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00:10 Life wanted me to comment on this newspaper article…or life would not have brought it to my attention. From Russia…a captured prisoner of war that had been deemed to be insane and who spoke “gibberish”, had been held in a Russian asylum since WW II. He was released recently when a visiting Hungarian Psychiatrist commented that the man was not speaking “gibberish”, as his keepers had thought, but was speaking Hungarian.

02:18 The question becomes…who is more stupid, his captors
for mistaking the Hungarian language as gibberish, or the man for
just setting there for fifty years and not figuring out, “Well, they just don’t understand Hungarian “.


02:44 I have a new definition. To be awake is to know what to do and not be able to do it. But, to really be awake is to know what to do and to understand that it can’t be done.

03:00 Consider …there has been much research into human sexual attraction. Biologists have studied why men are so attracted to the female breast. Researchers have concluded that Nature/Life sends out a subconscious message which is received by the male indicating that the female with large breasts would be a good mate and suitable mother.

05:08 Researchers have also concluded that Nature causes females
to be attracted to males who are well built and strong…thus qualifying them as good providers, husbands and fathers.

06:39 This leads to our thinking, “How clever Nature is to figure out such a thing. Nature arranged it … it all fits…this explains everything.“

07:39 What nobody takes into account with this is that the same “Nature” that made men come up with a desire for women with large breasts as wives and mothers for their children…also made the biologists come up with this theory.

08:10 What I am getting at is that the theory does not explain anything.

11:48 It has to do with the fact that there is no “out there”…no environment. We are living in a closed room. A closed system. You can take it physically (the Universe) or from the standpoint of consciousness.

13:21 I don’t know how to explain this to you, but you can’t explain anything. It is great liberation to realize that nothing can be explained… and to realize that things that have been explained …haven’t been explained.

15:10 You can’t explain anything because the very thing that’s producing the thing you are observing or explaining is the same thing that made you explain it that way. …therefore, it is no explanation.

16:29 Once you see it then everything that goes on in your mind,
and everyone else’s mind, undergoes a substantial shift.

16:30 It’s not that some people are idiots and some people have great explanations…it’s that nobody has any explanations.
( and that’s about the best explanation you are ever going to hear).

17:00 Then you may ask why did life let him say that? Life will let you say anything like that because nobody is listening. That is why anomalies are anomalies. And, non-lethal anomalies are non-lethal.

17:29 Trying to wake up is like chasing yourself around in a dark room with your eyes closed. Trying to wake up after you know what you are doing is understanding that you are chasing yourself around in a dark room …but now you have opened your eyes.

17:50 The part of the brain/consciousness that is continually surveying, monitoring and measuring the physical world does not try to explain anything. The part of consciousness that produces thinking is always talking and is always explaining something.

20:35 You have one part of your consciousness that does not speak. It is continually monitoring the outside world. And you have another part that is continually producing thought. What bothers people like us is the disunity of the two

20:50 A consolidation of the two is what being awake is.
This is not a natural state. It can be done. Sometimes it happens to people naturally. Concentration is always on the physical world.
People often speak of how alive they feel while concentrating on
some deeply involved physical world problem. Folks have stumbled upon the fact that you feel better, different and more alive while concentrating on what you are doing.

23:43 From one point of view I say that being awake is simply an exaggerated or extended willful form of non focused concentration.

25:04 In a time of concentrated sorrow people will get involved in suffering over something and it’s almost impossible to get them distracted. It’s as if they are enjoying the state. When your attention stays focused on something horrible that has happened to you there is almost an enjoyment. Having your attention concentrated on something is a pleasurable sensation even if it’s concentrated on an unpleasant subject. It has to do not with the subject but with the state of mind. It does not have the exact same quality but it approaches being awake. In such situations you have pulled together the monitoring section of consciousness with the part that is always thinking and talking. When they are pulled close together that is when a person is concentrating. Thrill seeking activities and moments of danger also produce this pulling together of the silent part of consciousness that monitors the physical world with the part that produces thought.

