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Thought Attracts Thought


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Notes by CF

Begin: What I started talking about…once or twice…I am going to try again. I cannot tell you why it is useful…The more I understand now, the less directly I can try to tell of you, or anybody, on the basis that you can guarantee results…Or that A causes B. When you start (when Jan first started talking and writing) I was convinced man was asleep…before I had much experience out of such a state………

01:00 “If a man could be eternally mindful he would be awake.” .. I did not hesitate to tell anyone who was interested.. Oh Yeah.. If you do that you are awake… I did not mention if I could do it…That is one of the things about talking authoritatively. I cannot blame it on me. It takes two to dance. People who want to hear it never ask for credentials.

02:20 People never ask a faith healer, “Why are you wearing glasses?”

02:48 If you don’t know what your doing, under ordinary circumstances, with some system there is always a guarantee…An assurance that if you align yourself with the teaching, pursue the method, and you can do it nonstop_then you will assuredly achieve enlightment.. and it is just stated.

03:30 Now the kind of thing I was going to bring up tonight…I cannot even tell you how it works…I cannot tell you what it did… All I can do is recommend it most highly. It is another way of looking at what everyone has known for thousands of years. I know how simple it may sound…


That Thought attracts Thought.

That Thought is attracted to Thought.

04:20 Everybody knows that your mind just goes on and on and on. And that seems to be somewhere

at the heart of what bothers people… Conversely, If you have ever had the experience of being quote “awake”…. You do know for yourself thought almost stops. It does not actually stop. You are not unconscious. It is just not the problem. (Thought)

05:00 The most time honored method to awaken…being some sort of sitting still meditation. The Aim being to stop Thought…discursive thought…the chatter of the mind…. Someone who has heard that man is asleep and could be otherwise……if you could remember yourself, remember the face of Buddha…If you could do that constantly you would achieve enlightment which is true enough. It never happened, though people do have experiences…

07:38 The whole ambiance of the system seems to be; Yes I will try to still the mind. The way this differs to me, (because as soon as I heard about being asleep, awake, etc…It struck me that that is the real purpose of what meditation is…

09:28 What I am describing, to me, is completely different thing…Because my picture of it… I suddenly saw not just that the mind is a chattering monkey…disturbed lake… Instead of the mind, I saw it as Thought….Which is the activity that man calls the mind. I saw it as a natural attraction of a positive end of a magnet to a negative end.. Just as surely, as sexually, as men are attracted to women and all kinds of other physiologically things.. I saw that thoughts…(take one thought , any thought,) It has a natural, physiologically, physical,a real, natural, irrepressible attraction to one thing; …Other thoughts.

10:41 Not subjects. That’s the illusion… A person does not pick up a book for learning about, ..whatever the subject is……Discount the hard sciences. A technical book related to your survival..(How to build a waterwheel). That to me is the obvious job of thought. Other than that a man has picked up a book on nothing… Your stomach, your sex organs do not take you to the library. ..except thoughts…

14:35 Sitting alone your thoughts chase one right after another. What helped me when I saw it…That thought ( take each thought as if it is an organic living something) and it has an attraction to one thing and one thing only..other thought.. and what the other thoughts are are of no consequence. They just seem to be to you…

15:41 Every thought is attracted to other thoughts. and what the other thoughts are are of no consequence. Because , if it wasn’t attracted to this thought it would be attracted to another. When you thoughts don’t have anything to attracted to….(it seems to be an outside source)… then they simply get attracted to the thought that just preceded them inside you. That thought that just went by they will go right after it. If it wasn’t interested, your daydreams shift… Daydreams are shifting constantly.

16:08 Usually an emotional complaint, getting even, what the doctor might say, .. (and the time comes) that this is getting psychotic, I should just stop. The rest of the time it is going in spurts.

17:13 I recommend it highly, to consider what I am saying, that one thought starts a crack and there is another thought ready to come out and the next thought is going to be attracted to something… It is magnetic…. And if does not present a thought, the next thought coming out of the tunnel,out of the gate..the next one there… and to me it is almost like a neutral thought. It is there in potential but it has to chase something before it exists.

18:46 My preface….You make a mistake if you say it is just another explanation….I am telling you it helped me…I saw each thought as being a seperate entity. When it pops out (look at you own thoughts) there is a lineal sequence to them. There is more if you notice because pictures go with it…a two dimensional lineal…

20:08 But other stuff goes on. That part of your brain that says something and you are listening to it.

22:15 The man’s thoughts that say I love the dialogue in that book, the character…the hero…that is not what his thoughts love. His thoughts love the thoughts that they have after being attracted to it. The content of the book is irrelevant. Take you out of it. You would not do anything in the secondary world if it were not for thought. It is your thought, it is not you. Your taste in literature…movies…music that make you get up and go to the movies, buy a book, etc…There is no taste driving this…There is no physical hunger for anything in the secondary world. The thoughts are not after something specific. Your thoughts do not care.

25:00 When I saw that, I found and continue to find it highly useful. It was not instant. I could picture it…Like a thought being squirt out of a gun. Each time one thought comes out it looks…And it will go somewhere that attracts it……A thought only has one place to go…another thought…When I saw it and I had to keep looking…over and over… and then it had an effect.

