Well I have a pretty good idea of what’s going on.” Maybe you are whittling it down…maybe you are better off than before I met you …but if you have any idea that you know what’s going on then …you have no idea of what is going on.

39:40 Nobody knows what is going on! That is why symbolism is so important.

41:35 How do you account for the Socratic dialogue of questions and answers that goes on in your head? The mind is talking… and it is listening. You can call it pondering, or meditating on something, or weighing possibilities … but a question and answer dialogue occurs.

A game of illusionary idiocy. It is like one half of your brain …”Bob”, is talking to “Frank”…but it is the same brain talking. It is like two ventriloquists dummies.

48:00 How slightly the mighty have fallen. You might think that it should be, “How far the mighty have fallen.” In the secondary world

when Cinderella falls and becomes Snow White…it’s not how far or great the fall is, but how slight it is.

“Just yesterday he was king and today he is a beggar in the streets…How far the mighty has fallen.”

In the secondary world there is hardly any difference between “up there” and “down here.”

Falling from one place to another in the world of symbolism…to what can it amount!?

49:41 To make my final point about symbolism…looking at the clock over there…I’m going to stop at four minutes and forty seven seconds before the hour…Now! (tape stops abruptly)

Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

November 20, 2000.

Todays dispatch comes to you from Alvsborg, Sweden,
birth place of Yon Pithy
who, as I am sure most of you know,
is generally credited with being the father of the
Pithy turbine.
And since for a change,
nothing here reminds me in some way of our favorite subject,
I will just arbitrarily invent, I mean, select one.
But, Hey! — when you are a member of
The Head Club For Humans
every day, no matter where you are,
doeth the sun of potential enlightenment shine brightly
on your expectant, excited, and ever-ready-to-receive
follicle garden, sub strata.

We will start by considering questions frequently asked,
but never properly quashed.

Why are not those most awake recognized?
They are not entertaining enough to be popular.

Why does life appear to be going downhill?
Because you are not going up.

Is there a god?
Is there someone asking?

Which is the right system to awaken by?
They all fluff your pillow.

How can the things men believe in be imaginary when so many people believe them?
Because the dead outnumber the believers.

Why cant I stop thinking — and worrying?
well.. I’m sick of this already.

A test of your awakening potential is whether you have interest in human aberrance.
If you enjoy hearing about abnormal behavior,
and irregular states of mind
the odds of you ever altering your own
are problematic.

Everybody wants to whine,
and the would-be-awakened face the considerable challenge of
eventually prying themselves loose from the impression that
their whines are in fact
meaningful expressions of their deep-felt desire for enlightenment,
and are thus exceptions.

Had socrates had a better selection to interrogate,
we would never have heard of him,
and if jesus had been more alert that day,
pilate would have received no reply whatever,
(all such ongoing episodes occurring in your own mental operations).

In the beginning, a person seeking a different,
more precise understanding of things has no choice but to ask questions,
and in the process constantly engages in
whiney self-reference,
which seems to be unavoidable in that to express himself adequately
a man surely must note that
he and his interests are what motivates the questions.
But self-reference is self-promotion,
and promoting & supporting your current self
only serves to sustain your present condition.
Another singularity of this sort of activity is that
only herein will a man who makes note of,
and complains of his broken leg will never get it set.
Bitching about, I mean, asking & talking about
the delusions of your mind,
no matter that they may be expressed in a manner
approved of by some how-to-wake-up system,
ultimately accomplish nothing but the
feeding of themselves.
A Reiteration Moment: When you start out,
you are inevitably driven-to, and sustained-by
your asking of questions,
but the time comes whether you are by then awake
enough to realize it or not
when the continuation of your repetitive questions is

No matter how sincere the intention,
the continued digging of a hole in which you are presently standing
can have but one result.

Subjectivity is self-delusion,
and self-reference, its sustenance.
To an alert man, subjectivity is a synonym for
In the routine world, opinions are a mainstay;
in the brighter one, they are pig farts.
and yet —
they are then
taken back in at the other end
and re-fuel the pig.

Ditziness recreates itself in perpetuity
whether expressed as statements,
or dressed as questions.
Who was the dumbest:
socrates, for asking the questions,
or the people who responded to them?

No one has ever given specific notice to the fact that
when you once understand a certain thing,
that is the end of it;
the understanding does not reappear
but stupidity is forever.
You cant ever stop the same old useless questions
from coming back — over and over again.
Why does no one find this readily apparent circumstance of interest?
(And by the by: If you have just had a thought that said
the reason is obvious why the answers to your questions appears but once,
while the unanswered questions continue — don’t fall for it.)

Weenie-cart philosophers relish in saying that:
Only a truly ignorant man does not ASK QUESTIONS,
which eats well enough on the street,
but up where alert birds fly,
a different atmosphere prevails —
one in which only irredeemably ignorant men ask questions.

Here is all you need to know about downtown:
NOBODY knows the answers to your questions.

the answers
to any of
your questions.

The few who actually know-whats-going-on
know something even better
they know the nature of questions.

if you’ve been attentive,
I’ve disposed of your asking questions of others.
Now! — on to you.

If you are attempting to ride that
Mystical Orient Express from the
metaphorical sleeping city of Paris
to the awakened one of Istanbul,
and you are at least some where east of Venice,
then you should be well past prolonged
socratic entanglements with other human beings,
and be well deep into same with yourself.
So — why not we go ahead and dispose of that also,
as long as we’ve got you on the table,
anesthetized and cut open already.

A man no longer totally asleep and
in the common dark
should be down to an ongoing dialogue in his own thoughts
between questions & potential solutions to the
apparent problems & perplexities that keep him from full awakening,
which is as it should be.
You have not even left the Paris station until you
have ceased debating with the idiots in the seats around you,
and are doing so only with the one in yours.
And the situation now can be even stickier & trickier
than twas experienced previously,
in that by now it is only your own thinking that
seems reliable and enlightening,
and comparably speaking, such is so,
but comparably wont move the train.

From another room, a father called out to his son:
Don’t be talking to fools, and the boy shouted back:
Oh, there’s no one with me,
I was just mentally talking to myself,
a response to which the elder did not
waste his energy pointing out was
still subject to his initial comment.

In the final diagnosis you keep yourself
ignorant & meaningless by continuing to entertain
ignorant & meaningless questions.
You help hold the door closed to the dark room
in which you presently reside through your unanalyzed, endless
There are no thoughts lurking amidst the muddled
and puzzled thoughts to which you give a forum,
that can answer their questions.
You do have however — one,
most ephemeral & quixotic that has the power to
reveal the foolishness of the questions.

On his best days,
inside his own head,
a jesus would pay no attention to the
pilate-interrogatories that might appear.
Ask yourself: Am I asleep?
and don’t bother to reply — you are.
Ask yourself: How can I be so stupid?
and you are — permanently!
Ask yourself any question you want
while not investigating the real crime, (which is),
What the hell is this, I thing that keeps popping up
in the middle of all my questions?

Okay, in deference to words,
(after all their birthday is this month),
Ill say this:
If there was one useful & valid question for a man
headed toward Istanbul it would be this:
What is it in me that asks questions?
Turn your back on all of the,
important questions that face mankind
and face your attention to locating the source of
all such questions.
When telegrams come to your door,
don’t even bother opening them,
scrutinize instead, the delivery boy.
Nothing in any message,
be it from afar,
or from your own attic
is of any significance whatever;
what will give you what you want is the,
proper identification of the messenger service.

Yeah, I agree with you — its too cold here.
Lets split and fly closer to our solar home.

Til tomorrow — Be cool!, (figuratively of course.)