33:20 Trying to wake up is an attempt to pull together these two natural parts of consciousness on a fairly permanent basis. States of being awake occur when that is done at the utmost possible level to an extraordinary degree for an extraordinary length of time without an external point of focus. The division between the two parts of consciousness has been reduced to the smallest degree possible…based upon the physics of our brain.

34:28 During this time thinking does not necessarily cease completely…but can continue to run in the background. It becomes more or less irrelevant and is under your control enough to ignore it.

36:19 In these periods there is no point of focus.. you are simply in a highly concentrated state of nothing. You are not thinking about anything. There is no attempt necessary to focus and control attention. You are in a concentrated state of mind but you are not concentrated on anything. The problem then becomes how can you create an extended state of concentration when you are not concentrating on anything.

38:00 But then the Devil ships us in a surprise package. That is…
methods to awaken. “Ah Ha! There is something to concentrate on! I’ll stop thought!’’ …In case you think I’ve changed subjects.. We are now back to “there is no out there…there is no in here.” The thing that says, “I’ll stop thoughts!”.. is thought. The “Nature”
that made men attracted to women’s breasts ..and the “Nature” that made the biologist’s theory about breasts are the same.

39:00 You might say, “Well the biologist succeeded…he came up with a theory. But I haven’t succeeded. I have not been able to stop thoughts.” It’s the same thing. Succeeding and not succeeding are the same thing.

40:08 “I can’t stop chasing myself around and around in this dark room.” But that’s not the problem. The problem is you don’t realize it. There is a great deal of pleasure and liberation in finally realizing that there is nothing in your mind that means anything.
Thought cannot produce anything profitable regarding what we are up to. It cannot produce anything profitable unless it’s physical.

49:40 (vis-à-vis Second Reality) This whole thing about the history of humanity…there is no such thing. There is no such thing as “Man is ten million years old…but there’s no such thing that Man is not ten million years old.” These things are very entertaining, but every explanation that comes from the brain is from the same thing that made the thing they are explaining
be like it is.

50:24 If you will work on that until you can see it head on…even for just a second or two…I give you my personal guarantee that your brain will have more fun than it has ever had. And it’s almost impossible to do. There is no such thing as an explanation. Your thoughts will counter with “Well…I hear explanations all the time. Some of them are educational and they have helped me a lot.” That’s insane. Nothing like that has ever helped you. Food has helped you, getting laid has helped you, getting warm when you are cold has helped you…other than that the rest of it is “Showtime,” …or entertainment.

52:11 You might hear someone say, “That book changed my life.”
No book has ever changed your life, it hasn’t even effected your life. It’s the part of consciousness that produces thoughts that’s talking about “changing my life.” But that part of the brain that produces thoughts is not capable of changing your life. (Knowing this) …it’s like you have been set free from a prison that you never knew you were living in.

53:36 Remember this…every time that you have an explanatory thought, the thing (Nature/Life) that made you come up with the thought is the very same thing that made the thing you are explaining be like it is.

56:26 What a relief it is to know this! I’m not too dumb to figure out whatever it is I’m trying to figure out. What I’m trying to figure out is not smarter than I am. I am as smart as it is because I is it. (The source of my explanation is also the source of the thing I am explaining…they are one and the same…I is it…It is I.)
There is no out there or in here.

57:00 Remember this…there it is in the front of your mind, whatever it is you are trying to study, ..and it runs around behind your head and comes in the back door so fast you don‘t realize it, and begins to study itself. And then we wonder, “Why am I not making anymore progress in bringing myself (consciousness) under total control?” The thing you think you are studying or working on is the thing doing the studying.

Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

November 15, 2000.

Today I am in Oxford, Mississippi,
where many of Britain’s leading physicists
struggle to deduce from the notions of
quantum mechanics, and special relativity,
a unified theory of reality.
(Am I geographically confused?.
Am I actually thinking of Tupelo?.. No matter.)
Their quest for a view that will be the
unification of physics
is far too close to the work carried on by the few
in their area of intangible physics
to ignore.