26:36 If your thoughts are saying I hear it and how come I am not awake?…Many of these are not some new stage of enlightment that instantly hits me. I can see it and suddenly it will hit me in a certain way in words… and sometimes in pictures.

26:50 Reads:

That thoughts are attracted to thought.

Thoughts attract thought.

Thoughts will chase thoughts.

Thoughts are only attracted to other thoughts.

I can feel it myself personally. (Alot of times it will take years before I mention it to you people.) I knew it was true but I had to keep pulling it up.

29:00 It changes radically your whole view of what thought is…People talking…politics…theater…passionately. They are not talking about the man’s play.(theater). The first guy is wanting his thoughts to spur the other guy’s thoughts into coming out in the open….(talking)…. His thoughts want to be stimulated, because if they are not stimulated….

31:00 Why people become bored their thoughts are sick of looking at their own thoughts. If you even approach sanity you know you cannot take off your clothes and stand in front of the mirror and get sexually aroused. If you can, I do not want to hear about it. So your own thoughts under ordinary conditions do not stimulate you own thoughts.

First guy says….I see you are reading about so and so’s new play… (critically commenting)..His thoughts want new thoughts to stimulate his own… He is wanting the second guy’s thoughts to come out and play.

34:58 He appears to be passing time and engaging in social conversation…and he is…But that is not what’s going on.

So the second guy says I can’t believe we saw the same play. ..He is not defending the play…He is talking about the man’s thoughts. That is the kind of thing that makes me run my car into a ditch..I don’t care if it cost me several thousand dollars. For me to realize that the second guy in truth, his thoughts are not talking about the play, his thoughts are talking about the first guys thoughts.

The first guy’s thoughts are trying to get the other guy’s thoughts to come out and play. The

second guy’s thoughts wanted to play …..Now we have a stimulating conversation.

37:50 People are attracted to fiction…because their thoughts believe there is a greater chance if I read a novel of fiction that the thoughts that will be there will be more exotic….erotically arousing…Their thoughts do not have to stick to facts…

40:00 If you get past the stumbling block of “am i actually awake?”


Fuck all that.


Being asleep means one thought chases another and you don’t realize it.

That one thought, naturally, is not going to stop chasing thoughts, and then when you realize it does not matter that it is chasing that particular thought. A man is going to eat something… graham crackers…or grapes…It does not matter what thoughts chase.

41:00 You can see that externally….politics…Religion…Their thoughts are slapping each other around…swapping business cards…and you are just not a part of it…Just turn loose the imaginary involvement in these other external affairs of a non physical nature…You have no interest…What a relief to realize…I don’t care…With them it’s just pretense (a necessary pretense)…or we would not be civilized…

43:40 It is not necessary that I take it seriously now that I understand it…

44:00 The ultimate reward is to realize in your self: Thoughts are attracted to thoughts…Fish gotta swim…Birds gotta fly… Thoughts gotta chase skirts… Thoughts are going to chase somebody…It is natural.

44:28 I can only recommend to you a final thing: “If I could stop thought I would be awake.” I don’t disagree. But what I am telling you after a lifetime of being exposed….of tryingto find a magic way…whether it be called self remembering, self observation, being mindful, I know it is to find, for you, someway to bring thoughts under control. Well, of course, I finally realized there is no “you” in “me” other than my thoughts.

Plus I finally realized…(I know I’m not alone) For thousands of years , people have been involved with trying to sit and stop thought. The thing is if your intention is to stop thought; then that is the thought you have got in mind….Does anyone see the diffulculty? How do you stop the thought that says “I”m here trying to stop thought.” .. No one ever asks that… That’s the thought that wants to awaken.

46:00 If you plan is to stop thought, you have the thought there. You have to have the intention… The greatest sucess you could have is to get thoughts down to that one thought….But you cannot hold it constantly.

47:00 How can you use thought to stop thought? If you can see it personally…I cannot tell you… To realize …That every thought…that one thought is chasing another…Your thoughts say give me something…I am tired of chasing my own tail…Content does not matter…some like classical…some like rock n roll…..

52:40 On this date I have adequately, fully, explained human thought and its relationship to what brings people like us together. Then they go get together and go “Why the hell did we get together?”

I only got going when I realized I don’t know what the hell all this means…That’s when the car began to move…Do I have a way with an allegory or what?…..

Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

November 10, 2000.

The working state of consciousness against which
mystics rail and struggle,
(and which they variously refer to as,
“being asleep, deluded, distracted”),
has a readily observable non esoteric basis
which none seem disposed to note;
an oversight most costly to their aim of change.

With 99% of those who say that they seek to,
“Wake Up, be Free & Enlightened,”
their activity presumably pertinent thereto
never goes past the hobby category,
and their sincerity or I.Q. intelligence is irrelevant.
What limits them to being
happy-to-discuss-with-you dilettantes
is their failure to individually investigate
then realize the quite mundane, nature of
what it is that propels their interests.
Most are quite satisfied with having,
“the-desire-to-awaken” as a hobby,
and topic for conversation,
and nothing I ever say is in any way a
criticism of such people.
My words are for the few ears
on the few heads
atop the few bodies of people with an
inherent taste for the cream within the ?clair.

