Jan Cox Talk 2601

Looking with the Sound Off


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Condensed Transcript

Jan Cox Talk 2601  –  November 06,2000
Summary by CF
Suggested Title: Looking with the Sound Off

00:01 there is something I have never thought to bring up before. I have tried to write about it today. I guess it will be bad enough to describe it. Some of you should be able to do it.The best example is to turn on your television set to a preaching show. The fundamentalists preachers, which is about the same all over, most of them self appointed, not affiliated with anybody, but you can tell they make a comfortable living financially.

01:34 The man (the fundamentalist preacher) is engaged in a constant condemnation of man.  so if you will support the man financially….doing the lords work…..

02;33 So you know what is going on. Sit there and turn off the sound.

I have found of great value in my life, that I can look at something with two different brains. I know what is going on in the service. If you want to see what mystic’s call the sleeping world …And it is not a criticism …So you turn off the sound and their is this man pacing around, waving his arms, in this huge building, several thousand people ….. Half your brain knows what is going on and the other half …can look at it as if I have never seen it before ….As if it came from another world..

04:41 They are trying to change, at least for the moment, their thoughts in a radical manner. And when it happens, it gives people great pleasure. It is known as a conversion …The protestants called it being saved.

05:50 When it goes right, people cry, they will fall down and apparently faint….

Of course the secondary world is ridiculous… They are pretending…

07:09 At any rate something happens and it manifests itself into the limbic system and even physically. People do not go there to find God. They go there, when it works, to have their thoughts undergo a momentary burst of radical alteration. Its words and it eventually turns back on itself. (How can thought turn back and affect instinct when instinct is the mother of thinking? It manifests itself every morning when you get up to go to work. Your thoughts override your instinct because instinct would get up when it wanted to get up. So thoughts can affect not only behavior but can affect the way we feel.)

09:18 The source of the words is always attributed to something supernatural. They go there (the building) for their thoughts. The molecular activity in their brains makes them go to all the trouble to dress up …prepare to spend money…

10:58 Where else but church will you hear someone tell such outrageous stories …..When the talking part of his consciousness can pretend enough that the listening part of his consciousness will accept that what he is saying could be something supernatural. It is just a dance. They are all pretending. The brain cells in the preacher and the brain cells of the people in the audience know that it is pretend.

12:13 I don’t know why thoughts just don’t dribble out of your head like electricity does at night from an outlet. But thoughts don’t dribble out, they are stuck in there and they want to be excited.

16:05 You can watch two people in a grocery store talking with their voices audible, you can shut it off and just look (knowing the basis of interplay) and then just look at it with the other part of your brain, their facial expressions …their gestures …I believe some of this by now might wake you up.

17:03 Still to me, the preacher with the sound off ….is the richest example I know of in the secondary world of man. They are not engaged in any tangible commerce. That would be the side of your brain that did not know what was going on. There is something going on, some kind of energy. The half of your brain that has never been to the planet, you would still have to know something.

18:00 But then you would look at it but ask what are they doing? They did not come in, all these people driving their car saying ” I got a funny noise in my car.” There is no tangible commerce taking place between the people (preacher and the audience). They pay money to participate. What are they getting?  ..  Another view of it is, “Of what benefit is this to life?”

20:00 If you were an outsider, this half of the brain that does not know… looks at it and sees something of tangible commerce, a tangible dance, (the repair of a broken VCR, funny noise in the car) the guy on the stage and the people out there (audience) he would know.

Back to the preacher. In your own head and you try to ask yourself not only between him and each individual in the audience is their nothing tangible taking place. He is simply talking, (forget the collections, the CD’s he is selling) as far as you can tell it has no effect on their life.

23:13 They all seem delighted. week after week. This is not as isolated instance. What is life gaining? There is not an ear of corn being grown.

26:06 They are not making anything, they are not repairing anything. You find out it is a worldwide constant phenomenon. There is the secondary world. There is the world of dreams. Except you are faced with the fact nobody considers it to be a dream world.

30:30 There is nothing to say. I say that is the perfect example of the secondary world. Inside of one building, one guy, one book, two-three thousand people …smiling, paying money. Outside that building – it had not produced anything, had not repaired anything. Not at all like this kind of activity, that is where it gets subtle though. A world that seems so real.

31:52 Something else. The most popular physical activity known to man is running. Not racing, just running. It, in the shortest length of time has the ability to switch over from thinking to instinct. What a relief it is and it is not just physically.

34:22 You can find someone who is channeling for some dead spirit …any of that stuff, and they would get out and run… they would quit channeling, which is why they don’t do it.  Life is instinct… It doesn’t whine… It just lays down and dies if it doesn’t get better… There is another version.. Heavy lifting…Clean and Jerk…  weight lifting…You can switch over instantly from thinking into where instinct takes over.

38:08 People know this. People do not use this. Man’s ordinary state now is to be more oriented around thought than it is instinct. Instinct is that unwavering level of sanity, that even when thought really goes wild….. It keeps people from pursuing some dangerous thought.

41:03 Hidden in religions is the idea “Blessed be the poor in spirit.”… You are not tied to any idea. You are no longer interested in judaism, christianity, …If you quit trying to wake up would you be asleep?… So poor in spirit.. “You can’t be anything and be awake”.

42:00 “Extraordinary weight lifting” is a metaphor for waking up. The circumstances that are interfering with your life, a sadness, or something that made you real angry. Circumstances praying upon you thoughts has an apparent emotional limbic system effect on you.

43:00 You can shift. Men do not normally take advantage of them. They ignore them, or they are so use to dancing with them. There is potential use in them. It is a ripe circumstance, The shift can be made….You go from being a thought centered creature to instinctive creature… That if you make some kind of effort… instead of whining… to make extraordinary effort…

49:00 A preview. Life is still alive. You see it more clearly, but there is something else… I can get glimpses of it. It’s the wall I’ve been pushing against. I will tell you Wednesday, That’s my preview.