Read from one perspective,
mans intellectual history is one of him unwittingly
seeking a unification theory of
his own consciousness.
All of his myths and religious musings,
all of his philosophies and psychologies,
all of his literature and art,
they can all be validly seen as mans indirect,
mislabeled attempts to unify his consciousness.
(The ancient, struggle to Awaken,
or to, achieve Enlightenment being the most
straightforward manifestations of this urge.)

Men do not ordinarily think of their consciousness as splintered — but it is.
At this exact second as your consciousness is focused on the words
on the computer screen
it is also engaged in a multitude of monitorings of
your environment, (your equilibrium in the chair;
the temperature of the room, etc),
and even as your consciousness is reading
these words it is simultaneously thinking other ones.

Consciousness is ceaselessly engaged in
two activities: monitoring the environment & thinking.
The activity in the brain that men call consciousness
is a full time surveyor of the physical world around them,
and directs certain of their reactions thereto.
This same consciousness is also continually involved in an
electrochemical, cellular activity by which thoughts are produced,
sometimes directly related to your physical environment,
and sometimes not —
— and sometimes, somewhere in between.

As you drive your car and your consciousness
constantly monitors the conditions around you
it simultaneously thinks about other matters.
As your consciousness watches your face in the mirror while you shave
to protect you from cuts,
throughout the entire time it was also thinking about something else altogether.
And as your consciousness listens to someone
as they talk to you
it is simultaneously talking to itself — in thoughts.

If this is noted to a man
he will readily agree that it is so,
and his attitude will be: So what?!
and after so saying, he immediately forgets about it.
A few men have never been able to do so,
and even though their efforts continue to go by a
multitude of inexact names & descriptions
they are all the same:
they are the struggle to unify these two activities in their consciousness.
This is their goal,
and in fact the reality supporting all of the proposed methods to
facilitate its achievement.
To, be Awake, Enlightened, or, Liberated
is a condition wherein consciousness is unified,
and the approaches used to accomplish same, such as:
being Mindful, self-remembering,
or stopping thought are also nothing but attempts to unify ones consciousness.

Based on a routinely led life,
this unification of consciousness is not necessary,
and indeed is unnatural,
as evidenced by the difficulty in achieving it even briefly,
which also indicates lifes current preference in the matter.
Under most conditions an ordinary man suffers no harm in having his consciousness engaged in both monitoring the environment for safety’s sake
while simultaneously thinking about things that have nothing to do therewith.
Consciousness is demonstratively suited to safely operate in this manner,
but a few men do feel themselves damaged by this arrangement,
and while their attempts to describe their dissatisfaction is
forever lacking & imprecise,
I have just given you a useful, working, model of exactly what it is.

It is as though life provides everyone with two canine assistants.
One dog is serious and well behaved,
and stays faithfully in the yard,
watching over your property,
while the other one has a wild streak,
and is given to running off and
chasing after moonbeams.

Trying to achieve a new state of consciousness
without realizing what your present one is
represents, (if I may say so),
a most formidable challenge.
At all times — day & night,
standing up, walking around,
laying in bed asleep,
your consciousness is continually engaged in
two separate activities
which potentially can have a direct & immediate correlation,
or none discernibly at all.
Yet — 24/7 — there they are,
and while six billion other human beings
take no notice of this ongoing affair,
a handful do,
and for reasons unknown,
are so bothered by it as to undertake the totally ridiculous task of
trying to re-create themselves…
…at least in consciousness.
What could be more ridiculous than for,
oh, let us say — a toaster,
(which any fool knows did not make itself),
to decide it will re-wire itself to become a clock.
How silly!
How ridiculous!
How insane!
How improbable, how unlikely — and how
thoroughly irresistible to the fortunate few.

See, the underlying, saving-grace of this whole thing is that,
even if the plan — as is conceived —
is not itself literally achievable,
an understanding of the situation is the functional equivalent.

Here is what you can do: Watch both dogs.
But I don’t have but two dogs!
What will I watch them with?!
Quit the hell whining and you might REALIZE — what-with!


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