Did not our brains produce thoughts,
you would not be reading these words;
I would not have written them,
we would have no language,
and there would never be any talk of,
“being asleep,” and, “waking up.”
But our brains do produce, deal-in, and depend-on
thoughts,(and their language, “words”),
and here we are talking about mans,
“state of working consciousness,”
(the very activity in our brains responsible for thought),
and right here I am just about to put the finger on
what it is about thoughts that is responsible for their routine behavior,
and what it is about them that motivates a few to
seek a radical alteration thereto.

Thoughts are attracted to thoughts.

This is the simple physiological fact that
holds together the entirety of mans,
intellectual, artistic, and spiritual worlds.
Thoughts attraction to thought is not an election,
but an instinctive preference.
Thought is as involuntarily attracted to thought as
male is to female.
It is species-genetic,
the nature-of-the-neural-beast.

Mans thought-based world of civilization & culture,
(that, “secondary reality” that is his singularity),
exists solely on,
The world of painting does not survive
based on paintings, but rather on
one persons thoughts being attracted-to,
then reacting-to
another persons thoughts about painting.
Same with politics, drama, religion, literature, etc.
One man says:
“I just saw so-&-so’s new movie, and it is terrible,”
while another man responds by saying that
he found it to be his best work yet,
and the second mans thoughts are not really discussing the movie,
but rather the first mans thoughts about it.

Thoughts just seem attracted to movies and reading,
but this is an easily pierced illusion.
Your thoughts do not motivate you to go to a movie,
or pick up a book because of their apparent content,
but rather to make available to your thoughts
new thoughts to which they may be attracted,
and can chase after.

(All of mens social conversations serve this same purpose —
— gossip & self promotion alike.
[Also note how cell phones have extended thoughts
field of opportunity: while strolling alone the aisles of
the supermarket you can have someone else’s thoughts broadcast
privately into your ear
so that your thoughts will have something different to chase after
besides the thoughts printed on the soup cans].)

If your consciousness consists of nothing but the
thoughts indigenous to it,
you can never realize the staggering significance of
what Ive just noted.
If your thoughts are totally absorbed in their
own routine activity
it is impossible for them to see what
I just described regarding how they operate solely on the basis of
instinctive attraction-to, and reaction-to
other thoughts.
For they will be reacting-to, and chasing-after after the very thoughts
I just enunciated concerning how their nature is to be:
attracted-to, and to chase-after other thoughts,
and in their blindly doing as I have just described,
they cannot see the reality about themselves that I have
just described.

You cant be aware that
your lips stay locked around tailpipes
until you stop chasing cars.

Unless your thoughts are specifically engaged in activity related to your physical well being,
they will be chasing after other thoughts.
This is — “being asleep.”

Unless your thoughts are giving someone
physical directions,
they are trailing after other thoughts.
This is — “being distracted.”

Unless your thoughts are involved in a
real-time monitoring of your instant surroundings,
they are running after other thoughts.
This is — living in an inner world that is a fairy tale.

If your thoughts are not chasing after thoughts they found attractive in
the world outside of you,
they will be chasing after the thoughts already in you.
In this condition, your consciousness is so self-centered, restricted,
and self-referential
that to say that you “live in a dream world” is charitable.operational
It is mans natural, normal state
of non essential consciousness,
but it is also the very basis for
a few men finding it personally unacceptable,
and their subsequent longing to make a change therein.

Historically the most common method employed
in pursuit of this goal has been meditation,
which is described as the effort to,
“calm the waves of mind so that it becomes a still pool,
perfectly reflecting reality,”
a verbal picture without fault, yet I recommend to you
the view I have above detailed —
for if you see for yourself the ass-sniffing,
natural operations of the thoughts always
active in you and everyone else,
the physical reality of, “awakening & enlightenment”
moves palpably closer to your grasp.

The problem faced by the few
is not truly one of, “flawed consciousness,”
or, “metaphysical ignorance,”
but rather a situation wherein the thoughts,
by which consciousness manifests itself
to each person,
live a life of ceaseless attraction-to,
and of, chasing-after other thoughts,
and while in such a state
cannot be aware thereabout.

You’re in a dream — and don’t realize it,
for if you REALIZED it,
you’d no longer BE in a dream.

Simply seeing for yourself that the thoughts
always in your consciousness are
always trailing after some preceding thought,
and that the content of the thought being followed is totally irrelevant —
can open a mans eyes faster than twenty years of
benzedrine-drenched, sitting mediation.

I offer this to you today as always,
not merely as an amusing new way of
looking at something,
but because having spent a lifetime
involved with the “waking up thing,”
it is another instance of how I personally discovered a way of
seeing something that proved to be of most practical value.
(Such practicality I do not attempt to describe;
try it, and you will discover it for yourself.)

Get a good grip on what thought is truly about,
and you are well on your way home.


(This week’s weekly reminder:
Any mention made of me personally in these writings
is entirely fictional………notwithstanding references to, “things-that-work.”)